Book 2 Chapter 318 - Chu Chen, What Person Is He?

Chapter 318: Chu Chen, What Person Is He?

As the sun went down, the shadows on the buildings grew larger and larger, making the range where the Night Thunder Dream Beast could move in even more expansive. Its body agilely danced in the shadows. The Double Satin Flames that continued to follow in its tracks were already finding it hard to keep up and slowly, they started being unable to find which direction to go in.

The Double Satin Flames posed a threat to the Night Thunder Dream Beast at the beginning, but as its effect began to disappear, Chu Mu finally found the perfect opportunity!

Chu Mu had already guessed what technique the Evil Flame Demon was going to use and he decisively had the Night Thunder Dream Beast use the Extreme Speed technique!

Extreme Speed caused the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s body to instantaneously increase. Its black figure flitted through the torrential surge of scarlet flames, causing them to flutter in chaos.

“Night, Tired Dream!!”

The Night Thunder Dream Beast’s black pupils gradually became hazy. The Evil Flame Demon’s attention originally was on the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s body, but for some mysterious reason, its attention was drawn to its hazy eyes and the incantation in its mouth was cut off.

Tired Dream was the seventh rank demon technique the Night Thunder Dream Beast had learned at the seventh phase seventh stage. This technique was similar to the mind power restriction technique the Red Galactic Demon Emperor had used against the Cyan Hidden Dragon back then and could prevent the opponent from using a technique.

The Red Galactic Demon Emperor’s mind techniques were extremely tyrannical, and even without chanting an incantation, it was still able to cut off and restrict techniques. The Night Thunder Dream Beast’s Tired Dream technique was currently limited to cutting off incantations two seconds or longer.

The incantation the Evil Flame Demon was chanting happened to be two seconds; Jia Yingcheng didn’t expect the Night Thunder Dream Beast to have previously predicted his next step as it closed the gap to his soul pet in a short two seconds.

All elemental world soul pets ostensibly had to chant incantations. Now that Chu Mu’s demon was already exceptionally close, the Evil Flame Demon would probably be hard pressed to use sixth rank and above techniques.

“Nightmare Ascends!’ it was time for Chu Mu to counter attack and for the Evil Flame Demon to have a taste of jumping from flames

“Hui~~~~~~~~~~~~” the Night Thunder Dream Beast let out a high pitched cry. A strange pulsation appeared in between its two spirited and beautiful dream horns. These mental pulsations transformed into black ripples that slowly expanded out to the Evil Flame Demon... 

A demon’s mental technique was silent and hidden. The Evil Flame Demon had just completed a low rank technique incantation when it suddenly felt absent-minded.

Abruptly, scorching flames began to surge around its body. It wanted to chant an incantation to extinguish these flames, but no matter what chant it used, the flames grew stronger and stronger.

This completely real burning feeling coursed through its entire body. Each ball of flame seemed to obstruct its entire mental world; yet, what made it most afraid was that amidst these countless mental flame clouds, a rather demonic black figure was rapidly dancing in front of it and it seemed like it could approach it at any moment...

Jia Yingcheng wasn’t someone without any fighting experience/ When he realized his Evil Flame Demon was being fully restricted by the demon, he hastily chanted an incantation, decisively summoning his second soul pet!

A bloody smell filled the battlefield, forcibly suppressing the flames that were dying off. At the center of this bloody smell, a summoning pattern gradually appeared!

A enormous arm suddenly reached out of the pattern and immediately after, a body full of explosive muscles, covered in fresh red blood appeared. It carried a dense bloody stench that covered the entire battlefield in a heavy demonic aura!

“An eighth phase first stage Violent Blood Pool Beast! Its fighting strength seems to have reached the pseudo monarch level.” the Violent Blood Pool Beast’s aura was unrestrained and the young man quickly determined its strength.

Since the opponent had already summoned his second soul pet, Chu Mu naturally wouldn’t delay!

The best counter of a beast type soul pet was a wood type soul pet. When Chu Mu realized the opponent had summoned a pseudo monarch fighting strength eighth phase Violent Blood Pool Beast, he decisively chose to have the Devil Tree Battle Soldier fight!

Green colored branches carrying a dark red color covered the floor beneath Chu Mu’s feet. They quickly grew and the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s two meter tall body appeared from within the multitude of growing branches. Its natural pure aura also gave off a slightly bloody aura from within!

“A general rank Devil Tree Battle Soldier?” the young man’s tone became somewhat strange, as he clearly felt Chu Mu’s summon was a bit shameful.

While the young man was in his astonishment, the woman revealed a slightly shocked expression, but it was one completely different than the young man’s.

The woman’s soul pet experience was even more rich, and what she saw certainly was not the species of the soul pet Chu Mu had summoned but rather the attack, defense and flexible attributes of the natural wood crystals wrapped around this warrior rank Devil Tree battle Soldier’s body

If a warrior rank Devil Tree Battle Soldier possessed natural wood crystals, it meant that its fighting strength rank was on the monarch rank level!

The Violent Blood Pool Beast’s fighting strength was at the pseudo monarch rank while the Devil Tree Battle Soldier had already reached the monarch level. Perhaps the eighth phase first stage of the Violent Blood Pool Beast could make up for the strength difference with the seventh phase seventh stage Devil Tree Battle Soldier, but when it came to attributes, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier had the definite advantage!

Indeed, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier had the advantage when fighting the Violent Blood Pool Besat. In this scenario where their phase/stage and rank was at an equilibrium, the attribute became the decisive winning factor!

“What a strong Devil Tree Battle Soldier!” exclaimed the young man in astonishment.

Facing an eighth phase pseudo monarch Violent Blood Pool Beast, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier exhibited a powerful dominance due to its low class monarch rank and wood type. Its ability to simultaneously use four abilities, its flexibility and its oppressive blood natural wood could pretty much beat that eminently savage Violent Blood Pool Beast until it didn’t have any temper left...

Rapidly, the state of the fight underwent a visible change.

“A low class monarch and a pseudo monarch. These are already two seventh phase high stage monarch rank soul pets.” muttered the woman to herself.

The summoning of these two soul pets and the strength they displayed had already caused the woman’s attitude towards Chu Mu to greatly change. Moreover, she could be even more sure that the Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail was captured by the man in front of her.

Amongst Dun City’s young generation, those who were able to have a seventh phase commander were already considered to be above average. The monarch rank and the commander had an extremely large gap between them, yet the two soul pets Chu Mu had summoned had fighting strength of a monarch. Even if their phases and stages were slightly low, they had the absolute advantage. This gradually forced Jia Yingcheng’s soul pets to slowly be unable to defend against them!

It was already a dual control fight, but Jia Yingcheng was still clearly in a defensive state. His face was rather unsightly as he never expected to be forced into such a state by a brat!

Finally, Jia Yingcheng couldn’t remain in his state any longer, and he summoned his third soul pet!

“I don’t believe you have that many monarch rank fighting strength soul pets!” Jia Yingcheng grit his teeth.

The only eighth phase monarch Jia Yingcheng had was the Violent Blood Pool Beast which had reached the pseudo monarch strength in terms of fighting strength. However, it was clearly being curbed by the opponent’s incomparably powerful Devil Tree Battle Soldier. He was forced to his wit’s end and could only place all of his hopes on his third soul pet.

Jia Yingcheng’s third soul pet was clearly much weaker. It was an eighth phase third stage warrior Dire Wolf and the fighting strength it displayed barely neared the peak of the commander rank.

The opponent was already triple controlling so Chu Mu didn’t delay. When the warrior Dire Wolf appeared, he chanted an incantation, summoning his third soul pet.

A icy white carrying slightly sky blue crystals began hovering around Chu Mu. A transparent jade ice-like body quickly emerged out of the soul pact pattern. An intangible icy aura arose, covering the battlefield, making it slightly hazy white...

Jia Yingcheng was continuously focused on Chu Mu’s summon. At the beginning when he detected an Ice Air Fairy, his face relaxed a bit, but when he sent his soul remembrance out to check, his face turned dark!

“What kind of a joke is this! It’s another monarch rank fighting strength soul pet!” Jia Yingcheng no longer knew how to describe his mood right now.

It was already relatively rare to see a middle aged person have three soul pets with monarch rank fighting strength. Thus, how could a twenty or so year old young man possess three monarch rank fighting strength soul pets that were all at the seventh phase high stage?!

If he didn’t summon a third soul pet, it would be a bit difficult to hold the advantage since the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s darkness could sometimes not restrict the Evil Flame Demon’s fire attribute.

However, once the Ice Air Fairy appeared, ice absolutely countered fire. A seventh phase seventh stage Ice Air Fairy with fighting strength near a low class monarch could beat the Evil Flame Demon which hadn’t reached the monarch rank into a disarray so that it wouldn’t even have the ability to counter attack. 

What was even more tragic was the Dire Wolf that had just previously appeared. Once the Ice Air Fairy emerged, the Evil Flame Demon was left to it to deal with while the Night Thunder Dream Beast fought against the Dire Wolf. Throughout the fight, the Dire Wolf ostensibly wasn’t able to use an attack technique and was extremely sullen!

“A monarch fighting strength towering ice Ice Air Fairy! Moreover. its at a high seventh phase!” the young man’s tone had already transformed from doubtful to rueful and surprised.

Perhaps even he had a hard time believing that the man that controlled three high seventh phase soul pets was only a few years older than him!

“Sister, could it be that this fellow is Luo Peng. whose name has most recently gained immense popularity? Truthfully speaking, aside from him, I can’t think of anyone else who has such strong soul pets while also capturing a low class monarch rank soul pet with his own strength.” the young man’s tone had completely changed.

The woman shook her head and said: “Luo Peng doesn’t have these soul pets. He should be some peak expert who roams all over the place to train and happened to come across our Dun City. With three monarch rank fighting strength soul pets, it’s no wonder he had the courage to participate in Dun City’s annual competition.”

“When did sure a figure come out of our Soul Palace? Sister, you’ve been in Soul Palace for so long. Could it be you don’t know who he is?” said the young man.

“I don’t know either. The name Chu Chen is one I’ve really never heard before.” the woman knit her eyebrows as she pondered.

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