Book 2 Chapter 320 - Soul Palace, Seven Diagram Saint Pets

Chapter 320: Soul Palace, Seven Diagram Saint Pets

Though he didn’t know why the female named Ting Lan came to Guo City, Chu Mu was sure that this woman was famous even in the main soul palace.

A seventh level title needed a Competition Strongest to obtain. Even if Chu Mu let White Nightmare and Mo Xie attend, getting into Competition Second Strongest was difficult, nevertheless seventh level title’s Competition Strongest. As for eighth level titles, Chu Mu felt that he, at least currently, couldn’t obtain easily.

“Both sides summon soul pets!” Main judge announced.

“Both sides summon soul pets!” The two side judges announced separately.

On the third continuous victory match, there were many more audiences. It may be the effects of beautiful women, but the amount of people watching the match between Chu Mu and Ting Lan was clearly many times even the other third continuous victory match. Some were even the children of Guo City nobility…… “ Teng Hai.” A man of similar age to Chu Mu walked beside Ting Lan’s little brother Teng Hai and greeted him.

“Luo Peng, why are you here?” Young man Teng Hai saw this person and revealed a surprised look.

Teng Hai looked up to his sister, but his sister in the end is a female soul pet trainer and had a very different style of picking soul pets than what Teng Hai was looking for. The person that fit his ideals was the person in front of him, Guo City’s impressively famous up and coming hunter king - Luo Peng.

Luo Peng was the target of adoration for almost the entire young generation of Guo City. Teng Hai himself had also made Luo Peng his target, hoping that he would reach the same level around twenty years old.

“Nothing, just wanted to watch.” Luo Peng said nonchalantly.

Luo Peng was very tanned, looking healthy and bright. It may be because his long times in the wild hunting, but even when he was relaxed, his eyes hid a vicious beast that was prowling. It was imaginable that when he became serious, he would be a very scary individual.

“Just wanted to watch? Why do I feel like you’re here for my sister? Who doesn’t know that you like her?” Teng Hai saw completely through him.

“Stop this nonsense, I’m like you, only seeing her as a sister worth overcoming.” Luo Peng quickly explained. Facing the powerful beasts, this hunter king could be absolutely calm, yet when it comes to these matters, he was clearly rustled.

“Sister Ting Lan should be able to reach Competition Strongest. There’s only one middle aged generation person that she would have trouble with. Speaking of which, there's another person in this group that wore a mask. I wonder what his strength is like. Until now, he seems to only have summoned some mainstream soul pets…...oh, you have these mainstream soul pets too, but I haven’t seen you in a while. How are your soul pets’ strengths doing.” Teng Hai said.

“Should be about right. Your sister’s chanting an incantation……” Luo Peng intentionally switched topics.


On the battlefield, Ting Lan slowly started an incantation. A soft glow appeared as her lips started murmuring, creating dazzling intercrossing lights that created a beautiful symbol. Within it, soul pact symbols floated rhythmically.

All of the colorful soul pact symbols gathered. When they did, a handsome and fearsome soul pet appeared 

This was a soul pet with the upper body of a monarch, but the lower body of a bold and powerful beast!

Its entire body was covered in clear cut dawn armor. It looked like it was made of some sturdy material, giving off a special metallic feel!

On the armor were a series of ridiculously glamorous symbols. These symbols criss crossed, enigmatic yet storing a special magic!

Holy and intimidating, it was like the adjudicator of crime, standing proudly on the battlefield. It was automatically a threat and intimidation towards all dark type soul pets!

“Its the Seven Diagram Soul Pet from Soul Palace!”

“Miss Ting Lan is taking out her Seven Diagram soul pet right off the bat!”

“Is the opponent really strong? Or really weak so she wants to finish the battle quickly and prepare for the following two matches?”

Quickly, a commotion started around the battlefield. At the same time that everyone was exclaiming about Ting Lan’s fierce yet holy soul pet, they were guessing at how Ting Lan will fight.

Soul Palace Seven Diagrams, this word Chu Mu has heard many times already, but he never knew what it meant. Now, seeing a real Soul Palace Seven Diagram Sacred Pet, Chu Mu felt surprised at its special power aura.

The species rank of the Seven Diagram Sacred Pet in front of him was clearly monarch. Even without any strengthening, it was very scary. In fact, Chu Mu could be sure that the Seven Diagram Sacred Pet was middle class monarch rank!

An eighth phase middle stage middle class monarch rank soul pet!

The powerful aura was overwhelming, making the dark type soul pets connected mentally to Chu Mu, like Night Thunder Dream Beast, Zhan Ye, and White Nightmare slightly afraid!

“Seven Diagram Sacred Pets were the symbol of Soul Palace, much like the three big Nightmares of Nightmare Palace Cyan Nightmare, Blue Nightmare, and White Nightmare. The Soul Palace’s Seven Diagram Sacred Pets were different. Of the Seven Diagrams, six were monarch rank soul pets, while one was emperor rank. Soul Palace has continued for over a thousand years, and its prosperity was directly connected to the reproduction of these Seven Diagram Sacred Pets.”

“In reality, the Seven Diagram Sacred Pet points to seven soul pets, the seven strongest soul pets that Soul Palace have firmly under control. Through the reproduction between these seven soul pets, they gain monarch rank soul pet resources, and use them to attract countless soul pet trainers’ hearts. Slowly, this gathering became a faith-like gathering. With time, the oldest Seven Diagram Sacred Mother slowly became the Mother of Soul Palace, much like a deity. Everyone in Soul Palace who owned a Seven Diagram Sacred Pet had to have thanksgiving and loyalty for the Seven Diagram Sacred Mother. This target of thanksgiving and loyalty was the Mother of the Seven Diagrams, the Soul Palace!” Old Li said.

Chu Mu remembered that initially in Gangluo City, Chu Mu’s family had a seventh level territory. The territory meant that every few years, one could get a commander rank soul pet and a myriad of other soul pets.

To a family, the territory then became very important, setting the foundations for a family’s growth and fall.

Yet, having a monarch rank soul pet resource was completely different from having a seventh level territory!

Seventh level territories were only territories and still needed manual capturing. From Old Li’s words, however, the soul palace completely understood the seven monarch rank soul pets’ reproduction method.

As long as they had a massive base number, Soul Palace would create countless monarch rank soul pets!

Chu Mu flipped the mountains and valleys for a monarch ranked soul pet, followed for half a month, and had a massive fight. More importantly, he was lucky that the low class monarch rank soul pets’ father generation wasn’t nearby. After so many issues, Chu Mu had finally gotten a low class monarch rank soul pet.

Soul Palace, on the other hand, only had to use some special method and directly make the soul pets reproduce, which would immediately create monarch ranks!

It was now that Chu Mu finally realized why these factions covered almost all of the world’s cities, having thousands of years of immovable power and status and having tens of thousands of powerful soul pet trainers protecting it…...

Thinking back, a soul pet trainer could spend a dozen years without a monarch rank soul pet, unable to satisfy their dream of becoming an expert. Yet, the moment they enter soul palace, they could be given a monarch rank young soul pet. Who wouldn’t go through all of hell for this faction?

“Old Li, I’m the soul palace young master, why doesn’t soul palace not give me a couple Seven Diagram Sacred Pets?” Chu Mu said to Old Li fervently.

Body covered in light armor, upper body mighty like a monarch while lower body like a king of lions, species rank of middle class monarch rank - this was something any soul pet trainer would go crazy for!

At least, Chu Mu’s heart was moved!

“You think that the Seven Diagram Sacred Pets are your common rabbits, which people give away a couple every new years? If I remember correctly, the rule inside Soul Palace is: seventh level title owners must take a position for 5 years or make some significant contribution to get one of the Six Diagram Sacred Pets. Eighth level title owners still have to complete some rule to gain a Six Diagram Sacred Pet. Similarly, this soul pet bestowing has nothing to do with identity. Even young masters, without effort, can not get a single Seven Diagram Soul Pet.” Old Li said.

“Eighth level title before one can get it.” Chu Mu had always hoped to walk his own path, but once he knew of soul palace’s system and rewards, Chu Mu finally understood why many people join some factions. These factions had too much allure. Even Chu Mu wished he could instantly have an eighth level title and choose a seven diagram sacred pet to fill his empty fourth soul pet.


“Chu Chen, summon your soul pet, if you don’t summon within ten seconds, it counts as a forfeit……” The sub judge beside Chu Mu said with impatience.

The sub judge specially raised his voice, causing Chu Mu to finally realize.

Of course, though he reacted, summoning a soul pet was another matter. When the sub judge and audience were all sick of waiting, Chu Mu patiently waited ten seconds, causing everyone to raise their hands in helplessness.

“Forfeit? What kind of joke is this, not even summoning a soul pet before surrendering? This guy has no guts. Ting Lan wouldn’t even hurt his soul pets. If he feels like one couldn’t beat it, shouldn’t he at least summon a few more?” Teng Hai saw that Chu Mu directly forfeited and immediately opened his eyes wide.

In normal fights, even if one forfeited, they usually would summon their soul pets and let others know you indeed weren’t as powerful. Yet, Chu Mu didn’t even summon a soul pet before forfeiting.

“Eh…...this guy, at least he has some self-awareness……” Luo Peng was dazed as well, spitting out a sentence after a long time.


An eighth phase middle stage middle class monarch rank soul pet, even if Chu Mu summons his most powerful soul pet combo, he may not be able to win against this seven diagram sacred pet, so forfeiting was for sure.

It could be said that the girl’s strength was not inferior to Xia Guanghan. Meeting such soul palace young generation expert, he could only forfeit and conserve his strength for the next two matches.

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