Book 2 Chapter 339 - Ancient City, Ancient Wind Spirit

Chapter 339: Ancient City, Ancient Wind Spirit

“As long as my soul pets are way more powerful, even if I’m weaker but in control, would I still lose to him?” Guo Peng said.

“Of course not, the power of your soul pet is the most important.” Wang Xu smiled.

In reality, Wang Xu could feel that Soul Palace Chu Chen was very likely the same as he was, a person who relied purely on their own power to walk step by step to where they were today.

But, from what Wang Xu saw, Chu Chen still posed no threat to him. He was at most a person like Luo Peng, who loitered in the third tier.

“With Brother Wang’s pointers, I will train hard in the seventh level Bewildering Worlds in the next two months and raise my soul pet strength. Then, I will definitely defeat him in front of lady Ting Lan and retrieve my honor!” Luo Peng said very determined.

“Oh, you still can’t forget that Soul Palace beauty. I heard many people have taken fancy for her. There’s quite some difficulty to stand out from all your competitors.” Wang Xu laughed and said.

“I will make her have a whole new level of respect for me.” Luo Peng said.


Inside Hunting Hall

“Young master, not many go to the ancient wastelands. And the young soul pet that the hirer wants is in a very deep and off-center place. That’s why the bounty had never been accepted. The hirer himself was ready to cancel the bounty……” Little Qin roughly explained this eighth rank bounty to Chu Mu.

South of ancient wastelands was an ancient city. This city was in fact the earliest Tianxia City. Thousands of years ago, Tianxia City was chosen to be built in the ancient wastelands. However, reconnaissance didn’t detect a major issue, which was the fact that that position was still part of the eighth rank bewildering world’s range.

Thousands of years ago, human soul pacts and souls weren’t as complete and mature as they were now. An eighth rank bewildering world was equivalent to a tenth level bewildering world today. It was extremely difficult for a city to stay in a tenth level bewildering world.

History records that this ancient city has stood for nearly three hundred years. After three hundred years, this ancient city was still devoured by soul pet groups, becoming the habitat of many soul pets.

This eighth level bounty’s hirer wanted the hunter to go to this Ancient Wasteland City and capture a rather old soul pet - Ancient Wind Spirit.

Ancient Wind Spirit: Elemental World - Wind Type - Fairy Species - Ancient Wind Spirit subspecies - Middle Class Commander rank

Just capturing the ancient wind spirit wasn’t too difficult. After all, the Ancient Wind Spirit was only middle class commander rank. Middle class commander ranks were between 500,000 and 3 million gold on the market. If their quality were higher, their price may go up further.

To set a bounty of 100 million for such a soul pet would make many soul pet trainers confused.

But, Chu Mu understood the hirer’s meaning. A truly professional soul pet trainer won’t simply look just at the species rank of the soul pet.

Soul pet species ranks usually stood for a soul pet’s innate fighting strength. However, fighting strength could be improved through training and soul item strengthening. Many soul pet trainers pursue solely high species rank soul pets and easily fall into this logical trap.

High species rank soul pets are powerful and have high technique ranks, wielding some outstanding species technique or advantage. Yet, if it isn’t satisfactory and can’t find any synergy with one’s other soul pets, then the soul pet would have limited use even if its phase gets higher.

Yet, satisfactory soul pets usually had a special type or ability. Such ability, when added with one’s other soul pets, could possibly multiply everyone’s fighting strength, causing its value to show!

When Chu Mu picked soul pets, he was very careful. Unless he met an emperor rank soul pet, if it wasn’t satisfactory, Chu Mu would still decisively sell it for money and strengthen his current soul pets.

This eighth rank bounty’s Ancient Wind Spirit, by name alone, must already be an uncommon soul pet. It was possible that, through countless wind belts, only this Ancient Wasteland City had a sighting of this soul pet.

This time, the soul pet trainer who needed the ancient wind spirit as their wind type soul pet but couldn’t go himself would have to put down a persuasive bounty…...

Ancient Wasteland wasn't a place anyone dared to travel. Especially near the city, there was danger everywhere and beasts prowling. If the bounty hirer truly wanted the ancient wind spirit, any bounty below eighth rank would definitely attract no one.

“Willing to pay 100 million for a commander rank soul pet, it must be a truly impressive soul pet trainer.” Chu Mu said.

“Um…...young master, because you are only sixth level title and have no fame, the hirer doesn’t believe you can finish the bounty, so he may not pay you the 10% bounty ahead of time……” Little Qin said quietly.

“That doesn’t matter. In one month, at least two, I will give the Ancient Wind Spirit to him.” Chu Mu said.

Since he was accepting a bounty cross rank, Chu Mu didn’t expect to gain the respect of others. As long as they were willing to give the bounty to him, everything was good.

“The bounty said, no matter when you get the Ancient Wind Spirit, he would always buy it with 100 million gold.” Little Qin said.

Chu Mu nodded and stowed the bounty scroll with specific information on the Ancient Wind Spirit away. After saying goodbye to Little Qin, he went directly towards Soul Palace.

When Chu Mu walked into the soul palace hall, there was already a female soul palace member waiting for Chu Mu. That should be the subordinate that Yu Palace Master told to provide eighth rank bounties to Chu Mu.

“Female servant is Yu Palace Master’s servant - Jia Jing, are you young master Chu Chen?” The young girl named Jia Jing asked as she looked at Chu Mu.

“En, is there a bounty in Ancient Wasteland?” Chu Mu nodded and asked directly.

“There are.” Jia Jing recovered from her astonishment and quickly nodded.

When this young girl called him young master, Chu Mu knew that Yu Palace Master very carefully didn’t reveal Chu Mu’s identity. This way saved Chu Mu a lot of unnecessary trouble.

Before from the expressions of Little Qin and now Jia Jing, one could see that almost no one the same age as Chu Mu has ever asked for eighth rank bounties in Hunter’s Alliance and Soul Palace.

Jia Jing didn’t dare ask too much. After her astonishment, she followed Yu Palace Master’s orders and told Chu Mu of the bounty contents.

70 million, the bounty is in the desert north of Ancient Wasteland. There lies a group of Wild Desert Scorpion. The seven diagram beast Xuan Zhen Beetle has a restless phase after its metamorphosis. This restless phase needs the poison of Wild Desert Scorpions to calm. Especially, after it is calmed by the Wild Desert Scorpion’s poison, the poison can merge into the Xuan Zhen Beetle’s blades and complete a strengthening by poison.

So, Xuan Zhen Palace’s palace official released this eighth rank bounty to benefit all soul pet trainers with Xuan Zhen Beetle, hoping some team would go to the north side of Ancient Wasteland to collect poison.

“How many servings?” Chu Mu asked.

“Collect 1000 servings. Past 1000 servings, every serving will be bought at a price of 50 thousand. All the Wild Desert Scorpions should be above eighth phase because only eighth phase poison can satisfy the Xuan Zhen Beetle.” Jia Jing said.

Chu Mu’s eyes lit up. That means the more Wild Desert Scorpions he killed, the more bounty he received? Such unlimited bounties were very hard to come by.

Chu Mu undoubtedly needed money badly currently. Though bounties were very mechanized, it was clearly a challenge for Chu Mu to surpass himself. If he finished these two bounties, when Chu Mu walked into an eighth rank bewildering world in the future he definitely won’t be in as difficult of a situation. And Chu Mu had absolute faith that, in these last nine months, he could raise his power to the second tier of The Battle of the Realms.

And, Chu Mu quickly remembered a question, which was the poison effect of the devil tree battle soldier. Maybe he could use these Wild Desert Scorpions to fulfill that!

“Young master, do you have any other commands?” Jia Jing had already told Chu Mu of the bounty information. Seeing Chu Mu’s eyes still on her, she felt it strange but quickly questioned anyways.

“There’s 100 million gold in this spatial ring, give it to Yu Palace Master and tell him to buy the Nine Tail Inferno Fox heart.” Chu Mu gave the ring to Jia jing and told her.

“Ah? Oh, ok……” Jia Jing clearly didn’t think that Chu Mu would suddenly give a spatial ring of 100 million, but she quickly realized and nodded.

“En, go, let Yu Palace Master be quick, I want to leave early.” Chu Mu said.

Jia Jing opened her small mouth. This was the first time she’s seen a young generation speak to Yu palace Master with a rushed tone…...

When Jia Jing left, Chu Mu could conveniently look through soul palace for soul items he needed. Once he finished the bounty, he could get his seventh level title and he could get all of them on a discount.


“Young master…..”(TL: This one is for soul palace's young master)

Chu Mu was just looking at bounties when a young girl’s voice came. Chu Mu was wondering why Jia Jing had returned so quickly……”

“What’s up?” Chu Mu didn’t even look at Jia Jing and asked casually. His eyes were currently on the demon dark type soul items that Night Thunder Dream Beast needed.

Walking beside Chu Mu, the young girl was dazed. She used her beautiful eyes to look at Chu Mu. After a while did her eyes fall upon the white clothed man beside Chu Mu.

The white clothed man also looked strangely at Chu Mu who had answered for him, looking very interested.

Chu Mu noticed these two peoples’ gazes and, when he turned around, he realized the young girl wasn’t Jia Jing, and that Jia Jing called him young master and not young master(soul palace edition)......

Soul Palace Young Master!

Chu Mu quickly realized that this white clothed man was one of the nine young masters of Soul Palace!

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