Chapter 330 - Nearing the Perfect Phase and Stage, Ninth Phase Terror Wolf

Chapter 330: Nearing the Perfect Phase and Stage, Ninth Phase Terror Wolf

Powerful soul pets all had their own territories which were sometimes were divided by clear dividing lines. Outside of these clear dividing lines was a peaceful and quiet world, but inside these lines, danger was everywhere and it was an environment fraught with death.

At the moment, what lay in front of Chu Mu’s eyes in this extremely narrow and long valley was the clear boundary marking of a territory!

Chu Mu was standing in a seventh rank bewildering world, but the moment he crossed this narrow valley and stepped onto the flat desolate plain, he would begin to face soul pets stronger than his by a level. Although there was a certain probability he would encounter these creatures in a seventh rank bewildering world, in an eighth rank bewildering world, practically every one of the creatures he encountered would have been a leader of soul pets in a seventh rank bewildering world!

Chu Mu was able to wander the seventh rank bewildering world because the fighting strength ranks of his soul pet had all reached the monarch rank. Despite this, Chu Mu wasn’t able to do make whatever rash action he wanted in the seventh rank bewildering world because if even a little bit inattentive, there would be a life threatening danger.

With Chu Mu’s current strength, training alone in a seventh rank bewildering world was already a challenge. As for an eighth rank bewildering world, he would truly step into a zone of death!

Having been influenced by the tenth rank bewildering world, Folding Skies, Chu Mu felt that en route to Tianxia City, staying only in the seventh rank bewildering world would require at least nine months to raise the strength of his soul pets by a level!

However, in the Battle of the Realm, there would be tenth phase commanders and ninth phase low class monarchs. Thus, he would still be a level lower than them and he could further only triple summon.

Chu Mu was unresigned to continue like this! He had to surpass himself! Therefore, no matter what, he had to step into an eighth rank bewildering world ahead of what he had originally planned!


“Young master, you can walk in a little bit to test it out. I think that it won’t be very long before you come back from you own volition.” said Old Li in a low voice.

Chu Mu was still determined. No matter what, he couldn’t retreat. Promptly, he summoned his Night Thunder Dream Beast.

“Step over to that side, the sun is just about to rise.” said Chu Mu.

The dark clouds hung over the long valley. As the clouds slowly disappeared, the sun began to break up the shadows...


The Night Thunder Dream Beast let out a whiny and leapt up into the air, gracefully jumping into the deep valley.

Without wings, the Night Thunder Dream Beast would make people think that it would fall right to the bottom of the valley the moment it leapt into the air. However, it began to lightly step onto the dark layer of clouds. Its graceful body, after stepping into the air, gave people a feeling of beauty and spiritual grace, almost as if it was flying...

When the sunlight shone down on the valley, the Night Thunder Dream Beast stably landed on the other side of the valley.

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~~”

Chu Mu was met with a barren wind that swept sand and dirt into his clothes that caused his body to sway.

The biting cold and irascible barren wind was like the guardian of a territory. It tyrannically pushed out people from here and when it found that the intruders were not leaving, it would contemptuously and mockingly linger around beside the person...

“Eighth rank bewildering world…” Chu Mu took a deep breath of turbid air.

Chu Mu had been in an eighth rank bewildering world before and even lived for a very long time in one. Back then, he was nothing more than an insignificant person searching for survival. He could only hide in the most lowly places in the eighth rank bewildering world and tread with careful attention around the eighth rank bewildering world’s creatures. He would hardly ever near a soul pet that would live in the eighth rank bewildering world... 

But right now, Chu Mu could finally face the creatures that made him tremble with fear back then on Prison Island’s bewildering world!

“Mo Xie!” Chu Mu knew that if he were to continue having reservations in this kind of environment, he would definitely die. Thus, he decisively summoned Mo Xie in front of him.

“White Nightmare!”

A white devil flame sprung up beside Chu Mu and gradually began to burn his body.

When Chu Mu took a step back, the flames continued to burn in the shape of Chu Mu, slowly transforming into a Chu Mu devil flame figure that chillingly and demonically stood there.

Although the White Nightmare would sometimes not listen, it had the superior species rank and had always been Chu Mu’s strongest fighting strength soul pet.

There was an extremely large difference between a middle class and low class monarch. A seventh phase ninth stage middle class monarch could directly face off against an eight phase low stage low class monarch. Therefore, the main fighting force this time in the eighth rank territories would be the White Nightmare!

“Night, take note of the surrounding environment.” Chu Mu said to the Night Thunder Dream Beast.

Chu Mu also perpetually kept his soul remembrance released to detect the state of the surrounding two hundred meters.

This was a barren plain and as far as he could see, it was bleak and dark.

Withered trees cracked and swayed in the wind, broken pieces of rampart corroded off were swept into the horizon… a creature lying on the broken wall roared into the wind!

“It’s a Terror Wolf, young master needs to maintain a certain distance away. I’ll see what phase and stage it is.” Old Li responded very fast.

In the turbid and vast horizon, the azure wolf lay alone in the violent wind on the broken wall. Its majestic fur fluttered wildly in the wind!

It seemed to be in deep thought, waiting for prey to walk across its field of vision. It seemed to be lying there in full majesty, it’s untamed and indifferent aura gave Chu Mu a completely different feeling from those unmature Terror Wolves he had seen before. It’s ice cold aura of a wasteland hunter was virtually emitted!

“Young master… this is Terror Wolf that hasn’t been strengthened. It’s a high class commander, eh… it hasn’t reached the tenth phase, but it’s not far. It should probably be ninth phase middle or high stage… young master… we should probably go around…” whispered Old Li.

Chu Mu was silently shocked. The eighth rank bewildering world is indeed terrifying. He had just entered, but had already encountered a high class commander very near the tenth phase!

Chu Mu stared at the commander near the tenth phase. As he was in his shock, suddenly, an enchanting brown lustre flickered on the wind corroded broken wall on the Terror Wolf’s back!! 

A brown lustre reflected from the sunlight. Chu Mu was extremely familiar with this light as it was the same light coming from a soul crystal.

A rock type elemental crystal! Moreover, it definitely couldn’t be just a seventh level elemental crystal because the halo it emitted wouldn’t travel so far!

“An eighth level elemental crystal!” Chu Mu’s heart violently beat.

In a seventh rank bewildering world, Chu Mu had to spend at least half a month to encounter such a spirit item of value. However, in this eighth rank bewildering world, it seemed to be visible everywhere as he encountered it not long after walking in!

An eighth rank elemental crystal price was the same with an eighth rank soul crystal which was approximately 15 to 30 million!

As long as he could kill this Terror Wolf, he would be able to reap such a generous reward. If things continued like this, wouldn’t he be able to accumulate 400 million in one month to increase all of his soul pets?!

He could attain nine months worth of work in one month! Chu Mu’s heart was moved and he was even sure of his choice of stepping into the eighth rank bewildering world!

“Young master. It’s a ninth phase middle stage Terror Wolf that hasn’t been strengthened. Are you sure want to fight it…” whispered Old Li.

“Could it be that you didn’t see the eighth level elemental crystal?” said Chu Mu.

Something worth about 20 million was just in front of him. Back then he had spent a week in Dun City’s annual competition just to obtain 30 million.

As long as he could get rid of the wolf or make it run away, he would be able to obtain the eighth level elemental crystal. The temptation was too great!

“Although things like this aren’t everywhere in an eighth rank bewildering world, it’s not too hard to find. Your White Nightmare is a middle class monarch and it shouldn’t be a problem to deal with a commander at or under the ninth phase, but dealing with a ninth phase middle stage high class commander is too difficult. I feel that you need to have three eighth phase low class monarchs in order to beat it.” said Old Li.

Chu Mu ignored Old Li as everytime, the only thing he wanted was safety.

Only if Chu Mu was safe could he hand him back to Her Majesty. However, if things continued like this, Chu Mu would never be able to become an expert that stood above others.

Just like Old Li had said before, the moment he entered a ground where experts were as many as the clouds like Tianxia City, his vision would become even more wide. Only by doing so would he realize that there was an even stronger group of people standing in front of him. If he didn’t incite his own potential by challenging his limits, how could he surpass this group?

A fortuitous encounter was something that occurred every one in ten thousand times, but there were an innumerable number of soul pet trainers. There would always be several young generation soul pet trainers that had luck that would make the others of eyes red. Chu Mu was already certain that there were other people of his age that could traverse seventh rank bewildering worlds and the most immediate example that came up was the new Hunting King - Luo Peng.

But right now, if all of these people that ceaselessly challenged their limits and were lucky were gathered together, there would definitely be people stronger than Luo Peng. Thus compared to them, wasn’t Chu Mu just average?

As such, Chu Mu had to surpass his limits!

Only by entering the eighth rank bewildering world that other people didn’t dare enter and only by facing creatures even his three strongest soul pets together couldn’t defeat could he have a chance of surpassing these experts that had their own fortuitous encounters!!


Chu Mu could summon three soul pets to fight and the coordination between the three soul pets could make up for a slight difference in strength. Soul pets could also counter others through attribute and further, as long as he had soul power, he would be able to swap them in and out...

With the advantage in number, ceaseless changing in fighting tactics, definite countering through attributes as well as Chu Mu could use soul techniques, even if there was a certain gap in strength, as long as he utilized it well, he had a definite chance of defeating the ninth phase Terror Wolf!

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