Book 2 Chapter 325 - I Used to Kill, Hunting was just a Hobby (2)

Chapter 325: I’ve Killed People Before, Conveniently Hunting (2)

Luo Peng’s strength was practically unrivalled amongst same aged people in the surrounding kingdoms. If his strength was placed in the huge environment amongst the countless large factions in Tianxia City, there would still be people who could reach his level, but Luo Peng’s uniqueness came from the aspect that he could hunt monarch ranks with his strength!

This uniqueness of Luo Peng was something at least Ting Lan didn’t think many people of the same age in Tianxia City could accomplish.

However, someone who had entered a monarch rank territory alone and captured a monarch rank soul pet had appeared! This person’s age was similar to Luo Peng’s and most importantly, no one knew where he was from. It could be said that he was an incredible genius that was capable of making others sigh with praise!

“Could he be some elder’s disciple?”

TIng Lan already began to imagine that Chu Mu was the disciple of one of Soul Palace’s extremely high statused elders, because she felt that only an elder could raise such a superior young man.


The situation of the fight was already extremely clear cut. After Chu Mu acquired the absolute advantage earlier, he didn’t give the opponent any opportunity to emancipate himself from his state.

As the Ice Air Fairy defeated the wounded Hurricane Fairy, the fight gradually reached its end.

Under the black mask, Luo Peng’s emotions were extremely mixed.

The vexation in his heart was not because his three soul pets had been firmly suppressed by Chu Mu, but that he had undoubtedly reached the spirit master level, but Chu Mu didn’t give him a chance to summon his fourth soul pet!

The fourth soul pet. As long as he could summon his fourth soul pet, Luo Peng had absolute confidence that could immediately turn the tide of the fight!

However, he couldn’t summon it because the opponent simply didn’t give him that chance!

Finally, Luo Peng couldn’t bare the mental suppression Chu Mu was using on him. Seeing the Light Rattan being wounded by the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, he let out an angry shout and forcibly chanted an incantation under Chu Mu and the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s incantation! 

“Why did he summon his fourth pet only now?” yelled some people who were unable to see that Luo Peng had been restricted.

All of the soul pets on the battlefield had been strengthened to the monarch rank, but there weren’t any true monarch rank soul pets. Therefore, everyone believed that both of them were spirit teachers. They didn’t expect the black masked man to have reached the spirit master level!

When Chu Mu saw that Luo Peng could no longer hold back, a demonic smile rose on his face!

Chanting an incantation, an indistinct white devil flame slowly emerged in Chu Mu’s hand. The ball of devil flame strangely floated from Chu Mu over to Luo Peng!


The soul devil flame burned. Luo Peng was in a state of forcible summoning, and now that he was being burned by a high temperature soul devil flame, the severe pain caused him to let out a miserable cry!

“Night, Destruction Ray!”

Chu Mu definitely wouldn’t give Luo Peng the chance to summon his fourth pet and firmly had the Night Thunder Dream Beast use a technique!

The black colored energy transformed into a dark light that possessed a destructive attribute. As the Night Thunder Dream Beast let out a high pitched cry, they light instantly flew towards Luo Peng!

The Centipede Tail Boulder Devil’s speed was very slow and could only smash its fist into the ground, forming a rock wall as defense in front of Luo Peng. However, the rock wall was destroyed by the Destruction Ray of dark energy.


Luo Peng was knocked flying by the Destruction Ray’s energy. He continuously tumbled in the air and flew a few tens of meters away...

The Light Rattan’s rattans were extremely long. After seeing its master being knocked flying, it hastily stretched out and protected the location where he had fallen...


The Devil Tree Battle Soldier had followed Chu Mu for many years, and had a very good understanding of when to ruthlessly attack.

Taking advantage of the Light Rattan’s distracted state, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier took a huge step forward, closing the gap. It simultaneously used four techniques, and firmly suppressed the Light Rattan as its demon wood roots consecutively caused injuries to the Light Rattan’s body!

“The fight has ended!”

Suddenly, the main ref’s soul remembrance appeared!

The current state of the battle was exceptionally clear. The main ref ended the fight very timely, and moreover used soul remembrance to forcibly enter Chu Mu’s mind, preventing him from moving!

The main ref was a third remembrance spirit master. He originally thought he could directly prevent this young competitor from ordering his soul pets, but when his soul remembrance entered the mind, it was met with an extremely terrifying soul feedback that couldn’t help but cause his soul to tremble!

“Third remembrance spirit master!” the main ref immediately determined Chu Mu’s strength!

“The opponent soul pet trainer doesn’t have the ability to protect himself. Please stop your attack!” after being startled for two seconds, the main ref finally gave a serious shout to Chu Mu!

Chu Mu obviously had felt the main ref’s interference. As for his mental feedback on the main ref, it was completely an instinctual action. This also had to do with his body gradually becoming a half devil.

Chu Mu knew that Luo Peng could not get up. Upon restraining his soul pets, he suppressed the evil tendencies in his heart and prevented his soul pets from killing.

“The fight has ended. Soul Palace’s Chu Chen has won and entered the top ten!” the main ref announced the result of the fight loudly once more!

After the decision rang out, exhales could be heard from the field because everyone had just witnessed a twenty year old young man obtaining a top ten rank in the annual competition!

“Impossible… impossible. Something definitely happened somewhere. Definitely…” the person who found it most hard to accept the outcome of the fight was Teng Hai, who worshipped Luo Peng with excessive blindness. 

This incredible fellow had defeated the soul pet trainer who he thought couldn’t be defeated by him!

“The fight has limits… the fight has limits… if it was a free fight where he could arbitrarily swap soul pets, Luo Peng definitely wouldn’t have lost, he definitely wouldn’t have…” the expression on Teng Hai’s face was even more emotional than everyone else's, and it seemed extremely strange.

Noticing her brother’s strange expression, Ting Lan stretched out her hand and held his hand. Using a gentle tone, she said: “Every soul pet trainer will encounter someone stronger than him or her on his or her cultivation path. No soul pet trainer can escape the experience of defeat. Only by facing the defeat head on and then continuing to walk forward can one have a hope of regaining one’s honor…”

“But… he’s…” Teng Hai didn’t control his emotions well as he still wanted to vigorously deny the outcome he had witnessed.

“I know who he is.” softly said Ting Lan. After speaking, she pointed at the man who was slowly crawling to his feet on the battlefield...

Teng Hai’s mind was still full of disbelief, but he didn’t notice that the arena had turned quieter and the spectators, including Da Kun and the others were staring fixedly on the fight with expressions full of both shock and stun.

“Isn’t this person…”

“Luo Peng… the new Hunting King Luo Peng…”

Luo Peng!!

This name represented the peak of this Dun City’s young generation. Everyone recognized this new Hunting King.

However, right now, he was standing on the arena of a defeated person!

“It really is the new Hunting King… no wonder I felt his three soul pets were very familiar…”

“Two young generation experts are fighting for top ten… and Luo Peng lost…”

Sounds of discussion erupted for a moment, as no one expected that such a shocking scene would appear in the fight for the top ten in the annual competition!

Yu Sui who also blindly worshipped Luo Peng had a pale face right now. She moreover would have rather believed that the man in a miserable state standing up on the ground wasn’t Luo Peng, because the Luo Peng in her mind was an incomparable genius who definitely wouldn’t lose to people of the same age!

The other members of the team were unable to say anything. They merely stared at the two peak young experts, while it took a while for their hearts to calm.

They had continued to compare the young man called Chu Chen with the same aged Luo Peng, but didn’t expect it was actually Luo Peng who was fighting!


Finally, Luo Peng stood up. He hadn’t suffered any serious wound, but his face was extremely grim.

In front of the strange and complicated gazes of so many people. Luo Peng could only suffer from the humiliation of a genius who was instantly defeated, and he recall his wounded soul pets all back into their soul pet spaces.

At the moment, Luo Peng’s eyes were bursting with a wild beast-like savagery. His entire being seemed to have fallen into a savage creature that could counterattack at any moment!

“It turns out it was a young person…” indifferently said Chu Mu.

Chu Mu had killed people before so hunting was nothing to him. How could the killing intent of the hunting Luo Peng suppress Chu Mu?

Chu Mu’s tone made those who heard it very uncomfortable. As for Luo Peng, he felt that this fellow was simply looking down on him with a middle aged person’s eyes!

Luo Peng knew that this was a normal arena and no matter what, he had to suppress the anger of his honor of an expert being trampled. After a few breaths, his breathing returned more to normal and he said: “Let’s continue fighting!”

“Maybe later.” Chu Mu waved his hands and didn’t accept Luo Peng’s challenge.

“Don’t look down on me, I haven’t summoned my fourth pet!” loudly roared Luo Peng.

In truth, Chu Mu knew that he could be defeated by Luo Peng if he summoned his fourth pet. It was precisely that he was unable to summon his fourth pet that made it hard for Luo Peng to accept his defeat!

“Young master Luo Peng… although I’m very unwilling to deal a blow to you right now, I must tell you that this Chu Chen is a third remembrance spirit master…” the main ref’s voice slowly transmitted into Luo Peng’s ears.

Luo Peng’s expression instantly changed into one of disbelief.

A third remembrance spirit master. Didn’t that mean he was two remembrances higher than him and could also summon a fourth soul pet?!

Chu Mu saw Luo Peng’s expression freeze and didn’t say anything more. He recalled his soul pets and slowly walked off the battlefield, leaving behind the new Hunting King standing alone in the arena, not knowing what excuse to use to reclaim his honor.

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