Book 2 Chapter 348 - Wait for the Trap, Natural Wood Trap

Chapter 348: Wait for the Trap, Natural Wood Trap

Ninth level Hurricane didn’t only reach two hundred meters. When Chu Mu and Mo Xie were pulled back, the hurricane still came at them, covering the skies.

“Everyone get down!” Chu Mu hurriedly commanded his soul pets.

Night first jumped into the hole that Devil Tree Battle Soldier had dug preemptively. Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s roots were already buried in the ground, so it was very easy for those roots to break through the dirt.

Very quickly, devil tree battle soldier grabbed Chu Mu and Mo Xie and disappeared under the ground.

Chu Mu told Devil Tree Battle Soldier to dig a very deep tunnel, at least twenty meters deep. The terrifying ninth level hurricane could definitely rip up the ground surface. If the hole weren’t deep enough, they would get pulled straight from the ground into a hurricane.


Wind filled this deep underground cave. Chu Mu could clearly feel countless blade-like gusts above his head cutting at this narrow cave, threatening to break through at any moment.

Lifting his head, Chu Mu saw the terrifying turbidity. The ninth level hurricane was right above their heads. The wind had energy that caused the entire ground to shake, making Chu Mu have lingering fears.

“Tenth phase soul pet intelligence is too high. They actually intentionally let Mo Xie near and chanted an incantation in advance. Only when Mo Xie walked into a range where she couldn’t dodge the spell did they cast their technique……” Thinking back to the scenario, Chu Mu’s cold sweat started dripping.

Normally, when Chu Mu met the soul pets, they had limited intelligence. If he used any tricks, they had a hard time seeing through them. Yet, these two Storm Fairies truly were crafty, nearly making Chu Mu pay a bitter price.

“Young master, as you saw, these two Storm Fairies are unbelievably powerful. Give up.” Old Li said.

If they couldn’t find a better way, Chu Mu could really only give up. After all, any ninth level technique was deadly to Chu Mu. Chu Mu didn’t want his rashness to be the cause of a death of his soul pet.

“The hurricane seemed to have went pretty far.” Chu Mu lifted his head and noticed the turbulence above him was dying down.

“En, young master, leave here first. Violent Desert Scorpions are probably easier to deal with.” Old Li said.

Chu Mu nodded, and told Devil Tree Battle Soldier to send him to the surface.

“Wait up!” Suddenly, halfway up the shaft, Chu Mu stopped Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

Devil Tree Battle Soldier lifted its heads and stopped stiffly, looking dazed at Chu Mu.

“Young master?” Old Li didn’t want to see Chu Mu in any accident. Sometimes one should know when to back off from danger.

“Why go up?” Chu Mu seemed to be thinking out loud, yet also seemed to be asking Old Li.

“Only when we go up can we leave. Is it that you want to escape from underground? Speaking of which, escaping from underground would probably be safer. Wind type technique can hardly seep into the ground.” Old Li said.

Chu Mu’s eyes lit up. He already thought of a way to get through these two Storm Fairies’ guards!


An uncommonly powerful wind came from the north, causing people to feel as if a humongous beast laid in the muddy north, breathing heavily unto this spacious land.

Lu Shanli stared at the wild northern winds, and his facial expression became graver.

“Boss?” The other soul pet trainers also noticed the large gust of wind type energy from the north, but after moving about five hundred meters away, it slowly dissipated.

“There should be something there.” Lu Shanli opened his mouth to say.

“Boss, should we continue or……” The birth marked soul pet trainer asked lowly.

“No hurry, we don’t lack time. Let’s just wait here and wait until there are no abnormalities before we attack……” Lu Shanli said.

“Yes!!” Three people answered simultaneously.

Two tenth phase wind fairies stood in their positions like loyal guards, almost never leaving where they stood.

In reality, elemental soul pets often had a sense of belonging. Elemental lifeforms were born from special environments. If they weren’t affected by the outer worlds, they could possibly live in the same place their entire lives, and slowly grow by absorbing the environment’s elemental aura.

This Ancient Wasteland City had thousands of years of history. This storm belt had probably been in existence for very long. The longer it was, the more powerful the lifeforms were that grow out of it are. As for the very rare ninth phase and tenth phase organisms in other bewildering worlds, they appeared frequently in this region.

Elemental world soul pets’ damage were always very powerful, and these wind type soul pets were definitely the best long range fighters. If these soul pets could maintain their distance, they could compete against three similar phase soul pets. 

In close range situations, wind type soul pets and many wind type defense techniques could easily throw opponents far away. If they weren’t well controlled, wind type soul pet fighting strength would be very powerful. This was why Chu Mu wanted to get a wind type soul pet.

Because, if he owned a wind type soul pet, not only would he be able to suppress his opponents in long range combat, he would also gain a very good protection in close combat, stopping other soul pets from nearing easily.

Wind type soul pets- Chu Mu still decided to pick elemental world soul pets because only elemental world soul pets could truly display the full power of the type. If other world soul pets controlled wind type, even if they reached eighth phase monarch rank, creating ninth level techniques would be difficult.

Like Mo Xie right now; if she casted pure fire type techniques, though she was already eighth phase, her fire type techniques were usually around eighth rank middle stage, late stage, still far from ninth rank techniques.

If the Ice Air Fairy reached eighth phase, however, with intermediate rank Towering Ice and enough time to chant, it could create ninth rank ice type power.

Tenth phase Storm Fairies were very hard to deal with. Chu Mu had to avoid them. In reality, the two high intelligence Storm Fairies could never have thought that, the intruders that they thought had been ripped to shreds by the ninth level hurricane had quietly surpassed their defenses from underground.

Wind type techniques, unless with effective ground control, could not cause any harm to them from the surface. It was this that Chu Mu thought of, so he decisively commanded Devil Tree Battle Soldier to use its roots to rip open the ground to smartly avoid these two tenth phase Storm Fairies from underground.

Chu Mu’s senses were restricted by the ground rock layer, but he could still barely sense through the twenty meter ground to detect the situation above.

When Chu Mu passed a hundred meters by the two tenth phase storm fairies, and he could clearly feel the air become even more chaotic. Clearly, there was a very terrifying storm region in this area. If his soul pet is on the ground, its fighting strength could drop seventy percent.

Fighting power’s drop wasn’t what made Chu Mu astonished. What made Chu Mu even more dumbstruck was, in this stormy region, chu Mu used his soul remembrance to feel at least ten tenth phase storm fairies!

Ten storm fairies!

If they firmly keep their ground and throw wind type techniques towards the outer intruders, possibly even tenth phase commanders wouldn’t be able to take a single step in.

“This eighth level bounty isn’t just a little difficult. This bounty should be in the tens of millions!” Chu Mu said somewhat angrily.

If not for Chu Mu’s sudden inspiration to duck under this storm belt, if he had to rely on strength and capture that ancient wind spirit, it was almost impossible without three tenth phase commander rank soul pets. Chu Mu knew why the mission to capture this commander rank young soul pet wasn’t taken. 

Chu Mu constantly wasted soul power to search. The Ancient Wind Spirit was different from other Storm Spirits. This little fellow wasn’t too stable, often liking to float around. A couple of times it had already floated past Chu Mu and then quickly disappeared outside of Chu Mu’s sensible range.

Chu Mu thought that constantly moving to search for it wasn’t a good way, so he simply hid underground and let Devil Tree Battle Soldier cast Natural Wood Trap while he silently waited.

Such waiting needed immense patience. After all, the Ancient Wind Spirit constantly floated around in the storm belt. When it would fall into the trap, even Chu Mu didn’t know. One hour? One day?

Chu Mu wasn’t hurried. This underground was very safe. With this waiting time, Chu Mu could let his soul pets heal up.

The ones that need the most healing is naturally the Ghost King and Night Thunder Dream Beast. To let the Ghost King be able to fight again, Chu Mu again wasted 1.5 million to let Ghost King recover faster.

They waited about a day. The Ghost King’s wounds were mostly healed and, with its ghost type special property, Ghost King’s wounds would no longer affect its fighting power. So, Chu Mu retracted Night Thunder Dream Beast and called out Ghost King, who’s main attribute was rock.


Suddenly, Devil Tree Battle Soldier warned Chu Mu that the Ancient Wind Spirit had fallen into the trap!

Having waited an entire day, Chu Mu could finally wait until the naughty little fellow fell into the net, immediately telling Devil Tree Battle Soldier to activate the trap!

“Ao” Devil Tree Battle Soldier quickly made a sound to remind Chu Mu and tell Chu Mu that, along with the Ancient Wind Spirit was also a tenth phase Storm Fairy. If it activated the trap, the tenth phase Storm Fairy would fall in as well.

“Activate the trap, the opportunity can’t be lost!” Chu Mu said decisively.

Underground, wind type techniques were severely affected. Possibly Ghost King itself could deal with a tenth phase Storm Fairy, so why would Chu Mu be indecisive?

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