Book 2 Chapter 346 - Wind Spirit Guard, Tenth Phase Storm

Chapter 346: Wind Spirit Guard, Tenth Phase Storm 

Far away in the chaotic violent wind, a smile rose on Chu Mu’s face. The plan had worked this time. As long as they helped him get rid of these three tenth phase Wind Fairies, he probably would be able to head even further to where the Ancient Wind Spirits probably were.

The two soul pet trainers that were dealing with the three tenth phase Wind Fairies’ attacks were also very strong. They rode on their Storm Devil Colts, and adeptly used the Storm Devil Colts’ mental techniques to inhibit the tenth phase Wind Fairies from releasing eighth rank wind type techniques. Furthermore, they summoned other soul pets and managed to control the situation in a short period of time.

“You guys deal with it. I don’t want to waste my soul pets’ fighting strength before that time arrives.” indifferently said Lu Shanli. 

After his voice faded, Lu Shanli intentionally released his soul remembrance to search this wasteland area covered by extremely turbid and chaotic violent winds.

Lu Shanli was a very observant person, and just now when the ninth phase Wind Fairy had attacked, he had detected a flash of silver light in its eyes. This silver demonic light was abnormal and after further including the traces of a battle on the ground here, the attentive Lu Shanli naturally wondered if a person would appear here...

After doing a search, Lu Shanli didn’t find anything other than the existence of those Wind Fairies. His eyes apathetically watched these two soul pet trainers fighting. Their fighting strength was extremely strong and with the attacks of the control and strength type Storm Devil Colt, adding on the two additionally summoned soul pets, they easily defeated two of the tenth phase Wind Fairies!

Quickly, the third Wind Fairy was killed. The chaos of the violent wind in this area was due, to a certain extent, to the wind type auras of these three tenth phase Wind Fairies. Once they were killed, the wasteland’s wind calmed down significantly and wasn’t as overbearing as before.

A few Nightmare Palace members did a search after the fight and made sure that no soul pet that could threaten their soul pets would appear here before returning back to their original location.

“Young master, they left. Continue going forward. The Ancient Wind Fairies should be close to you.” Old Li’s voice slowly transmitted. 

“Don’t say anything.” Chu Mu hastily used soul remembrance to stop Old Li.

Old Li was confused. He was planning on asking something when he looked at where Chu Mu was looking and suddenly discovered an indistinct figure lying down two meters away in the chaotic wind. Its two eyes that were hard to detect were staring at this area as if it was waiting for its prey to appear!

A wave of astonishment washed over Old Li, and he rapidly swallowed the words he was about to say.

After silently waiting for a moment, the figure finally moved. Its body, surrounded by a stream of chaotic wind curling up around it, slowly appeared in the wind.

“Lu Shanli’s Storm Devil Colt.” Old Li used soul remembrance to speak to Chu Mu.

“Yes, this Lu Shanli clearly isn’t someone who lives like a prince.” said Chu Mu.

Intentionally leaving a hidden chess piece upon leaving was a common thing while hunting in the wild; however, doing so secretly was extremely difficult.

Just now when Lu Shanli had left, he really had been riding his Storm Devil Colt, yet, it now appeared here. If it wasn’t because Chu Mu had cultivated a conditioned reflex to carefully do a survey after the enemy left, he probably would have been seen through by Lu Shanli.

The Storm Devil Colt slowly stepped forward, and its four hooves seemed to not even touch the ground in this windy domain as it indifferently walked towards Lu Lishan. 

“Senior Lu?” the other three Nightmare Palace people had all worked with Lu Shanli for a long period of time and when they saw Lu Shanli do something like this, they naturally guessed that a certain thing had happened; thus, they quietly inquired about it.

“It’s nothing, it should just me overthinking things. Prepare to fight.” Lu Shanli jumped onto the Storm Devil Colt and no longer paid anymore attention to this chaotic wind wasteland.

Through the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s Night Dance technique as well as his own replication of Night Dance, Chu Mu managed to evade Lu Lishan’s soul remembrance search. 

Lu Lishan gave Chu Mu the feeling of a viper. Just now when his soul remembrance had swept past, he had intentionally stopped for a short while as he clearly had sensed an abnormal darkness aura.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast was only at the ninth phase eighth stage while Lu Lishan’s soul remembrance was even above Chu Mu’s. Under such a distance, Lu Lishan happened to be able to sense the abnormality of the darkness aura.

At that time, Chu Mu’s heart had clenched, and he hastiliy chanted an incantation, replicating the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s Night Dance technique. The overlaying of two techniques barely managed to hide him as well as his soul pets.

Afterwords, the Storm Devil Colt’s monitoring also gave Chu Mu a taste of the methods of these Nightmare Palace super experts. It seemed that when playing tricks in front of Lu Lishan, he had to be particularly careful, otherwise he would be screwed by his own trick!

“Anything that would make people like this so careful cannot be anything ordinary. I wonder what treasure it can be?” Chu Mu rubbed his chin as he guessed.

Lu Lishan evidently had frequently traversed this eighth rank bewildering world. As for the subordinates next to him, they were all elites, and Chu Mu even had to consider whether his own subordinates were a match for them. Any soul pet or treasure that could make this group so careful and cautious when they travelled was definitely something that would make someone’s eyes red with jealousy. Chu Mu being curious wasn’t strange.

Of course, curiosity was merely curiosity. Although Chu Mu had killed numerous people in the past for treasures or gold, the difference in strength was visible and without absolute certainty, Chu Mu wouldn’t be so rash.

Chu Mu jumped onto the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s back. The pitiful state Mo Xie lay on Chu Mu’s shoulder while the Devil Tree Battle Soldier stepped forward with heavy strides as it followed behind Chu Mu. Carrying three soul pets, Chu Mu continued to head further into the depths of the chaotic wind area. 

The further in he walked, the more dry and fissured the ground became. Under the barren night, nothing was hidden and when he looked up, all he saw was chaotic and turbid wind...

Fine particles of sand that slapped his face would occasionally dig their way into his eyes. Chu Mu, having walked into this horrible environment, finally realized how important having a wind type soul pet was.

The wind force in this areas wasn’t purely wind. Even the Night Thunder Dream Beast and Devil Tree Battle Soldier would be slashed by it as a few strange wound were unexpectedly appear on their bodies. These wounds would cause them to feel faint pain as they unconsciously suffered light wounds...

Light wounds normally wouldn’t affect a soul pet’s fighting strength; however, suffering from these attacks for a long period of time would severely inhibit their movement. On the other hand, if it was a wind type soul pet, it would at least be able to create a protective space for everyone that prevented them from being wounded in this environment.

“Young master, if you continue forward, your soul pets will probably only be able to exhibit 80% of their fighting strength. If that child Ancient Wind Spirit is surrounded by powerful wind types soul pets, you will be heavily restricted fighting here.” said Old Li.

Chu Mu’s face was a bit unsightly, because this naturally chaotic wind zone was simply a wind type soul pet domain. His own fighting strength was decreased by 20% while a wind type soul pet’s increased. Under these conditions, a huge difference in strength was created. 

“I have to think of a method to overcome the environment problem.” silently said Chu Mu.

Chu Mu was extremely strained dealing with this eighth rank bewildering world. If he were to continue to be limited by the environment, how would he complete the eighth rank mission?

“Young master, you should have a wind type soul pet. In the future, there will be many bewildering worlds especially with domains for elemental soul pets. Environmental limitations like this will be extremely fatal.” said Old Li.

“I know.” Chu Mu nodded his head.

The violent wind went against him as he continued forward, causing his Night Thunder Dream Besat to visibly slow down; as for the Night Thunder Dream Beast, each one of its steps seemed to be 1000 jin heavy.

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~~”

Suddenly, two ten meter long black wind sickles appeared in the turbid world ahead of Chu Mu! These wind sickles were terrifyingly sharp and as they unregulatedly flew across, they left several deep vestiges on the ground!

“Devil Tree Battle Soldier!” upon seeing this, Chu Mu gave the Devil Tree Battle Soldier an order.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s roots intertwined as they shot out from underground and sprouted up towards the sky. They quickly formed a root net that created a wooden defense in front of Chu Mu.

“Shi!!!!!!!! Shi!!!!!!!!!!”

As the two chaotic wind sickles swept through, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s root net was fiercely ripped apart. The might of the wind sickles was weak, but they still managed to fly at Chu Mu!

“Hui~~~~~~~” a Destruction Ray began to condense in the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s mouth. Just as one of the chaotic wind sickles descended, it accurately spat it out and blew apart the technique made up of condensed chaotic wind.

As for the other attacking wind sickle, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier appeared in front of Chu Mu. It barely managed to intertwine its natural wood and it rapidly formed a thick natural wood wall. The wind sickles only managed to leave a light mark on it.

“Young master, it’s a tenth phase Storm Fairy!” warned Old Li.

“How long has it resided in this chaotic wind area? How could it evolve to a tenth phase soul pet!?” Chu Mu felt a wave of fear.

Storm Fairies were warrior rank soul pets, and their fighting strength was stronger than Wind Fairies by an entire rank!

A tenth phase warrior was able to contend against a ninth phase commander; further adding on the terrain advantage, it was undoubtedly going to be equally as hard for Chu Mu to deal with this Storm Fairy as it was for him to deal with the Terror Wolf he encountered last time in the wasteland! 


Just as Chu Mu was about to be attacked, a nimble figure flitted across Chu Mu’s clouded vision. Afterwards, it quickly vanished at the location the Storm Fairy was at. 

“Young master, that small fellow just now was an Ancient Wind Spirit!” Old Li hastily yelled. This was something with a reward of 100 million!

Chu Mu also saw the Ancient Wind Spirit, and he cracked a smile.

If this Ancient Wind Fairy only had a tenth phase Storm Fairy beside it, then it wouldn’t be too hard to obtain the 100 million. After all, Mo Xie’s strength had greatly increased. Even if he were to face the Terror Wolf again, he definitely wouldn’t end up in such a difficult situation as last time.

However, before Chu Mu could rejoice, another pair of eyes suddenly flashed in this clouded region!

Two tenth phase Storm Fairies!!!

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