Book 2 Chapter 345 - Evil Eye Demonic Pupil, Using Someone Else’s Power to Clear the Path

Chapter 345: Evil Eye Demonic Pupil, Using Someone Else’s Power to Clear the Path

The violent wind whistled in his ears. Chu Mu could feel the cold blades scratching his face.

Due to the turbid streams of air in the environment, he could only see things within two hundred meters of him; moreover, his detection abilities had been slightly obstructed by the chaotic winds unceasingly lashing out. He could only detect things in a limited area.

“Tenth phase Wind Fairy!”

Suddenly, a black chaotic gas appeared in front of Chu Mu. The gas formed a spiral shape, and at the very top of it was a pair of eyes twinkling in a strange light!

The Wind Fairy was a servant rank soul pet, and these soul pets had existed in this Ancient Wasteland for an unknown period of time; yet, this one had managed to evolve to the perfect tenth phase!

A servant rank soul pet reaching the tenth phase definitely wasn’t insignificant, even more so that it possessed the third rank wind type strength crystallization of chaotic wind. Its attacks were definitely extremely strong.

“This tenth phase servant rank doesn’t have fighting strength inferior to an eighth phase monarch. Young master needs to be careful.” said Old Li.

Chu Mu naturally knew this tenth phase Wind Fairy was powerful, and he promptly summoned the Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

The wind type soul pet’s sweeping force was exceptionally powerful. One careless mistake and a soul pet would be swept very far away. However, with the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, the soul pets would at least be able to stand on the ground...

“Hu hu hu hu hu~~~~~~~”

The tenth phase Wind Fairy discovered the unwelcomed guest of Chu Mu.  Its two eyes flashed with a radiance, and it began to chant lines of an incantations like the whistling wind.

When the wind’s power took form, its destruction force was astonishing. Back when Chu Mu had fought against Luo Peng’s Hurricane Fairy in Dun City, he had personally experienced it.

Therefore, Chu Mu absolutely could not let the Wing Fairy use a powerful wind type technique.

“Night, Tired Dream!”


The Night Thunder Dream Beast ran like lightning, and neared the Wind Fairy in one second. The dream horns created a layer of night dream mental lines that entered into the tenth phase Wind Fairy’s mind!

When the fairy’s chant reached the later half, the Tired Dream technique inhibited its technique from releasing!!


The tenth phase Wind Fairy let out an angry shout, as if it realized the demon in front of it had extremely strong mental power. It stopped chanting long chants and instead swept up an eight rank Wind Dragon Bind, tossing the Night Thunder Dream Beast away.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast’s dodging abilities were very strong, but wind type techniques were special in that their range was wide. If they were used, it would be very hard to dodge!

“Devil Tree Battle Soldier, catch Night.” Chu Mu hastily ordered the Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

The Devil Tree battle Soldier’s roots quickly flew out and grabbed onto its body as it was thrown fifty meters high, allowing it to recover its balance in the air.

“Night Dance!”

As long as it could maintain its balance, the Night Thunder Dream beast would be able to step in the darkness freely.

Quickly, the Night Thunder Dream Beast returned in front of the tenth phase Wind Fairy. It used consecutive mental techniques, rigidly restraining the tenth phase Wind Fairy’s wind type techniques.

“Devil Tree Battle Solder, Wood Finger Prison!”


The Devil Tree Battle SOldier’s two palms fiercely slapped the ground and instantly, ten tenacious wood fingers weaved together to form a prison that enveloped the Wind Fairy’s body and firmly bound it to the ground.

As long as he could restrain the Wind Fairy’s techniques, it would be hard to pose a threat to Chu Mu. With the coordination between the Night Thunder Dream Beast and the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, Chu Mu operated the battle tactics very proficiently. Relying on these two seventh phase ninth stage monarchs soul pets, he got rid of this tenth phase Wind Fairy, whose strength was comparable to an eighth phase early stage monarch.


Collecting the wind type soul core, Chu Mu continued to head forwards.

Soon, Chu Mu discovered that there were several Wind Fairies residing in this violent wind zone!

Every tenth phase Wind Fairy had strength that could compare to an eighth phase early stage monarch rank soul pet. Chu Mu only needed two seventh phase ninth stage monarch rank soul pets together to defeat one tenth phase Wind Fairy. If two Wind Fairies appeared simultaneously, Chu Mu had to have the White Nightmare or Mo Xie come out to fight...

The problem now was that in front of Chu Mu were three tenth phase Wind Fairies. These three wind type elemental soul pets all seemed to be protecting something, and didn’t allow any creature to continue forward.

“I can’t fight this hard battle, otherwise I’ll spend too much fighting strength.” Chu Mu looked at the four tenth phase Wind Fairies in the distance, all controlling chaotic wind and his face turned a bit serious.

TL: author changed from three to four, not sure why

Mo Xie’s strength was capable of dealing with one tenth phase Wind Fairy on its own. The middle class monarch White Nightmare wouldn’t have much of an issue pinning down a Wind Fairy; the life force absorbing Devil Tree Battle Soldier probably barely be able to deal with three Wind Fairies.

Only, if he did this, the White Nightmare and Devil Tree Battle Soldier would exhaust a serious amount of fighting strength. He still had yet to encounter Ancient Wind Spirits, but he was about to exhaust so much of his soul pets’ fighting strength. If an even more powerful soul pet appeared, Chu Mu would be hard pressed to deal with it.

“I shouldn’t be too far from Lu Shanli and the other few people from here, eh?” Chu Mu began to calculate.

Lu Shanli and the others definitely were about to hunt some powerful soul pet. In order to not be disturbed by other soul pets and soul pet groups, they intentionally cleared the 100 meter range around it. Chu Mu was thinking whether he would be able to use their clearing of the battlefield to deal with these tenth phase Wind Fairies.


“Mo Xie, it’s up to you!” Chu Mu didn’t save his soul power and after recalling the White Nightmare back to its soul pet space, he chanted an incantation and summoned Mo Xie in front of him.

Mo Xie maintained her pitiful state. The moment she appeared, he silver fur was disheveled by the blowing wind, making this adorable and beautiful small fox incessantly grumble.

“Night, do you see that ninth phase Wind Fairy? Go seal off its perception ability.” Chu Mu pointed at a Wind Fairy in another direction.

The ninth phase Wind Fairy’s strength wasn’t anything special and the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s mind techniques were able to easily seal off its perceptive abilities.

Once Dream Underworld was used, this ninth phase Wind Fairy’s eyes instantly turned black and it stood blankly there...

“Mo Xie, Devil Pupil Sinister Glare!”

Taking advantage of the ninth phase Wind Fairy’s mind being sealed off, Chu Mu decisively had Mo Xie use a powerful Nine Tail Inferno Fox intelligence technique!

Devil Pupil Sinister Glare was a strong demon technique that manipulated the enemy’s mind!

Mo Xie’s pupils circulated a demonic silver light that shot straight into the eyes of the ninth phase Wind Fairy. Soon, its eyes turned the same lustre as Mo Xie’s!

Evidently, this ninth phase Wind Fairy had fallen under Mo Xie’s control and with one thought, this Wind Fairy would have to obediently listen!

“Ok, go south and use a seventh rank wind type technique in that direction. Have them come over to help us clear the path.”


In the empty patch of land to the south, Lu Shanli and the others were still displaying their tactics against three ninth phase commanders and one tenth phase commander. If they were even the least bit incautious, their team would be heavily wounded. Therefore, they had to make sure everything was prepared before the fight was started.

“There’s an abnormal gust of wind from the north. Who’s in charge of the north?” Lu Shanli creased his eyebrows and his deep blue eyes stared at the northern wasteland where the wind was blowing from.

“Boss, it’s this subordinate.” responded a soul pet trainer with a visible birthmark on his face.

“What’s the situation there?” asked Lu Shanli. He was a person who paid attention to everything and he didn’t want any of his soul pets to become wounded in this fight he meticulously planned out just because of something he neglected. 

“That’s an area of chaotic wind and several high phase Wind Fairies reside there. This subordinate surveyed that place earlier, and those Wind Fairies are approximately 1 kilometer away from us. If we are to fight, it probably won’t disturb them” responded the birthmark face soul pet trainer.

“Hmph, there’s a Wind Fairy that’s presently very close to us. You two go over and take a look. Make sure that no vagrant soul pet that can threaten us appears within 1 kilometer of us!” said Lu Shanli.

“Yes sir!” two soul pet trainers instantly jumped onto Storm Devil Colts and sprinted north.

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~”

A gust of violent wind flew over and the two soul pet trainers were met with a seventh rank wind type technique the moment they got 300-400 meters far.

“It’s a ninth phase Wind Fairy. Get rid of it!” the perceptive abilities of the two of them weren’t weak and they quickly discovered the Wind Fairy’s existence. They had their Storm Devil Colts increase speed and chase after the ninth phase Wind Fairy attempting to flee.


“Sou sou sou sou~~~~~~”

Chu Mu who was hiding in the darkness heard the sound of Storm Devil Colts sprinting soon after, and a smile rose on his face. It seemed like these hired thugs had taken the bait.  

“Mo Xie, have it attack those three tenth phase Wind Fairies!” Chu Mu seized the moment and gave Mo Xie an order.

The pitiful state Chu Mu wouldn’t be detected by any soul pet. She stood on a broken wall, aloofly, and her two silver demon pupils flickered with a bewitching lustre!

The ninth phase Wind Fairy under her control also displayed this same lustre. It chanted another incantation and used three Hurricanes at the three tenth phase Wind Fairies presently absorbing wind power!

“Long long long~~~~~~~”

The three Hurricanes swept across the wasteland’s violent wind. The three tenth phase Wind Fairies that were in the middle of cultivating amidst the streams of air were met with a sudden Hurricane attack. Instantly, their clear eyes flushed red and they angrily began to chant and incantation. They then launched attacks at the ninth phase Wind Fair that dared provoke their dignity.

The tenth phase Wind Fairies were able to use eighth rank wind type techniques!

Three tenth phase Wind Fairies simultaneously used eighth rank wind type techniques, covering a huge amount of area. At the very least, the two soul pet trainers behind the ninth phase Wind Fairy wouldn’t be able to escape!

“Eighth rank wind type techniques! Boss Lu, there are powerful wind type soul pets here!” the birthmark face soul pet trainer hastily used soul remembrance to inform Lu Shanli of this area.

However, after he sent the soul remembrance, the three omnipresent eighth rank wind type techniques swept over!!

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