Book 2 Chapter 351 - Accidentally Running into Fear Wolf Territory

Chapter 351: Accidentally Running into Fear Wolf Territory

…...Night Thunder Dream Beast, Seventh phase tenth stage? Heng heng…… Lu Shanli’s judgement was very powerful, quickly able to identify the soul pet Chu Mu was riding.

Lu Shanli’s Gale Colt’s strength was a phase higher than Night Thunder Dream Beast. Even when entering dangerous soul pet territory, Lu Shanli seemed to hold an advantage, while the Night Thunder Dream Beast could get hindered by the other soul pets.

So, Lu Shanli thought this person walking into soul pet territory was simply looking for his own death. 

His speed constantly increasing, Lu Shanli’s Gale Colt was slowly only two hundred meters away from Chu Mu. Such distances only needed a few seconds for demon commander ranks. And, as long as this Night Thunder Dream Beast sustained attacks and paused even momentarily, Lu Shanli would definitely catch up!

“Houhouhou!!!!!!!!” Heart stopping roars came from aside. Chu Mu clearly felt that some powerful organism was hiding in the dark. These soul pets would completely show their enmity when their territory was bothered. Some of the faster ones would even start chasing Night Thunder Dream Beast as it ran.

Normal soul pets couldn’t truly catch up to Night Thunder Dream Beast. After chasing a distance and noticing that the Night Thunder Dream Beast was only passing by their territory, the soul pets no longer continued to chase.

Lu Shanli’s Gale Colt’s speed was even faster than Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast. Relying on the Gale Colt’s powerful demon and wind type aura, weaker soul pets didn’t even dare to stop Lu Shanli the slightest.

Slowly, the distance was shortened to 150 meters. Lu Shanli could now tell that the person riding the Night Thunder Dream Beast was a young generation member and couldn’t help but show an expression of self-mocking. Even Lu Shanli didn’t expect that it was a reckless young generation that ruined his good plans!

Sharp wind sands blew over at his face along with the aura of beasts. Chu Mu knew that running on this plain was incredibly dangerous, but Lu Shanli was like a dangerous snake. Once it had started chasing, it couldn’t be lost without using full strength. And with the distance constantly closing in, Chu Mu slowly felt the cold killing intent from Lu Shanli!


Suddenly, a shaking roar came from aside. This vibration was like it was right beside one’s ears, setting Chu Mu’s heart into heavy pumping.

A pair of deep green eyes appeared in the dark. Closely following, its two eyes quickly neared and a bloody beast scent assaulted like a wave of wind and storm, causing Chu Mu and Night Thunder Dream Beast to palpitate!

“Tenth phase Blade Crown Beast!!” Chu Mu’s soul remembrance locked onto this green eyed organism within the dark! 

Blade Cown Beast was a high class commander rank soul pet. At tenth phase, its strength was multiple times stronger than the fear wolf Chu Mu met before. If stopped by it, Chu Mu would definitely be worse off!!

The tenth phase Blade Crown Beast was like a sharp sword stained with blood as it spearheaded towards Night Thunder Dream Beast. Night Thunder Dream Beast quickly casted extreme speed to pass through the gaps between the Blade Crown Beast’s claws, terrifyingly close!

Lu Shanli was just a hundred meters away from Chu Mu. he could see Chu Mu get attacked by the tenth phase Blade Crown Beast’s attacks. To prevent himself from getting attacked as well, he specially made a curved path to avoid his Gale Colt bothering the tenth phase Blade Crown Beast.

Lu Shanli ran approximately a hundred meter arc to the left because he felt that Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast would tend towards the left once it dodged the tenth phase Blade Crown Beast.

Yet, Lu Shanli’s guess was wrong. Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast originally would’ve had a safer and smoother time dodging to the left, yet it suddenly turned sharply to the right.

Lu Shanli slightly creased his brows and, after avoiding the Blade Crown Beast, he again changed his direction to chase after Chu Mu.

The Blade Crown Beast only had instant bursts of speed and couldn’t run for long periods of time like Gale Colt and Night Thunder Dream Beast, so it was quickly thrown behind.

But, this entire region had a huge group of powerful soul pets. After running out of the tenth phase Blade Crown Beast’s territory, Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast ran into another tenth phase Terror Wolf’s territory!

Night Thunder Dream Beast’s Night Dream ability couldn’t completely evade the tenth phase commander soul pet’s perception and was still noticed by the tenth phase Terror Wolf and attacked.

Lu Shanli similarly didn’t want to affect his running, so he again made an arc, yet this time, Chu Mu also turned off sharply, causing Lu Shanli’s arc to distance himself from Chu Mu yet again.

“Intentionally tricking me with the wild soul pets, such a daring kid!” Lu Shanli quickly realized that the young man in front was intentionally playing tricks through the wild encounters to maintain distance.

After Lu Shanli realized this, he stopped intentionally going around the cruel soul pets, instead directly running past the soul pets that dart out, completely intending to compete against Chu Mu on wilderness speed type soul pet riding abilities!

Again, the distance was pulled back to 150 meters. Lu Shanli’s control of his Gale Colt was superb, darting through soul pet territories like flowing water. Clearly, not only did he have a nimble awareness, he also knew a lot about all types of wild soul pets, able to react accordingly under dangerous circumstances.

“If I’m not mistaken, ahead is a wolf group?

Lu Shanli lifted a corner of his mouth. This wasn’t the first time Lu Shanli has come to the Ancient Wasteland, and in his memory, about a thousand meters ahead was the Terror Wolf clan territory. If he walked in, he would definitely be chased by a huge group of Terror Wolves, so even Lu Shanli didn’t dare to step right in.

“Nowhere to run!” Lu Shanli knew that the opponent must stop right before he entered the Terror Wolf territory or else he would become wolf food.

Lu Shanli had already started an incantation. The moment the opponent stopped, he would summon his main soul pet and have a great battle with this fellow who dared destroy his plans….

The black shadows chased each other in the dancing sand. Lu Shanli’s eyes were locked onto the white feather behind the Night Thunder Dream Beast, ready for it to stop.

Yet, Lu Shanli noticed that the seventh phase ninth stage Night Thunder Dream Beast had no intentions of stopping at all, running straight into the Terror Wolf group full of death!

“It’d rather go through miniscule living chances then fight me? Or does he have absolute confidence in running out of the death zone?” Lu Shanli told his Gale Colt to stop suddenly the moment before he entered the Terror Wolf territory, only eyeing the Night Thunder Dream Beast that darted straight in and revealed surprise.

Entering the terror wolf territory meant certain death, so Lu Shanli wouldn’t enter recklessly.

It wasn’t that Lu Shanli didn’t have the confidence to escape. It was the fact that he still had three subordinates behind him. If these three entered the Terror Wolf territory, they would definitely not come back. With the Battle of the Realms nearing, Lu Shanli certainly did not want any accidents to happen.

Watching the Night Thunder Dream Beast that entered daringly into the Terror Wolf territory, his face slowly changed.

The moment that Night Thunder Dream Beast ran away, Lu Shanli regretted not chasing, because he realized that if the person could leave safely after enraging so many wind type soul pets, then he would definitely have something outstanding about passing through wild soul pet territories. Since he entered with such confidence, it also affirmed his strength.

“What faction expert is he? Soul Alliance? Soul Pet Palace? Soul Palace? Or some independent expert outside of all factions?” Lu Shanli was sure their strength wasn’t as simple as it seemed.

Lu Shanli gathered a lot of information on Battle of the Realm opponents, but no matter how he thought, he couldn’t think of a second tier young generation expert that rode a Night Thunder Dream Beast.

“Boss Lu……”

“Boss Lu……”

The other three members of Nightmare Palace arrived soon after. They all looked questioningly at Lu Shanli as he wandered the edge of the Terror Wolf territory alone.

“Boss Lu, did that person run in?” The birth marked soul pet trainer looked deep into the Terror Wolf territory and asked quietly.

These three people simultaneously trained with Lu Shanli Within the Ancient Wasteland, so they also knew of the terrifying Terror Wolf territory ahead.

Lu Shanli nodded and asked, “Twenty to twenty five year old young generation expert that rides a Night Thunder Dream Beast, can any of you think of someone?”

“This……” From the three people’s expressions, one could see that they also couldn’t think of anyone.

“Soul Pet Palace Dang Jie rides a Dream Beast, but I’m not sure what type it is.”

The tall Feng Hai said.

“Dang Jie? Hmm, I think I’ve heard of him.” With Feng Hai’s reminder, Lu Shanli remembered that Soul Pet Palace indeed had a Dang Jie that matched the man he was chasing.

Of course, Lu Shanli couldn’t be completely sure. With only one hint, he would have to verify the next chance he got.

“Then, did he really enter?” Feng Hai asked.

Lu Shanli nodded. “This person is exceedingly brave and also very patient. He will be a hard foe.”

“By what I see, maybe he knows he can’t beat us so he simply wants to get lucky within the Fear Wolf Territory?” The birth marked soul pet trainer said.

“I thought so at first too, but with further thought, I thought this person was incredibly logical. From hiding and destroying our hunt before one could see. So, I think he definitely has more confidence in escaping the Terror Wolf territory.” Lu Shanli analyzed.

Lu Shanli had always thought that Chu Mu had meticulously planned all of this. And, young generation experts able to destroy his hunting were incredibly rare, so Lu Shanli was especially attaching importance to Chu Mu. There was another person that could threaten his final reward in second tier.

Yet, Lu Shanli hadn’t thought of the fact that this entire event was a big coincidence. If possible, Chu Mu would never want to create enemies before he was powerful enough.

And if Chu Mu knew he was running headfirst into the Terror Wolf Wasteland that chills everyone’s blood, Chu Mu would definitely stop first and fight Lu Shanli and find another chance to escape…….!

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