Book 2 Chapter 331- Scary Battle Surpassing Ranks

Chapter 331: Scary Battle Surpassing Ranks

Ninth phase middle stage Terror Wolf. A normal technique was already nearly ninth rank in power. If it charged up, it would definitely reach a true ninth rank power.

Of all of Chu Mu’s soul pets, only the white devil could possibly withstand a ninth rank power. All the other soul pets will definitely die if hit directly with a ninth level technique.

So, Chu Mu had to be extremely careful in this battle! He had to make sure his soul pets weren’t directly hit by a charged attack from the ninth phase middle stage Fear Wolves.


White devil started off the fight. The body full of intermediate rank White Demonic Devil Flame slowly floated upwards, strangely floating between the broken walls and waved its burning arms!

“Ground Fiend Devil Flame!” 

Chu Mu first let White Nightmare attack the ninth phase Terror Wolf!

White and cold aura devil flames appeared from down upwards, rushing up the twenty meter high cliff face like a tide hitting the shore, setting off splashes that completely devoured the cliff.

The ninth phase Terror Wolf had already noticed the White Nightmare approaching. Those arrogant eyes looked down apathetically at the spreading of Ground Fiend Devil Flame…...

The Ninth phase Terror Wolf was waiting for the technique to come. Only when the technique could cause a threat to him did he casually extend its massive wolf body and jump up, dodging the Ground Fiend Devil Flames.

The blue furred Terror Wolf stood in the wasteland ground, its eyes already completely locked onto the aggravating white nightmare. It didn’t hurry to attack it. It only kept around 50 meters of distance and stared at this weak enemy like a lone wolf, signalling for it to scurry out of its territory.

“Mo Xie, Night, keep your distance with this fellow!” Chu Mu knew the White Nightmare wasn’t match for this ninth phase Terror Wolf, so when the battle was about to start, he decisively let everyone enter their battle phases.

Mo Xie, White Nightmare, and Night were the three fastest soul pets of Chu Mu. letting them fight the Fear Wolf was an intentional move. At least, they could to a certain degree dodge the Terror Wolf’s attacks. For the other soul pets, they may not even be able to hit this similarly speedy organism.

Red and blood crimson, devil flame and royal flame burned at the same time. The pitiful appearance Mo Xie started blazing with flames that quickly split into nine. WHen the nine flames darted upwards at once, Mo Xie’s body started to change. The tiny body morphed into a Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox full of nobility and power!

Mo Xie’s body was approximately two meters in lenth, yet its nine tails were full of imposing aura. As gales blew past, the nine silver tails perfectly displayed the unparalleled nature of a generation of Fox Monarchs!

No matter where the Night Thunder Dream Beast ran, it was always full of agility and demonic prowess. Its quality was similar to the Terror Wolf, both arrogant beasts that wandered desolate plains under the moon. However, the Night Thunder Dream Beast lacked some of the Terror Wolf’s cruelty and malevolence, instead gaining wiseness and calm.



The ninth phase Terror Wolf’s arrogant eyes slowly let out an angry glint. Its sharp claws buried into the cracked ground, soundlessly leaving four deep gouge marks.


Finally, the Terror Wolf attacked!

Its speed was very quick, even faster than Mo Xie casting Instant Assault. As a third remembrance soul master, he actually couldn’t track it perfectly anymore!

“Attacking who? Attacking who?”

Chu Mu gathered his mental strength. He has to make a judgement on which soul pet the Terror Wolf will attack before it appears.

Within the yellow sand, a strange silhouette dashed towards Mo Xie’s location. Finally, Chu Mu had captured the Terror Wolf’s movements at this key moment, immediately sending a command to Mo Xie.

“Mo Xie, Nine Tail Confuse!”

Mo Xie felt this ninth phase Terror Wolf near and its nine silver tails started rolling like a cloud, hiding its body within the confusing fox tails…...

Indeed, the ninth phase Terror Wolf appeared. Its deep blue and sturdy body appeared beside Mo Xie’s body. Fifty centimeters of sharp claws suddenly flitted across Mo Xie’s tails!!

Steely green glint criss crossed. The attack range was almost thirty meters long. A dart of silver fur flew upwards, along with it a sliver of crimson blood!

The first hit had already hurt Mo Xie!

Mo Xie’s Nine Tail Confuse could only dodge around thirty meters. This attack had ripped right past Mo Xie’s tails. Even if Mo Xie had already switched locations, two of her tails were still marked, sending blood flying!

“Such a scary attack!” Chu Mu sucked a breath in.

Mo Xie was the best at dodging in all of Chu Mu’s soul pets. Once she casted Nine Tail Confuse, the opponent could almost never even touch a single hair of hers. Yet, even after Chu Mu had guessed the Terror Wolf’s attack and let Mo Xie dodge preemptively, Mo Xie was still hurt by this powerful Terror Wolf.

“Your awareness is very on point, but your soul pets’ speeds are limited. It’s still an issue of power…...young master, be careful of following techniques!!” Old Li suddenly shouted.

With Old Li’s reminder, Chu Mu’s heart suddenly skipped a beat!

Indeed, the Terror Wolf’s attack didn’t finish. After the Terror Wolf finished its claw attack, it lifted its head up in place and let out a howl!


A wild beast aura swept over the ninth phase Terror Wolf like wind, invisibly making the Terror Wolf’s body feel even bigger!


Wolf howl sounded again. The ninth phase Terror Wolf that was covered in the aura suddenly dissipated!

A strange wind approached, spreading a thick beast type aura throughout a hundred meter radius. A dozen black wolf shadows darted out, full of viciousness, attacking Mo Xie, Ye, and White Nightmare simultaneously!!

The dozen wolf shadows flew without pattern. Everywhere they went, they would undoubtedly leave a sharp claw mark. Immediately, everything within a hundred meters became the territory of detruction for these wolf shadows. The ground, rocks, cliffs, wood…...ripping, shattering, shredding!

Facing such a powerful technique, Chu Mu could no longer make any conscious judgement, and was only able to ride Night Thunder Dream Beast as they dodged within the shadows of the flying sands.

A cold glint passed by Chu Mu and the Night Thunder Dream Beast. The Night Thunder Dream Beast had already cast Night Dance, yet its body was still marked by many deep gouges, sending blood out constantly…...

Chu Mu had already cast an incantation to cover himself and Night Thunder Dream Beast with Natural Wood Armor, except this type of defense couldn’t possibly truly stop a ninth phase Terror Wolf’s attacks. Even Chu Mu had a few bloody marks on himself.

With Chu MU and Night Thunder Dream Beast hurt, Mo Xie and White Nightmare couldn’t stay unscathed either.

Blood flew out of Chu Mu and his soul pets like running water. The taste of blood immediately scattered into the air, adding a feeling of a death threat.

Ninth phase Terror Wolf’s technique had blood rending effects. Chu Mu, Night, and Mo Xie’s blood vessels were all ripped. Chu Mu had to quickly stop their wounds from bleeding or else their life force would run dry quickly from the blood, causing them to lose fighting strength!

At this time, Chu Mu didn’t want to save his medicine. The 500,000 gold healing medicine he decisively gave to himself and the Night Thunder Dream Beast.

The best thing about eighth rank wound healing medicines are that they can be used during battle. The medicine, after directly ingesting, could automatically seek out wounds on humans and soul pets alike and heal the region.

500,000 gold was enough to buy a commander rank soul pet. But, in such a dangerous battle, a soul master wouldn’t mind such expenses.

“Night, Dream Shatter - Nightmare Ascends!”


The Night Thunder Dream Beast’s dream horn glinted with a special dark light. This light was like an invisible ripple that spread from the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s horn towards the Ninth phase Terror Wolf’s attacking realm.

When the Nightmare Ascends completely reached the Terror Wolf’s attack realm, the violence finally showed signs of stopping!

The dozen scary shadows slowly became beast type aura that disappeared with the wind. The Ninth Phase Terror Wolf’s true body also slowly showed within the center.

“Night, continue to control!”

Chu Mu saw the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s technique succeed, and he immediately jumped off of the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s body, letting Night Thunder Dream Beast use its demon techniques to control the ninth phase Terror Wolf.

“You have to last two seconds!” Chu Mu said to it.

“Hui~~~~~~~~” Night Thunder Dream Beast knew this was key. Jumping forward, it risked itself as it went nearer to the ninth phase Terror Wolf.

Demon mental techniques were more powerful the closer they were. The Night Thunder Dream Beast’s phase and stage were too much lower. Its Nightmare Ascends could at most stop the Terror Wolf for a second. The other second must happen through a different technique, and it had to succeed.

Night Thunder Dream Beast cast Extreme Speed and flew past the Ninth Phase Terror Wolf’s face. Tired Dream, which can stimulate opponents’ mind, was cast!


It failed, the Tired Dream technique clearly didn’t succeed.

The Terror Wolf let out an angry roar, directly dealing an attack towards the Night Thunder Dream Beast!!

The Terror Wolf’s body suddenly disappeared. The next moment, a huge row of large white teeth appeared aside Night Thunder Dream Beast. These cold glinting teeth were enough to rip the Night Thunder Dream Beast in half!

Absolutely nearly ninth rank technique. Once hit, the Night Thunder Dream Beast was dead for sure!

“Shadow, Night Dance!!” Chu Mu said fearfully.

Night Thunder Dream Beast scurried hurriedly into the shadow.


The huge maw still bit down! An eye shocking red sprayed out again. Though the Night Thunder Dream Beast had already dodged, a huge spray of blood still flew out from its body…...

At this moment, Chu Mu could clearly feel the Night Thunder Dream Beast losing its life swiftly and weakened!

Night Thunder Dream Beast was heavily wounded!

Chu Mu himself felt his cold sweat dripping down in torrents. If not for his mental strength constantly keeping track of the shadows, that attack alone would have instantly killed Night Thunder Dream Beast!!

Chu Mu didn’t dare to lose focus at all. Two seconds have already been gained. Chu Mu used a shaky voice as he commanded Mo Xie, “Mo Xie, Five Night Inferno Fox Diagram!”

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