Book 2 Chapter 349 - Alarmed Nightmare Palace Lu Lishan

Chapter 349: Alarmed Nightmare Palace Lu Lishan

A cyan colored light flickered in the stormy area. Blood natural wood appeared on the surface of the ground and promptly, the ground was transformed into a layer of space created by intertwining tree roots. These cyan colored and red tinted branches bound the Ancient Wind Spirit the moment the ground disappeared before dragging it underground.

The tenth phase Storm Fairies continued to hover in the air. After the trap suddenly appeared, they were at a loss for a second before they reacted. They immediately chanted an incantation, wanting to use the violent wind strength to completely disintegrate the branches!

The Storm Fairies were already in a trap, so how could the Devil Tree Battle Soldier give them a chance to use techniques. Quickly, it trapped the tenth phase Storm Fairies together and also dragged them twenty meters underground!

“Hu!!! Hu!!!!”

The Ancient Wind Spirit realized it had been tricked, and it let out a sharp cry for help, wanting to summon its allies.

The surrounding tenth phase Storm Fairies were all protecting the Ancient Wind Fairy, because its existence was the thing that could truly preserve the storm area, thus supporting the entirety of the enormous wind type fairy species. After the Ancient Wind Spirit let out a cry for help, the other ten Storm Fairies’ eyes instantly turned angry. They all floated over to the trap and began to chant incantations!

“Mo Xie, get rid of that tenth phase Storm Fairy. Devil Tree Battle Soldier open up a path in front. Ghost King, block up the path and don’t let those wind type techniques make their way over!” Chu Mu gave his three soul pets orders in one breath.

Underneath the ground, the tenth phase Storm Fairies no longer had the environment advantage, and their fighting strength would definitely fall by twenty to thirty percent. Moreover, any wind type technique would be obstructed by the thick rock layer, decreasing its might by over half. In such circumstances, Mo Xie fighting against one tenth phase Storm Fairy by herself was no problem.

Mo Xie’s attack strength had always been very strong; furthermore with the Ghost King’s aid, Mo Xie would not be obstructed by the rock layer and could use her full strength.

Wind type soul pets inherently had weak defense. When they were able to move to a long range, they would be close to death.

“Royal Flame Claw!” sharp claws streaked across the tenth phase Storm Fairy, and two different flames simultaneously seeped into its body and began burning it.

The tenth phase Storm Fairy let out an angry yell. The black chaotic wind on its body began to rotate and, as it chanted, the wind transformed into a wild energy that could shatter the surrounding rock layer as it began to expand. The energy was an attempt to crush the rock layer into smithereens! 

However, Mo Xie was extremely agile and the moment the Storm Fairy used its technique, she decisively retreated. Under the Ghost King’s protection, she retreated back to deep rock layer. She waited as the Storm Fairy’s technique expanded until its power began to weaken before suddenly jumping out of the rock layer and launch an attack at it.

Mo Xie had reached the eighth phase third stage, and her fighting strength was comparable to a ninth phase commander. This Storm Fairy’s defense was inherently weak so how could it bear Mo Xie’s multiple attacks!

Quickly, this Storm Fairy began to gradually dissipate under the tragedy of Mo Xie’s claws on the rocky ground. It became a ball of senseless chaotic wind, and the wind type soul core broke off from its body, falling onto the ground. 

Mo Xie was very good at understanding others. She knew that Chu Mu lacked money and that this tenth phase Storm Fairy’s soul core didn’t have a low value. She swept it up with her tail and took it.

“Mo Xie, leave!” Chu Mu said to Mo Xie.

Behind Mo Xie were still nine tenth phase Storm Fairies. These nine Storm Fairies were all gathered together and their techniques were still extremely abnormal. They were capable of using violent wind to blow up the ground; Chu Mu naturally realized this so he didn’t have Mo Xie zealously continue to fight.

The Ghost King was behind. As a rock type user, its middle stage dark crystal rock was of vital use right now. The attacks of the nine tenth phase Storm Fairies could ostensibly all be stopped if it used a layer of rock to block it.

Layers of rock were continuously moving under its control and it managed to firmly separate Chu Mu and these tenth phase Storm Fairies.

However, the techniques of tenth phase Storm Fairy’s were still rather astonishing. Although they were in a twenty meter deep layer of rock, they were still able to forcibly blow it apart with a storm. This large area of ground practically became a layer of air and if it was slightly stronger, perhaps the entire ground would have collapsed.

Chu Mu’s goal was very clear. As long as he could obtain the Ancient Wind Fairy, he would decisively flee. He absolutely wouldn’t waste excessive fighting strength on these tenth phase Storm Fairies. After all, besides this mission, he still had an extremely long fight after this.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s roots were extremely quick at digging and splitting apart the ground. The Ghost King covering their backs with rocks was also able to keep up with the splitting done by the tenth phase Storm Fairies. 

Gradually, Chu mu was able to feel the breaking rock layer behind him become weaker and weaker. Finally, he could only hear slight ground vibrations.

“Young master, you’re quite far away from them. You can go up to the ground, otherwise it’ll take forever before you exit this storm area.” said Old Li.

Chu Mu shook his head and said: “These tenth phase Storm Fairies are exceptionally smart. I’m sure that they won’t be stupid enough to continue chasing me underground. Perhaps there is already a large group of Storm Fairies waiting for me on the surface.”

The lesson just given to Mo Xie made Chu Mu realize that there were many times he couldn't use normal intellect to measure a soul pet. In fact, there were many soul pets that were extremely crafty and extremely troublesome. This was especially the case for these tenth phase Storm Fairies that had stayed here for so many years!

The reality was just as Chu MU had guessed. On the surface, ostensibly all the Wind Fairies and Storm Fairies were following the restless underground movement. It could be said that they had made it so that the entire area had been cut off and was impenetrable. As long as Chu Mu dared show his head out from underground, these angry guards would use their strongest ninth rank wind type techniques to punish this evil human, Chu Mu.

“Hu~~~ Hu~~~~~~”

The tenth phase Wind Fairies numbered at least 30, while there were approximately 20 Storm Fairies including the nine from before. Although the number of soul pets wasn’t that many, each one of them had extremely strong fighting strength. The moment they came together, they would bring a destructive force.

Chu Mu indeed had remained calm. Chu Mu had already endured an entire day twenty meters underground waiting for the Ancient Wind fairy to walk into the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s trap, before finally making his move.

This time, in order to take the Ancient Wind Fairy, Chu Mu also possessed extremely patience. He stayed like this underground and used an exceptionally slow speed to gradually move outside of the storm area. Before actually entering a safe place, Chu Mu would not come to the surface.

Moreover, for even more safety, Chu Mu intentionally had the Devil Tree battle Soldier continue to dig deeper to prevent the Wind Fairy species soul pets from unearthing the ground with their concentrated strength.

Such a fear of Chu Mu didn’t actually happen. Perhaps when the wind strength was engulfing the area could the ground be unearthed a few layers, but reaching the rock layer thirty meters under was practically impossible.



“Do you feel any movement?” Lu Shanli’s face turned extremely gloomy as he spoke.

On the desolate wasteland, Lu Shanli and the other three soul pet trainers were each riding on their soul pets fighting against their respective opponents.

This time, the team which Lu Shanli was heading was hunting a rather ancient other type soul pet. The inner crystal of this soul pet was rather fitting for Lu Shanli’s Blue Nightmare.

Lu Shanli’s Blue Nightmare had fighting strength that reached the mid class monarch and even if it faced a White Nightmare, this powerful Blue Nightmare wouldn’t necessarily lose.

This time while hunting the tenth phase other type commander, Lu Shanli’s true intention was to evolve his Blue Nightmare from the eighth phase ninth stage to the ninth phase.

The Battle of the Realm was near and although Lu Shanli would rarely find an opponent with his present strength, what he sought wasn’t merely the second grade. In order to strengthen himself, he continuously challenged his limits so that he would be able to be even more outstanding in the Battle of the Realm.

Hunting the tenth phase other type commander was a pivotal point for increasing his strength. Lu Shanli knew that this soul pet was strong so his plan until now had been extreme caution.

Yesterday, Lu Shanli had sensed something abnormal coming from the northern storm area. Since he was cautious, he intentionally aborted his original plan to hunt yesterday and waited specially for today. He made sure that nothing abnormal was in the north before truly making his move.

However, Lu Shanli was rather angry because just as the fight was slowly turning in his favor and just as he was about to obtain the tenth phase other type soul pet’s inner crystal, something unordinary happened!

“Senior… an extremely large aura of wind is in the north. It’s presently heading towards us. What should we do?” said one of the Nightmare Palace members as he creased his eyebrows.

‘Hmph, it seems that there’s someone deliberately playing me!’ coldly sneered Lu Shanli.

Before when Lu Shanli had sensed something wrong with the abnormality in the northern storm area, he had waited a day before everything calmed down. Yet, the opponent had appeared once again just as he was about to obtain the other type creature’s innards, indicating that he was deliberately plotting something!

“Truly huge guts. You unexpectedly came to interfere with Nightmare Palace Senior Lu’s matter!” the birthmark face soul pet trainer’s eyes flickered with a sliver of malevolence. His two sharp eyes were rigidly fixated on the surrounding as he wanted to find which fellow that came to steal the treasure!

Lu Shanli also stared at the commotion in the north with a sneer. However, when he detected that the wind aura in the north was becoming denser and denser, moreover growing closer and closer, his expression gradually changed!

Plotting something was only plotting something. Lu Shanli was very proficient at dealing with things like this, but this Nightmare Palace senior never expected that the thing slowly approaching were all the tenth phase Wind Fairies and Storm Fairies in the storm area. The moment they came together, exactly how terrifying would the force that they caused be?!!

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