Book 2 Chapter 347 - Destructive Power, Ninth Rank hurricane

Chapter 347: Destructive Power, Ninth Rank hurricane

A tenth phase Storm Fairy’s fighting strength wasn’t any less than the ninth phase middle stage Terror Wolf. To face one, Chu Mu would need to pay a big price. If he had to face both, he would definitely be wiped out completely!

Most importantly, in this battle, Zhan Ye’s powerful life force wouldn’t have a direct impact because the Storm Fairy’s techniques were all group damage. Zhan Ye was unable to block the brunt of the attacks.

This time, Chu Mu truly fell into a difficult situation.

Elemental World Soul Pets were difficult to dealing with here, similar to the beast world soul pets. Chu Mu could completely just let a soul pet compete against it head on, while his other soul pets slowly attacked from afar.

Yet, these were elemental world soul pets. If one could let the demon type go near and stop its powerful group damaging techniques, even one tenth phase Storm Fairy could cause Chu Mu to completely get wiped out, let alone two!

Facing one Storm Fairy, through Mo Xie’s speed and Night Thunder Dream Beast’s mental control, they may still have a fight. With two tenth phase Storm Fairies however, Chu Mu’s soul pets may not even last five minutes before dying to the wind type techniques.

Chu Mu finally realized why this was an eighth level bounty, and why so long had passed without anyone accepting this bounty. To begin with, ignoring whether or not soul pet trainers could travel freely within eighth level bewildering worlds. Just the terrifying wind region and multiple tenth phase wind fairies and Storm Fairies were enough to make any soul pet trainer scared…...

“Young master, your bounty may be very difficult to get……” Old Li sighed.

Chu Mu’s current status was this: a single tenth phase Storm Fairy would require his full strength along with perfect strategic planning. With two Storm Fairies guarding the young Ancient Wind Spirit, there was almost no chance of victory.

“There will be a way, there will be a way!” Chu Mu didn’t want to give up. He had spent ten days going from Tianxia City to here, if he just left, he would’ve wasted twenty days.

There were only a mere nine months before the Battle of the Realms. Chu Mu definitely couldn’t let his soul pets stay at seventh phase for too long, because the shorter it took to cross this bottleneck, the greater Chu Mu could improve them in the following period.

The two Storm Fairies clearly noticed the unwelcome guest Chu Mu. However, most elemental world soul pets didn’t go too far from their territory, so they only looked at Chu Mu with animosity from afar.

Chu Mu was about three hundred meters from the two Storm Fairies before, meaning the Storm Fairies have approximately three hundred meters in attacking distance. Such distance was hard for most other type soul pets.

Chu Mu didn’t step forward any more. Facing such long range soul pets, whether he could near them was a very serious issue, especially Storm Fairies with ninth level power from any technique they throw…...

“Mo Xie, try to see if you can walk near them.” Chu Mu patted little Mo Xie on his shoulder.


Mo Xie shook her nine tails and jumped from Chu Mu’s body to the ground. With a few leaps, she went against the powerfully blowing wind and slowly neared the two tenth phase Storm Fairies.

Very quickly, little Mo Xie leaped into the attack range of the tenth phase Storm Fairies, but little Mo Xie wasn’t attacked.

Pitiful Appearance was clearly working! Chu Mu immediately smiled. If Mo Xie could go through the two tenth phase Storm Fairies, she could probably find the Ancient Wind Spirit.

The Ancient Wind Spirit was very weak, and didn’t have high intelligence. Mo Xie’s Sinister Glare could easily control the Ancient Wind Spirit’s mind. As long as little Mo Xie beguiled the Ancient Wind Spirit out then…..

Little Mo Xie walked very slowly, her two silver and wise eyes watching the two Storm Fairies as it proceeded.

150 meters, the silver little Mo Xie continued…...

One hundred meter, suddenly, the two Wind Fairies’ eyes glinted strangely!

Black and powerful Turbid Wind surrounded the two tenth phase Storm Fairies and seemed to quickly become two near ninth level hurricanes. More terrifying was, these two hurricanes slowly merged under their control, making a ninth level hurricane!!

Ninth level wind type technique!! These two tenth phase Storm Fairies were conjuring their spells for some time and was simply baiting Pitiful Appearance Mo Xie nearer!!

If she is hit completely, even Mo Xie would get instantly killed, let alone Chu Mu’s other soul pets!!

“Mo Xie, run!!” Chu Mu’s body went cold as he shouted.


Mo Xie let out a call and quickly turned around, running the opposite direction of the ninth level destructive hurricane!

Royal Flames quickly burned on Mo Xie’s body. Crimson and blood red danced in the wind. When Mo Xie leaped on the cracked ground, her small body slowly expanded with the shaking of the royal flames. In the flame shadows and demon light, she transformed into the mix of beauty and power that is the Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox.

Pitiful Appearance Mo Xie was only seventy percent of her normal power. After removing Pitiful Appearance, Mo Xie’s speed immediately increased thirty percent…...

Yet, fifty meters behind Mo Xie, a thirty meter diameter ninth level Turbid Wind Hurricane was nearing. If Mo Xie stopped for a single moment, she would definitely be rolled into the destructive hurricane!

“Instant Assault!”

Mo Xie had to cast a technique to continue to pull apart the distance between herself and the hurricane.

Her nine tails were already blown apart by the wild winds. Her silver fur was dancing in the wind, and her flames were starting to tilt backwards, as if she were being sucked back into the hurricane.

“Quick, go quicker!” Chu Mu was worried. The ninth level hurricane was only thirty meters from Mo Xie, yet once ten meters away, the outer forces of the destructive hurricane would be able to pick Mo Xie up and away. Then, Mo Xie would definitely get ripped to shreds by the hurricane!

“Wuwuwuwu~~~~~~~” Mo Xie felt her life in danger too as she ran her hardest!

Fifteen meters!!

The terrifying destructive storm was like a crazy beast chasing behind Mo Xie. No matter where it passed, even hard rock would be powered by the force after getting pulled in!

Destructive power covered the skies. Chu Mu could create a ninth level Heavenly Flame Rite through soul technique, but it didn’t mean he had the means to stop a ninth level attack. This made Chu Mu shocked of the power of ninth level techniques as well as made Chu Mu feel tiny…...

Ten meters!!!

The speedy Mo Xie clearly tilted during her running. If the hurricane got any closer, Mo Xie would get pulled away!!

“Wuwuwuwu!!!!!!!!!!” Mo Xie let out another long call, letting her fur shine with a strange silver glow!

Finally, ninth level hurricane still neared. The black turbid wind completely ate Mo Xie. Even her blinking demon light disappeared at that time…...

“Devil Tree Battle Soldier, get ready to bind me!” After Chu Mu saw Mo Xie’s body swallowed, his heart sank immediately and commanded Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

Chu Mu could never watch as Mo Xie was rolled into a ninth level hurricane! Mo Xie, with her resilient life force may live, but that was uncertain. Even if Chu Mu had to risk himself, he had to save Mo Xie.


An incantation sounded and Chu Mu copied White Nightmare’s Devil Phantom. Becoming swaying, he moved like a ghost quickly towards Mo Xie’s position, jumping straight into the terrifying storm!

Compared to the massive hurricane, Chu Mu’s body was tiny. He was quickly swallowed by the turbid winds in his Devil Phantom.

“Mo Xie!” Near the outside of the hurricane, Chu Mu’s senses were almost completely locked. He could only walk instinctively towards where Mo Xie disappeared.

“Wuwuwu~~~~~~~” Mo Xie let out a howl. Her silver glow perfectly became the beacon for Chu Mu to find her, except this glow was getting further and further away with the growing hurricane!

Chu Mu could already feel his body getting torn by the hurricane. It hurt as if his entire body was going to be ripped to pieces. Yet, Chu Mu still bit down and withstood it as he swayed his body closer towards Mo Xie.

Mo Xie could feel Chu Mu trying his best to get closer through her mind, so she also started twisting her body and casting Flame Step in the ripping winds to move difficultily towards Chu Mu.

Mo Xie’s flames started dying down. Just as she neared Chu Mu, she quickly became pitiful appearance and jumped into Chu Mu’s embrace.

The ninth level hurricane was thirty meters wide and could reach ten meters away. Chu Mu and Mo Xie were in the ten meters of absorption. Once they fall into the thirty meters of destruction, Both Mo Xie and Chu Mu would be ripped to shreds. Yet as Chu Mu caught Mo Xie, they were already dangerously close to the ripping region!

“Displacement Specter!!” At this point, Chu Mu could no longer conserve his precious sul power, casting White Nightmare’s technique once again.

White devil flames rolled up on Chu Mu. Just the moment the black destructive zone was about to completely devour Chu Mu, Chu Mu and Mo Xie’s bodies became ashes within the hurricane.

The next moment, the hurricane’s edge was ten meters away and white devil flames suddenly darted up, revealing Chu Mu holding the tiny Mo Xie…...


Devil Tree Battle Soldier had its fifty meter range Piercing Roots ready. The moment Chu Mu and Mo Xie appeared, it tightly bound Chu Mu!


Wind was wild. The destructive hurricane was still approaching and Chu Mu could again feel the clear suction from behind.

The moment Devil Tree Battle Soldier had a firm grip on Chu Mu, it pulled hard and got both Chu Mu and Mo Xie away from the destructive hurricane and back into safety!

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