Book 2 Chapter 342 - Monarch Ghost Transformation, Absolute Defense

Chapter 342: Monarch Ghost Transformation, Absolute Defense

“Prepare to fight.” Chu Mu said to his soul pets.

“Ghost King!” Chu Mu chanted an incantation, and summoned the absolute defensive and strength Ghost King in front of him first.

The Ghost King’s current defense was capable of holding its own. Grass type soul pets didn’t have particularly strong attacks as they mainly just had many and varied techniques that came when least expected, allowing them to emerge victorious.


It had been a long time since the Ghost King had fought to its heart’s content. Clutching its curved monarch sword, the Ghost King gradually emerged from the ghost pattern. A dense ghost aura was imposingly released in the darkness! 

“Monarch Ghost Transformation!”

A ghost fire began burning on the Ghost King’s body. The ghost fire looked a serene blue color. As the Ghost King’s monarch aura wildly discharged, its body slowly became larger. In a short few seconds, it unexpectedly became a five meter ghost giant!

Monarch Ghost Transformation was the Ghost King’s strongest species technique. It was also because of this unique technique that Chu Mu was certain the Ghost King was his ideal strength and defense type soul pet.

The Ghost King’s Monarch Ghost Transformation would cause either its strength and defense to increase by huge amount. On the other hand, its speed would decrease by 80 percent.

Chu Mu presently needed the Ghost King to have outstanding defense, so he had it transform into defense mode, directly doubling it! 

The doubling of defense allowed the Ghost King’s defense to probably reach the final eighth stage!

Grass type soul pets innately didn’t have strong attacks. Unless they charged up techniques for a long period of time, it was virtually impossible for them to release a ninth rank in might technique. Moreover, even if it was a ninth rank in might technique, it would potentially not even be able to instantly kill the final eighth stage defense Ghost King!

Each time the Nine Snake Lichen lashed out, it would leave a terrifying, hundred meter long gulch in the ground. This attack that neared the ninth rank in might would cause a mid degree wound on any of Chu Mu’s other soul pets. Further, it launched attacks extremely quickly and any slight attentiveness would cause the soul pet to be lashed to death by this Nine Snake Lichen.

However, when the seventh phase Ghost King stepped with heavy strides into the Nine Snake Lichen’s territory, the Nine Snake Lichen’s violent snake-like lashes left several light scars on the Ghost King’s body.

“Ghost King, good job! Attract its attention!” Chu Mu used remembrance spoke to the Ghost King. After the Ghost King used Monarch Ghost Transformation, its absolute defense caused Chu Mu’s confidence to greatly increase!!

The Ghost King’s speed was extremely slow, and each one of its steps was slightly strained. It was definitely impossible to have the Ghost King kill the Nine Snake Lichen, but the real damage wouldn’t come from it.

“White Nightmare!” Chu Mu chanted an incantation and summoned the White Nightmare that dealt double damage to grass type soul pets in front of him.

The White Nightmare’s middle stage white demonic devil flames could deal double damage to grass type soul pets which lacked fire immunity. Thus, he would naturally have the White Nightmare deal with the Nine Snake Lichen at this moment!


The White Nightmare’s steps were outlandish. When it stepped into the territory of the Nine Snake Lichen which was resisting the Ghost King, the middle class monarch White Nightmare silently approached its body!

“Earthen Fiend Demon Flames!”

The White Nightmare’s soul flames surged forth, and the pale white fire light shined bright. The cold and serene burning soul flames struck the Nine Snake Lichen’s body!


The Nine Snake Lichen let out a pained cry and its nine python-like lichens suddenly rose steeply from the ground. They transformed into nine extremely made lichen pythons that violently lashed about!!

“Beng!!!! Beng!!!!!!Beng!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

A ten meter large rock was smashed to pieces and several hundred gorges a hundred meters long appeared. The area fifty meters around the Nine Snake Lichen were completely demolished and Chu Mu, standing 200 meters away, felt the power of that force!

“White Nightmare, Displacement Specter!”

“Ghost King, Earthen Sword Strike!” 

The White Nightmare’s Displacement Specter that was used in a short period of time was incapable of moving fifty meters. When it jumped forty meters back in the Nine Snake Lichen’s area, it still wasn’t able to dodge the technique. It was fiercely swept flying by three snake lichens, leaving a white flaming trail as it flew through the night sky...

“Nie~~~~~~~” several hundreds of meters away, the White Nightmare indignantly crawled to its feet. The effect of Resentment Gathering immediately started, causing its fighting strength to increase bit by bit!

The White Nightmare only suffering from light wounds wouldn’t affect its body movements. Quickly, this very strong devil ghost used a technique and under Chu Mu’s command, continued to approach the Nine Snake Lichen.

The Ghost King had just stepped into a seventy meter range of the Nine Snake Lichen. Relying on its enormous body, the Ghost King’s Earthen Sword Strike technique allowed it to firmly stick to the ground. No matter how violently the Nine Snake Lichen’s techniques lashed out, it still tenaciously half-squatted in place!

Finally, the Nine Snake Lichen’s techniques showed signs of slowing down!

“Ghost King, Hundred Ton Sword!” Chu Mu grasped the opportunity and gave the Ghost King an order.


The Ghost King suddenly stood up and both a rock and ghost force condensed on its curved monarch sword. As the two energies reached the limit, the Ghost King fiercely swung this unstoppable force at the Nine Snake Lichen!

A two meter wide sword scar spread through the ground and knocked away any object obstructing its path.

This sword of the Ghost King had reached the might of the middle eighth stage, and it was capable of instantly killing any commander at the eighth phase or under!

In front of this Ghost King technique, the Nine Snake Lichen unexpectedly ignored it. Its nine python lichens suddenly swung upwards and the spreading nourishment of grass type strength rapidly covered the night sky!

“The Ghost King’s attacks seem to be ineffective on the Nine Snake Lichen. Be careful of this eighth rank grass type technique!” Old Li warned Chu MU.

Chu Mu knew that the White Nightmare potentially would be unable to withstand this technique and he decisively had the fast White Nightmare retreat a hundred meters. From long distance, he had the White Nightmare use fire type techniques to attack the Nine Snake Lichen’s body.

“Night, Destruction Ray!” Chu Mu also didn’t allow the Night Thunder Dream Beast to approach within the hundred meter area.

Finally, the nine snake whips from high above fell down and the lichens that were unceasingly grown by the Nine Snake Lichen were also covered underneath!!


A loud sound rang out, and the piece of earth was instantly smashed into several pieces by the Nine Snake Lichen’s technique, causing the surface of the earth to overturn. As for the growing lichens covered underneath, they transformed into some sort of corroding creature and obliterated the shattered rocks, mud and weeds!

The powerful grass type technique’s impact caused even the five meter large body of the Ghost King to be pounded underground.

The poison lichens that had a decomposing corrosion ability were like countless small azure bugs that wildly dug into the Ghost King’s broken dark crystal rock helmet. They completely corroded through the outer skin layer defense.

Chu Mu immediately realized the Ghost King had suffered a heavy wound and hastily had the White Nightmare and Night Thunder Dream Beast use the opportunity to launch an attack on the Nine Snake Lichen in an attempt to give the Ghost King time to rest.

“Night, Tired Dream!”

The Night Thundr Dream Beast had the fastest speed. Under the cold and dismal moon, the hundred meter distance was practically one stride to it. Its black and carefree figure quickly appeared at the Nine Snake Lichen’s location and the Tired Dream technique was discharged from between its dream horns!

The Nine Snake Lichen was about to use its second technique, but after being interfered with by the Night Thunder Dream Beast, it began to visibly stagnate.

“Success! White Nightmare, take advantage of this opportunity!” a wave of excitement washed over Chu Mu!

The moment the Tired Dream technique succeeded, it was capable of preventing the Nine Snake Lichen from using any technique for at least one second!

The Nine Snake Lichen’s attacks weren’t very powerful and it carried the characteristic of all plant world soul pets where it could simultaneously release multiple techniques. One second of time would afford it to release plant type techniques able to form invulnerable defense and imposing attacks. However, now that it couldn’t use techniques, those violent snake lichens that could be brandished at any moment no longer posed a threat to Chu Mu’s soul pets!

“Dream Underworld!” Chu Mu decisively had the Night Thunder Dream Beast use its strongest dream technique!

“White Nightmare, Nightmare Black Hole!” one second of time would give enough time for the White Nightmare to use its strongest destructive force other type technique!

As the dream descended, the entire curtain of night became pitch-black. The Nine Snake Lichen’s perception abilities were completely sealed off by the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s Dream Underworld!

The Nine Snake Lichen didn’t have eyes, and its movements were detected by its perception abilities. Once that was sealed off by the Dream Underworld, it had no way of knowing where the enemy was...

Immediately after, the soul devil flame other type technique appeared. The Nightmare Black Hole formed by middle stage white demonic devil flames began to devour the Nine Snake Lichen, ferociously ripping apart its frail body before unceasingly burning its soul!

“Gu gu gu~~~~~~~~”

The Nine Snake Lichen let out pained cries. Its imposing weapons became even more violent at this moment and it launched indisparite attacks at its surroundings. In promptly transformed into a rampaging mud wave creature that destroyed the hundred meters of ground around it until nothing remained.

The White Nightmare and Night Thunder Dream Beast were incapable of truly withstanding the Nine Snake Lichen’s savage attacks and were knocked flying several hundreds of meters.

A mid degree wound quickly appeared on the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s body while the devil flames on the White Nightmare’s body had dimmed due to suffering the last attack. Clearly, its fighting strength had fallen twenty percent because of it.

“Ice Air Fairy.” Chu Mu recalled the wounded Ghost King back to its soul pet space and summoned the Ice Air Fairy that had the strongest ranged destructive force.

“Cold Crushing Mark!” 


The seventh rank ice type technique, Cold Crushing Mark. The Nine Snake LIchen had lost its perception abilities, giving the Ice Air Fairy enough time to chant!

In a second, the Ice Air Fairy completed nine Cold Crushing Mark techniques. Immediately, nine cold ice magic halos locked onto the nine violent lichen pythons, freezing these extremely powerful weapons of the Nine Snake Lichen...

“White Nightmare, Night Thunder Dream Beast, approach its body once again and end it!” the previous attack had already caused the NIne Snake Lichen to suffer serious wounds. Especially with the White Nightmare’s soul flames that dealt double the damage to it, a middle class monarch’s techniques were absolutely not something a low class commander could easily bear!

Resentment Gathering’s effects appeared once more on the White Nightmare’s body, recovering its fighting strength to 90 percent of what it was originally. Using Displacement Specter, it approached the Nine Snake Lichen’s body again.

However, this time, the White Nightmare, with unexpected fearlessness, used the Obliterating Heart technique which ignored defense!

The Nine Snake Lichen was presently wounded and if the Obliterating Heart technique succeeded, this Nine Snake Lichen would be instantly killed!

“Night, Dream Shatters - Nightmare Ascends!” upon seeing the White Nightmare’s attack, Chu Mu instantly had the Night Thunder Dream Beast restrict the Nine Snake Lichen in order to allow the White Nightmare to completely release its technique!

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