Chapter 327 - Travelling East, Putting Out a Net

Chapter 327: Travelling East, Putting Out a Net

“Aren’t you all-knowing? Why is it that the only thing you don’t know much about is my father?” Chu Mu asked Old Li.

“Young master, Soul Alliance isn’t just a decoration. If they don’t want others to know something, even if you enter the top levels of Soul Alliance, you won’t figure out just what they rely on to stand at the top of this world. Chu Tianmang must have committed a horrible crime, a crime that the Soul Alliance can’t publicize.” Old Li said.

Crime, Chu Mu didn’t care about any crime. The fact that Soul Alliance was this overbearing, forcing his father’s three main soul pets to commit suicide inside the sealed towers, such an action was even more painful than killing the soul pet trainer upright. It only caused Chu Mu to hate Soul Alliance even more!

In reality, Chu Mu had already gotten the impression of a hegemony or monarch from Soul Alliance just from the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon events.

“Young master, you seem to have some spare money. Why don’t you grab the sixth level title from Soul Palace first.” Old Li reminded Chu Mu.

“Yes, the sixth level title seems to only need five or six million.” Chu Mu nodded.

To Chu Mu now, five or six million wasn’t too hard to offer. No matter what, this sixth level title comes with a free commander rank soul pet and a soul technique.

“No need, your Competition Second Strongest is worth five title points, which is enough for a sixth level title.” Old Li said.

“Good.” Chu Mu nodded.


Without any strengthening, a commander rank soul pet’s price was between 100,000 and 10 million. This was a very big range. Many soul pet trainers’ economic abilities could only sustain an amount of around 1 million. Without enough gold strengthening soul pets or buying more powerful soul pets, they will choose to take up a position within a faction or city and slowly increase their own strength through their steady salary.

Hunting in the wild is a way to get rich, but not every soul pet trainer could train and live the process of bringing expensive soul items and soul pets back into the city. Even if they were alive, many times their soul pets would die. Most soul pets who don’t have the strength couldn’t withstand the huge loss of soul pets, even if they did have some gains.

Hunting was a very dangerous career. Many soul pet trainers would have near death experiences and never dare to go adventuring anymore, choosing to go about the rest of their lives peacefully. After all, in their own small realm, as long as they reached some level, they would be satisfied.

Chu Mu’s main income was from hunting. To avoid making himself so impoverished in the future, Chu Mu used his sixth level title from Soul Palace to get into the Hunter’s Alliance.

The Soul Palace faction wasn’t contradictory to the Hunter’s Alliance. Chu Mu’s duties on both sides won’t affect each other. And with the benefits from the Soul Palace sixth level title, he could gain lots of hunting information from the Hunter’s Alliance.

Hunting information was a very key step. If one knew where soul pets would appear, bringing experts over and carefully handling things could usually net you the soul pet.

If one walked around in the wild without any leads, one may go several months without any gain. Especially at the level Chu Mu was, a normal commander rank may not even spark Chu Mu’s interest to capture…...

Chu Mu had only met the Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail after half a year of running around in the mountains randomly. This was already very lucky. After all, the Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail didn’t have a mature monarch rank soul pet near it.

“Looking around, they’re all soul pet information worth about 5 million……” Sitting in the Hunter Alliance main hall, he looked helplessly at the benefits he got from his sixth level title.

Chu Mu was Soul Palace’s sixth level title, so the highest information he could see was just sixth level. Five million gold was very normal. 

“Once you reach seventh level, you will have the right to see seventh level rewards. Seventh level rewards are around 20 million in value, which would fit your level better.” Old Li said.

“20 million is still a bit less. I can’t spend a month running around just for 20 million…..” Chu Mu said.

“Then you should consider eighth level hunting bounties. Eighth level bounties are worth 60 million and up…...Yet, young master is still at the sixth level, so these people won’t give the bounty to you.” Old Li said.

Bounties were all given by owners. The Hunter’s Alliance served as appraisers to figure out bounty difficulties and reward levels and then gave basic information in the Hunter’s Hall. Those who think they can do it could then accept the bounty.

Any information must be kept secret. Only those who truly took the bounty would be given complete information.

Of course, the owners couldn’t possibly wait in the Hunter’s Alliance for too long. The owner usually just paid the Hunter’s Alliance to take their place.

The staff would ensure that the bounty was completed well. They also had many of these bounties to process, so they couldn’t observe each and every hunter’s skill level. This was why title had become the most straightforward way of selecting hunters. Without reaching a certain level, the staff wouldn’t give a bounty to you.

Chu Mu was sixth level in Soul Palace, so he also had the power to take sixth level bounties. Seventh level bounties needed Chu Mu to reach seventh level title.

“Young master, you still have to hurry on your journey. Accepting bounties isn’t good. After all, bounties are usually 1 to 1, with secrecy and personal. Even if you complete the mission, you still have to find the owner to finish the transaction with them. You can definitely just go and gather hunting information. Such information can be seen with gold as well. Once these soul pets are captured, you can then sell it to trading houses, Soul Pet Palace, or Soul Palace. It’s a trading process with more freedom.” Old Li said.

“En, I also think that if you have to get a bounty, you must take a very high salary one, or else it wastes too much time.” Chu Mu nodded.

Sixth level hunting information was somewhat public, meaning any sixth level title owner who pays a little can see it. Such hunting information has lots of uncertainty and has a lot of competitors, causing it to have many downsides.

With Chu Mu’s current situation, this was better for him. After all, Chu Mu couldn’t waste his precious time on just one five million dollar sixth level bounty.


“Palace Assistant, are you sure you’re purchasing all these sixth level hunting information?” Hunting female employee opened her pretty eyes wide.

“En, any issues?” Chu Mu nodded.

Sixth level soul palace title was Palace Assistant, seventh level was Palace Foreman, while eighth level was Palace Official. Ting Lan had an eighth level title, so she was the Soul Palace’s female Palace Official.

“This…...there aren’t any issues, but I just feel as if you truly spread your net…...a little too wide.” The female employee said in a very small voice.

This hunting female employee had never seen anyone buy 100 pieces of hunting information at once!

She had worked here for some time now. From her experience, a sixth level title owner needed about a month or two to complete a sixth level bounty. Though wild hunting was semi-public, finishing them wouldn’t take much less time, and had lower success rates as well…...

“100 pieces of hunting information to the east, it totals 10 million, are you sure you don’t want to think about this further?” The hunting employee said in a low voice.

Sixth level hunting information wasn’t cheap. Chu Mu truly was being generous.

“Help me compile the hundred pieces of information. I’m going east and taking the route headed towards Tianxia City. Help me throw away those that are too far away or may waste too much time.” Chu Mu took out a map and pointed out the route he was going to take.

“......” Hunting female employee looked on dully, “You’re just conveniently hunting along the way?......”

“En, be quick, I’m leaving tomorrow morning.” Chu Mu said.


After leaving Hunting Alliance, Chu Mu went back to Soul Palace and spent 10 million to buy his soul pets’ food for the next three to four months.

Now, Chu Mu needed an average of 3 million to feed his soul pets, and it wasn’t even counting soul crystals.

Chu Mu truly couldn’t imagine that, once his soul pets were eighth phase, just how much would he have to spend on these soul pets with hearty appetites.

Seventh level medicine, Chu Mu spent another 5 million. Just in case, Chu Mu even bought a few very expensive eighth level recovery and healing medicine. This was another 5 million. Just medicine alone costed 10 million…...Chu Mu could only hope that high investments meant high returns…...

“I’m again left with just 60 million. Good thing the person delayed the trading, or else how would I deal with normal expenses?” Chu Mu laughed bitterly as he shook his head.

“Wuwuwuwu~~~~~~” little Mo Xie sat on Chu Mu’s shoulder, showing an expression that suggested she was happy that she wasn’t a soul pet trainer and was just a soul pet.

The spending on medicine was almost same as soul cores. If they encounter any accident, it may become even higher. At this time, Chu Mu couldn’t help but miss Ye Qingzi.

With Ye Qingzi, Chu Mu would almost save all of this expense, and she could also concoct most seventh level soul items, being able to make it at at least half the market price.

Now, eighth level soul items were worth tens of thousands. Sometimes, it could go up to the hundreds of millions. If Ye Qingzi could reach eighth level soul teacher, with a half discount…...

Of course, Chu Mu missed her person even more, so he hoped he could see her again in Tianxia City.

Chu Mu hadn’t stayed with Ye Qingzi for long, but the feeling she gave him was always very good. Especially the determination she showed in front of Duan Xinhe…...


After buying everything everything, Chu Mu returned to the Hunter’s Alliance.

“I finished compiling everything.” The hunter female employee smiled attractively.

Chu Mu nodded, putting away the organized and precious information the female employee had gathered.

“This…….this actually isn’t part of what we’re supposed to do.” The female employee looked at Chu Mu and said in a small voice.

Chu Mu looked at the woman and quickly understood what the female meant. Taking another stack of money out, he handed it to her, “This is your extra reward.”

The young woman looked at the extra money Chu Mu was handing over, blanked, and immediately went bright red. “I…….that’s not what I meant…...I meant, I saw you during the Competition Second Strongest battle…….you’re very powerful……” Her face was red hot.

Chu Mu wasn’t completely blind of situation. He quickly took back the “extra reward” embarrassingly and smiled.

“I…… I’ll be moving to Tianxia City soon, so if you have any needs, you can…...I’ll be willing to be of help again……” Hunting female employee said.

“En, what should I call you?”

“Just call me Little Qin.”

Saying goodbye to this warm-hearted girl, Chu Mu packed up his luggage and started his journey towards Tianxia City, while conveniently hunting…….

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