Book 2 Chapter 324 - I Used to Kill, Hunting was just a Hobby (1)

Chapter 324: I Used to Kill, Hunting was just a Hobby (1)

The traps weren’t much, but the Life Force Absorb was the lethal blow.

With the casting of Life Force Absorb, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s wounds caused by the eighth rank Nine Hurricane quickly healed. Its life force was healing at 10% per second, while its fighting strength was healing at the same speed!

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s life was about 1.5 times the Hurricane Fairy’s. With two seconds of life absorb, the Hurricane Fairy had already lost thirty percent of its fighting power!

“Light Shattering Vine!”

Luo Peng’s Light Shattering Vine finally finished. A couple of malleable golden glows danced along the vines on the ground as they travelled to destroy the Natural Wood Trap that the Devil Tree Battle Soldier had set.

“Night, Destruction Ray!”


The Night Thunder Dream Beast lifted its head and, after gathering dark energy in its mouth, sent it straight towards Luo Peng. Chu Mu didn’t try to stop the Light Vine, but instead attacked Luo Peng unexpectedly!

Just as Luo Peng was about to cast an incantation to save his Hurricane Fairy, the eighth rank initial stage Destruction Ray had already come. He had to change his incantation to adopt a defensive stance.

“Light Chant!”

A golden screen appeared around Luo Peng. The Night Thunder Dream Beast’s Destruction Ray collided with the light screen, scattering the dark energy.


His soul pact incantation was almost finished instantly. Blue towering ice started condensing within the air as the Ice Air Fairy’s body was quickly constructed from this powder.

“Towering Ice Ice Sword Formation!”

Almost without chanting, the Ice Air Fairy’s translucent hands waved. Immediately, thirty ten meter long towering ice swords dominated the skies of this battlefield, looming menacingly!



Around thirty ice swords appeared the blue glow of towering ice again, which quickly became another thirty massive swords!

Sixty towering ice ice swords hung upside down in the air. Each was ten meters long and emanated a frigid air that even the audience could feel!

Yet, Chu Mu’s series of planned techniques wasn’t finished. The moment he finished his Ice Air Fairy summoning, he again spent his soul power lavishly in another incantation!

“Chong Mei - Ice Sword Formation!”

Twenty percent of his soul power instantly disappeared. Chu Mu’s eyes slowly glazed over with an icy blue color. With Chu Mu’s control of the ice crystals, even more towering ice powder filled the skies!!

Sixty ice swords was already astonishing, but with Chu Mu’s control of ice, another thirty swords appeared!

“It’s intermediate towering ice!” The pure blue towering ice swords were interlaced between the sixty light blue swords. The clear difference in color represented an even more powerful ice type!

The Ice Air Fairy controlled only the initial stage Towering Ice, yet Chu Mu copied intermediate towering ice. This was the result of constant ice type soul item usage over the past year!

The Ice Air Fairy’s overlaid Ice Sword Formation reached the eighth rank middle stage. Adding on Chu Mu’s intermediate towering ice sword formation, the combined power reached the eighth rank complete stage, making it even more powerful than the Nine Hurricane that the Hurricane Fairy had casted previously!

Luo Peng’s face became pale. A light screen technique couldn’t possibly block this eighth rank complete stage ice type technique. Watching as the ninety destructive swords were about to fall, Luo Peng quickly summoned his third soul pet in the shortest amount of time!

“Centipede Tail Boulder Devil!”

With a rumble of advanced Sturdy Rock, the four meter long Centipede Tail Boulder Devil appeared in front of Luo Peng just in time!


Sword after sword constantly landed with the control of the Ice Air Fairy and Chu Mu!

The four meter tall body was virtually a giant, yet every ice sword’s length was ten meters, more than double the giant’s height!

The ice swords slammed into the Centipede Tail Boulder Devil, and shattered into countless pieces. Every time it took a hit, it would step backwards heavily. Luo Peng similarly had to withstand the push from the massive ice swords, causing him to be unable to cast any soul technique to block for the Centipede Tail Boulder Devil!

“Seventh phase ninth stage - top tier commander rank - Centipede Tail Boulder Devil. Though rock type counters ice type, the second level rock type crystal Sturdy Rock was no match for the third level ice type crystal Towering Ice!”

Centipede Tail Boulder Devil’s defense was very outstanding, as its entire body was covered in advanced Sturdy Rock. However, the Ice Air Fairy’s Ice Sword Diagram was made with the even more powerful initial stage Towering Ice, not to mention Chu Mu’s intermediate towering ice!

Crack after crack appeared on the Centipede Tail Boulder Devil. Its Sturdy Rock skin was full of ice shards, some already seeping into its body, creating an aura that slowed its body down!

The Centipede Tail Boulder Devil’s fighting strength was only peak commander rank. If it were any other seventh phase commander rank, this overlaid technique may have instakilled it already.

“Night, restrict the Centipede Tail Boulder Devil and its owner. Devil Tree Battle Soldier deal with the Light Vine. Ice Air Fairy finish off the Hurricane Fairy!” Chu Mu made swift and decisive action. The moment he finished wounding Luo Peng’s third soul pet, he immediately changed his battle plans!

Chu Mu taking the initiative was very key.

Switching his soul pets’ opponents was key; the monarch rank Night Thunder Dream Beast against the commander rank Centipede Tail Boulder Devil was like an adult playing with a six year old. Its excess mental strength could completely restrict Luo Peng from casting soul techniques too!

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier against the Light Rattan, it was still a seventh phase monarch rank vs an eighth phase commander rank. Whoever’s stronger and weaker will depend on each soul pet’s other abilities.

The Ice Air Fairy vs the Hurricane Fairy, they were both pseudo-monarch. Seventh phase seventh stage vs eighth phase first stage, there was no type counter. If both were in their best states, the Ice Air Fairy would lose for certain.

However, the Hurricane Fairy had been drained of thirty percent of its life by the Devil Tree Battle Soldier. Adding on the fact that it had fought the Devil Tree Battle Soldier for a very long time in a battle of attrition, its fighting strength was definitely not even 60% of its peak. The Ice Air Fairy, on the other hand, had just entered the battlefield, only using the energy needed for one Ice Sword Formation!

“Such keen thinking! He should have had two soul pets countered by the opponent, but after snatching an opportunity, he didn’t give the opponent a chance to turn it around anymore. I imagine the black masked man wanted to use his rock type Centipede Tail Boulder Devil to suppress the Ice Air Fairy, but now he can’t switch up the battle. Each battlefield was getting more and more separate.” Now, Da Kun had to show respect from the bottoms of his heart towards the young man who had stolen his soul pet!

The others were thinking the same thing as their leader. To have such battle awareness, just how many battles did the person have to go through before he could meticulously yet adeptly execute this whole series of positioning, techniques, and summonings.

“Indeed powerful. This needs a very good understanding of one’s own soul pet, as well as a large amount of practice before one can reach such perfect yet calm cooperation between soul pet trainer and soul pet. I imagine this is the advantage of raising a warrior rank soul pet to monarch rank…… Even Luo Peng hasn’t reached Chu Cheng’s level.” Ting Lan said quietly.

“Luo Peng won’t lose!” Teng Hai said hurriedly. Even though his sister thought Chu Cheng would win, but Teng Hai still remained that the person he worshipped won’t lose to a random person from nowhere.

Chu Chen didn’t have fame, nor identity, nor title. He was but a young man who had just joined Soul Palace. Teng Hai couldn’t possibly accept that Luo Peng, with all his fame and achievements, would lose to him. Even if Teng Hai had to admit that Chu Cheng was very powerful, Teng Hai still adamantly thought that Luo Peng was undefeatable for his age!!

“Luo Peng?” Yu Sui heard the name and immediately seemed confused, not knowing why Teng Hai had suddenly mentioned the new hunter king so eagerly.

“Oh, oh, nothing. I’ve just used him to compare to Luo Peng.” Teng Hai realized he leaked information, and quickly saved it.

“Speaking of which, I’ve seen Luo Peng fight. Why do I feel that this Chu Chen is even more severe in his attacks? Especially this dark and killing characteristic that emanates from Chu Chen’s bones!” Leader Da Kun said to himself.

“Heng, Luo Peng must be stronger, much stronger! If he were to fight against Luo Peng with the same soul pets, the results would be completely different!” Yu Sui was the first to let out an unsatisfied sound.

“I’m…… I have the same viewpoint as leader……” Qin He said very quietly.

Yu Sui had a steely face!

“Heng, they will definitely meet up. Then, whoever is stronger will be decided!” Yu Sui let out a cold humph.

Emotions and adoration can very easily affect a person’s judgement. Ting Lan saw that Yu Sui and Teng Hai were both being extreme, and lightly shook her head.

In reality, when Ting Lan and the Black Masked man’s battled, she had already guessed Luo Peng’s identity. She also thought that Chu Chen had an even more piercing aura than Luo Peng. Even though he tried to hide it, it still showed itself in battle.

Such sharp killing intent and quality of finishing opponents off was already showing naturally in battle.

With such a comparison, Ting Lan was also secretly surprised. Luo Peng was already an expert at surviving in the wilderness, often being called “small savage”, or else he wouldn’t have received the title of “Newcomer Hunter King”.

“This Chu Chen’s realm is higher than his, so under what environment did he train under? While fighting, he naturally reveals killing intent. Where on earth would he have cultivated this from?”

“Who’s stronger and who’s weaker is hard to tell. No matter what, though, he was able to enter the valley’s inner lake and obtain the Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail. This should tell you that this brat, like Luo Peng, has madly trained in the wild.

“Himself? Wasn’t it a team?” said Ting Lan after hearing Da Kun.

“He was by himself.” said Da Kun, self-ashamedly. 

Ting Lan was stunned. Her perpetually beautiful, gentle, and warm eyes finally flashed with a shocked expression!

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