Book 2 Chapter 332 - Bloodthirsty Rage, Time of the Grim Reaper

Chapter 332: Bloodthirsty Rage, Time of the Grim Reaper


Mo Xie let out a long howl, suddenly speeding up.

In the process of accelerating, Mo Xie’s silver body glowed with a silver light. Between this blinking, Mo Xie’s body became fuzzy, and she quickly split into five nine tail inferno fox shadows! 

Five inferno foxes locked onto the ninth phase Terror Wolf. Their forty five silver and majestic tails started dancing, each chasing the ninth phase Terror Wolf!

The ninth phase Terror Wolf quickly realized the power of Mo Xie’s eighth rank technique and started to run away quickly, trying to dodge Mo Xie’s momentous attack.

The dozens of silver tails danced and took up the entire space, completely transforming into Mo Xie’s Nine Tail Inferno Fox territory. Even if the ninth phase Terror Wolf was very quick, it still couldn’t escape the chase of the forty five fox tails, finally still being locked in by the forty five long tails!

Moon-like silver blinked, as the forty five silver tails became silver quality chains. As the five inferno fox shadows ran towards different directions, these silver chains locked up tightly!

“Beng!!!! Beng!!!! Beng!!!!”

The sound of bone being pulled powerfully emanated. The ninth phase Terror Wolf was like an angry sealed prisoner, as it lifted its head and let out a heart-stopping roar!!

“White Nightmare, Obliterating Heart!” With this opportunity, Chu Mu must give this ninth phase Terror Wolf a deadly hit!

Devil flames popped up on the White Nightmare’s body, burning its devil body clean.

The next second, beside the ninth phase Terror Wolf’s body, white devil flames started burning. The evil devil that controlled Other type energy appeared like a death reaper. The lethal devil claw extended right into the ninth phase Terror Wolf’s body, threatening to crush its heart crystal !


Ninth phase Terror Wolf again let out another angry roar. Its four limbs grabbed the ground and, with its powerful beast type energy,forcefully broke Mo Xie’s forty five silver tail chains!

“Pa!!! Pa!!!! Pa!!!!!”

The terror wolf’s muscle power was simply too much stronger than Mo Xie. Though forty five tails were very tough, they still couldn’t truly break the Terror Wolf’s bones, instead causing the tails to start snapping.


One of the five Inferno Fox Shadows were real. After ten tails were forcefully broken, Mo Xie quickly retracted her tails…...

Without Mo Xie’s bind, the Terror Wolf’s head turned around, and stared icily at the White Nightmare about to use its Obliterating Heart!

The White Nightmare’s Obliterating Heart needed time to recover. Yet, the Terror Wolf didn’t give it the chance, heavily slamming its forelimbs against the ground!

Shattering Stamp!!

The Terror Wolf’s Shattering Stamp technique power was more than ten times Zhan Ye’s. When its wolf claw brought crazed beast power onto the ground, the entire ground let out a groan.


Next moment, a huge roar sounded!

Everything within fifty meters was stamped to pieces by the terrifying organism, causing cracks to spread even further!

The White Nightmare’s Obliterating Heart wasn’t successful, instead getting thrown away hard, darkening the devil flames on its body…...

Chu Mu’s heart sank. This powerful stamp gave White Nightmare quite some damage. If the White Nightmare lost its fighting strength, without any soul pet to face the ninth phase Terror Wolf alone, Chu Mu would have to run away at once.

“Nie!!! Nie!!!!!!!!!!”

Hundred meters away, the White Nightmare slowly stood up. After the intermediate rank white demonic devil flame on its body weakened, it started burning brightly again. An icy cold resentment started emanating to its surroundings!

Resentment Gathering!

White Nightmare had lost some fighting strength after it was hurt, but it quickly recovered some using Resentment Gathering. As long as it can keep its fighting strength, then they still had a chance to win!

Chu Mu knew the white devil had been provoked already. Such a stubborn fellow could never allow others to be more powerful than it. Such small impedances would definitely not make this middle class monarch rank back off!

The White Nightmare casted Devil Phantom, and rolled with white devil flames as it again approached the ninth phase Terror Wolf head on.

The ninth phase Terror Wolf had just sustained the Mo Xie’s Five Night Inferno Fox technique, so its bones were definitely hurt. Chu Mu had to seize this opportunity to give the Terror Wolf a truly threatening wound.

“Ning!” A soul pact sounded and Chu Mu retracted his Night Thunder Dream Beast back into his soul pet space, summoning his ice air fairy in front of him instead.

“Ice Air Dance!” Chu Mu commanded.


Ice Air Fairy appeared and quickly went into the fight. Light blue ice crystals emanated in the air. As the Ice Air Fairy controlled the ice type, it quickly froze near the ninth phase Terror Wolf’s surroundings, causing the entire ground to become icy and giving some obstruction to the ninth phase Terror Wolf.

The ninth phase Terror Wolf already had a very high intelligence. Feeling the nearby surroundings become cold, its eyes quickly locked onto the Ning who was constantly casting ice type technique.


This Terror Wolf’s fighting experience was very rich. Realizing that elemental soul pets have powerful destructive capabilities, it immediately gave up fighting Mo Xie and White Nightmare in front of it and ran straight towards the Ice Air Fairy!

“Ning, Freeze!”


Ice Air Fairy’s translucent body started spinning in place. At its span, with it as center, towering ice ice crystals started covering everything, causing the surroundings to completely freeze over!

Soon after, the Ice Air Fairy’s surrounding sixty meters had all become towering ice. Ground, rock, sand, it was like a massive white painting.

Yet, the power of freeze still couldn’t stop the mad ninth phase Terror Wolf.

It ran crazily and quickly, directly shattering the ice freezing energy, its scary claws powdering a huge chunk of towering ice…...


Facing the ninth phase Terror Wolf’s assault, the Ice Air Fairy showed unprecedented calmness.

Almost without casting any incantation, wall after wall of ice stood up within the white area. Within the ice walls, there was also a strange light type reflection…...

Chu Mu quickly realized what technique the Ice Air Fairy was going to use. Since all of the Terror Wolf’s attention was on the Ice Air Fairy, it was a chance for Mo Xie and White Nightmare to channel their techniques!

“Mo Xie, Royal Flame Heavenly Flame Rite!”

“White Nightmare, White Demonic Heavenly Flame Rite!”

Chu Mu told his two most powerful soul pets.

“Nie~~~~~~~~~” White Nightmare’s body suddenly started burning greatly, and cold devil flame aura went rampant!

“Wu~~~~~~~~” Mo Xie’s double royal flame equally started burning. Different textured and colored flames intersected, sending heat everywhere!

“Heavenly Flame Rite!” Chu Mu similarly cast his incantation as an even scarier white demonic devil flame started burning on his body!

In the muddy skies, three separate light beams fell, attacking exactly where the Ice Air Fairy’s location!

The Terror Wolf ran around crazily, completely acting as if it wanted to give the weak Ice Air Fairy a deadly blow. However, when this sly organism neared ten meters from the Ice Air Fairy, its plain-trained eyes quickly noticed the strangeness in the Ice Air Fairy, as if the body wasn’t real…...

The Terror Wolf suddenly lifted its head just to see three massive flame beams fall from the skies!

This crafty beast had realized its danger!

It actually forcefully shifted its momentum to give up its attack on the Ice Air Fairy and instead run towards another direction, wanting to get out of the range of this powerful attack!


Three techniques added together and finally fell to the ground. Immediately, the entire ground sank down. The Terror Wolf could no longer dodge the massive effect of the technique, falling along with the ground!


Like a dragon roar, from under the ground came three flame dragons curled in their flaming forms, sweeping past hundreds of meters and flying up along the straight light beam!

The white flame dragon was the most powerful of the three. When the painful burning energy entered the Terror Wolf’s soul, it caused the greatest amount of harm.

Secondarily, the red blood flames and the blood like dragon flew through the flames and through the Terror Wolf’s body, burning its blood.

Finally, the crimson dragon, which burned the Terror Wolf’s body directly with its high temperature evil flames!

Chu Mu’s most powerful technique, combining three different flames, should definitely have reached ninth rank. Such a ninth rank fire type technique was something even the ninth phase Terror Wolf couldn’t stand.

“Ughwuu~~~~~~~ Ughwuuu~~~~~~~~~~”

From the center of the three sky fire dragons came the painful howls of the ninth phase Terror Wolf. Being burnt by the Heavenly Flame Rites, the Terror Wolf’s strength would definitely fall at least 20%.

“Young master, the Terror Wolf has Bloodthirsty Berserk Transformation. You have hurt it to lower its fighting strength, but it could definitely use it to regain strength. Its fighting strength could very likely reach 120%. However, as long as young master can survive past this transformation, this terror wolf will be young masters.” Old Li said.

Indeed, an angry Terror Wolf wasn’t so easily killed!

When the Heavenly Flame Rite disappeared, the Terror Wolf’s deep eyes completely glazed over with a blood red, causing the ninth phase Terror Wolf to become even scarier!


The Terror Wolf in that instant completely disappeared. This time, Chu Mu actually couldn’t guess the organism’s movements!

Chu Mu’s heart tightened. Just as his soul remembrance had captured this cruel organism, it had already appeared in front of the White Nightmare!


The dozen claws had been casted within two seconds. The White Nightmare had no chance to dodge before its body was ripped with many black marks. The majority of its white demonic devil flames actually went out!

The White Nightmare’s defense in front of this Bloodthirsty Berserker Transformation Terror Wolf was useless. Just as the White Nightmare was about to become a pile of faint white devil flames, the Ice Air Fairy and Mo Xie’s techniques finally had a way to settle and save the continuously attacked White Nightmare. Yet, as long as the third claw fell upon the White Nightmare, its flames soul would definitely disappear permanently.

“White Nightmare, come back.” Chu Mu didn’t dare to hesitate, calling the white devil back into its space.

“Zhan Ye!!” Chu Mu quickly summoned Zhan Ye.

Now, perhaps only the strongest life force and the Broken Limb Rebirth Zhan Ye could wait out this Terror Wolf’s Bloodthirsty Berserker Transformation!

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