Book 2 Chapter 340 - Mo Xie’s Evolution, Eighth Phase Inferno Fox

Chapter 340:

“This guy is the third young master - Teng Lang.” Old Li’s voice slowly came.

The third young master Teng Lang looked around 25-26 years old, with a white and handsome face. Without knowing his identity, it was easy to mistake him for a courteous scholar. Coupled with his innate superior temperament, he had great manly appeal. From the young girl’s eyes one could see he easily charmed ladies.

“I’m Teng Lang, this friend I haven’t seen before?” Teng Lang’s black gemstone like eyes stared at Chu Mu, his face smiling.

“Oh, so you’re the third young master.” Chu Mu’s mental composure was rather high. Facing this absolutely authentic Soul Palace young master, he replied very easily.

“En, but not many people recognize me…… You seem pretty lowkey too……” Teng Lang laughed and glanced around.

As a Soul Palace young master, they were the spotlight no matter where one goes.

Yet clearly, other than a few starry eyed female soul pet trainers glancing over occasionally, no one truly watched this white clothed young master. Similarly, Teng Lang didn’t notice anyone specially pay attention to this man who admitted he was a young master.

Chu Mu could tell from Teng Lang’s words that he hasn’t guessed which young master he was either.

In reality, young master and young master didn’t usually have contact. At least this non-appearing Teng Lang only recognizes the young masters that competed against him last Battle of the Realm. Of those past the fifth young master, he almost recognized none. Even those who he met in passing was quite a few years ago.

“I’m going to seventh bewildering world to train my new soul pet, do you have any interest in coming with me?” Teng Lang could tell that Chu Mu was planning on going to a bewildering world to train.

Usually, a twenty something young expert roamed the fifth level bewildering worlds. Only outstanding members went to sixth level bewildering worlds. The top tier young generation experts of large factions are the only ones that dared to go to seventh level bewildering worlds. These people were usually famous.

This third young master didn’t even ask for Chu Mu’s strength before proposing to go to a seventh level bewildering world. In reality, from what this young master saw, if Chu Mu’s power were similar to those normal faction experts, then he shouldn’t be called a young master.

“No need, I’ve accepted a bounty.” Chu Mu rejected this young master’s goodwill.

“Since it is so, then I wish you good luck.” Teng Lang didn’t speak much to Chu Mu. Standing up, he left the soul palace hall with the young girl.

The third young master Teng Lang left very quickly, not even asking which young master Chu Mu was, making Chu Mu somewhat curious.

“Young master, this Teng Lang is the second best expert of soul palace’s young generation. His soul pets were often tenth phase. In the emperor rank soul pet competition, he is one of the most powerful competition.

Chu Mu knew that he was still a distance away from the true top tier experts of young generation. Chu Mu believed however that, in a few years, he could definitely stand at the same place as them.

Chu Mu hadn’t waited in the main hall for long before Jia Jing came back with a spatial ring.

“Young master, this is the thing you asked for.” Jia Jing carefully gave Chu Mu the spatial ring with the Nine Tail Inferno Fox Heart worth 100 million.

“Any issues?” Chu Mu asked.

“Yes, but Yu Palace Master said it won’t affect young master’s purchase. Also, Yu Palace master has already sent someone to figure out the background of the person who’s playing these tricks behind the scene.” Jia Jing.

“En, if he knows who did it, let Yu Palace Master just notify me.” Chu Mu said.

If it was Xia Guanghan’s plot, Chu Mu would definitely first uncover this plotting person and find a chance to eradicate him.

Chu Mu wasn’t afraid of Xia Guanghan anymore now. After this training, his distance from Xia Guanghan shrunk again. Second of all, he had Soul Palace behind his back. How would a soul palace young master be afraid of a person who gained a ninth level title with unknown means?

In the past, Xia Guanghan was an opponent that is hard to overcome. However, Chu Mu wasn’t who he used to be either. Xia Guanghan was only a clown that liked to play small tricks.

“Okay, then will young master leave right now?” Jia Jing asked.

“En, anything else?” Chu Mu saw that Jia Jing had something to say so he asked.

“Yu Palace Master told me to be your servant girl, but I don’t know young master’s position, so I don’t know what to do……” Jia Jing said in a small voice.

“I want to buy something, help me check. Additionally, help me find two people in the city…...nothing else……” Chu Mu said.

“That simple?” Jia Jing didn’t believe it was that simple. To complete this eighth level bounty needed at least a few months. 


Chu Mu didn’t wait long to leave Soul Palace, yet under Jia Jing’s guidance, he found a place to rest inside Soul Palace middle palace.

Soul Palace is a large group of palaces. Chu Mu was a young master, so he could basically rest wherever. Also, Soul Palace had a lot of luxurious sleeping places, so Chu Mu didn’t have the need to go to an outside hotel to live.

Chu Mu didn’t directly go towards the eighth level bewildering world because he wanted to strengthen Mo Xie.

The Nine Tail Inferno Fox Heart was a soul item worth 100 million. Chu Mu wouldn’t just randomly let Mo Xie eat it and let her figure out how to absorb it her own way.

Most soul items need soul pet trainers’ guidance to make the soul pet slowly absorb it. After Chu Mu gave Mo Xie the Nine Tail Inferno Fox Heart, he immediately gathered his mental strength and started to merge the massive species energy of the organ crystal into Mo Xie’s body.

Nine Tail Inferno Fox ‘s type is beast, demon, and fire. Chu Mu didn’t need to train it intentionally. The type distribution was exactly like Mo Xie, so all Chu Mu needed to do was not let Mo Xie swallow too quickly, neither can he let the massive energy be wasted in Mo Xie’s stomach and finally dissipate…...


Mo Xie let out quiet moans. The process of soul item strengthening will completely rebuild the soul pet’s body. This rebuilding is the process that strengthens the bones, muscles, and veins. This process is very painful.

Chu Mu calmed little Mo Xie, as she painfully absorbed all the inferno Fox energy into her body.

Very quickly, Mo Xie’s body changed!

Mo Xie originally stayed in her pitiful appearance state, but with the sweeping of energy, the royal flames on her started burning, causing her pitiful appearance to slowly disappear within the flames…..

“So hot……” Sitting in the house, Jia Jing, who was in the house waiting for Chu Mu, pouted her lips and said.

Feeling bored, her eyes naturally fell upon Chu Mu sitting on his bed, quietly observing Chu Mu’s heroic figure…...

“Ah?” Suddenly, Jia Jing said out loud.

Jia Jing was just about to get nearer to see Chu Mu when she suddenly realized Chu Mu was burning with an amorphous flame!

This flame was made in two layers. It was the red evil flames and the vibrant blood flames. They were even more bright colored than Mo Xie’s previous flames!

Within the soul pet space, Mo Xie’s body released flames that almost took up all of Chu Mu’s ninth soul pact. If Chu Mu weren’t strongly resistant to flames, this flame would probably have caused some burn damage to Chu Mu’s soul!


Within the ninth soul pact space, Mo Xie’s pure silver fur started dancing with the flames. Demon power was emanating, causing Chu Mu to feel as if his soul pact space was about to be shattered!

Soul pact space was definitely the soul construct of a soul pet trainer. It wasn’t invincible. Once the soul pet power was too powerful, it could definitely shatter this space.

This was the reason many soul pet trainers didn’t dare to sign contracts with soul pets that were too powerful.

Chu Mu was already third remembrance soul master, so his soul pet space was definitely very sturdy. Yet, even so, it was starting to shake. Chu Mu himself was stunned by Mo Xie’s aura.

Chu Mu knew Mo Xie wasn’t just morphing right now!

From seventh phase to eighth phase, this process was a leap in strength. And being strengthened by soul item from the same species, Mo Xie could very possibly transform towards middle rank monarch!!

The Nine Tail Inferno Fox could let Mo Xie’s strength increase to eighth phase third stage. If the fighting strength raised to middle class monarch, then it would be equivalent to Mo Xie’s strength raising a few stages. Once it is able to fight against eighth phase hgh stage low class monarchs, if they have to face the ninth phase Terror Wolf, even if they couldn’t win, they definitely won’t have to worry about being instantly killed accidentally. They may even cause lethal damage to the ninth phase middle stage Terror Wolf!

“Middle rank monarch, Mo Xie you have to persevere!!” Chu Mu shouted quietly.

As long as Mo Xie could sustain the massive pain that comes with the powerful inferno fox, then there is hope to raise her strength to middle class monarch rank. Then, eighth rank bewildering worlds will quickly become a place of ease for Chu Mu.


Suddenly, Mo Xie’s flames darked down. Clearly, just as Mo Xie was about to reach middle class monarch rank, the energy from the Nine Tail Inferno Fox emptied out…...


“Seems like I need to buy some type strengthening soul item before we can break through. This nine tail inferno Fox heart in the end is only used for raising stages.” Chu Mu sighed.

Mo Xie’s bones had the blood of mutation. Chu Mu believed that, under certain stimuli, Mo Xie could complete the improvement through battle. Yet, Mo Xie took three years to go from Evil Flame Six Tail Demon Fox to Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox…...

The higher the rank, the longer the mutation time. Chu Mu didn’t know just when would Mo Xie mutate to a higher rank.

As for Mo Xie’s next level, Chu Mu was very excited for. Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox was commander rank, but its fighting strength was pseudo-monarch rank.

Yet the next morph, Mo Xie could make her species rank monarch, then wouldn’t her battle strength be emperor rank?

Thinking of that, Chu Mu was impatient to make Mo Xie complete her next morph. Because, once he made Mo Xie tenth phase, her fighting strength was emperor rank, then he would be able to stand above all in the soul pet realm!!

Chapter 340 - Mo Xie’s Evolution, Eighth Phase Inferno Fox

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