Book 2 Chapter 333 - A Win Drenched in Blood (1)

Chapter 333: A Win Drenched in Blood (1)

At seventh phase fourth stage with six times the normal amount of life force, Zhan Ye’s current life force was more than two times the seventh phase ninth stage Devil Tree Battle Soldier. Although its defense was slightly lower, Chu Mu was confident that it probably wasn’t an issue to defend against the ninth phase Terror Wolf’s attacks.

Zhan Ye was a madman fighter that didn’t care if its opponent was strong or weak. Facing the ninth phase Terror Wolf, without even needing Chu Mu’s order, the ink colored battle tiger madly pounced on it, as its Ink Armor Spikes frighteningly shot out!

The Terror Wolf was presently in a bloodthirsty frenzied state and wouldn’t dodge normally. When Zhan Ye flew at it, the Terror Wolf let the ink armor spikes streak across its skin while its savage wolf claw fiercely swiped at Zhan Ye’s neck. It wanted to sever Zhan Ye’s head off!

Zhan Ye’s insect type innate talent appeared at this moment and, as it was about to attack, Zhan Ye turtled up, its ink armor spikes that ignored armor were completely exposed on the outside.


The ink armor spikes were successfully in penetrating the Terror Wolf’s thigh.


Only, even before the dark type corrosion effect began to spread, the Terror Wolf’s powerful claw swept up a boundless beast force that fiercely smacked Zhan Ye.

The beast force was like a storm as the wolf claw heavily fell on the target whereby the force wildly spread outwards up to twenty meters.

“Pai pai pai~~~~~~~”

The ink armor on Zhan Ye’s body were completely shattered under the beast force. Even the ink armor spikes were all fractured. The violent energy knocked Zhan Ye’s body flying several tens of meters!

Fresh blood began to drip from being knocked flying by that chaotic beast force...

Heavily wounded from one strike! Chu Mu had originally thought Zhan Ye would be able to defend against two of the Terror Wolf’s attacks. Yet, he didn’t think that Zhan Ye would be reduced to a weak life force state with one strike. If there was a follow up technique Zhan Ye would be killed before being able to use Broken Limb Rebirth!

“Ning, Mo Xie!” Chu Mu hastily had the Ice Air Fairy and Mo Xie attack.

The heavily wounded Zhan Ye lay in a pool of blood on the ground. Its black pair of eyes were dyed in a red color, and a bloody aura began to erupt, forming a demonic wind that clashed against the bitingly cold violent wind of the barren plain.

Zhan Ye let out a bloodthirsty roar, and its body began to frantically secrete insect liquid. The insect liquid caused its wounds to quickly heal while also recovering it in a black glossy armor.

Yet, different from before was that on the black glossy armor, a layer of bloody demonic aura could be seen covering it. It caused Zhan Ye to set off an even more berserk appearance! 

“Bloodthirsty Berserk Transformation!!” seeing the bloody demonic aura appear, Chu Mu immediately revealed an excited expression.

Zhan Ye had comprehended an identical technique as the Terror Wolf at a crucial moment, and its fighting strength directly increased to 120%, the equivalent of two stages, reaching the seventh phase sixth stage. 

Chu Mu’s Violent Blood Pupil’s effect was similar to Bloodthirsty Berserk Transformation, but if he used Violent Blood Pupil on Zhan Ye, Chu Mu’s wouldn’t have any remaining soul power to summon another soul pet.

Just now, Chu Mu had hesitated whether to raise Zhan Ye’s phase by two stages with Violent Blood Pupil and didn’t expect it to comprehend this technique on its own.

In the fight with the Terror Wolf, this twenty percent increase in strength would only afford Zhan Ye to receive less damage, but in a fight with a soul pet of the same phase and stage, Zhan Ye’s Bloodthirsty Berserk Transformation would become a crucial point of the battle. Most importantly, the recoil suffered from using it would disappear after using Broken Limb Rebirth! This was a technique that was perfect for Zhan Ye!

After the rebirth, Zhan Ye’s life force and fighting strength returned to their peak. Including the Bloodthirsty Berserk Transformation’s effect, its strength reached 120% of normal!

“Ink Armor Spikes!!” Chu MU knew that the Bloodthirsty Berserk Transformation ninth phase Terror Wolf was in a state where it wouldn’t dodge, so Chu Mu had to take advantage of the opportunity to deal more damage to it!

“Hou Hou!!!!!!!!!”

Zhan Ye sped up and threw itself at it. Its body curled up once more and the incomparably sharp ink armor spikes pierced the Terror Wolf’s body.

The Terror Wolf was presently chasing Mo Xie that had used Nine Tail Confuse. Seeing the body full of spikes appear, a glimpse of anger could be seen in its two red pupils and it used the Vicious Devour technique it had used earlier to heavily wound the Night Thunder Dream Beast!

Zhan Ye ignored the technique the Terror Wolf used, as its ink armor spikes would regardlessly pierce its body!!

This time, Zhan Ye successfully managed to pour the dark corrosion ability into the powerful soul pet’s body which weakened its defense!



Suddenly, a bone chilling noise rang out as the rows of hunting teeth from Vicious Devour descended!

Zhan Ye’s flesh was split open and the terrifying hunting teeth bit down and broke the bones in the lower half of its body!!

Flesh flew everywhere and blood dripped onto the ground. Then the ghastly sight of broken limbs and bones began to dangle in the violent wind...

One third of its body had been gnawed off. This both reflected a shocking bite strength as well as an image filled with blood!

“Hou hou!!!!!”

Zhan Ye could finally no longer hold back the enormous pain, and let out a loud and mad roar.

“Mo Xie!” Chu Mu’s body trembled. The enormous pain seemed to be on his own body, making the area of his body below his thigh convulse.

“Wu wu wu~~~~”

Realizing that Zhan Ye’s life was in danger, Mo Xie didn’t dare hesitate and its nine tails tethered up the ninth phase Terror Wolf!

Nine Tail Hammer

The force of the nine tails erupted and lifted the ninth phase Terror Wolf up before fiercely smashing it at the ground. A huge hole was created in the ground!

Chu Mu didn’t hold any reservations and directly used Displacement Specter, hastily appearing beside the mortally wounded Zhan Ye. He used a 5 million gold coin medicine on Zhan Ye.

The area below Zhan Ye’s butt had disappeared, and the miserable scene of carnage made Chu Mu’s heart wrench with pain. He was a bit regretful of having rashly engaged the ninth phase Terror Wolf in a fight.

The rebirth insect fluid seeped out of Zhan Ye’s broken areas. This time, the speed of Zhan Ye’s rebirth wasn’t as fast as before as the bones, flesh, skin and armor all had to be reconstructed.

“Mo Xie, Ning, deal with it for three seconds!” Chu Mu knew that Zhan Ye needed at least three seconds to complete the Broken Limb Rebirth this time. If he couldn’t get those three seconds, his life would probably subsequently be in danger.

“Wu wu wu wu~~~~~”

The Five Fox Phantom was used once again and Mo Xie squared off directly against the Terror Wolf. Each time, Mo Xie would narrowly escape from the Terror Wolf’s death rending claws, causing fear to well up in one’s heart.

Mo Xie proved to be a soul pet with the most abundant fighting experience. Relying on her powerful dodging abilities and the Nine Tail Confuse psychedelic technique, Mo Xie was able to delay these three fatal seconds with only the cost of a few no too serious wounds.

“Hou hou hou!!!!!!”

Three seconds later, Zhan Ye finally completed Broken Limb Rebirth!

“Seventh phase eighth stage!!’ when Zhan Ye let out a roar, Chu Mu felt that its stage had rise. The mortal wound this time had unexpectedly allowed Zhan Ye’s stage to rise by two!

“Mo Xie, retreat.”

Mo Xie had already done very well and the rest would be left to Zhan Ye which strength had just increased!

“Wu wu wu~~~~~~~” Mo Xie used Nine Tail Confuse and quickly escaped the Terror Wolf’s pursuit. Seeing Chu Mu throw an eighth level healing medicine at her, she rapidly swallowed it, preventing the ceaseless flow of blood from her wounds.

“Hou hou hou hou!!!!!!”

The fires of war burned even more vigorously. Even with the ink armor spikes that could ignore defenses, Zhan Ye’s attack this time hit even harder with at least two ink armor spikes piercing the Terror Wolf’s body. The dark poison corroded its skin!

Zhan Ye made the Terror Wolf both shocked and angry once again. This time, it seemed to have decided to kill Zhan Ye right there, as it completely ignored Mo Xie and the Ice Air Fairy’s fire and ice attacks. Instead, it ruthlessly charged at Zhan Ye.

Zhan Ye’s strength had increased to the seventh phase eighth stage and including the life force six times average, although its defense was slightly lower, its ability to defend against attacks had completely surpassed the White Nightmare. Unless the Terror Wolf stored its strength for two seconds before releasing it, it wouldn’t be able to instantly kill Zhan Ye.

Moreover, Chu Mu absolutely would not give the Terror Wolf the two seconds it needed. In the following amount of time, he only had to exhaust the Terror Wolf until its Bloodthirsty Berserk Transformation ended and the fight would reach and end!


“Broken Limb Rebirth!”

Finally, when Zhan Ye used its sixth Broken Limb Rebirth, the Terror Wolf had reached a clearly weakened state. The violent ruthless arua on its body was slowly subsiding!

Chu Mu had been waiting for this moment!

“Mo Xie, return. Devil Tree Battle Soldier, consume it!” Chu Mu decisively recalled Mo Xie back to her soul pet space and summoned the Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

Chu Mu didn’t summon it before hand because although its techniques were many and were very effective at restricting beast type soul pets, the Terror Wolf’s speed was too fast. Including its imposing claws, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s attacks became mere decoration. Due to its slow speed, there was a high chance it would be instantly mortally wounded right after being summoned.

Yet right now, the Terror Wolf’s speed had been severely reduced to the the Bloodthirsty Berserk Transformation’s side effect, and its exhausted life force. Its defense had also been corroded by Zhan Ye’s ink armor spikes.

At this moment, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s multiple techniques could both slowly exhaust the Terror Wolf while also prevent it from fleeing.

“Very good, just like this. Don’t be impatient. The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s destructive power isn’t as strong as Mo Xie’s, but summoning it at this moment is very smart. It is very good at exhausting this Terror Wolf growing weaker and weaker until its death. A very experienced move!” praised Old Li.

Many young soul pet trainers, when the situation of the fight was in their favor, would be unable to contain the impatience suppressed in their heart and hastily launch quick attacks.

These types of crazy attacks would perhaps end the fight quickly, but they were also just as dangerous because the creature could be faking its state or perhaps it was preserving its strength. One careless mistake and the soul pet trainer would be dealt a perishing blow.

Chu Mu was truly experienced when it came to this aspect. When he clearly knew he had the advantage, he wouldn’t let the excitement of winning get to his head. Instead, he chose to have the Devil Tree Battle Soldier fight the last battle to guarantee that this creature wouldn’t have the opportunity to flee or retaliate!

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