Book 2 Chapter 328 - Tenth level, Folding Skies Bewildering World

Chapter 328: Tenth level, Folding Skies Bewildering World

Tianxia City’s territory size was definitely not something a region or Kingdom capital could compare to. Tianxia City was named the City Beyond Kingdoms, meaning that it was a city beyond all Kingdom Capitals, an ancient capital city above all other cities.

This city gathered luck and love from everywhere into one.

Thousands of years of human civilization and soul pet history, a central node of pathways that connected dozens of regions, and a location that sat inside an incredibly resourceful Bewildering World.

This was the cradle of experts, a place that could give birth to truly unique experts. No matter how far a soul pet trainer got, they would return here in the end, because glory here was the most authoritative. Only people here had true power, status, and wealth!

Tianxia City never had a lacking of experts. Many soul pet trainers spend a big half of their lives training outside, but when they come back to Tianxia City, they may find that they have come back to their most beginning state again.

Other than the competition between experts within Tianxia City, the nearby Bewildering World was also the reason that Tianxia City had stood for thousands of years and have always stayed as the greatest city.

“Every path goes towards Tianxia.” Though Tianxia City was the connection hub of all Kingdoms, The Bewildering Worlds around Tianxia city were countless. Many were still unknown worlds that humans couldn’t step into easily, a mystery waiting to be uncovered.

All these Bewildering Worlds were above the seventh level. Soul pet trainers who could train in these worlds were all people of a certain skill level. These people get lost in the vastness of the soul pet world. After flipping over one mountain, the feeling they would get was often not of looking behind at all the small obstacles before, but instead that of staring at an even higher mountain ahead.

Maybe it was these Bewildering Worlds that were connected seamlessly that made so many resilient individuals climb unceasingly, ultimately creating countless experts!


Chu Mu’s strength had already reached a certain level. The bewildering worlds that he could truly learn from were often too far apart. Knowing that Tianxia City’s nearby had countless places in which he could train in, Chu Mu was excited. To a man full of vigor and belief like Chu Mu, what could get his blood going more than a good challenge?!


The skies were spotlessly blue and vast beyond measure.

Raging winds howled. In the upper skies, a couple of wing type soul pets spread their wings in flight, occasionally letting out birdcalls as they spiralled high up, echoing far and wide…...

“Can you see the muddied swirl in the sky over there.” Old Li pointed at the horizon with his stubby finger.

At the end of this wide view, a winding path of unknown energy leaped from the ground into the clouds, situated between heaven and earth. It was like an arrogant beast borne from the heavens and earth, standing at the end of the earth and skies, shocking all those who laid their eyes upon it!

Chu Mu stood at the edge of the mountain as he looked at the surprising spiralling air that seemed infinitely far.

They were so far away, yet Chu Mu could smell the terrifying aura that gushed out of it. Chu Mu knew that this was just an illusion, an illusion that stemmed from the huge pressure that this unknown Bewildering World gave Chu Mu. Yet, at the same time, it piqued Chu Mu’s interest of pursuing it!

“Thats the Folding Skies Bewildering World, the sacred grounds of all wing type and wind type soul pets!” Old Li said.

“Folding Skies Bewildering World, what level is it?” Chu Mu asked.

Such an immense and eternal presence that traversed heaven and earth made Chu Mu’s yearning for it unbounded. One could imagine, at the very top of this eye-shocking Bewildering World, just how powerful of an organism laid there. Would this organism look down at the entire land with a look of superiority? Could it literally turn foolish people to ashes with just a look?

“Tenth level Bewildering World, the Folding Skies Bewildering World was a special space that stood between the skies and the earth. It was created from an unknown source of wind type which made a swirl like heavenly power. This heavenly power devoured all of the nearby mountains and, because of the stronger and weaker forces of the heavens, the different weighted mountains also appeared in stairs, creating tens of thousands of mountains that floated by heavenly power. The time should be about right, so young master watch carefully…….” Old Li said.

Old Li didn’t explain in detail. Chu Mu couldn’t hear his description clearly. Yet, as the heavenly forces slowly became weaker, through the countless muddiness, Chu Mu saw an unmatched shocking scene!!

Thousands upon thousands of mountains!

These mountains weren’t on the ground, but all hovered in the imposing cascade of skies!

These massive mountains were all moving along the path that the energy swirled in, showing different levels of speed and orbits.

At the bottom of the Folding Skies Bewildering World were small mountains. These small mountains moved at an extremely slow pace in a massive circle!

As a soul master, Chu Mu’s vision was incredibly wide, but standing at this high point, Chu Mu was shaken to find that he couldn’t even estimate how large the foundation of the Folding Skies was!!

The Folding Skies Bewildering World again showed change. When Chu Mu saw the bottom of the heavenly swirl creating a clear split between bottom and middle, Chu Mu finally realized why it was called Folding Skies.

At the bottom of the air swirls, tens of thousands of tiny mountains swirled and floated. Yet, in the middle section, even greater mountains appeared from within the muddiness. They also swirled within the heavenly forces!

Even higher up, the black cloud like murky substance didn’t dissipate, but a towering mountain ridge floated in and out of visibility, like a massive dragon laying on top of the black clouds. One couldn't see its full body, but could already imagine the vastness of it!

Suddenly, an unknown organism darted out of the muddiness. It beated its powerful wings and flew to the other end of the mountain against the immense force of the air swirl, leaving an unerasable mark in Chu Mu’s memory!

“This…...this……” Chu Mu could no longer use words to describe the shock he felt.

That world was just within Chu Mu’s vision, yet it was so far off!!

“This is a tenth level Bewildering World. In such a world, what lived there, what organism ruled, and who could truly reach the peak of these clouds and mountains!” Chu Mu let out a sigh.

“If young master would like to go into this Bewildering World, you still need a very long time of training. In reality, even in Tianxia City, not many could enter this Folding Skies.” Old Li said.

Folding skies- it brought Chu Mu an immensity that almost stopped Chu Mu’s breathing. At the same time, it reinforced Chu Mu’s adamant heart towards power, because in the unknown distance of clouds was where Chu Mu laid the beliefs of his final destination!

At this moment, Chu Mu wished that he could stand upon the skies and battle that soul pet who appeared and not do what he did now, simply staring from afar and gasping…...

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