Book 2 Chapter 352: Only Fighting Will Result in Survival

Chapter 352: Only Fighting Will Result in Survival

The wild Terror Wolf territory was one of the most dangerous parts of the Ancient Wasteland. Usually, no soul pet trainer dared to step into this territory, and of those who did, not many truly get back out.

This is a wasteland full of corpses, with abandoned bones strewn around the desert. The only ones that dare to live here are the unremarkable sandworms and hungry scavengers like the vultures.

Walking around this land full of blood and bones already gave one an intangible feeling of one’s blood running cold. And as long as one found multiple deadly eyes light up nearby, it meant that one was completely trapped and would quickly become a part of the bones that litter the ground.

“Mo Xie, Five Inferno Fox!”

“Beng!!! Beng!!!! Beng!!!!!!!!”

Forty five long tails extended, and tightly bound around the eighth phase high stage Fear Wolf’s body. Instantly, the sounds of bones snapping came around as countless tendons and bones were severed by Mo Xie’s constriction!!

“Aowu~~~~~~~~” The eighth phase high stage Terror Wolf immediately let out a pained howl. Once Mo Xie’s forty five tails disappeared, it fell limply to the ground. Though it wasn’t dead, it had completely lost its fighting strength and wouldn’t be able to recover.

“Mo Xie, go help Ye.” Chu Mu said worriedly.

A hundred meters away, Night, riddled with wounds, was moving around quickly. Its demon techniques were preoccupying a ninth phase initial stage Terror Wolf. This ninth phase initial stage Terror Wolf’s fighting strength wasn’t as powerful as the one Chu Mu faced before, but with a slight misstep, Night could still die.

Night had only dealt with the ninth phase initial stage Terror Wolf for about a minute, and mainly through dodging, yet it had already suffered multiple medium sized wounds that were slowly affecting its speed.

If Night was at the eighth phase, with its demon type binding abilities, it would have no problem dealing with the ninth phase Terror Wolf. However, the difference in stage and phase caused Night to not be able to effectively utilize its techniques. “Wu~~~~~~~~” Mo Xie let out a provoking fox call, completely like he was angering the ninth phase initial stage Terror Wolf.

“Aowu!!!!!!!” The ninth phase initial stage Terror Wolf quickly felt Mo Xie’s aggressive aura and redirected its eyes towards Mo Xie, giving up on the Night Thunder Dream Beast.

On Mo Xie’s side of the battlefield, there were four, eighth phase high stage Terror Wolf corpses. The one Mo Xie had just killed was the fourth one. These four wolves were the ninth phase Terror Wolf’s subordinates. Now that all his subordinates were killed, this Terror Wolf went completely mad, its eyes slowly becoming blood red!

Bloodthirsty Berserk Transformation

This Terror Wolf’s anger had completely invoked the blood thirst in its heart, and its fighting strength therefore increased!

The effects of Bloodthirsty Berserk Transformation could possibly raise its fighting strength about 20-30%. An eighth phase low stage monarch rank was about equal to a ninth phase low stage Terror Wolf, so if it raised 20-30%, then it would gain an advantage.

“Mo Xie, you can deal with it!” Chu Mu didn’t plan on giving Mo Xie Violent Blood Pupil, and he didn’t plan on giving Mo Xie any help either. Mo Xie has never lost to soul pets of similar strength, especially beast type soul pets!

The blood filled beast aura and the demonic aura clashed like hurricanes. Finally, the Terror Wolf attacked. In its mad dash, it caused the sands to go flying!

Mo Xie’s acceleration was very light; with a small “sou”, she disappeared in place. Following, one could find deep paw marks in the sand, yet wouldn’t be able to track her body!

“Young master, it doesn’t look too well for you. Ahead is a ninth  phase middle stage Terror Wolf and three ninth phase low stage Terror Wolves. You will have no way of getting through them. Furthermore, if you stay in place, there will definitely be more Terror Wolves that accidentally roam near here. In this way, you can’t advance or retreat.” Old Li was having a headache for Chu Mu.

Entering this Terror Wolf region indeed isn’t very smart. Chu Mu had already roamed the Terror Wolf territories for about seven days. In these seven days, Chu Mu was always hiding to avoid fights with powerful Terror Wolves.

Yet, there were many Terror Wolves. Their sense of smell was also very acute, so Chu Mu couldn’t remain unscathed..

In these seven days, Chu Mu had to fight almost every day. Every fight, his soul pets had to sustain some injuries. Now, Chu Mu’s White Nightmare, Devil Tree Battle Soldier, and Ice Air Fairy were all seriously injured, needing at least five days to be healed.

The real fighters remained were only Mo Xie, Zhan Ye, Night Thunder Dream Beast, and Ghost King.

Chu Mu had always been trying to find an opening to leave this violent place. After seven days of life and death, Chu Mu had finally found a place that could exit from this Terror Wolf territory. But, this place lived three ninth phase low stage Terror Wolves and one Ninth phase middle stage Terror Wolf.

Eighth phase third stage Mo Xie could face one low stage Terror Wolf, but to face two was very strained.

Yet, all of Chu Mu’s soul pets together was already hard pressed in facing three ninth phase low stage Terror Wolves, let alone having to face another ninth phase middle stage Terror Wolf as well. One should know that last time Chu Mu defeated a ninth phase middle stage Terror Wolf, all of his soul pets lost their fighting strength.

“Wuwuwuwu~~~~~~~~” Nine silver tails expanded and became nine tail chains, heavily slapping the ninth phase low stage Terror Wolf!

Mo Xie’s attack was very powerful. The Terror Wolf was completely send flying with nine very deep blood marks on it. Its Bloodthirsty Berserk Transformation also completely lost its effect!

Once Terror Wolf’s Bloodthirsty Berserk Transformation was gone, its fighting strength would definitely fall. This was the perfect moment for Mo Xie to attack!!

Mo Xie’s attacks always came with a crazy killing intent. Once Mo Xie gets the opportunity, Mo Xie could deliver the killing blow. This was the result of the three years of training Chu Mu subject Mo Xie to on Prison Island!

After the ninth phase low stage Terror Wolf became slightly weaker, Mo Xie’s nine tails and claws arrived like a hurricane. The ninth phase low stage Terror Wolf’s wounds immediately increased , causing its deep blue body to become full of blood. Its cruel eyes also slowly became fear and cowardice.

Nine Tail Dragon Obliteration!!

Mo Xie’s nine imposing tails started spinning. The Terror Wolf can no longer escape. Under the powerful energy of the nine tails, its mere mortal body became pieces of flesh, while blood sprayed down like rain, scattering  in the sand…...

Blood bathed Mo Xie’s body, falling onto its silver fur, bringing out the demon fox qualities when Mo Xie fought. It invisibly revealed a powerful demon fox monarch’s imposing aura.

After killing  this ninth phase low stage Terror Wolf, Mo Xie dragged her nine long silver tails and slowly walked towards Chu Mu.

Mo Xie knew that the real blood battle hadn’t started. In reality, once they fell into true slaughter, Mo Xie never minded havin the blood of the enemies on her fur, no matter how stinky or obnoxious it was.

Chu Mu petted Mo Xie’s head and let Mo Xie eat a seventh rank healing medicine.

Mo Xie didn’t suffer any wounds. Quite the opposite, Mo Xie knew how to protect itself better than all of Chu Mu’s other soul pets, a result of constant battles. This was the complete opposite for the sheltered White Nightmare.

White Nightmare was a seventh phase ninth stage middle rank monarch, while Mo Xie was an eighth phase third stage low rank monarch. Their fighting strengths weren’t too far apart.

In past the seven days in this Terror Wolf territory, Mo Xie hadn’t fought any less, but White Nightmare ended up heavily wounded in the soul pet space, while Mo Xie could still fight even now. In fact, in the following battles, Mo Xie will be the main force. Without Mo Xie, Chu Mu wouldn’t have a single chance of winning.

“We can at most rest for a day  before we have to fight the four Terror Wolves.” Chu Mu stroked Mo Xie’s bloodied fur and said.

Chu Mu had arrived there on the sixth day. But, facing  four Terror Wolves, Chu Mu indeed didn’t have confidence winning. Yet, this is the only route to leave this Terror Wolf territory. In other places, one either had to go deeper into Terror Wolf territory, or the route was blocked by even more powerful Terror Wolves.

If they were just passing through, Chu Mu had faith in Night Thunder Dream Beast’s speed, possibly able to leave without killing all of them.

Yet, these four Terror Wolves’ territory were elongated and narrow. If Chu Mu wanted to go straight through, they would have to have space to avoid frontal assaults from the Terror Wolves.

Yet, the four Terror Wolves had other wolves living nearby. If Chu Mu took too big of a detour, he would definitely be detected by nearby Terror Wolves. Then, Chu Mu would have to face way more than just four Terror Wolves.

So, the safest path was to bring the four Terror Wolves to where he was now, which was the territory of the ninth phase low stage Terror Wolf and four eighth phase high stage Terror Wolves, and kill all of the four Terror Wolves in the limited time and space, to get a hope of surviving!

Of course, completing this wasn’t easy.

Most of Chu Mu’s soul pets were all heavily wounded and lost a great amount of their fighting strength. With just Mo Xie, Zhan Ye, Night Thunder Dream Beast, and Ghost King, his chances of escaping were near zero. Because, based purely off strength, Chu Mu’s soul pets were a great difference behind, and their death rates were near 100%.....

Chu Mu knew the upcoming battle was a very difficult one. It would be even more difficult than the battle against the ninth phase middle stage Terror Wolf he encountered the first time he entered an eighth level bewildering world. Yet, Chu Mu had no other choice. Only fighting can let him live on. Cowering constantly will only cause him to be surrounded by more and more Terror Wolves, until he finally would get devoured by them all!

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