Book 2 Chapter 341 - Ruined Pillar Broken Wall, Nine Snake Lichen

Chapter 341:  Ruined Pillar Broken Wall, Nine Snake Lichen


Suddenly, a bucket of water splashed on Chu Mu’s nose!

Chu Mu was still fantasizing about Mo Xie’s next species mutation when the cold water instantaneously woke him up.

Chu Mu slowly opened his eyes. His slightly hazy eyes looked at the panic-stricken young woman, Jia Jing, who was holding a bucket of water. He wanted to say something, but didn’t know what to say...

Is young master okay?” Jia Jing saw the flames that were about to burn the windows extinguished by her, and her small face let out a sigh of relief expression.

“I was strengthening my fire attribute.” Chu Mu bitterly laughed while shaking off the water droplets on his body. How did Palace Lord Yu give him such a dim-witted servant girl. Could it be that this girl didn’t know that strange phenomenons would occur when a soul pet trainer was strengthening his soul pet inside its soul pet space?

“Oh? I was afraid that the fire would burn young master’s body, so…” the young woman, Jia Jing, realized she had done something wrong and even her neck flushes red...

“Let me help you change your wet clothes.” Jia Jing looked at the dripping wet Chu Mu as she hastily spoke.

“I’m going to walk outside. I still have to strengthen my rock type soul pet, and there may be rather large movement.” Chu Mu waved his hand.

“Oh, oh, ok, ok.” Jia Jing knew she had done something wrong and ran somewhat ashamed out of the room.

“Wu wu wu wu~~~~~~:

After finishing the strengthening, Mo Xie didn’t well-behavedly stay in her soul pet space. Instead, she ran out to show off, and easily used flames to dry off Chu Mu...

“Eighth phase third stage, low class monarch fighting strength, middle eighth stage claws, and pseudo eighth stage defense. Although your defense is still very low, if there’s a chance, I can get you a piece of soul armor to wear.” Chu Mu stroked Mo Xie’s furry ears and laughed as he spoke.

“Wu wu wu~~~~~” the small Mo Xie nodded her head. In truth, though, low defense wasn’t Mo Xie’s weakness, because her dodging abilities could make up for it to a certain extent. Moreover, with her middle eighth stage claws and the might of her techniques, her attacks were capable of reaching near a ninth rank technique!

“Why don’t you slowly absorb the rest of the remaining energy. I’ll go and strengthen the Ghost King.” said Chu Mu as he patted Mo Xie.

The small Mo Xie curled up and obediently laid on Chu Mu’s shoulder. A few of her furry tails formed a scarf around Chu Mu’s neck so as to prevent her from accidentally falling off from his shoulders when she was sleeping...

The Ghost King’s innate fighting strength was of a low class monarch, its phase and stage was at the sixth phase ninth stage, and the rock type elemental crystals could increase it from the sixth phase to the seventh phase.

Strengthening elemental crystals wasn’t that different than strengthening soul crystals and Chu Mu was very familiar with the process. Very soon, he smoothly had the Ghost King absorb the elemental crystal.

Chu Mu needed a soul pet with absolute strength and defense. Therefore, when he strengthened the Ghost King, he emphasized its rock attribute.

The Ghost King was worthy of being a monarch rank soul pet. It absorbed the elemental crystal extremely quickly and further its superior body practically didn’t let a sliver of rock type energy dissipate. 

The rock type strength lingered on the Ghost King’s body and the clear bodily changes appeared from evolving from the sixth to seventh phase! 

The Ghost King’s skin was like a rock and ghost type fusion of a mighty piece of armor. As it evolved, this piece of armor no longer seemed as coarse and slowly turned glossy, looking like brown crystal metal.

“Dark crystal rock? It’s finally comprehended the initial stage dark crystal rock, eh?” Chu Mu muttered to himself.

“Young master, this is middle stage dark sturdy rock!! It’s might isn’t too far from the Ice Air Fairy’s middle stage towering ice. The Ghost King is a low class monarch and ostensibly doesn’t need any strengthening spirit items. After it evolved to the seventh phase, it was able to control the third stage of strength crystallization. Previously, I found it strange that it wasn’t able to control dark crystal rock not long after reaching the sixth phase. Ultimately, it was delaying until now, probably reserving its energy and waited until it evolved to release it all at once.” Old Li’s voice rang out.

“Middle stage dark crystal rock?” Chu Mu gave a careful look, and indeed found that the Ghost King’s defense unexpectedly had raised by a stage!

The Ghost King’s defense was innately extremely strong. When it was at the sixth phase ninth stage, its defense was at the late seventh stage and after strengthening, its defense unexpectedly reached the late eighth stage!!

Chu Mu’s strongest defensive soul pet was the White Nightmare. At the seventh phase ninth stage, its defense reached the middle eighth stage; however, once the Ghost King reached the seventh phase, its defense instantly surpassed the White Nightmare by a level. This was something even Chu Mu didn’t expect.

“A monarch rank soul pet is a monarch rank soul pet after all. After raising its phase and stage, even without spirit item strengthening, its attribute is extremely abnormal!” Chu Mu couldn’t help but let out a sigh.

The curved monarch sword in the Ghost King’s hard was constructed out of strength crystals, and as the crystals the Ghost King controlled raised their levels, the curved sword became even more imposing and its strength definitely reached the early eighth stage!

If Chu Mu was still to roam the seventh rank bewildering world, the Ghost King’s tyrannical strength would absolutely be capable of sweeping through several soul pet groups. Even if he entered the eighth rank bewildering world, its powerful defense could also not be ignored!

“Seventh phase second stage. Its fighting strength is quickly going to reach your seventh phase ninth stage soul pets. Isn’t young master going to deal with a plethora of Violent Desert Scorpions? Poisonous effects are ineffective against rock type soul pets; moreover, those eighth phase scorpions may not even be able to break through the Ghost King’s defense. Back then, when you took a risk to obtain this Ghost King, the payoff has truly manifested.” said Old Li.

The Ghost King’s eruption in strength gave Chu Mu a nice surprise and he who was about to head to the eighth rank bewildering world was growing more confident!

“Good luck young master! Train well in this period of time in the eighth rank bewildering world. Nine months later, it will be the time for the fight that makes you famous!” Old Li had finally transformed from his reserved nature at this moment and encouraged Chu Mu to continue challenging himself.

After completing Mo Xie and the Ghost King’s strengthening, Chu Mu was a bit impatient to want to enter that Ancient Wasteland of an omnipresent-gold color.

That day, Chu Mu rested for a night and recovered his used soul power. First thing in the morning, he left Soul Palace, riding the Night Thunder Dream Beast towards the Ancient Wasteland.

Seven days later, Chu Mu appeared once again in this boundless land. Looking to the distance in all four directions all he could see was the eternal yellow sand that continued to cover the ground. The biting, cold gale was still unceasingly slashing everything...

The first thing Chu Mu did was head towards the wasteland’s ancient city on the southern side of the Ancient Wasteland.

The wasteland’s ancient city was fraught with difficulties. Right now because Chu Mu’s fighting strength was at its peak, the probability of obtaining that Ancient Wind Spirit was a bit higher. 

When Chu Mu was on Prison Island, he would often enter high ranking bewildering worlds. Even if they were ninth rank bewildering worlds, he had taken the risk to roam them; therefore, when he wasn’t fighting, Chu Mu didn’t find that walking through an eighth rank bewildering world to be too difficult.

In order to preserve fighting strength, Chu Mu would restrain himself from coveting those treasures worth millions or tens of millions en route. In this wasteland, each piece of gold was guarded by a powerful soul pet or soul pet group. If he were to greed for every one of these things, by the time Chu Mu reached the wasteland’s ancient city, his soul pets would be covered in injuries.

Therefore, he had to restrain himself and not be tempted by those treasures scattered everywhere. After all, ahead of him was 100 million gold reward.

In order to avoid fighting, Chu Mu was abnormally careful when traversing the wasteland’s desert. He spent approximately an entire three days before he finally neared the wasteland’s southern side.

On his way, Chu Mu encountered many powerful soul pets; among them, there was no lack of creatures that had succeeded in perfectly evolving to the tenth phase!

There was a huge increase in strength when evolving from the ninth to the tenth phase. Although Chu Mu perhaps had a chance against ninth phase middle stage commanders, if he encountered a tenth phase commander, Chu Mu’s soul pets would be completely obliterated.

The nights in the Ancient Wasteland were deathly silent. Thin clouds shrouded the night sky and cold beams of moonlight along with hazy starlight spilled over the dilapidated Ancient Wasteland.

The rocky city walls at the very edges of the wasteland’s ancient city had pretty much all crumbled. The only thing that identified it as a city’s defenses in the past were those rock soldiers...

The wasteland had weeds and lowgrown plants. Numerous vines attaches themselves to the corroded and collapsed rock pillars, coiling around them as they grew.

Occasionally, a strangely built bug type soul pet would burrow out from underground, and quickly move from one set of ruins to another. In the darkness, the only thing they left were panic cries.

“The ancient city is very large. I need to find a suitable place to enter; however, the vicinity of the city walls is a paradise for those vine type, grass type and bug types…” Chu Mu and the Night Thunder Dream Beast slowly slunk forward in the darkness.

Chu Mu was very patient and circled this ancient city’s ravaged city walls in search of a place to enter...

After circling around for nearly an hour, Chu Mu helplessly discovered a very hard to find gap in between the ancient city that he could pass through. This was the only comparatively safe entrance, but was the habitat of a ninth phase early stage Nine Snake Lichen!

Nine Snake Lichen: Plant world - grass type - Lichen species - Nine Snake Lichen subspecies - commander rank. The Nine Snake Lichen was like a lichen that grew underneath the broken rocky walls. Its form resembled nine pythons and from afar it looked like nine wild snakes lying on the ground. Its range of attack surpassed a hundred meters! 

The Nine Snake Lichen had extremely powerful concealment abilities and the moment it reached the tenth phase, any soul pet that passed through those hundred meters ostensibly found it very hard to escape its devil claws. It was one of the exceptionally savage grass type soul pets! 

If it wasn’t because Chu Mu had discovered that the Nine Snake Lichen was eating for food an eighth phase bug type commander when he was moving through the darkness, Chu Mu probably would have stepped into this plant assassin’s trap!! 

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