Book 2 Chapter 32 - Mo Ye VS Mo Ye

Chapter 32: Mo Ye VS Mo Ye

“Why haven’t we left this place yet? It’s already been a few days.” Qin Menger pouted her small lips. Over these past few days, Qin Menger had grown accustomed to Chu Mu’s calm and unperturbed manner within the forest. Therefore, she wasn’t afraid of encountering any savage soul pets anymore.

“Perhaps we walked in the wrong direction.” Chu Mu looked at the surrounding trees, and he found that he had been circling around in Mo Ye Forest.

“Huh? Then what should we do? I don’t want to stay here forever.” a flustered expression appeared on Qin Menger’s face.

“This Mo Ye Forest has a hallucination effect. It has caused us to perpetually circle around in this forest,” said Chu Mu.

“How do you know?” Qin Menger didn’t understand and asked.

Chu Mu pointed at a tree bark beside him. This piece of bark had been scratched by Mo Xie’s claws, and on top of it was the trace of intersecting claw marks. This had been done when Mo Xie had ripped open the small Mo Ye’s body back then and a bit of her power had overflowed.

“It we can’t get out of here, won’t we end up staying here forever?” When Qin Menger thought of this, her eyes instantly began to water.

“That’s probably right.” Chu Mu glanced at Qin Menger before indifferently speaking.

After hearing Chu Mu’s words, Qin Menger could no longer control her emotions. Her eyes began to water, and she actually began to weep softly.

“I’m joking with you. To me, the hallucination effect in this forest is like walking in my own family’s courtyard. As long as I walk through it once, I’ll quickly be able to find the exit. Don’t worry.” Chu Mu grinned and then laughed.

The depths of Prison Islands had many jungles that were much more complicated than Broken Forest. Chu Mu was still able to unobstructedly exit those forests. Thus, exiting this forest wasn’t that much of a problem.

Having been teased by Chu Mu, Qin Menger’s tears contrarily began to fall even faster. Her small palm slapped Chu Mu, and she cutely scolded “scoundrel.”

Chu Mu thought of the past, when he would often tease Qin Menger so he didn’t scare her without reason. Seeing her cute pitiful appearance, he subconsciously extended his hands, wanting to pinch her tear stained cheeks. However, after extending his hands halfway, Chu Mu suddenly sobered up. His gaze fell onto the beautiful young woman...

Qin Menger was stunned. She blinked her eyes, somewhat suspicious, as she watched Chu Mu’s actions.

Chu Mu shook his head and retracted his hands. He shifted his gaze forwards.

“Hm? It’s another small Mo Ye.”

In the forest, an ink colored figure had attracted Chu Mu’s attention!

It was a small Mo Ye that was only about a meter long. Even though it didn’t have the dark and evil imposing majesty of a fifth or sixth phase Mo Ye, it still emitted a powerful aura.

The conspicuously sharp ink colored armor was like a rocky carving that closely stuck to its sturdy body. Its armor was further like protruding sharp swords that lined its body all the way to its head and it had a rather ostentatious feeling about it. The armor slowly extended to its forehead and nose, and aside from its chin, everything was covered. It gave others an unbreakable, solid feeling.

This Mo Ye’s body had many odd and deep ink colored stripes that were like winding snakes. They extended to its powerful four limbs and were like glorified shooting stars, depicting a beautiful armored pattern on every end of its body!

“This Mo Ye can be considered top quality!” Chu Mu’s eyes lit up. He didn’t expect that after circling the Mo Ye Forest a few times, he would encounter such a fine small Mo Ye!

Mo Yes were armored rhinoceroses and were relatively mainstream soul pets in the middle class commander rank. Many soul pet trainers would choose a soul pet with beast type strength and insect type defense - making it a tenacious soul pet with lots of life force.

Because armored rhinoceros were mainstream soul pets, appraising a Mo Ye was an extremely meticulous matter. Fortunately, Chu Mu had done research in this area before. According to his estimates, a small Mo Ye that had grown abnormally well had a value that wasn’t lower than 700,000 gold coins. If it was sold at an auction, it was extremely like that it would be sold for one million gold coins!

“Devil Tree Battle Soldier, trap it!”

Chu Mu quickly chanted an incantation and summoned the Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier had already reached the fifth phase seventh stage. After it had appeared, its herculean fists drove into the earth. Instantly, a root net appeared in front of the small Mo Ye that had run by!

This fine Mo Ye smashed into the root net and immediately, countless pieces of roots twisted around its body!

“Hou Hou!!”

The third phase ninth stage Mo Ye promptly let out an indignant roar. Suddenly, an ink colored radiance twinkled on its ink armor. The sharp edges on its body abruptly became extremely sharp, surprisingly shredding apart the root net.

“Root Bind.”

Chu Mu immediately issued an order to the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, whose roots grew increasingly long. Even though that root net had been ripped apart by the small Mo Ye, even more tenacious roots wrapped around the small Mo Ye’s body, finally rendering it immobile.

“Hou!! Hou!!”

How would the third phase ninth stage Mo Ye be the Devil Tree Battle Tree’s opponent? It let out an extremely indignant roar.

“You want to make it your soul pet?” Qin Menger asked.

“Yes, it happens to precisely fit my standards.” nodded Chu Mu.

Chu Mu didn’t hastily sign a soul pact with this third phase ninth stage Mo Ye because, from its beast language, Chu Mu knew that it was calling for help from its companions.

“Hou Hou!!!”

As expected, a moment later, a wave of stunning howls abruptly came from within the forest. Subsequently, a violent gale rushed out from within the depths of the forest!

“Beng! Beng!!”

The adjacent few trees suddenly collapsed. A tiger and leopard-like soul pet which was almost three meters in size and was covered in ink black armor abruptly lept out. Instantly, its overbearing aura proliferated in all directions. It scared Qin Menger so much that she promptly hid behind Chu Mu.

“Hou Hou!!”

Suddenly, another indignant roar came from another direction. Immediately, two waves of violent wind smashed against each other, causing the forest to shake!!

Very evidently, there was an even more imposing Mo Ye behind them!!

Its black penetrating gaze lit up from within the trees. A formidable Mo Ye, whose build reached about three meters, slowly strode out from the forest. Its savage, sword-like eyes unwaveringly glared at Chu Mu and Chu Mu’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

“Fifth phase fourth stage, sixth phase third stage.” Chu Mu calmly and cooly glanced at the sixth phase third stage adult Mo Ye that had appeared behind him.

“These two Mo Ye are very strong.” Qin Menger had spent many days together with Chu Mu and was perhaps accustomed to the sense of security Chu Mu brought her. If it was before, and she encountered a fifth phase and sixth phase commander rank soul pet, she would definitely have been shocked pale. Yet she now only revealed the timidness of a small girl.

Qin Menger didn’t chant an incantation either, as she felt that Chu Mu alone was enough to deal with it.

In reality, over the past few days, Qin Menger had become aware that the young man in front of her definitely belonged to an abnormal grade of people. If it wasn’t because of herself, this fellow definitely could have easily transversed through this exceptionally savage forest. Each time they encountered soul pets, Qin Menger had no opportunity to attack before the situation was quickly resolved by Chu Mu. Ultimately, whatever situation they encountered, Qin Menger simply didn’t bother chanting an incantation anymore, to prevent her soul pets from embarrassingly standing to the side, unable to intervene.

“You aren’t going to summon your Ice Air Fairy?” astonishingly asked Qin Menger when she saw that Chu Mu didn’t intend on switching soul pets.

Chu Mu shook his head and used his soul remembrance to say to his two soul pets: “Devil Tree Battle Soldier, you dispose of the fifth phase fourth stage Mo Ye. Mo Xie, you deal with the sixth phase third stage Mo Ye.”

It had been a long while since the Devil Tree Battle Soldier had taken action, and it promptly produced an excited roar. As a controller of nature’s strength, it could arbitrarily control the surrounding tree roots. The fifth phase fourth stage Mo Ye also began its violent attacks.

Chu Mu’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier had been meticulously trained. Currently, its strength was not inferior to a few low class commander rank soul pets. Along with its wood type superiority over the beast and bug type Mo Ye, it was definitely not a problem to defeat the fifth phase fourth stage Mo Ye.

As for the arrogant Mo Xie, Chu Mu didn’t need to worry at all. He only had to use a simple Adhering Flame on Mo Xie, and the experienced Mo Xie would definitely not lose.

“That small Mo Ye has run away!” Qin Menger immediately brought this to the attention of Chu Mu who was focused on battle.

Chu Mu turned his head to look, and he discovered that the small Mo Ye that had been bound by the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s roots had freed itself. Furthermore, it had scuttled into the adjacent trees.

“You guys finish the fight quickly.” Chu Mu gave a simple order to Mo Xie and the Devil Tree Battle Soldier before using Wind Ride on himself and chasing after the small Mo Ye.

Just as he used Wind Ride, a black figure suddenly appeared in a flash behind Chu Mu. The black figure was even slightly faster than the Wind Riding Chu Mu. Unexpectedly, it managed to catch up to the escaping small Mo Ye!

“Beng!!” Two Mo Ye bodies crashed together, and they tumbled onto the ground before resolutely knocking into a tree!

Chu Mu stopped in his tracks and was somewhat flabbergasted as he looked at the obstinate small Mo Ye whose wounds had just healed. He never expected for this small fellow to help him.

“Hou Hou!!!” The small Mo Ye with exceptional healing ability let out a low growl. Its sharp claws fiercely pierced the first-rate Mo Ye’s armor, and a vestige instantly appeared on its armor!

“Hou Hou!!” The first-rate Mo Ye immediately let out an angry roar, and the ink colored radiance on its body twinkled again. Suddenly, a myriad of barbs appeared on Its glossy hard armor.

“Chi!!” The third phase fifth stage Mo Ye’s body was instantly pierced, and a bloody wound surfaced. However, this small Mo Ye that had frequently suffered injuries completely ignored this small wound. From its mouth, it released a Death Ray, directly hitting the ninth stage Mo Ye’s body, knocking it flying!

“Hou Hou!!” seizing this opportunity, the obstinate small Mo Ye turned its head and roared at Chu Mu.

Chu Mu astonishedly looked at the extremely obstinate small fellow. He understood beast language and never expected this small and weak Mo Ye to have such willpower.

Although it was somewhat cryptic, Chu Mu could understand the Mo Ye’s roars. It was trying to express: “I am not the Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox’s opponent, but defeating this third phase ninth stage Mo Ye isn’t any problem!!”

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