Book 2 Chapter 34 - Family Group Encountering Misfortune


Chapter 34: Family Group Encountering Misfortune

An abandoned soul pet - a soul pet which had previously signed a soul pact with a human, but undid the soul pact later.

An abandoned soul pet could be said to be common among soul pets, yet it could also be said to be an uncommon occurrence.

Those who said it was common said so because as a human’s strength increased, the soul pets captured at an earlier stage wouldn’t be able to keep up with their master’s steps. This was caused by the soul pet’s aptitude, as well as various other factors. After losing much use in fights, the master would then abandon the soul pet. Abandoning typically meant releasing the soul pet after undoing the soul pact.

Those who said it was uncommon said so because, no matter if one released their soul pet or their soul pet died, the soul required a year in order to recover. In this year, the soul pet space that belonged to the abandoned soul pet wouldn’t be able to hold a new soul pet. A new soul pact could only be signed a year later.

For instance, this obstinately small Mo Ye’s was Chu Mu’s eighth soul pact (third soul, second soul pet).  If Chu Mu were to remove a soul pact with it, his soul would be wounded for a year, and his soul power would not be able to reach its full state. Furthermore, the eighth soul pact needed a year before he could sign a soul pact.

Such a cost could be regarded as relatively large. Soul pet trainers normally would rather spend a bit of money to use soul crystals, medicine, attribute stones, equipment etcetera, in order to make up for their soul pet’s inferiority. They wouldn’t easily remove a soul pact with a soul pet.

“This is the reason why you long for the acknowledgment of humans?” Chu Mu didn’t immediately perform a second soul pact incantation. Rather, he extended his hand and softly caressed the Mo Ye’s fractured skull.

Any soul pet had its own spirit and dignity. Evidently, this abandoned small Mo Ye’s dignity had been fiercely damaged by his master one year ago. Thus, now, when it encountered an opponent, no matter how strong, it had a tenacious resolution to continue fighting- even if it meant death. This was all just to prove that it wasn’t a weak small thing in other people's eyes!

“Hou Hou~~” the small Mo Ye let out a low roar and stubbornly shook off Chu Mu’s hand. It didn’t seem to like humans touching it.

“There are differences between individual people. No matter what enormous flaws there are, the soul pets that I, Chu Mu, choose will not be forsaken, as long as I sign a soul pact with them. I will definitely make them strong,” Chu Mu said earnestly.

6“Hou Hou~~” the small Mo Ye also let out a stubborn roar.

Obviously, the small Mo Ye didn’t agree with Chu Mu’s words. It turned around and walked away. Carrying a body full of wounds, it slowly walked deeper into the forest. Under the darkness of the trees, its ink colored body dyed in bloody red gave Chu Mu a solitary yet haughty image...

“You’re letting him walk away like this?” asked Qin Menger.

Looking at the small Mo Ye full with dignity leave, Qin Menger didn’t understand why Chu Mu didn’t forcibly sign a soul pact with it. Under those circumstances, even if the obstinately small Mo Ye had the intention to resist, he would still probably succeed.

“It has a shadow in its heart towards humans. Even if I forcibly sign a soul pact with it, that shadow will still continue to remain. If it cannot reconcile that, then it will not be able coordinate with me. Although a soul pet’s strength is admittedly important, if it cannot link its heart and soul with a soul pet trainer, it will pose a large obstruction…” responded Chu Mu.

“Moreover, soul pets all have lives and souls. They aren’t human slaves; no matter how weak or strong they are, their dignity and choice are extremely worth respecting.” Chu Mu slowly spoke.

Qin Menger was stunned. She didn’t think that Chu Mu would say such words. Her beautiful eyes watched the earnest Chu Mu. Suddenly, she felt that the manner this young man had when he spoke gave her a familiar and venerating feeling. Subconsciously, she felt a wave of sadness and thought of things from the past...

Chu Mu unhurriedly walked to the passed out first-rate Mo Ye, but didn’t chant the soul pact incarnation to sign a soul pact. Instead, he opened his soul capture ring and put away the valuable young fellow.

With the obstinately small Mo Ye’s departure, Chu Mu could only choose the first-rate Mo Ye. However, Chu Mu didn’t plan on making the first-rate Mo Ye his soul pet, because he had a premonition that the obstinate small Mo Ye would still eventually appear in front of him.

After putting away the high priced first-rate Mo Ye, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier and Mo Xie respectively came back to Chu Mu’s side, each with a soul core in their mouth.

Chu Mu recalled the Devil Tree Battle Soldier back to its soul pet space and made Mo Xie return to her pitiful appearance. He then planned on walking towards Gangluo City when he suddenly discovered that Qin Menger was charmingly standing there as if she had just secretly wiped away tears...

“What’s the matter? You’re crying again?” Chu Mu walked to her side and asked inquisitively.

“Just now… just now the words you spoke made me think of my big brother Chu Mu… he… although he didn’t have a soul pet, he was extremely respectful of every soul pet. If… if he were still alive, he would definitely be an extremely formidable soul pet trainer.” the more Qin Menger spoke, the more she grieved. The tears would no longer stop.

Chu Mu was stunned. He looked at the heartrending girl grieving over him, and extended his hand to help her wipe away her tears. He said: “Then why don’t you just think of me as him.”

“Don’t. You’re a scoundrel from Nightmare Palace who uses other people’s lives to feed your own soul pet. You aren’t the same as him.” Qin Menger instantly shook her head and obstinately wiped away her own tears.

Chu Mu was startled before finally realizing something. Presumably, when he was using his soul power to feed his White Nightmare, Qin Menger had seen the white colored devil flame on his body.

A tinge of bitterness surfaced in Chu Mu. Originally, he had planned on telling Qin Menger that he was Chu Mu, but after thinking about it, he didn’t have to.

Mo Ye Forest really couldn’t be considered that confusing. After Chu Mu walked through it once, he already knew where to walk.

Once he determined the direction, Chu Mu brought Qin Menger towards the exit of the forest. According to Chu Mu’s estimate, after exiting Mo Ye Forest and continuing to walk eastward, they would probably be extremely close to Gangluo City.


A sudden clamor resounded in the forest.

Chu Mu immediately stopped walking, and his gaze looked through the dense trees. He gazed attentively at the chaotic interweaving of various attributed energies not far ahead.

“What’s the matter?” Qin Menger’s perception was inferior to Chu Mu’s, and once she saw that Chu Mu had stopped, she inquisitively asked a question.

“There are multiple people. They are probably caught in a soul pet encirclement.” Chu Mu didn’t summon a soul pet. He used Wind Ride on himself and jumped onto a treetop and looked down at the forest in front of him.

In the front was a group of cyan black and deep brown color clothed people. Each person had a commander rank soul pet, while also controlling two other medium strength soul pets.

However, these people evidently didn’t understand how to survive in a forest. The moment they encountered danger, they summoned all their soul pets. However, by summoning more soul pets, the horde of beasts would then call for their comrades, causing the surrounding forest to be filled with beasts.

“Chu Family Guard?” Chu Mu quickly recognized the cyan black clothed group of soul pet trainers.

Cyan black garments were the unique symbol of the Chu Family Guard. This was the imperial bodyguard of the Chu Family, and it was composed of purely spirit teachers. Each member underwent harsh training and meticulous selection, and they all held an absolute devotion to the Chu Family.

“Second Uncle, Uncle Chu Si?” Chu Mu’s vision was superior to most people. He instantly discovered two familiar people, Chu Tianlin and Chu Si, in the midst of the chaotic fight.

In these four years, those two people hadn’t changed much. Their face was a bit more wrinkled, but Chu Mu could still recognize them.

Chu Mu naturally could guess that the dark brown clothed people should be the Qin Family people. The Qin Family had always maintained good relations with the Chu Family. They most likely came this time with the Chu Family Guard to Broken Forest to find Qin Menger.

With the Chu Family Guard and Qin Family people currently stuck in a tough situation, Chu Mu naturally had to think of a method to save them...

“What’s happening up ahead?” when Qin Menger saw Chu Mu jump off the tree top, she immediately asked a question.

“It’s the Chu Family and your Qin Family people. They should be here looking for us. However, they are being surrounded by a Hunting Wolf pack.” said Chu Mu.

“Huh? Hunting Wolf pack!” Qin Menger immediately panicked.

Although Hunting Wolves were servant rank creatures, they were often in packs. If hundreds or thousands of them appeared, it would be terrifying. Even powerful soul pets would be eaten to a point where their bones wouldn’t even be left.

“Walk about two hundred meters in that direction before stopping, and then summon your Flame Bird. When you see demon fire evil flame fly into the air, immediately make your Flame Bird use Fire Rain to burn the forest. If you still have other fire type soul pets, you can also summon them. With your speed, you need to create a raging fire.” said Chu Mu.

Qin Menger didn’t hesitate and promptly nodded her head. She then ran in the direction Chu Mu pointed towards.

Seeing Qin Menger leave, Chu Mu jumped onto the top of a tree again. He agilely moved between treetops, slowly growing closer to that group of people.

“Mo Xie, it’s up to you.” Chu Mu patted Mo Xie as he spoke.

“Wuwuwu~~” Mo Xie understood Chu Mu’s intention, and jumped off of his shoulder. She quickly jumped into the pack of wolves, and her small body rapidly moved about in the group of Hunting Wolves.

After Mo Xie had left, Chu Mu summoned the Devil Tree Battle Soldier again. In this forest fight, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s use could be exhibited to the max.

Once he ordered the Devil Tree Battle Soldier to stay in place, Chu Mu used Wind Ride to jump near the Chu Family Guard’s position. He hid his aura, not wanting to attract any Hunting Wolf’s attention.

“I am the Great Chu Family’s Chu Chen. Listen to my plan, and I can help you free yourselves from this predicament.” Chu Mu’s voice, through soul remembrance, transmitted into the ears of the surrounding Chu Family and Qin Family guards.

Chu Tianlin was the first to receive the message, and his eyes immediately lit up. His gaze scoured through the forest filled with Hunting Wolves in an attempt to search for his savior.

However, when he discovered Chu Mu’s figure on a tree top, he let out an astonished expression.

Under the tree this young man was on, there was a large group of Hunting Wolves moving about. However, these Hunting Wolves unexpectedly had not discovered his existence. It was as if this young man had completely melded into the surrounding environment!

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