Book 2 Chapter 343 - Ancient City, Night Encounter with Nightmare Palace

Chapter 343: Ancient City, Night Encounter with Nightmare Palace

The Night Thunder Dream Beast lightly merged into the darkness. From the neck to back, flowing white feathers caused its nimble route to be visible in the night.

The Nine Snake Lichen lost vision, so the Night Thunder Dream Beast was even more calm under the chaotic attacks. It gracefully appeared ten meters behind the Nine Snake Lichen and closed its pure black pupils!

When Night Thunder Dream Beast closed its eyes, twenty meters around him also seemed to have shut off, becoming complete blackness!

Nightmare Ascends! Night Thunder Dream Beast could make nightmares that caused the mind to become extremely scary!

Mimicking white devil’s white demonic devil flames, Night Thunder Dream Beast lit up groups of white devil flames that could cause great damage to the body and soul of the Nine Snake Lichen. In Nine Snake Lichen’s closed off world, other than the burning devil flames, only endless darkness existed!

Night’s techniques were very successful. The Nine Snake Lichen completely fell into endless panic. Its own body started showing signs of twitching.

“Nie ~~~~~~~~~”

White Nightmare let out an excited devil call, and its devil claw slowly extended into the Nine Snake Lichen’s body!

Obliterating Heart!!

When the second quietly passed, the White Nightmare’s palm suddenly had a cyan, amber-like heart crystal!

“Good work!” Once Chu Mu saw that the white devil’s technique succeeded and immediately smiled wide, not unlike the white devil’s smile when it successfully uses obliterating heart and instantly kills an opponent!

This time, White Nightmare didn’t give Nine Snake Lichen the chance to struggle. Once its inner crystal was lost, a large group of white devil flame started burning its body.

The Nine Snake Lichen was already in a devil flame nightmare. Once it woke up painfully, it suffered from real devil flames again. Adding on the loss of its organ crystal, it was as weak as the weeds in bushes. It didn’t even let out a squeal before slowly falling down in the devil flames’ burning. The nine snake like lichen bodies completely became dead snakes, falling to the ground.

“The grass type soul pet fighting strengths indeed don’t seem powerful.” Chu Mu opened his mouth to say.

Similarly facing ninth phase organisms, this time only Ghost King was hurt rather greatly. White Nightmare and Night Thunder Dream Beast’s wounds were all recoverable within half a day if they take seventh level healing medicine. And, the White Nightmare and Night Thunder Dream Beast still had fighting strength. The powerful Ghost King had ghost type, meaning that other than light type attacks, it wouldn’t be affected in battle no longer how hard it was wounded.

Ghost King heavily wounded, Chu Mu didn’t save his medicine, decisively feeding it eighth level healing medicine. With Ghost King’s body quality, it should take three to four days to recover.

“Ghost King, well done this time. Nurse your wounds in the space well. I still have to rely on you for the Wild Desert Scorpions.” Chu Mu calmed Ghost King down and said.

“Nong~~~Nong~~~~~” Ghost King has always been too low in stage, and since Chu Mu always fights beyond his rank, it had always been a benchwarmer. Now that it finally fought, even though it was wounded, its emotions were high.

“Young master, grass type are the weakest at fighting of all types. Their uniqueness don’t lay within battles.” Old Li said. 

[1. TL note: Grass type mentioned here is not the all-encompassing “plant type”, but literally grass or lichen. Like, the grass cows eat. Vine and tree types are still powerful in battles, hence Devil Tree Battle Soldier.]

“Then, what is so special about grass type soul pets?” Chu Mu knew very little about the type. He didn’t even know where their advantage was. “In reality, the soul items we often talk about are mostly nurtured by grass type soul pets. So, soul teachers often need a grass type soul pet to successfully concoct some medicine. Many soul pet trainers even domesticate grass type soul pets just to get many different medicinal materials and soul item materials.” Old Li said.

“Oh, so grass type soul pets probably don’t suit me well.” Chu Mu brain was full of fighting, so he wasn’t really excited by concocting medicine.

“En, battle type soul pet trainers definitely won’t pick grass type soul pets unless they’re the more aggressive sort of the species, like the Nine Snake Lichen.” Old Li said.

Whenever they encountered situations in battles, Old Li would always tell Chu Mu the soul pet knowledge he knew, slowly completing Chu Mu’s knowing of each type of soul pet.

As a soul pet trainer, one’s knowledge must be complete. Chu Mu knew this deeply, so every time Old Li spoke of such material, he would always listen carefully.

“White devil, give the crystal to me.” After Old Li saying that, Chu Mu naturally thought that maybe the crystal of the Nine Snake Lichen may have some special properties, immediately telling White Nightmare to hand over the un-shattered inner organs.

“Nie~~~~~~” White Nightmare liked this souvenir quite a bit, throwing it around, not wanting to give it over.

“If you don’t want the soul item to get to eighth phase, then you can keep that little thing in your hands.” Chu Mu said calmly.

Chu Mu was already used to the White devil’s actions . This mischevious devil never knew when to stop.

“Nie”.  The White Nightmare handed the battle souvenir very unwillingly. The White Nightmare knew that it must need soul items to morph into eighth phase. If Chu Mu wasn’t willing to give it to him, once all of Chu Mu’s other soul pets reach eighth phase, the white devil would be bullied. “What’s the use of this thing?” Chu Mu looked closely at the Nine Snake Lichen in his hands, wanting to figure out the internal energy of it through soul remembrance.

Just as Chu Mu was thinking, Night stood aside Chu Mu, and very calmly merged into the darkness. “Nie~~, Nie~~~~~~~” White Nightmare immediately let out sounds of anger. It had just floated behind Night to try to pull on Night’s white tail, yet it had been noticed long ago…… Night had just experienced a battle. It needed to rest well and quickly recover battle strength. No way would it be like white devil, constantly full of energy and incredibly mischievous.

Chu Mu watched for a long while but was unable to figure anything out, so he just threw it into his spatial ring and decided to wait until Tianxia City to get rid of it.

Jumping onto Night Thunder Dream Beast, Chu Mu told white devil to adhere itself onto him and finally truly entered this Wasteland Ancient City.

“The bounty said that north side of Wasteland Ancient City had a sighting of the Ancient Wind Spirit. This city was massive and full of dangerous soul pets. How do we start the search?” Chu Mu was now tactless. “This will have to fall on young master’s shoulders. Eighth level bounties aren’t that easy to complete. Maybe capturing the Wasteland Wind Spirit wasn’t that tough, but the tough part was finding it.” Old Li said.


Suddenly, Night Thunder Dream entered the darkness without Chu Mu’s command, and let out a sound to warn Chu Mu.

Chu Mu’s heart tightened, and he quickly let out his remembrance carefully to scout out the surroundings “Sousou~~~~~~sousousou~~~~~~~~”

Grass flew everywhere. Three hundred meters away from Chu Mu, a few very quick soul pets ran through the ruins. Their speed actually wasn’t any slower than Night Thunder Dream Beast’s full speed!

“Soul pet trainers?” Chu Mu’s eyes were very good, immediately seeing that the soul pet trainers that were riding their soul pets.

“Probably here for some Wasteland Ancient City bounty as well. Many soul pets take up this place, so presumably there’s a very powerful soul pet living somewhere there.” Old Li’s voice floated over.

“Ye, follow them.” Chu Mu didn’t hesitate, immediately commanding Night Thunder Dream Beast to chase those three soul pet trainers.

Chu Mu had no direction right now, so he had no clue how to find the Ancient Wind Spirit. Might as well follow those soul pet trainers to see their objective.

It was rather unlikely to meet soul pet trainers in eighth level Bewildering Worlds. First, eighth level bewildering worlds weren’t easily enterable like city side training grounds. Second, eighth level bewildering worlds were incredibly vast. The soul pets Chu Mu saw were all Gale Colts. Are the Nightmare Palace people?” Chu Mu quickly recognized the three quickly running soul pets.

Chu Mu remembered that the Nightmare Palace trained a large group of commander rank Gale Colts. These Gale Colts also had good and bad. Some were even strengthened to monarch rank.

Chu Mu was sure that these Gale Colts were all strengthened to pseudo monarch rank, or else eighth phase Gale Colts couldn’t possibly be this quick. Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast had to cast Reach for the Midnight Moon and slowly accelerate to catch up.

“Have you detected around for anything that may disrupt plans?” A low voice sounded.

“En, three ninth phase low stage commander ranks. We can each take one and leave the near tenth phase to Boss Lu." Another voice said.

“How about the landform, have you detected that?” The man’s voice came again.

“Four hundred meters south is a deep hole. Six hundred meters east is an abandoned palace. Five hundred meters north, the wind is rather turbulent. West is very spacious. This battle should best be held on the western side. There aren’t nearby soul pet habitats either, so it won’t bother other soul pet groups.”

“En, Boss Lu should meet up with us soon. Let’s first get rid of the soul pets nearby of lower strength to make sure no accidents happen.”



Chu Mu followed tightly, so he could hear all of their voices. They probably wanted to conserve soul power, and didn’t want to use soul remembrance to communicate.

From their dialogue, Chu Mu gained two pieces of information. First was, these soul pet trainers are trying to hunt a soul pet near tenth phase. Second information was that north had turbulent winds!

A place with turbulent winds either meant it was special geographically or that it was the habitat of wind type soul pets!

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