Book 2 Chapter 335 - Ten Years One Person, Realm Thrones

Chapter 335: Ten Years One Person, Realm Thrones

“Young master, do you still plan on training within eighth rank Bewildering Wolds?” Old Li asked.

“En, raise Mo Xie and Zhan Ye’s strengths before killing our way back!” Chu Mu said very decisively.

“I feel like before Young Master comes, you should understand the power of some Tianxia City young experts. This will be helpful for your training.” Old Li said.

“En, that Ting Lan is what tier? That monarch rank seven Sacred Beasts Lin Yin Beast shouldn’t be her most powerful soul pet.” Chu Mu opened his mouth to ask.

“This, I don’t know. If she still has more powerful soul pets, she would definitely be first rank and would ultimately go after the emperor rank soul pet. If she were more conservative and went for the second rank treasure, then she would be second rank expert. Young master doesn’t have a high probability of surpassing her in such a short time.” Old Li said.

“Soul Palace still has many experts. Now what are the strengths of the nine young masters?” Chu Mu asked.

Chu Mu was the tenth young master, so there must be nine before him. These nine soul pet palace young masters completely represented the highest position of teens in soul palace. In such a large environment, all of these people’s strengths were definitely ridiculous.

“Of the nine young masters, second young master is very lazy, while fourth young master is focused on other endeavors. The other seven are all very powerful. Some have disappeared for many years without anyone seeing them. The eldest young master of Soul Palace had long since graduated from the young generation. Though the man hadn’t grown past thirty, he no longer participates in the Battle of the Realms.” Old Li said.

“Doesn’t participate in the Battle of the Realms?” Chu Mu said questioningly.

Emperor rank soul pet was probably something that anyone with strength would fight for. There was no reason not to participate in such battle.

“Soul Palace prince, which is the first young master, his goals have long since passed the Battle of the Realms. The world is massive, and there are always absurdly strong people. This soul palace prince was one of them. If young master could reach his level in six years, then…….” Old Li rubbed his whiskers and said with meaning.

“If I have the opportunity, I truly want to get to know him.” Chu Mu truly wanted to see just how absurdly powerful this soul palace prince was.

But speaking of which, does this soul palace prince really not even care about emperor rank soul pets?

“There is definitely opportunity. In fact, its not that he doesn’t want to participate in the Battle of the Realms; the big factions are the ones banning him from competing.” Old Li said.

“Why?” Chu Mu said questioningly.

“If I said this Battle of the Realms was the most authoritative contest game of the young generation, then this person would probably break the balance of the game……” Old Li said.

“......” Chu Mu’s face showed surprise. Young generation actually had such a presence?

“Don’t ask too much. This soul palace prince is rather special. You can remove him from your list of competitors. In fact, not many people in the entire soul pet realm would list him as one.” Old LI said.

“Okay, let’s speak of others.” Though Chu Mu was curious and surprised by the soul palace prince, he hadn’t truly met the person. Chu Mu didn’t know just how absurd the man was, so he could only throw the person to the back of his mind like Old Li suggested.

“Hehe, young master work hard. Maybe after six years, you will also be banned from competitions by the other factions.” Old Li smiled and said.

“......” Chu Mu was speechless. Old Li’s way of expression was truly strange.

“Young master, go to soul palace first, I haven’t walked around in Tianxia City in a long time. Let me meet up with a few old friends of him, then I will know the approximate condition of the experts.” Old Li said.

 Chu Mu nodded and ran towards Tianxia City.


The vastness of Tianxia City was hard to describe with words!

Chu Mu stood very far away and saw an ancient citadel full of glory standing solemnly on the horizon. The towering structures stretched further into the edges of one’s vision without end!

When Chu Mu walked into Li City, he had already been shocked by the size and majestic nature. This time, when he took in Tianxia City’s size, his heart flipped even more, unable to calm down.

This was an ancient city that had stood for thousands of years. It was the first city under the skies!

Standing from afar, Chu Mu could already feel the solemnity under the grandeur, the eternity under the magnificence!

Like a sage who was infinitely wise, it stood for countless years on this vast land, never falling or even moved.

Ancient, bright, populous. As Chu Mu neared the city, the aura of the city became even thicker. Chu Mu even felt a pressure and excitement that stemmed from seeing the cradle of thousands of years of human experts. It was just like seeing an expert one had respected for a long time, and he was walking closer and closer to it!

“There is only one such city under the heavens!”

Winding ancient words were deeply carved into the city walls of Tianxia City. A few simple strokes, yet the supreme aura of the city was captured perfectly!


Entering the capital of experts, one could feel that even the wind was different. When Chu Mu stood on the streets, he clearly felt this.

It wasn’t only Chu Mu’s misconception. It was also the shock and emotion that was brought by the various powerful mounts that flew past Chu Mu.

“Without walking here, one would never know how small one is.”

When Chu Mu walked deeper into the streets the size of plazas, Chu Mu immediately saw a sculpture standing in the center. This sculpture had a few imposing letters carved upon it!

The sculpture was a man. This man looked down upon every person that walked into Tianxia City. The sculptor had replicated the man’s arrogance and might on his face vividly. When Chu Mu walked by, he indeed felt tiny.

“Who is he? An ancient expert from a thousand years ago?” Chu Mu pointed at the sculpture and asked.

Being able to stand in front of Tianxia City’s great gates, this man must either have great historical value or have legend-like status.

“Someone who doesn’t even know Superior Li Hong, rare, rare……” A person similarly praising the expert looked over and said with a strange tone.

Chu Mu also tilted his head and looked at the arrogant and lonely teen. He didn’t speak. This sentence of Chu Mu’s was naturally directed towards Old Li. This teen’s tone Chu Mu couldn’t tell if it was a provocation or simply amazement and confusion.

Just as Old Li was about to speak, the teen beside slowly explained. “He’s called Li Hong and isn't an expert from thousands of years ago. He is still alive in some corner of this world. He is the publicly accepted Realm Throne. If one day, your power is enough to make all factions scared and respectful of you, then in ten years, someone will break this statue and carve you there so that you can look down upon tens of thousands of soul pet trainers like ants at your feet……”

“Realm Throne?” It was the first time Chu Mu heard the word. But, just from the words, it felt extremely dominating.

“Realm Thrones, ten years a term. Those who could stand there were all people who have reached the peak of soul pet trainer pyramid. Millions of people make the Realm Throne as their ultimate dream. Yet, only one can be it, one every ten years.” Old Li said.

Chu Mu again lifted his head in praise - this was the most coveted seat for soul pet trainers?

“Young master, you have the strong belief of becoming an expert. In reality, this Realm Throne is also your greatest dream. Though you may not reach it, as long as you near it, you will have no regrets this lifetime.” Old Li said.

“Realm Thrones.” Chu Mu muttered.

“Young master, any forwards and you will know why countless experts are willing crash and burn and bury themselves on their way towards this throne.” Old Li said.

Chu Mu nodded and went around the sculpture forward.

The sunset shone upon the ground. Golden glow fell from the skies, lighting up the golden ground with the most dazzling sparkles.

Like it were made of gold, suddenly, Chu Mu saw a palace!

This palace only had one color, it was the most authoritative and honorable gold!

Thousands of meters of golden plaza sat like golden bricks. The towering and serious palace stretched near thousands of meters. It wasn’t even multiple palaces, it was just the one!

A golden palace near thousands of meters in diameter!

The fifteen golden steps were each two meters tall. Each step had a different species rank representative golden soul pet statue.

Golden pillars were organised like golden giants. Each giant had different totems carved upon them. These totems’ most intricate carvings were as thin as nails, truly a feat of the heavens!

The golden made doors were tightly closed, locking away the most secure and most valuable Realm Throne!

What a shocking scene that was!! Chu Mu’s entire person fell into a state of daze, his mind filled with the massive pressure from the golden throne.

“This is the true Realm Throne. I want young master to see this golden Heavenly Palace and realize what a soul pet trainer’s true goal is. I want young master to understand why countless experts constantly work to surpass themselves in far away places, yet finally still return to Tianxia City……”

“What locks their souls here isn’t the dirt of their homes, nor the ancient and solemn cradle city, but this golden locked door that opens once every ten years - the Realm Throne!”

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