Book 2 Chapter 336 - The Highest Authority Female

Chapter 336: The Highest Authority Female

Realm Throne. Chu Mu didn’t know just how many more years he had to train for before he had the courage to step on the golden steps that represented species ranks.

Now, all he could do was revere and contemplate…….


After a long time, the waves in his heart finally calmed down, and Chu Mu kept walking. He suddenly noticed that the age and majesty of Tianxia City no longer mattered. Only the golden palace and golden throne remained in Chu Mu’s brain…...

“Young master, you’ve arrived at soul palace.” Old Li reminded the Chu Mu absorbed in thought.

Chu Mu came back to himself and lifted his head just to see another grand and imposing silver palace!

Chu Mu could only see the front palace, but this front palace’s grandeur was even greater than the entire soul palace in Li City. The silver that stood for nobility gave off a sense of holiness and solemnity!

“This is the Main Soul Palace……” Chu Mu’s heart that had just calmed down again rippled.

Soul Palace stood for upright, brave, and honor. The entire structure of soul palace completely showed these qualities. Standing in front of the main hall’s silver door, Chu Mu’s heart felt completely different. There wasn’t a forceful aura, nor was there a grandeur that made one feel tiny. It was only a faith that made one’s willpower reignite.

If the Realm Throne was an utmost emperor, then those with unwavering faith will become even more invigorated by the overbearing feeling. Yet, those unsure of themselves will have their faith crushed in front of such palace.

Yet, the feeling here was completely different. Soul Palace was like a holy and noble, silver clad goddess. Similarly unreachable, but as long as one had some faith in heart, this noble goddess would shine her holy light down, gently rekindling one’s fire to fight for more honor!

Chu Mu had never had much love for large factions. He felt all the factions were just zealous people with similar thoughts gathered together that ran things using their own governing methods.

But now, it had to be said that the status of Soul Palace was raised greatly in Chu Mu’s heart. Especially facing the Realm Thrones, the feeling of tinyness and sadness was slowly calmed down in the gentle silver glow.

Standing far away, Chu Mu suddenly remembered his mother Liu Binglan. Maybe Chu Mu unconsciously saw Soul Palace as a gentle yet proud goddess because of the existence of Liu Binglan.

Chu Mu didn’t know if his mother had returned to Soul Palace or was still somewhere dangerous in this world trying to find his Worldly Immortal Ice.

When Chu Mu was young, his impression of her wasn’t good. He always felt that Liu Binglan was like a goddess high up, always using her cold gaze to watch over him, revealing no emotions on her beautiful face…...

Only until he walked out of the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor’s Bewildering World did the more mature Chu Mu realize that, Liu Binglan didn’t just want to put her own son thousands of miles away. She just didn’t know how to express herself at all, and didn’t know how to be a mother.

Chu Mu was a rational person. Though in the twenty years he grew up, he only saw Liu Binglan’s cold and proud, when she went to look for Worldly Immortal Ice for him, Chu Mu had already wiped away all his rebellious emotions…..

So, after walking into soul palace, Chu Mu’s first task wasn’t to find the person that sold him the Nine tail Inferno Fox heart, but instead ask if Liu Binglan was in Soul Palace.

“Young master, if you want to ask about the situation of noble woman, you don’t have to ask these attendants of the front palace hall. They may not even know what a Supreme is.” Old Li reminded Chu Mu.

“Why is that? Isn’t she high positioned? Why does no one know her then?” Chu Mu asked questioningly.

“Soul Palace has the seven diagram sacred beasts. Based off these seven diagram sacred beasts, it is split into seven great palaces. Palace Supremes are an individual system outside of the seven palace system. They weren’t under control of the seven great elders, but had the same authority as the seven elders. From an outsider’s view, the soul palace only had seven palaces, and the highest position was the seven elders. IN reality, the four Palace Supremes also sit and stand along with the seven elders.” Old Li said.

“What’s the difference between the Palace Supremes and elders? Are there many Noble Women or is it just her?” Chu Mu had always been curious as to what position Liu Binglan held in Soul Palace. Chu Mu had had close contact with lots of soul palace, but had discovered that many kingdom capitals’ soul palaces didn’t have the title of Noble Woman.

“Seems like there’s the need to explain all of soul pet palace’s structure to you. After all, you’re a soul palace young master now. If you don’t understand this, someone’s going to laugh their ass off.” Old Li said.

Chu Mu had just been wanting to understand the soul palace’s system, so he listened to Old Li speak slowly.

“Before I said, soul palace had seven diagram sacred beasts, respectively:

Binding Wind Spirit, Xuan Zhen Beetle, Immortal Ming Bird, Palm Dawn Concubine, Lin Yin Beast, Holy Stem Flower, Wanmo Beast.

Based off these seven diagram sacred beasts, soul palace is split into seven great halls, respectively, Binding Wind Palace, Xuan Zhen Palace, Immortal Ming Palace, Palm Dawn Palace, Lin Yin Palace, Holy Stem Palace, and Wanmo Palace.

Soul Palace’s main structure is their seven great palaces. In reality, these seven palaces managed all the work in Soul Palace. Every palace will set up one senior elder, two elders, and three palace masters.

Palace Master was a tenth level title. Any higher up was titleless, but had the highest authority in the entirety of Soul Palace. They were in charge of the most important direction and development in Soul Palace. Soul Palace internals called these senior elders and elders’ organisation as Palace Court.

Since the seven palace senior elders and elders may unintentionally be biased towards their own jurisdictions, so to adjust for this personal reason, the Palace Court added another four Palace Superiors…...

Eh, in reality though Soul Palace has four superiors, the four superiors only have three people. There’s still one empty spot, and it has been empty for quite some time for reasons unknown.

Noble Woman is your mother’s title. In reality, its also a unique title in soul pet realm because she is the only woman in the three Palace Superiors, as well as the highest ranking female in Palace Court.

As for why Noble Woman has such high power, its a long story. This is something young master can ask Noble Woman because even I just know only a little. Reminder, soul palace doens’t have any aunt or uncle of yours, as noble woman seems to be an orphan…...I think……”

Old Li said a big string that caused Chu Mu to go dizzy. Especially with the seven diagram sacred beasts, Chu Mu remembered only a few of their names. Of course, the most important thing was Old Li mentioned that his mother was an orphan. This was something Chu Mu truly didn’t know. At least no one told him about her story, or in other words, he only knew she was Soul Palace Noble Woman. Everything else was blank.

The ranking inside Soul Palace was very strict. If, like Old Li said, Palace Superior is a position similar to senior elders and had the highest power, then the position should usually have some inheritance factor. If Liu Binglan was an orphan, then didn’t she have to get to the position purely by her own power?

Chu Mu had estimated Liu Binglan’s age. From his birth, Liu Binglan wasn’t even twenty. Then, compared to the senior elders, elders, and palace masters who were all older than her, how did she reach that position? If she truly used her own power, then isn’t she a woman very close to the Realm Throne?

With many guessed, Chu Mu finally walked into the middle palace of Soul Palace. Soul Palace middle palace had the widest range of palaces. Walking in there without a lead would mean losing one’s way.

“Young master, in other city soul palaces, showing your young master identity will cause the palace masters to become confused as to which young master you are, so you can get through with it. But, at the main soul palace, where noble woman hasn’t released your identity publically, you shouldn’t run around with your young master decree. After all, once you show it, the old people in Palace Court will throw you somewhere and stroke their beards as they stare at you and interrogate you deeply. Since all of them haven’t seen you before, only noble woman can ascertain your identity. If noble woman isn’t at soul palace, you may not be jailed, but there will be many inconveniences with mobility. Of course, if you aren’t worried about trouble, you can tell them ahead of time. Those old fellows won’t be dumb enough to jail you as an imposter. I’m just afraid of unnecessary trouble that can delay your training. So, don’t enter the inner palace. Let people in middle palace report to Yu Palace Master and ask him……” Old Li said.

Chu Mu didn’t want to explain his identity to strange power holders either. If the young master identity has specialties, then Chu Mu may not find it troublesome. However, Soul Palace was very strict towards their young generation. Even young masters didn’t have many special privileges, so he shouldn’t randomly wave around his identity.

Of course, if he showed his identity, then Chu Mu must use his soul palace young master Chu Chen identity. If he summoned Nightmare Palace’s White Nightmare, and someone saw it accidentally, Chu Mu would be reported and trouble will ensue…...

Seeing Yu Palace Master wouldn’t be too tough. Chu Mu using his sixth level title directly told a attendant to send a message. After hearing his name, Yu Palace master would naturally come over.

Indeed, after not long, Yu Palace Master told someone to bring Chu Mu to his territory.

After some questioning, Yu Palace Master responded with noble woman not being in Soul Palace, and hasn’t been there in a long time.

“Young master, did you make a trade for a Nine Tail Inferno Fox Heart in Guo City?” Yu Palace Master suddenly asked.

“How do you know?” Chu Mu asked questioningly.

“Keep an eye out for this event.” Yu Palace Master said seriously.

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