Chapter 321 - Decisive Fight, New Hunting King (1)

Chapter 321: Decisive Fight, New Hunting King (1)

“Let’s push forward the time of the trade.” Ting Lan saw that Chu Mu had already put up the hand signal, but didn’t care about this rude gesture as she spoke to him.

Chu Mu didn’t think anything of it either. Challenging his limits was one thing, while challenging someone who potentially wasn’t his opponent at his current level was another thing. There was nothing wrong with conceding; in any case, given another one or two years, Chu Mu had absolute confidence that he would surpass the woman in front of him.

Chu Mu handed over the soul capture ring to the woman and asked: “I want to obtain an eighth rank title. Is there a fast way to do so?”

If he could obtain an eighth rank title, Chu Mu would be able to buy the Nine Tail Inferno Flame Fox’s Heart for 70 million, which was something he could afford.

Ting Lan laughed and shook her head before teasing: “If you donate your soul pets, you should have some hope of doing so.”

“....” Chu Mu had now lost a match so he had to win the next two, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to enter the top ten.

Ting Lan took the soul capture ring Chu Mu handed over and poured her soul remembrance in. Upon checking that the Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail that she wanted was in there, a gentle and beautiful smile rose on her face.

It was possible to see from her expression that she really did like this Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail.

“If you want to quickly raise you title, it’ll be faster in Tianxia City. Tianxia City will provide you with even more opportunities.” after Ting Yu satisfiedly put away the soul pet, she spoke to Chu Mu.

“I feel like before my strength is adequate, I won’t go to Tianxia City.” said Chu Mu.

“I can see that you should be some soul pet trainer who has spent a long time training in the wilderness. In truth, many soul pet trainers spend relatively long times training in the wilderness and upon finding that their strength increase has slowed down, they will return to the city and using an extremely direct method of strength increase which they will already know of, they will increase their strength. This method is relatively effective. Furthermore, inside a city, no matter if it’s people with similar strength to you or much stronger, you’ll always be able to find a satisfactory opponent.”

Ting Lan didn’t seem to be someone who enjoyed speaking. Most likely it was because she had obtained the Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail and her mood was good so she gave some advice out of goodwill to Chu Mu who had just entered Soul Palace, but was a young man with limitless potential.

   “Ok, I’ll think about it.” Chu Mu nodded his head.

Ting Lan’s words weren’t wrong. At a level like Chu Mu’s where all his soul pet’s ranks had reached the monarch rank, the resources that could appease Chu Mu’s high standards were slowly growing less even though he would always encounter someone competing against him for these resources.

Although the wilderness was the best test to incite potential, when searching for a place to train with ample resources, Chu Mu had imperceptibly wasted a lot of time.

“Young master, I also avidly support the proposition for you to enter a city of experts to train. Just like right now, if you hadn’t entered this city where experts were congregated, you never would have known that such of such a strong female soul pet trainer’s existence.” Old Li’s voice slowly transmitted to him.

“Then you propose that I directly head to Tianxia City?” said Chu Mu.

Chu Mu felt that if he were to presently enter Tianxia City, even disregarding people older than him, there probably were many people of the same age that could defeat him.

“Young master, you’re honestly in a very awkward position. In truth, you should’ve placed more importance on raising your soul pet phases and stages in the past instead of strengthening their attributes… now all of your soul pets have fighting strength at the monarch rank, but their phases and stages are all relatively low. Frankly speaking, if you go to an average training ground, you won’t be able to obtain the spirit items required to strengthen your soul pets and it’ll become purely battle training. However, since your soul pets all have too low phases and stages, you aren’t willing to enter higher level training grounds like monarch rank areas.” said Old Li.

“Then I should be very upset due to my soul pet’s high fighting strength ranks?” within Chu Mu’s words were that Old Li should have warned him earlier instead of mentioning it now.

“Of course not. High fighting strength ranks are an advantage. You can fully skip over a sixth rank bewildering world and directly into a seventh rank bewildering world. To normal experts, seventh rank bewildering worlds happen to be just perfect, but to someone like you who has already cultivated an extremely high ability to survive in the wilderness, it’s an average challenge.”

“If you had time, you could definitely slowly train and after raising your soul pets to the eighth phase, you could directly head to an eighth rank bewildering world. The problem right now is that you need to quickly raise your strength. However, your strength is at an awkward spot where a seventh rank cannot meet your requirements, while you don’t dare head to an eighth rank… therefore, the best method is to go to a city and fight against various experts. After you surmount this threshold, you can plan even greater things…”

Old Li was still a experienced fellow all things said and done. He was still able to analyze such details. Liu Binglan having this rotten old fellow follow Chu Mu really did help his training and lessened the amount of wrong paths he took.

It wasn’t that Chu Mu didn’t want to fight against Tianxia City experts. The problem was that Chu Mu was determined not to let Mo Xie appear when she was in her Royal Flame Nine Tailed Inferno Fox rank state.

This also included the White Nightmare, whom Chu Mu didn’t want to easily have to show. It was only by training in the wilderness could Chu Mu be at ease when he summoned these two soul pets.


After leaving the battlefield, Chu Mu intentionally reflected on the matter earnestly for a while. Ultimately, he felt that he still had to enter Tianxia City and combine his fights with other people and his training in the wilderness together. When he fought against others, he would do so under the identity of Soul Palace’s young master Chu Chen and while in the wilderness, he would be Prison Island King - Chu Mu. This way, he would afford his soul pets ample training.

However, since he had two identities, Chu Mu had to strictly differentiate his soul pets.

Chu Mu had already thought of this question before. When he assumed the identity of Prisoner Island King, Chu Mu, his soul pet formation would be: The White Nightmare, Mo Xie, the Ice Air Fairy and the Devil Tree Battle Soldier...

When he assumed the identity of Soul Palace’s young master, Chu Chen, his formation would be: Zhan Ye, the Ice Air Fairy, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, the Night Thunder Dream Beast and the Ghost King.

Zhan Ye, the Ice Air Fairy and the Devil Tree battle Soldier were all mainstream soul pets, and replicating them in both identities wouldn’t have any large repercussions. Of course, due to Zhan Ye’s special fighting ability, it would easily become some sort of a symbol, so Chu Mu could only allocate it to one identity.

Zhan Ye’s potential was limitless. As long as he raised its phase and stage, it would definitely be able to hold its own just like the White Nightmare and Mo Xie. Therefore, the identity of Soul Palace’s young master Chu Chen probably would have to rely on Zhan Ye to deal with powerful opponents.

Regardless of such, the Chu Chen identity was somewhat weak, so young master Chu Chen had to diligently train!

As for the Prison Island King, Chu Mu, he had to train even harder because the enemies this identity had to face were unreasonably strong!


In the seats...

“If I had known earlier she wanted a Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail, I wouldn’t have run off somewhere else. I should’ve taken the opportunity to display my hunting excellence…” Luo Peng rubbed his chin as he muttered to himself. His gaze was fixated on Ting Lan slowly walking over.

“It’s so rare I get to see you, you small wilderness person.” said Ting Lan after she saw Luo Peng and let out a smile that wasn’t a smile.

Luo Peng cracked a laugh and his face full of arrogance let out a seldom seen bashful and awkward expression.

The young man Teng Hai slipped a glance at Luo Peng, and instantly saw through this fellow that was horrible at covering up his emotions. He suppressed his voice as he secretly laughed.

“It shouldn’t be a problem for sister Ting Lan to be first this time, right?” Luo Peng was afraid he would reveal too much so he hastily began to speak.

“There are still two more rounds, it’s hard to say…” said Ting Lan.

“At the very least you’ll be in the top ten. I don’t believe that your fourth round opponent will be your opponent.” laughed Luo Peng mysteriously.

“I wish.” Ting Lan felt that Luo Peng’s tone was a bit strange, but didn’t think too much of it.

After casually chatting for a short while, Ting Lan seemed to urgently want to sign a soul pact with the Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail, so she didn’t stay too long and went back to Soul Palace.

After Ting Lan left, Teng Hai stayed beside his idol and gave a meaningful look at Luo Peng: “Even I can see what you’re thinking in your heart. My smart sister can definitely see it too…”

“Fine, I’ll admit it. But I won’t be so careless again.” Luo Peng quickly recovered his original appearance.

“Indeed, before your strength surpasses my sister, you can only hold it back in your heart. How long do you feel you need to surpass her? Although my sister has high standards, in the worst case scenario someone even stronger will make a move first…” said Teng Hai.

“I don’t know either, so this time I wanted to see my difference in strength with her.” said Luo Peng.

Luo Peng was Dun City’s new Hunting King, and found it very hard to find opponents of the same age in the surrounding kingdoms. However, this peak young expert had even higher aspirations and wasn’t satisfied with his current accomplishments.

“This time? You mean that you participate this time? Moreover you’ll encounter her in the competition?” said Teng Hai in shock.

“Yes.” the new Hunting King, Luo Peng, nodded his head.

“Oh, so the fellow who wore a mask was you. You… you aren’t looking to be embarrassed are you?” said Teng Hai.

“Don’t worry, I only want to try. I won’t actually truly go and fight; at least, I can’t have her recognize my identity. When the time comes, I’ll concede. I don’t want to have to fight my fifth opponent all tired. My goal this time is top ten. If I can’t achieve that, then I feel that I’m not worthy of her.”

“Your expectations of yourself are too high. This is a middle aged generation competition. How can it be so easy to obtain top ten? Moreover, you can’t swap out soul pets during fights so this is detrimental to someone like you whose soul pet strength is average…” said Teng hai.

“Don’t worry, only by unceasingly fighting challenging fights can I make myself stronger.” said Luo Peng extremely seriously.

Teng Hai looked at the man who was only a few years older than him, and felt his conviction and steadiness. Within the depths of a heart, the initial seed of an intense desire to become stronger began to grow...

“Do you know who your fifth opponent is?”

“My opponent should be the Soul Pet Palace member, Qi Mo, who will beat Chu Chen in the fourth round.” said Luo Peng.

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