Book 2 Chapter 319 - Opponent, Eighth Rank Title Female Soul Pet Trainer

Chapter 319: Opponent, Eighth Rank Title Female Soul Pet Trainer

Jia Yingcheng evidently had yet to reach the spirit master level, and was incapable of summoning a fourth soul pet. Thus, in a triple control fight, the tides of battle had grown very distinct. 

Finally, Jia Yingcheng raised his hands and conceded.

“Soul Palace Chu Chen wins.” the main referee saw Jia Yingcheng’s action and immediately stopped the fight while declaring the victor.

The competition didn’t adopt an elimination style system, instead using a win style system. Jia Yingcheng clearly felt he would lose this fight, so he wouldn’t fight with Chu Mu’s soul pets to the death. Instead, he was more willing to put his mental energy on the later fights.

After obtaining victory, Chu Mu recalled his soul pets to their soul pet space. Just as he was about to walk down from the arena, he found that his opponent, Jia Yingcheng, was looking at him with an extremely strange look.

“Chu Chen cannot be your real name, right?” said Jia Yingcheng.

In Jia Yingcheng’s opinion, a twenty or so year old having strength that reached such a level were limited to very few amongst the entirety of Dun City including the kingdoms around it. Jia Yingcheng felt that the fellow in front of him was very likely a peak young expert that was under a disguise.

“As for my true name, I’m not a Dun City person.” indifferently replied Chu Mu. After speaking, he slowly walked off the battlefield.

Not long after he walked off, the woman who bought his Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail leisurely walked over.

She had a pair of extremely resplendent pupils that captivated people who looked at them.She wore a smile that wasn’t really a smile on her face, giving off a gentle feeling as if one was bathed in a spring wind.

Chu Mu felt a bit surprised that this person who bought his soul pet was a woman with such outstanding temperament and looks.

“Young Lady Ting Lan.” the loser, Jia Yingcheng, walked over and immediately recognized this woman. He gave a slight bow and revealed an expression of slight adoration and respect.

“Mm.” the woman named Ting Lan politely nodded her head. Her eyes then fell on Chu Mu and she slightly sized him up.

“Hello, Chu Chen. You’re the owner of the Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail, right?” said Ting Lan in a warm tone.

“Yes, are you willing to spend 60 million to purchase it?” Chu Mu’s impression of Ting Lan wasn’t bad. However, for some reason, he suddenly thought of Ye Qingzi. 

Jia Yingcheng to the side happened to hear their words, and his jaw slightly dropped as he specially threw a glance at Chu Mu.

The Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail was a low class monarch. Thus, adding on the three soul pets that had been strengthened to the monarch rank, wouldn’t this mean that this brat had a total of four soul pets which had fighting strength at the monarch rank? Moreover, he hadn’t signed a soul pact with it, and instead decided to sell it! 

Too extravagant. Extravagant to the point where it made people’s hair stand up in anger. For instance, Jia Yingcheng was thirty years old and had only just raised his Violent Blood Pool Beast’s fighting strength to the pseudo monarch rank. If his soul pets’ phase and stage hadn’t been the higher ones in this fight, then wouldn’t that mean that he would have lost even more miserably?! 

Jia Yingcheng knew that Ting Lan was such an honored person that he wouldn’t have a chance to get closer to her, so right now, he was even more sure that Chu Chen’s name was fake. This brat was definitely a famous person amongst the strongest rankings in the surrounding few kingdoms. In his free time, he then came to train in this no age restriction competition.

“60 million? Sister, you’re spending 60 million to buy a low class monarch soul pet…” astonishedly yelled the young man beside her.

“Yup, the Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail is a demon and wing type soul pet that I have been searching four. It’s perfect for my fourth soul’s second pet.” said Ting Lan. 

“Fourth soul’s second pet…” Chu Mu revealed a rather astonished expression. This meant that the charming woman in front of him was a middle remembrance spirit master.

Chu Mu guessed that this woman’s age was about 25; yet, in reality, Chu Mu felt that even if this woman was 35 years old, she would still have a unique enchanting part of her.

There weren’t many people that could reach the middle remembrance spirit master by 25; after all, being under 30 was considered within the range of the young generation. 

“I nearly forgot, sister also has one purchasing privilege and can save over 10 million…” blurted the young man as he remembered something.

“Purchasing privilege? You have a seventh rank title?” Chu Mu had just grasped understanding of the title realms and asked a question in passing.

“She has an eighth rank. My sister is has a Soul Palace eighth rank title!” instantly corrected the young man.

Chu Mu looked at the young man, and his gaze then returned to the woman.

Since this woman had purchased his Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail, it meant that she was a Soul Palace person. Obtaining an eighth rank title in Soul Palace was rather difficult and even Chu Mu didn’t believe that he could do it. Thus, he never expected this seemingly gentle and quiet woman in front of him was an extremely strong soul pet trainer!

“I’m very curious. How can you still have a zero rank title with your strength? Did you just enter Soul Palace, or are you a Soul Palace young generation member that has been roaming the outside world these past few years?” asked Ting Lan.

“I just entered Soul Palace.” said Chu Mu.

Since the other person had an eighth rank title and moreover had a purchasing privilege, Chu Mu quickly realized there was a problem and he said: “Since you have an eighth rank title, doesn’t that mean that I have to sell it to you for 42 million?”

“Hmm?” Ting Lan faintly raised her brows and wore a confused expression.

“I’m presently short of money and cannot sell it to you at this Soul Palace discounted price. I’ll exchange with someone else.” said Chu Mu, very seriously.

“...” the young man next to her seemed to be speechless. 

Young Lady Ting Lan was also stunned. Shortly after, she broke out in a laugh.

Chu Mu looked at their reactions and was confused. Could it be that there was something wrong with what he just said? Was lacking money something very shameful? It seemed that every soul pet trainer was lacking a lot of money, so Chu Mu didn’t believe that this female soul pet trainer that could reach an eighth rank title had plenty of cash.

“This discounted price is supplemented by Soul Palace. In other words, you’ll still receive 60 million while I’ll only spend 42 million. It seems that you really did just enter Soul Palace…” explained Ting Lan as she lightly laughed.

“So it’s like this.” Chu Mu also gave an awkward laugh, but didn’t pay too much heed to it.

“Can I ask where you obtained this Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail from?” Ting Lan proceeded to ask.

“I don’t know what that place is called. It seems to have been at a lake in a valley.” responded Chu Mu.

“Is it Bird Lake Valley? I remember that place is one affiliated with monarchs. Da Kun and those other few hunters also just recently accepted a mission and went there. Could it be that you stole the reward from them?” interrupted the young man.

“I did encounter a few people.” Chu Mu didn’t deny it. After all, he was presently a Soul Palace member and he didn’t believe that those people would find him for trouble just because of that matter.

“The mission was one that I put up, and then they accepted it. Only, I never expected the soul pet to fall into your hands. You team’s strength must’ve been stronger.” said Ting Lan.

“Yes. Then, let’s exchange.” Chu Mu casually nodded his head and didn’t correct the so-called “team” the woman had mentioned. 

“I already had an affairs member put the money under your name. You can collect it from Soul Palace when you have time.” said Ting Lan.

“Ok, I’ll go and confirm it.” said Chu Mu.

“You… my sister has already said that she’s given the money to you, yet you don’t believe her? You further have to specially go and confirm it? Could it be that my sister, a Soul Palace official, would fraud you for your soul pet?” the young man saw that Chu Mu didn’t take his sister too seriously and found it somewhat intolerable. 

“I want to confirm it. Is there some problem with this?” said Chu Mu, indifferently.

“Do you know that, even disregarding Dun City or even Tianxia City, my sister enjoys a famous reputation. There are many people that would even look forward to gifting a monarch rank soul pet to my sister. Yet, you’re still suspicious. You truly have no manners!”

Chu Mu raised his eyebrows and looked at this emotional young man before glancing at the woman. After a while he said: “If someone is willing to gift her then why wouldn’t she accept it? Why must she spend money to purchase it?” 

“You really aren’t taking this seriously!” the young man responded for Ting Lan.

Ting Lan pulled the rebuking young man to the side and apologetically laughed as she said: “My younger brother, Teng Hai, is still young. He says reckless things; please don’t blame him. A fair transaction is one that you should still confirm. You can wait until the day after tomorrow to give the soul pet to me.” 

“The day after tomorrow should be my third competition. After the competition, I’ll give the Star Pheonix Butterfly Tail to you.” said Chu Mu.

“Sure.” Ting Lan nodded her head and courteously said goodbye to Chu Mu before pulling the young man who felt aggrieved away with her. 

Watching the woman and young man leave, Chu Mu fell into a slight ponderance. 

“Ting Lan? She should be a young expert in Soul Palace. I wonder what her true strength is. Being able to reach an eighth rank title presumably means she’s extremely strong.” Chu Mu muttered to himself.


Chu Mu presently was lacking money, and no matter what that woman’s identity was, as long as the money made it to his hands, he would be reassured.

After arriving at Soul Palace Chu Mu asked the Soul Palace finance members and as expected, there was already an additional 60 million under his name.

Chu Mu’s goal at the moment was to be among the second class of the strongest. Only, that would only earn him 30 million. Thus, he couldn’t help but fret over the remaining 10 million. 


The annual competition’s so-called success competition was a rather mainstream form of competition in the soul pet world. 

Each participant’s victories would be tallied up. Each person’s first fight would be against a random competitor. 

After the first fight, half of the competitors would be in the winners bracket and half in the losers bracket. Those who won the first round would fight in the second round against other winners.

As for people that lost the first round, they would  randomly match up against those who also lost for their second round opponent.

Simply, those with the same amount of wins would fight against others with the same amount of wins.


In this type of competition, it was possible that people could have won the first and second rounds through luck. However, once one reached the third round, it was ostensibly impossible to encounter bad people.

Chu Mu’s luck wasn’t too bad and during the second round, he faced off against a person slightly weaker than Jia Yingcheng. It could be considered a small show of concern by the heavens for the broke Chu Mu. After all, by saving the majority of his soul pets’ strength during the second round, he would have an even larger chance of winning the third round.

The third day was Chu Mu’s third round fight and when he walked into the battlefield, he finally understood why Young Lady Ting Lan had wanted to exchange today...


“It turns out you already knew we would meet each other in the third round…” Chu Mu bitterly laughed as he looked at the gentle and refined woman in front of him. For a while, he was a bit speechless. 

“I had only guessed. I believe that you probably haven’t used your full strength yet, right?” lightly laughed Ting Lan. 

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