Book 2 Chapter 35 - Raging Flames to the Rescue

Chapter 35: Raging Flame to the Rescue

“Ao Wu!!”

Suddenly, a miserable cry rang out from the pack of wolves. This wolf howl was extremely coarse, and it possessed even more force than other Hunting Wolf voices. However, one could clearly feel that this miserable cry was an exceptionally painful cry!

“This…” the Chu Family Guard’s leader, Chu Si was somewhat shocked as he spoke.

From this powerful shout, he could tell that it belonged to a seventh phase Hunting Wolf. Further, once a Hunting Wolf reached the seventh phase, it was very possible that it would become the Hunting Wolf pack’s leader!!

“Senior, it seems that someone has killed the wolf clan’s leader.” A Chu Family Guard, who was relatively experienced with fighting in the wild, spoke.

Chu Si was stunned, and shockingly stared at the young man who was able to be within the group of wolves without being detected.

“Could it be that his soul pet that killed the Hunting Wolf’s leader?” Chu Si slowly said.

The young man didn’t look more than twenty years of age. Not only was he able to evade the wolf clan pack’s detection, he also surprisingly possessed a powerful soul pet that could dive deep into the wolf pack and kill a commander rank soul pet.

“Hu Hu Hu!!”

While Chu Si and the others were shocked, a sudden pillar of demon fire evil flame shot into the air, magnificently blossoming above the treetops.

The moment the demon fire evil flame rose into the air, waves of mysterious heat rushed in from another area in the forest. An instant later, everyone could clearly feel a fire being started on the eastern end of the forest.

The flames rapidly proliferated, and they were extremely fierce. Quickly, it dyed a large part of the forest in red, transforming the trees into blazing trees on fire.

“Immediately recall the rest of your soul pets and use your fastest soul pets to run towards the fire. The faster the better!” Chu Mu instantly transmitted his voice into everyone’s ears!

Chu Tianlin and Chu Si glanced at the youth, but found that he was still in the same spot. They then looked at the torrential wave of flames in the forest and, for a while, they didn’t know what decision to make.

“If we recall our soul pets and the Hunting Wolves chase us, won’t we be completely finished? Additionally, there is just fire over there. If we rush into it, wouldn’t that just be suicide?!” the Qin Family’s Qin Jia immediately cursed.

“Tianlin, what do you think?” Chu Si looked at the flames growing in the forest and was somewhat hesitant.

The Hunting Wolves numbered in the hundreds or thousands. If they were to recall their soul pets, summoning them out again would be a bit challenging, so they had to carefully consider this.

“Listen to him, recall your soul pets. Everyone retreat to the flames!” Chu Tianlin also knew that this was a dangerous time and, if he were to hesitate any further, it could lead them to being trapped in in the wolf pack.

Chu Tianlin took the initiative to recall his soul pets first, only leaving out the sixth phase Light Rhinoceros. He made the water type soul pet of a Chu Family Guard member forge a path in front that allowed the rest to charge into the fire.

Since the fire was coming from the east, all the Hunting Wolves in the east had already dispersed. After the Chu Family Guard entered the burning forest, they didn’t encounter any obstruction from Hunting Wolves!

“Go! Quickly go!! Don’t hesitate!” Chu Tianlin yelled at them! As he spoke, Chu Tainlin’s Light Rhinoceros abruptly used the Trample technique on the ten Hunting Wolves ahead, knocking them flying!

Chu Si nodded his head, and he immediately brought the last three Chu Family members out. They rode their soul pets into the burning forest.

“Qin Jia, what are you just standing them for? Get your men to recall their soul pets!” Chu Tianlin loudly yelled at the Qin Family people.

Qin Jia glanced at the Chu Family Guard charging into the flaming forest and grit his teeth. He gave an order for everyone to recall their soul pets and, in one breath, everyone rushed into the extremely hot flaming forest.

“Old Lin, you should quickly retreat too!” Qin Jia looked at Chu Tianlin who was the last to leave and yelled towards him.

Yet, the moment Qin Jia left, two sixth phase Hunting Wolves suddenly appeared in front of Chu Tianlin. They immediately pounced towards Chu Tianlin’s Light Rhinoceros and managed to haul him off of his formidable Light Rhinoceros!

Chu Tianlin had already used a defensive shield on himself. After falling to the ground, he instantly chanted an incantation. A hurricane formed in front of him, and it swept towards the Hunting Wolves in front!


Chu Tianlin’s soul remembrance was rather strong. Hurricane had reached at least the might of level seven, and it surprisingly managed to sweep ten or so Hunting Wolves up, tossing them high into the air. Soon, a gap appeared in front of him.

Chu Tianlin’s Light Rhinoceros was exceptionally valiant. Its body, brimming with power, charged forth and at least a few Hunting Wolves were knocked flying.

Nonetheless, as the other soul pets were recalled, the only person remaining here was Chu Tianlin. Every Hunting Wolf was ostensibly staring at the one person, Chu Tianlin. Moreover, there were at least twenty Hunting Wolves obstructing the path that led to the raging flames in the east.

Chu Tianlin’s expression was grave. He quickly leapt onto his Light Rhinoceros’ back and attempted to make a path for himself through slaughter. However, a bloody claw flew past, and a wound instantly appeared on Chu Tianlin’s and the Light Rhinoceros’ body.

“Head straight towards that part of the forest. I’ll cut off the back for you.” Just at this moment of crisis, that young man’s voice rang out again.

Chu Tianlin felt a burst of surprise, and he felt that this young man was way too reticent. He wasn’t able to sense when this young man had appeared in front of him!

“But this way won’t you fall into the wolf pack?” said Chu Tianlin.

“Quickly leave, second uncle, I have a method to escape.” said Chu Mu.

“Second uncle?” Chu Tianlin was stunned. He didn’t understand why this young man with immeasurable strength was addressing him like that.


Chu Tianlin knew that this wasn’t the time to ask questions, and he immediately urged his Light Rhinoceros. He brazenly charged through the obstructing Hunting Wolves and slaughtered his way into the forest of torrential flames.

As the fire grew larger and larger, by the time Chu Tianlin had made his way into the forest, many trees had already fallen to the ground. Raging flames had spread onto the path, and he was greeted with a heatwave.

“That’s odd. Why does this forest seem to have something like a path?”

After entering the forest filled with flames, Chu Tianlin instantly discovered that the forest was extremely strange. On the two sides of him were flames and, in the middle, there coincidentally happened to be a pathway, as if it had been purposely arranged this way.

Chu Tianlin didn’t mull this over for too long. After all, escaping was the most important thing.

The Light Rhinoceros’ speed wasn’t slow. Quickly, it charged out of the scorching hot forest, and Chu Tianlin found that in front of him, a part of the forest that had been separated. This patch of forest didn’t have the slightest bit of fire on it, and the Qin Family and Chu Family Guard were all here.

“Senior, are you okay?” Chu Si immediately helped Chu Tianlin off his Light Rhinoceros.

“I’m fine, I’m fine. It’s only my skin that is a bit burnt.” said Chu Tianlin.

“Uncle Chu, let my Water Moon heal you.” said Qin Menger.

Qin Menger was very careful. She knew that these people would have definitely suffered burn wounds while escaping, so she intentionally summoned her demon type soul pet, the Water Moon Fairy, to heal Chu Tianlin’s burn wounds.

Water Moon Fairy: Demon Kingdom - demon type (water type) - fairy species - Water Moon Fairy subspecies - high class warrior rank

Water Moon Fairies had very delicate and petite appearances. From far away, they looked like young girls with white colored hydrophyte hair. Their bodies were very thin, like a jellyfish, and was almost transparent.

Water Moon Fairies could be considered to be mainstream soul pets. Often, one could see a plethora of female soul pet trainers with one. The biggest characteristic of a Water Moon Fairy was its healing technique that could heal wounds caused by any type except water, ice or dark types.

“Isn’t this the Meng girl?” Chu Tianlin was stunned, and felt that it was rather mysterious as to how the Qin Menger that the Qin Family was looking for would suddenly appear here.

“Yes. Did uncle Chu see Chu Chen?” Qin Menger made the Water Moon Fairy heal Chu Tianlin’s burn wounds first before looking at the raging fire in the forest and speaking.

“Who is Chu Chen?” the others showed confused expressions.

“It’s that young man who saved you from the wolf pack. Don’t tell me he’s trapped inside there?” Qin Menger immediately adopted an anxious expression.

Chu Tianlin was flabbergasted. Finally, he realized that the young man would probably have a very hard time escaping. After all, when he himself rushed out of the encirclement, a large group of Hunting Wolves pounced at him!

“Wu wu wu wu~~”

Just at this moment, an extremely demonic shout rode along with the wind, as it abruptly resounded from within the flaming forest. Subsequently, a silver furred body burning in demon fire evil flame slowly emerged from the flaming forest. Its measured steps seemed to tread in the fire and, as it ran, its glorious six tails would freely wave about in the fierce red fire. It moved as fast as lightning...

Everyone stared blankly, and looked up at the mysterious young man and the Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox he was riding. He exuded a breathtaking feeling.

Chu Tianlin looked at the young man who helped everyone escape from the Hunting Wolf pack and was extremely shocked in his heart. He had no idea how he managed to escape unscathed from such a large group of wolves.

“This younger brother, I am from Gangluo City’s Chu Family. This time it’s thanks to your help, otherwise we really could have been besieged by that pack of wolves to death. You have immense kindness and immense virtue. Please receive my respect!” Chu Tianlin was an outspoken man and, if there was a favor, he gave his thanks. He immediately gave the proper thanks.

Chu Mu couldn’t receive his own elder’s kowtow and hastily jumped off of Mo Xie back to help up Chu Tianlin.

“Second uncle, please don’t ever be like this. Look carefully at who I am first…” when Chu Mu looked at Chu Tianlin, he was endlessly moved.

In the Chu Family, this second uncle Chu was like Chu Ning. He had always taken very good care of Chu Mu, and Chu Mu could be sure that of those who came to Broken Forest this time, second uncle Chu would make his way without permission. It was all to find him, and it ought to have been Chu Mu who kowtowed to his family, second uncle Chu.

Chu Tianlin lifted his head and stared at the powerful young man riding the formidable Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox...

Chu Tianlin remembered Chu Ning saying that Chu Mu had fallen into Broken Forest with Qin Menger. He intentionally looked at Qin Menger who was surrounded by Qin Family people before looking back at Chu Mu. Suddenly, he found a bit of familiarity within Chu Mu’s valiant and acute face!

“You.. you… you are Chu Mu!”

A while later, Chu Tianlin finally uttered those few words. His face was full of disbelief!

Chu Mu’s words instantly rendered the entire Chu Family Guard stunned!

The adjacent Qin Menger, after hearing Chu Tianlin’s shocking words, trembled, as her beautiful eyes stared at the cold young man from Nightmare Palace who had been together with her for many days!

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