Book 2 Chapter 33 - Abandoned Soul Pet

Chapter 33: Abandoned Soul Pet

Chu Mu did not expect for this obstinate and small Mo Ye to have such a will to fight. From this small fellow’s pitch-black pupils, Chu Mu could see its unreconciled and arrogant pride. Furthermore, Chu Mu could feel an even deeper story behind its arrogance.

“Hou Hou!!”

The obstinate Mo Ye’s build was much smaller than the third phase ninth stage Mo Ye. Very quickly, the ninth stage Mo Ye performed Shattering Claw, and ferociously smashed the obstinately small Mo Ye’s armor!

The Mo Ye tumbled on the ground, and it smashed into a tree before quickly standing up. Regardless of the blood being shed, its two black eyes were still ignited with a flourishing fighting spirit!!

The haughty first-rate Mo Ye used an indignant and contemptuous gaze, as it looked down upon the extremely small Mo Ye. It produced an angry hiss from its mouth!

Mo Yes were a high ranking species of soul pets, and they possessed a certain amount of intelligence. Fighting other members of their species was common, and the stronger Mo Ye would always be more arrogant.

The first-rate Mo Ye had already reached the third phase ninth stage. No matter if it was phase, stage, or innate talent, it was much superior to the third phase fifth stage obstinately small Mo Ye.


It was the sixth time the obstinate Mo Ye was knocked flying by the first-rate Mo Ye’s Death Ray.

After the first-rate Mo Ye obtained the advantage, it immediately roared at the obstinately small Mo Ye. In a contemptuous manner, it abruptly pounced onto the obstinate Mo Ye. Its front limbs resolutely trampled on the obstinate Mo Ye’s head. After kicking it a few times, the Mo Ye’s skull was splintered!

Although the obstinately small Mo Ye had reached the third phase fifth stage, its beast type talent was too weak. It wasn’t much different from a second phase Mo Ye. On the other hand, the first-rate Mo Ye’s build was comparable to a normal fourth phase Mo Ye. Under such an evident disparity, how could the obstinate small Mo Ye be that robust fellow’s opponent?!

Fresh blood was already flowing, and the small Mo Ye’s head had been somewhat beaten down. To the side, Qin Menger watched on while nearly biting through her lip. If she didn’t know that this small fellow possessed an extremely tenacious life force, she would have already intervened.

Finally, the first-rate Mo Ye stopped its attacks. It looked at the ostensibly and half-dead small Mo Ye before revealing a contemptuous expression. It began to slowly walk away, planning to leave.

The first-rate Mo Ye’s gaze immediately swept over Chu Mu and Qin Menger watching the battle from the side. It seemed to know that these two humans were powerful, and it didn’t dare to get near...


Suddenly, the obstinately small Mo Ye lying on the ground let out a roar. Its two black eyes glared at the first-rate Mo Ye attempting to leave, and it once again produced a provocation!

The first-rate Mo Ye turned around. It seemed to be surprised that the weak thing still had the strength to roar, as a Death Ray condensed in its throat before shooting out towards the obstinately small Mo Ye!

This obstinately small Mo Ye curled its body up to protect its vitals.

The force of the Death Ray instantly exploded onto its body. Dust flew into the air, and the small Mo Ye was knocked back a few meters again. Its body was full of bloodstains, and there didn’t seem to be an intact piece of ink armor anywhere.

The first-rate Mo Ye was aware that the small weak thing would only stop fighting after death. It had already decided to kill the small Mo Ye and quickened its speed, performing Death Assault!!

Shattering Claw!!

This time, the first-rate Mo Ye’s shattering claw impressively struck towards the obstinately small Mo Ye’s skull. It wanted to give the Mo Ye a fatal strike!

Chu Mu creased his eyebrows, not wanting to see such a unique small fellow die like this. He began chanting an incantation, and planned on giving the obstinate small Mo Ye a Wind Dragon Bind.

However, Chu Mu’s incantation came to an abrupt halt halfway!

At this moment, Chu Mu saw a pair of black eyes ignited with incomparably vigorous fighting spirit, as if the fight had just started!

“Hou!!” The obstinately small Mo Ye abruptly let out a roar that caused its skull to fracture again!

This weak small fellow then got up and used its body to withstand the first-rate Mo Ye’s Shattering Claw!!


Shattering Claw shattered the remaining ink armor left on the small Mo Ye; however, at this instant, the small Mo Ye’s claws also flickered with a dark light!

Shattering Claw!!

An identical Shattering Claw. The obstinately small Mo Ye had determinedly defended the attack and, despite the opponent’s claw entering its internal organs, it resolutely swept its claws back towards the first-rate Mo Ye’s head!!


The ink colored armor shattered, and fresh blood splattered outwards. The first-rate Mo Ye’s head was bent at an awkward angle, as if its neck was broken. Then, it heavily fell sideways onto the ground, causing a wave of turbid mud to splatter, before tumbling under a tree!

The first-rate Mo Ye’s head had suffered from a fatal strike and it struggled a few times, attempting to stand up. However, it continued to fall back down, before finally being unable to stand back up!

“Ta ta ta”

Fresh blood flowed out of the obstinately small Mo Ye’s body. Its ink colored armor was full of fresh blood as it swayed about while standing. It gazed arrogantly down upon the first-rate Mo Ye that had fully lost power to fight.

“Hou Hou!!”

The obstinate and small Mo Ye walked towards its opponent and let out a roar. Then, it hobbled over to Chu Mu and let out another few roars, confirming the few words it had said to Chu Mu a few moments earlier.

Both Chu Mu and Qin Menger were extremely shocked. They stared at the small fellow riddled with wounds and, for a moment, they couldn’t say anything!!!

A third phase ninth stage first-rate quality Mo Ye possessed fighting strength that was definitely of the best quality. On the other hand, the obstinately small Mo Ye was only at the third phase fifth stage. Regardless of strength, speed or build, it wasn’t on the same level as the first-rate Mo Ye. Nonetheless, the obstinately small Mo Ye managed to turn the tides of battle from a state of devastation and defeat against a clearly superior opponent!!

“This Mo Ye is a soul pet with the most staunch fighting spirit. It can be easily knocked down, but it cannot be easily defeated. As long as its eyes haven’t closed, it can still fight!”

Looking at the obstinate small Mo Ye whose eyes would only ignite during a fight, Chu Mu thought of a few words in his head.

These words were told to him by Chu Tiancheng. It was also because of these words that Chu Mu decided to step onto the courageous path of a being soul pet trainer again. Furthermore, he had made it a goal to control a commander rank Mo Ye and persevere step by step through the struggles!

Yet, right now, the Mo Ye lying in front of Chu Mu was really a powerfully small Mo Ye. It was at the third phase ninth stage and regardless of beast type talent or insect type talent - it further possessed a dark attribute - it was much stronger than most other Mo Yes. It belonged to a first-rate level of Mo Ye and after a while of raising and training, it could definitely become a powerful Mo ye!

Nevertheless, the current Chu Mu’s attention was not on this defeated first-rate Mo Ye. Instead, he was looking at the third phase fifth stage small Mo Ye who was riddled with scars, but still burning with the most tenacious fighting spirit!

This was the small Mo Ye that truly shocked Chu Mu. Its tenacious fighting spirit was not something that could be measured by normal soul pet terms.

Of the two small Mo Ye’s lying in front of Chu Mu, the prior’s potential was extremely large.  After cultivation and assuming no mishaps, it would become a Mo Ye King.

The latter had an abnormal bug type talent and, after cultivation, an extremely difficult problem would arise. Moreover, because of its inadequate beast type talent, there was a high chance it could lose a Mo Ye’s true fighting spirit in the future.

It was a choice. The first-rate Mo Ye could easily allow Chu Mu to control a powerful soul pet, while the obstinately small Mo Ye was a huge risk, and could very possibly become trash.

“A qualified soul pet trainer must consider the potential of a soul pet and its future growth.” Chu Mu gradually chanted the soul pact incantation!

“Eighth soul pact, open!” Chu Mu quickly finished the soul pact incantation.

A deep blue colored radiance gloriously curled up his body. Slowly, it transformed into a floating halo containing various different strokes of the soul pact incantation.

“Yes, that’s right. Although this small Mo Ye is strong, its aptitude is too poor. The first-rate Mo Ye is easier to train.” Qin Menger nodded her head in affirmation. She squatted down and used a soul core to feed the small Mo Ye so that it would no longer follow them and could live by itself in the wild.

Suddenly, a deep blue halo appeared in front of Qin Menger, making her shocked. She suddenly discovered that Chu Mu’s soul pact incantation was actually being used on the rather poor talented Mo Ye!!

Qin Menger opened her eyes wide and was exceptionally startled as she glanced at Chu Mu. She completely did not expect Chu Mu to forsake the first-rate Mo Ye whose value very well could have reached 1 million gold coins, and to choose the obstinately small Mo Ye. This Mo Ye could very well become a useless soul pet in the future!!

Truly, Chu Mu had chosen this eminently obstinate small Mo Ye. He also knew that although this Mo Ye displayed very tenacious fighting strength, while training it in the future, it could gradually become a soul pet of no value.

However, Chu Mu believed that as long as the soul pet had incomparable resolution, he could definitely transform it into a true expert. This idea of an expert soul pet was not limited to the realms of a Mo Ye. It reached even higher realms that could challenge even stronger soul pets!

The soul pact halo gradually rose up the obstinate small Mo Ye’s body. The light and dark of the soul pact were indeterminate.


Suddenly, the soul pact halo shattered!

It didn’t succeed! Chu Mu could feel a sliver of remaining soul remembrance inside the obstinately small Mo Ye’s body!

Chu Mu was stunned. He hadn’t expected the obstinate small Mo Ye to have already signed a soul pact with a human.

‘What happened? Don’t tell me that it wasn’t willing to become your soul pet?” Qin Menger was somewhat shocked as she looked at Chu Mu who failed the soul pact signing.

Chu Mu shook his head and looked at the imperious obstinate small Mo Ye before slowly saying: “It isn’t a wild Mo Ye. Rather, it’s an abandoned soul pet whose soul pact was removed by someone…”

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