Chapter 322 - Decisive Fight, New Hunting King (2)

Chapter 322: Decisive Fight, New Hunting King (2)

Chu Mu’s fourth fight was against a Soul Pet Palace expert. The fight wasn’t as easy as before, and it could be said that he obtained victory with difficulty.

All three of Chu Mu’s soul pets, the Night Thunder Dream Beast, the Ice Air Fairy, and the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, had sustained injuries. Fortunately, the final fifth fight had two days of rest before it. In these two days, Chu Mu could use the opportunity to adjust the condition of his soul pets.

After the fourth fight, Chu Mu came up with a bit of a summary. These middle aged experts were clearly more proficient at using their soul pet’s techniques and the opponents Chu Mu came across this time had all laid down traps that Chu Mu nearly fell into. Fortunately, the long fights allowed Chu Mu to maintain his most vigilant fighting awareness that wouldn’t let him be defeated in the fourth fight.

The fifth round was on the seventh day after the start of the competition. The Night Thunder Dream Beast and the Ice Air Fairy hadn’t recovered from their injuries so the main fighting strength this time fell to Zhan Ye and the Devil Tree Battle Soldier. Furthermore, Chu Mu ultimately decided to have the yet to be recovered Night Thunder Dream Beast participate in the fight.

Although this wasn’t the strongest fight, the fight for top ten would be of great interest because the person that entered top ten this time could very well be a young generation member. Moreover, this young person was only twenty!

It was extremely hard to imagine a young expert obtaining a top ten spot in a middle aged competition!

“This Chu Chen unexpectedly won two in a row, lost one, then won one to make his way into the decisive fight for top ten…” when the young man, Teng Hai, saw Chu Mu stand on the battlefield, he opened his eyes wide.

Him and Luo Peng expected Soul Pet Palace’s Luo Qi to stand on this battlefield, and they never expected this slightly famous Luo Qi to lose to this young expert...

Luo Qi losing wasn’t important, but this round now became a fight between the new Hunting King, Luo Peng, and Chu Chen!

Teng Hai stared at Luo Peng wearing a black mask, and he felt helpless for a moment. It unexpectedly ended up being a final decisive fight between these two fellows of comparable age...

“What’s the matter? Why do you have a strange expression>” Ting Lan saw her brother’s strange expression and asked a question as she didn’t understand why.

“Oh, it’s nothing… I just never expected Chu Chen to stand amongst the competition for top ten.” Teng Hai couldn’t give away Luo Peng’s identity, after all, even if a man had absolute confidence he would surpass the woman he liked, he still wouldn’t like to admit that he had lost to her in the past. It wasn’t that Luo Peng felt this was a huge loss of face, but instead he was afraid that Ting Lan would take this experience of him losing as a first impression which would become an obstacle for him in the future. Therefore, Luo Peng intentionally told Teng Hai not to reveal his identity.

“Mhm, it really is a surprise. This time Soul Palace really did admit someone with incredible potential. When we return to Tianxia City, you should mention it to your father.” Ting Lan nodded her head and praised Chu Mu.

“However, he’ll probably only make it here.” said Teng Hai.

The person wearing the black mask was the new Hunting King - Luo Peng. Of all the young twenty year old people in the surrounding kingdoms, did any of them have the guts to boast they could beat him?

Teng Hai understood Luo Peng’s strength very well, so he figure Luo Peng had the fight for top ten in the bag.

“Sister Ting Lan, I heard you were here so I intentionally came here.” a woman’s voice suddenly came in. Immediately after an average looking woman, but wearing beautiful clothing, walked in and sat next to Ting Lan.

Along with the woman were four men. After they saw Ting Lan, their eyes lit up, but shortly after they revealed an embarrassed expression.

“Young sister Yu Sui…” Ting Lan amicably called out a greeting.

 “Young lady Ting Lan, I’m very sorry that we weren't able to capture that Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail for you…” the team leader, Da Kun, firstly expressed his inability to finish the posted mission.

“In truth we were just a tiny bit short, only, we we never expected another brat would get there first…” angrily said Zhang Ying.

Their team this time hadn’t only taken the mission for its high reward, but instead to leave a good impression in front of this extremely famous woman. They ended up taking the reward in high spirits, but returned empty handed. The four men present all felt a bit shameful.

“No worries, I already bought a Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail.” Ting Lan saw their expressions and faintly smiled as she explained.

Ting Lan was stronger that the five of them put together by a lot, but she didn’t understand how to hunt. Hunting put huge emphasis on technique. For instance, if she didn’t know to track a child pet’s tracks and observe a young pet’s habitat environment,  she could very well alarm an even stronger soul pet in a monarch rank territory...

Ting Lan knew that she needed specialists to hunt, so she had intentionally put up a reward, and had the five people help her catch the Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail.

“You’ve already bought it? Who did you buy it from?” Yu Sui immediately let out a shocked expression before hastily asking a question.

The other four people looked at each other, but quickly realized that Ting Lan could very well have bought it from the brat that beat them to it.

“The person on the battlefield.” Ting Lan pointed at Chu Mu as she indifferently spoke.

The five of their gazes seemingly simultaneously fell on Chu Mu and very soon, they all opened their eyes wide.

“It’s him! Team leader it’s him! What’s he called… yes, Chu Chen!” Zhan Ying was the first person to begin yelling and in his tone was a bit of annoyance and indignance. 

“Zhan Ying, calm down.” Da Kun’s expression turned serious as he simultaneously reminded Zhan Ying not to get too emotional.

The others were shocked at first, but all remained quiet.

Aside from Zhan Ying who had overreacted, the other four were all very clear that the young man called Chu Chen wasn’t someone they could provoke!

This person had outstanding hunting talent while his strength was also extremely strong. Him currently standing in the decisive fight for the top ten in the annual competition was the best proof of this! 

Asking themselves earnestly, even if they had a few more years, none of them dared say they could stand in the decisive battlefield for top ten!

Ting Yu was able to guess that Chu Chen had fought over the Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail with Da Kun’s team, and his team had gotten to it first. These sort of things would sometimes happen so Ting Lan couldn’t say anything more. She merely tactfully said: “The fight has started. Let’s sit down and watch.”

The five of them were extremely sullen, but could accept it. Right now they could only watch the stage and see what outstanding soul pets that young man had.


When Luo Peng saw Chu Chen, his face was also full of shock. This was a middle aged competition so he felt that his opponent should have been an experienced thirty year old soul pet trainer. Ultimately, it ended up being a man whose age was similar to his.

As the new Hunting King, Luo Peng had always surpassed people of his age and it had been a long time since he had fought someone his age. He never expected to encounter a same age expert in this competition. Aside from surprise, he also carried the excitement of finding someone evenly matched.

Since the opponent could make it thus far, his strength was definitely not over-glorified. Rather than fighting against a middle aged expert who was technically on a different level, Luo Peng would much rather fight against another young expert who was also at a peak rank!

“Why haven’t I heard of you name before?” asked Luo Peng.

“I’ve never heard of your name either.” retorted Chu Mu.

A light smile rose on Luo Peng’s face. The opponent naturally hadn’t heard of his name because he had made up his name. If it was his real name, he could be sure that this man called Chu Chen would be shocked and speechless.

Looking at Chu Mu’s casual expression, Luo Peng silently laughed: “He definitely thinks I’m a middle aged soul pet trainer, and thinks that losing to me won’t be a loss of face. Haha, when the fight ends I’ll quietly let him know my identity. I expect his expression when that time comes to be glorious.”

Luo Peng understood the mentality of a young peak expert. They could lose to experts who were older than them, but couldn’t to people of the same age. If they lost, it would be a huge blow to them. Luo Peng felt that the present situation was a bit laughable and laughed because the opponent was still in the dark right now.

“Both sides summon your soul pets!” loudly yelled the main judge!

“Both sides summon your soul pets!’ repeated the two vice judges!

Chu Mu and Luo Peng simultaneously chanted incantations. Swapping soul pets in the fight was not allowed so each soul pet had to be summoned with extreme caution. Especially the first soul pet because it would be the turning point of the entire fight.

“Devil Tree Battle Soldier!”

Chu Mu decisively chose the seventh phase seventh stage Devil Tree Battle Soldier to participate. Its wounds could be healed through Life Force Absorb and although it had sustained wounds in the previous fight, they had already completely healed.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast was still wounded and didn’t have its full fighting strength. It was unsuitable for it to fight first, while Zhan Ye’s phase and stage were relatively low. Chu Mu was afraid that Zhan Ye would encounter a relatively strong demon summoned by the opponent that could restrict its abilities. If this happened, the effects of Zhan Ye’s Brave Stinging Heart wouldn’t be able to manifest.

Roots slowly appeared in the pattern Chu Mu used. The cyan natural wood carrying a bit of blood color slowly transformed into a thick natural wood armor.

The natural wood armor formed a shape first and the Devil Tree Battle Soldier slowly appeared through the natural wood armor.

“It’s still the Devil Tree Battle Soldier as expected.” said Teng Hai.

“A Devil Tree Battle Soldier?” Da Kun and the five others all revealed astonished expressions. Could it be that this fellow had relied on a high class general rank soul pet to pass through the narrow passage?

“Take a careful look.” Ting Lan looked relatively favorably on Chu Mu’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier. As a soul pet trainer, being able to disregard one’s soul pet rank and strengthen it to the monarch rank was extremely hard to come by. 

In truth, amongst species rank, only the high class general rank Devil Tree Battle Soldier had truly strong strength. It was not inferior to some monarchs and Chu Mu really had used this species rank of a warrior soul pet to pass through the narrow passage.

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