Book 2 Chapter 326 - Battle of the Realm’s Strength Ranking

Chapter 326: Battle of the Realm’s Strength Ranking

“Congratulations on becoming top ten.” Ting Lan saw Chu Mu slowly walking over and a faint smile rose on her face.

“Thank you.” Chu Mu nodded his head, “Young lady Ting Lan, you seem to know the host of the competition, can I ask for your help?” asked Chu Mu.

“Hmm?” Ting Lan raised her delicate eyebrows.

“I’ve ordered a spiritual item worth 100 million, and today is the last day to claim it. However, there seems to be a slight delay before my 30 million reward from the annual competition seems to be distributed. I want to obtain the funds for it today.” said Chu Mu.

“This is a small matter. I’ll just tell them to do it.” lightly laughed Ting Lan.

In truth, when Ting Lan found that Chu Mu needed her help, she thought it was going to be a rather difficult matter. She didn’t expect it to be something so small. She felt that the man in front of her wasn’t someone who easily sought the help of others, especially when it wasn’t with friends.

“Why do you have a worried expression despite winning? Could it be you don’t have enough money?” Ting Lan was rather good at determining things from body language.

“Yes, I’m still lacking 10 million. I’m going to go to an auction to pawn off my soul pet’s soul equipment. I’ll head off first, and I’ll request the matter just now to young lady Ting Lan.” said Chu Mu.

Chu Mu didn’t have a choice. He had to wrong Zhan Ye this way by having it remove its equipment in order to buy the Nine Tail Inferno Fox’s Heart. Then, after he acquired enough money, he would buy Zhan Ye another piece of equipment.

“I have a bit of spare change on my hands. How about I lend 10 million to you first, and when you have enough on your hands, you can pay it back to me.” Ting Lan saw Chu Mu’s anxious expression and decided to help him out.

Ting Lan honestly wanted to get to know Chu Mu, this young expert. 10 million wasn’t too large of a sum of gold to her, and she also happened to not want to buy any very expensive item. Lending 10 million to Chu Mu could also be considered selling a small favor to him.

“We’re both Soul Palace people. Helping each other is something we should do.” softly explained Ting Lan.

Chu Mu hesitated a while. He felt that there was a chance he may not be able to sell the full form offensive soul equipment for 10 million in the market; thus, perhaps it was better to borrow 10 million from Ting Lan since he would be able to pay it back very soon.

“That works. I give you my thanks.” Chu Mu nodded his head.

“Hello, Chu Chen, we met each other before.” Da Kun spoke at a very timely moment. He expressed an amicable appearance, as he clearly wanted to become friends with Chu Mu.

Chu Mu gave a simple reply and didn’t talk any longer with them. He hastily left the arena to meet with the person who had the Nine Tail Inferno Fox’s Heart.

Ting Lan watched Chu Mu leave. Associating it with the enormous sum of money to purchase a 100 million gold strengthening spiritual item, she began to silently conjecture whether this young man still had even stronger soul pets. Imperceptibly, she began to feel that this zero rank title Chu Chen was shrouded in even more mystery.


After obtaining the funds for 100 million, Chu Mu was rather excited as he went to Soul Palace. One had to know that it was a spirit item that could raise Mo Xie from the seventh phase fifth stage directly to the seventh phase ninth stage. And the moment Mo Xie stepped into the eighth phase, Chu Mu’s strength would hugely increase!

“Wu wu wu~~~~~” the small Mo Xie lay on Chu Mu’s shoulder in an extremely excited state. It had been so long since it had had such a tasty meal. After eating the Nine Tail Inferno Fox’s Heart, the small Mo Xie wouldn’t have to look at the White Nightmare’s gloating eyes and could properly teach it a lesson!

“I’m very sorry, that senior had to leave at the last moment because he had something.” explained the female palace affairs member softly.

“What? How can he just run off like that? Where’s the Nine Tail Inferno Fox’s Heart then?” said Chu Mu with a bit of anger.

“It was also taken by the senior. Since he cancelled the transaction this time, he was willing to compensate a 5 million gold pnealty. But senior said that if you want to continue the transaction, you can go to to Tianxia City where he can leave it for you, and you can also negotiate the price.” said the female palace affair admin.

Chu Mu’s face was unsightly because he had gone through painstaking efforts to acquire sufficient gold. He was in high spirits as he was going to buy this fellow’s Nine Tail Inferno Fox’s Heart, but the fellow ultimately ran off leaving a sentence behind.

“Do you want to continue the transaction, or cancel it? If you cancel it, I will give the 5 million gold penalty to you. If you wish to continue, I will tell senior to keep it for you.”

“Continue the transaction, I happen to be going to Tianxia City.” the five million penalty gold wasn’t needed by Chu Mu. He wanted the Nine Tail Inferno Fox’s Heart instead!

Chu Mu made his plans and proceeded to head directly for Tianxia City.


Chu Mu asked Old Li how long it would take for him to head to Tianxia City’s kingdom if he went without stop.

“At least three months…” said Old Li.

“... spending three months of time to travel…” bitterly laughed Chu Mu.

The route to Tianxia City was extremely long. Chu Mu had continued east for the past year. He had also heard from Old Li that Tianxia City wasn’t at the center of all kingdoms but rather an ultra city that had a gathering of all the large factions...

No matter how large this world was, Chu Mu felt that Tianxia City would probably become a standing point for him. He would also spend a very long time in the environment surrounding this city where all factions were congregated.

“Wu wu wu~~~~~~” having not gotten to eat a delicacy, the small Mo Xie let out a bitter cry, and wore a dispirited expression on her face.

Chu Mu softly stroked the small fellow throwing a soft tantrum and explained: “Don’t worry, that thing will be yours eventually. Perhaps it will also become an opportunity for you to evolve from the seventh phase to the eighth phase.”

“Wu wu wu wu~~~~~~~” mentioning the eighth phase, a few twinkles of radiance sparkled on the small Mo Xie. Evidently, she really wanted to reach that level soon. 


Chu Mu returned 10 million to Ting Lan. Ting Lan intentionally expressed that she wanted to head to Tianxia City, as well and could travel with Chu Mu.

Travelling with Ting Lan was Luo Peng as well as a few other young experts. Chu Mu needed to increase all of his soul pets’ strengths, so he declined their good intentions. He still decided to travel alone to Tianxia City.

“Chu Chen, half a year later in Tianxia City, I want to fight you again!” said Luo Peng to Chu Mu as he was about to leave.

Chu Mu was the only person of the same age that had defeated Luo Peng so, no matter what, he had to retrieve his honor.

“Sure, but I hope at that time you’ll be able to summon your fourth pet.” Chu Mu nodded his head.

Luo Peng’s face quickly turned dark. Not being able to summon his fourth pet had continuously been an aggrieved and an unreconciled area for Luo Peng. Only, when he recalled that the opponent was also a spirit master and moreover two remembrances higher than him, Luo Peng’s confidence was delivered another blow.

After saying goodbye to Ting Lan and the others, Chu Mu quickly descended into a pondering state.

Just imagining if all of the Battle of the Realm experts were like Ting Lan, then wouldn’t it mean he wouldn’t even have a tiny chance at winning?

Moreover, Chu Mu remembered Old Li saying before that amongst the young generation, there were definitely people that had a tenth phase soul pet. These tenth phase soul pets, even if they were commander rank, were capable of easily defeating all of Chu Mu’s soul pets. Thus, before the Battle of the Realm arrived, would he have the qualifications to participate in the most prestigious competition of the young generation?

“Young master, there’s still a year before the Battle of the Realm. Honestly, in this Battle of the Realm, there’s probably no chance of young master obtaining a ranking, after all young master’s soul pets have yet to truly evolve to their most mature state. The Battle of the Realm happens once every six years so young master will still be a young generation member when the next Battle of the Realm arrived. When that time comes, it will probably be extremely hard to find someone in this world who can prevent young master from obtaining that emperor rank soul pet!” said Old Li.

“You mean that you don’t support me participating in the Battle of the Realm?” asked Chu Mu.

“Of course you should participate. This is a training opportunity hard to come by. When you arrive at Tianxia City, you’ll learn that the Battle of the Realm isn’t merely as simple as a contest between the young generation.” said Old Li.

“Isn’t it a prestigious competition?” asked Chu Mu, confused.

“How can the Battle of the Realm be a competition…” said Old Li as he rolled his eyes.

“Then what is it?” asked Chu Mu who didn’t understand.

“Before your form the numerous concepts of factions, strength, gold, soul pets, power, and other unknowns, there’s no way of explaining it to you…” said Old Li.

“....” Old Li’s words made Chu Mu feel very ignorant.

Then again, Chu Mu previously thought that the Battle of the Realm was the most grand competition where all experts gathered. However, after listening to Old Li, he began to doubt this and wondered exactly what form the Battle of the Realm took...

“Does young master plan on spending a year to slowly train on your way to Tianxia City, or use three months to immediately go to Tianxia City and begin to increase your strength there in that huge environment.” asked Old Li.

When speaking of Tianxia City matters, Chu Mu naturally thought of Nightmare Palace’s Princess Jin Rou whose age was similar to his. It was thus reasonable to say that she would be at a disadvantage if she participated in this Battle of the Realm. Then, could it be that her thinking was also that she would be there only to participate?

However, Chu Mu also felt that Princess Jin Rou didn’t want to merely participate, instead she seemed like she absolutely had to obtain something.

“Young master, did you hear what I said?” Old Li waved his ugly tail, scattering several very uncomfortable pieces of fur in front of Chu Mu...

Chu Mu was in the midst of thinking about Princess Jin Rou. After he came back to his sense, he immediately asked Old Li a question.

“The Battle of the Realm truthfully has many grades. The grades at the very front aren’t suitable for young master to fight over. However, the latter grades are of great benefit to young master’s current level. In my opinion, that small girl from Nightmare Palace should be aiming for those items from the other grades. The young generation is split into different grades and I feel that as long as young master can distinguish yourself in the third grade, it will bring honor to both my lady and you. Of course, if young master is bold, you can try and touch the second grade. Haha, then young master will be about the same as your father that year.”

“My father also participated in the Battle of the Realm?” asked Chu Mu, astonished.

“Of course. Chu Tianmang participated twice. In the first one, he obtained an extremely good achievements in the second grade. In the second one, he was even more shocking, stunning all the large factions, and ultimately obtaining that emperor rank soul pet. However, for some reason later, the emperor rank soul pet he obtained was taken back and then afterwards, his main pets that were already mature were tragically sealed. Then afterwards, in dire straits, he took my lady’s child for her.” said Old Li.

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