Book 2 Chapter 344 - Lu Shanli, the most powerful second tier

Chapter 344: Lu Shanli, the most powerful second tier

“What kind of character is Boss Lu?” Chu Mu guessed secretly.

In Soul Palace, soul palace young masters each care for themselves, training experts that work for them. Nightmare Palace seems to praise this approach. Princess Jin Rou is a very obvious example.

These people of Boss Lu were very likely under a young generation member. Those that could go into the eighth level bewildering world and hunt near tenth phase soul pets were clearly extremely powerful in the young generation.

Night Thunder Dream Beast’s speed under constant acceleration could already very easily follow these people. Chu Mu wasn’t worried, slowly following behind them, and letting them bring him to the turbulent region.

Going past the place that Nightmare Palace member said was empty, Chu Mu no longer followed. After all, there was no longer any concealing objects. Chu Mu was afraid he would be found.

These people were all experts, so there should at least be a soul master level expert. Especially with their soul pets at presumably eighth phase monarch or ninth phase commander rank. Chu Mu would have difficulty dealing with any of them, let alone their even more powerful leader.

“Boss Lu!” The three Nightmare Palace members all said respectfully to a man in black.

This man in black was also riding a Gale Colt, but his Gale Colt had a shroud of black air around it. This black flow caused the cyan black organism to be even more devilish. Even just standing there silently, one could sense just how terrifying its speed would be when it starts to run!

“Eighth phase high stage Gale Colt!” Far away, Chu Mu was secretly surprised. This Gale Colt was a whole phase higher than Night, and the black swirls surrounding it were clearly the third rank wind type energy crystal - Turbid Wind!

Gale Colts were demon type organisms, and had speed and stamina beyond all demon species. It also had powerful mental strength, so adding after on the wind type, if it were trained well, its fighting strength wouldn’t lose to other demon species either!

“Two types are all main types, and both have reached pseudo-monarch rank. This Gale Colt’s fighting strength could probably match low class monarchs!” Old Li’s voice slowly came out.

Eighth phase high stage low rank monarch, its fighting strength was probably even stronger than the ninth phase middle stage Terror Wolf. Having such a strong soul pet just as a mount, Chu Mu was astonished.

“Nightmare Palace young generation of this power and named Lu, there’s probably only one person.” Old Li seemed to have deduced the identity of this teen.

“It’s who?” Chu Mu immediately asked.

Nightmare Palace’s most powerful soul pet was definitely their Nightmares. If a Gale Colt reached that strength, then its other soul pets must be more powerful. This person was definitely a second tier expert, and possibly marching into first tier.

“Nightmare Palace - Lu Shanli.” Old Li said.

“Lu Shanli! The super expert that governed all of the young generation seventh level titles?” Chu Mu showed astonishment.

When Chu Mu just arrived at Nightmare Palace, there was a man that was eighth level title and was almost an equal to Princess Jinrou.

At the time, anyone had to show great respect for the person, and rumor had it that he represented a peak of young generation. Many people thought that he had already left the confines of young generation!

“En, he’s Nightmare Palace’s most powerful competitor of second tier.” Old Li said. 

“Second tier, there’s such a powerful person in second tier already?” Chu Mu had a wave of fright. If he followed his method of training before, then wouldn’t he be unable to fight a single soul pet of Lu Shanli’s with the combined force of all his own?

Just how many experts gathered for this Battle of the Realms? Then, wasn’t the currently untouchable first tier something he couldn’t even think of?

“Young master, I told you before, second tier isn’t that easy to compete in, you have to be mentally prepared.” Old Li said.

“In reality, every expert is about fixed by the time they reach thirty, because after a soul pet trainer reaches thirty, they will find it hard to improve. Their soul pets would pretty much all reach the tenth phase, so many variables will intervene then. Young master still has near ten years of time to train. You don’t have to push yourself overtly just because of the strength of people that walk before you. This Lu Shanli is probably an extreme presence of second tier in Nightmare Palace. Within young generation fights, other than soul palace young masters, he is the only other person to never lose a fight. In reality, if one went off age, Lu Shanli probably wasn’t much stronger than you are now when he was your age.” Old Li said.

Chu Mu didn’t accept that explanation from Old Li. The betrayal of a soul pet meant that he had already been slower than others in his soul pet trainer path. If there weren’t the death-like training from White Nightmare, Chu Mu would definitely be a huge chunk behind same age people.

More importantly, even if Chu Mu was a soul master, he could only summon three soul pets. Against true experts, he would be at a disadvantage.

So, Chu Mu couldn’t possibly use the same “equal starting point” method to compare to others. He had to push himself with effort and sweat to become even stronger!

Chu Tianmang was already outstanding in second tier the first time he competed. Chu Mu could only summon three soul pets, and started way later. But, Chu Mu didn’t see this as a reason to stay in third tier. If he couldn’t even beat Chu Tianmang’s record, how could he prove himself to Chu Tianmang?

Also, Mo Xie and the Hidden Dragon Egg and Soul Alliance had some connection. Chu Mu knew that he would eventually clash with Soul Alliance, so he couldn’t let himself re-enact Chu Tianmang’s tragedy!

What he had to do was stand at the top of soul pet trainers, just like that Realm Throne, and look down upon all the factions!

“Young master, you aren’t thinking of challenging ninth level bewildering worlds right? Ninth level bewildering worlds are places even first tier people don’t really dare to go.” Feeling Chu Mu’s emotions, Old Li asked in a very little voice.

Chu Mu shook his head and said, “I won’t be that unreasonable, but during this period of time, I’ll constantly challenge my limits.” When he was in Nightmare Palace, Chu Mu knew that Lu Shanli was an out of reach expert.

Now, Chu Mu at least knew how powerful he was. This distance seems far, but if he just stepped over and did his utmost to catch up, he could definitely shorten the gap when Lu’s soul pets enter some sort of bottleneck!

“That’s good.” Old Li let out a sigh of relief.

As for ninth level bewildering world, of course Chu Mu will go! Not only that, Chu Mu will also go to tenth level bewildering world Folding Skies!

But now he first has to send all his soul pets, which are at bottlenecks, to eighth phase!

Chu Mu didn’t want to alarm the Nightmare Palace people, so secretly remembering these people, Chu Mu walked around them and went north to look for the place of turbulent wind.

Indeed, when Chu Mu rode his Night Thunder Dream Beast to a relatively open part of the wasteland, Chu Mu could feel the strangeness in wind.

Usually, wind blowing in one direction should be stable, but he could clearly feel the wind going in all directions randomly…...

This strange wind covered a very wide range of ground. The more north Chu Mu went, the stranger the wind became.

Even stranger was, no matter how hard the wind blew, nothing on the ground would be blown airborne. Only the weeds on the ground shook with the wind.

“Young master doesn’t have a wind type soul pet, so entering this wind region will be very unfortunate. WInd type soul pets gain a 30% boost in such places” Old LI said.

“En, if I have the chance I should find a suitable wind type soul pet.” Chu Mu nodded.

“If young master is interested in wind type soul pet, then I have a very good suggestion.” Old Li said.

“What suggestion?” Chu Mu was rather avid about wind type soul pets, but he just never found a suitable one.

Wind type soul pets’ damage may not be the strongest of elemental world, but its attack range is very broad. Attacking distance was also very far, and is one of the best at long distance battles in elemental soul pets.

As a battle type soul pet trainer, fire type soul pets can’t be missed, ice type can’t be missed, and wind type can’t be missed either!

“Young master how have you forgotten, didn’t I tell you about the Seven Diagram Sacred Beasts?” Old Li started teasing.

“Seven Diagram Sacred Beast has wind type soul pets?” Chu Mu started thinking back.

“Binding Wind Spirit!” Old Li was speechless. Why was Chu Mu’s memory so bad?

“I don’t know much about seven diagram sacred beasts.” Old Li just said a name before, and Chu Mu never saw their descriptions in his Soul Pet Encyclopedia, so how would he know what kind of soul pet Binding Wind Spirit was like?

“Binding Wind Spirit is a middle class monarch elemental soul pet. Its wind type damage and binding abilities are very powerful. Countless people in soul palace fight bloodied for a Binding Wind Spirit. If young master doesn’t have a very satisfying wind type soul pet, you can consider that. Of course, Soul Palace has Soul palace’s rules. If young master wants to get his Binding Wind SPirit, it isn’t that easy.” Old Li said.

“Binding wind spirit……” Chu Mu started thinking.

Chu Mu hadn’t seen the Binding Wind Spirit before, so he didn’t know what abilities it had. Next time Chu Mu returned to soul palace, he thinks he should go learn more about it.

Chu Mu has gone quite some places now and knew deeply of how each type soul pet could be key in certain circumstances.

Now that his ninth soul pact was fixed, if the Binding Wind Spirit fitted him, he indeed could make it his wind type soul pet!

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