Book 2 Chapter 323 - Glamorous Counterattack, Natural Wood Trap

At the same time Chu Mu summoned his Devil Tree Battle Soldier, the black masked Luo Peng finished his summon as well.

Luo Peng summoned a very mainstream elemental world soul pet - Hurricane Fairy.

Hurricane Fairy: Elemental World - Wind type - Fairy species - Hurricane Fairy subspecies - Commander rank

The Hurricane Fairy’s body was purely a coiled stream of air. In fact, a gaze could look straight through its body and see what was behind the fairy.

The Hurricane Fairy almost didn’t have a true body, but the moment any object neared it, it would get tossed away by powerful swirling air.

When the Hurricane Fairy stayed still, it was like constantly having a Wind Dragon Bind around it, protecting the Hurricane Fairy.

The Hurricane Fairy Luo Peng summoned had a Wind Dragon Bind of eighth rank. Thank goodness Chu Mu didn’t summon his Zhan Ye, or else the Zhan Ye would never have been able to attack the Hurricane Fairy who permanently had an eighth rank Wind Dragon Bind around it.

“Eighth phase first stage - Pseudo-monarch rank. Thank goodness your Devil Tree Battle Soldier had gone from pseudo-monarch rank to low class monarch rank, or else it wouldn’t be a match for this Hurricane Fairy.” Old Li’s voice floated in.

Chu Mu’s expression became solemn. Wood type and elemental type soul pets couldn’t create any type advantage. Stage and ranks were similar on both hands too. The Devil Tree Battle Soldier and the Hurricane Fairy, if neither have some trump card, this battle may become a battle of stamina that won’t easily end.


The main judge sent a command and the battle started!

A dozen Natural Wood spikes flew through the air, and crossed with a dozen turbulent wind blades in the air, marking the start of this battle. 

Just as Chu Mu had guessed, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier and the Hurricane Fairy couldn’t determine a winner. The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s defense was very high, already reaching eighth rank. Any technique the Hurricane Fairy had with a chant time under two seconds couldn’t harm the Devil Tree Soldier.

Yet, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s techniques similarly couldn’t truly trap the shapeless soul pet. The battle between the two soul pets became very careful.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldiers had many techniques to interfere, and the Hurricane Fairy didn’t make the low level mistake of letting the roots entrap it.

Single control battle, it was completely a test of the two soul pet trainers’ basic grasp of their soul pets. No flashy techniques, no superior tactics, just a back and forth exchange that expended both sides’ fighting strength.

“Going this way, the Hurricane Fairy definitely won’t be able to out-sustain. As long as the Devil Tree Battle Soldier still had stamina, it can continuously release techniques. The Hurricane Fairy’s mental strength is constantly being used.” Someone quickly made a judgement.

“Both people aren’t summoning a second soul pet, I wonder how long this stalemate will last……” Yu Sui said.

“The Storm Fairy had a wind vitality technique, so its mental strength recovers quick, yet the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s defense was high, life force was powerful, and isn’t giving the Hurricane Fairy a chance to cast an eighth rank technique, so it’s hard to say who’s weaker and who’s stronger.” Ting Lan quietly commented.

“It’ll fall to who loses patience first and makes a mistake. But, this Devil Tree Battle Soldier is powerful. If one put it in a huge soul pet group, it would definitely be a killing machine……” Leader Da Kun said.

Just as everyone was talking, suddenly the battlefield situation changed!

Invisible wind blew at Luo Peng’s hair. At some point, this black masked Hunter King had started an incantation without anyone realizing!

“Evil Flame Print!”

Seventh rank soul technique was finished in a mere second. Instantly, two flame beams appeared on the two sides of the Hurricane Fairy!

The red glow appeared and two light beams flew around the Hurricane Fairy in different paths, making two flame arcs. These flame arcs connected in front of the Hurricane Fairy and quickly, they burst into flames, completely covering the Hurricane Fairy inside the flames!

“Nine Hurricanes!” Just as the Hurricane Fairy was finished being protected, Luo Peng sent the command for an eighth rank technique to it!

Eighth rank wind type technique, a chant that only needs three seconds. Clearly, the Evil Flame Print was there to protect the Hurricane Fairy’s technique casting!

Chu Mu had known Luo Peng’s intentions the moment he started chanting, but he chanted too quickly, leaving Chu Mu no time to interrupt.

Chu Mu knew that Devil Tree Battle Soldier couldn’t break through the Evil Flame Print’s defense within three seconds, so he very decisively jumped in front of the Devil Tree Battle Soldier and let it cross its arms and curl over to protect him.

“Root Web!”

“Natural Wood Tangle!”

“Wood Finger Prison!”

Triple Cast. Chu Mu knew the damage of eighth rank wind type techniques. Once he protected himself, he didn’t dare to let the Devil Tree Battle Soldier save any techniques. He used Root Net and Natural Wood Tangle to create a defense while using Wood Finger Prison to keep its body in place.

“Chong Mei - Towering Ice Armor!” These technique weren’t enough. Chu Mu didn’t save any soul power, even replicating the Ice Air Fairy’s defense technique, layering the Devil Tree Battle Soldier with a thick layer of Towering Ice, increasing the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s defense even further.

Finally, the Nine Hurricanes finished!

In three seconds, the entire battlefields’ defensive net showed clear shaking. All the pieces of rubble on the battlefield were thrown into the air, causing the area to become muddied and full of a destructive aura!

Nine powerful hurricanes formed while the Evil Flame Print’s protection automatically became a part of the hurricane, becoming a bitingly cold and heated power!


Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s Wood Finger Prison firmly held itself onto the ground. The powerful flow had already thrown a few layers off the ground, threatening to rip the Devil Tree Battle Soldier into a pile of shreds!

“Eighth rank complete stage power……” Hiding under the protection of the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, Chu Mu bit down hard. This eighth rank complete stage power will clearly do major damage to the Devil Tree Battle Soldier. The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s natural wood armor was shredded, and its skin was hurt greatly too…....


“Pretty quick reaction speeds, knowing to give his soul pet an ice type defense.” Luo Peng smiled.

Chu Mu clearly realized the eighth rank technique was going to suck the fire type Evil Flame Print as well. Without the Towering Ice Armor, the flames would create even greater harm to the wood type Devil Tree Battle Soldier!

However, the current effect was decent. Luo Peng could definitely create large damage to the Devil Tree Battle Soldier. The opponent would have to summon their second or even third soul pet to make up for this disadvantage.


Indeed, Chu Mu had to summon a second soul pet!

The Hurricane Fairy had already finished resting and continued to cast techniques. After a few hits, the wounded Devil Tree Battle Soldier couldn’t turn the situation around again!

A black diagram flipped light and dark. After the devilish Night Thunder Dream Beast was called upon, it appeared out of the light and shadow. Its white, elegant feathers floated by lightly…….

Night Thunder Dream Beast immediately casted Tired Dream, very quickly breaking through the Hurricane Fairy’s next wind type technique.

“He was still the first to summon a second soul pet. Seems like the opponent is very powerful, I wonder which older generation it is…….” Da Kun said.

“And helping us get vengeance!” Zhang Yin was still angry at Chu Mu. Seeing Chu Mu’s soul pet wounded, she shouted in delight.


Since he took the advantage, Luo Peng would naturally follow up. Since Chu Mu summoned a dark type demon, Luo Peng very decisively chose his Light Rattan!

Light Rattan: Plant World - Vine type - Light Rattan subspecies - Commander rank

“Eighth phase fourth stage - high class commander rank - Light Rattan. Its stage and phase are clearly weaker than your seventh phase ninth stage pseudo monarch Night Thunder Dream Beast, but no matter its main vine type or second light type, your Night Thunder Dream Beast was completely countered!” Old Li’s voice floated out.

The second pet summon was clearly crucial. If the opponent had a soul pet of perfect type counter, even if the stage and phase are slightly lower, one will still decisively summon and quickly control the entire fight situation!

Chu Mu’s monarch rank Night Thunder Dream Beast was clearly more powerful than the commander rank Light Rattan. 

“I think the victory will be decided soon.” Many people were sure that the situation was clear now.

“One small mistake, and you lose the war. Their soul pet strengths were similar, but on the usage of soul pets……”


“Natural Wood Trap, activate!”

Suddenly, Chu Mu’s voice sounded!

Before anyone made further comments, Chu Mu quietly used his voice to send a command to his soul pet!

Natural Wood Trap, Seventh level trap technique!

The hurt Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s eyes suddenly blazed green. This special radiance matched with the green glow that had suddenly appeared under the Hurricane Fairy’s feet!


With an angry roar from the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, the Natural Wood Trap was activated!

The ground under the Hurricane Fairy suddenly collapsed, becoming countless cyan snakes that wriggled within the ten meter wide Natural Wood trap. The Hurricane Fairy couldn’t make any reaction before being tightly tangled by the roots, getting dragged into the trap!

“Quadruple cast!!”

Luo Peng’s eyes went wide. Seeing his Hurricane Fairy getting pulled into the trap, he had just realized that the Devil Tree Battle Soldier had only casted three spells in defense!

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier only casted three, not because it lost its composure in face of an eighth rank technique, but because it hid the fourth technique!

Chu Mu said aloud for his Devil Tree Battle Soldier to cast “Root Web, Natural Wood Tangle, Wood Finger Prison”, and then used his remembrance to tell his Devil Tree Battle Soldier the fourth technique, “Natural Wood Trap”.

And this technique had quietly appeared under the Hurricane Fairy’s feet as it was excitedly casting its eighth rank technique!

Chu Mu’s counterattack started another ripple of discussion!

No one would’ve thought that this teen was so meticulous in thinking. Facing a powerful eighth rank technique, he had not only thought of how to defend but had planned his counter attack at the same time already!!

“Such powerful controlling abilities!” Even Da Kun, who was somewhat angry at Chu Mu, let out an exclamation from the bottom of his hearts!

Everyone nodded heavily. This was an unexpected glamorous counterattack.


“I remember his Devil Tree Battle Soldier still has some special Blood Suck technique……” Ting Lan contemplated.

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