Book 2 Chapter 317 - Young Man vs Middle Aged Man

Chapter 317: Young Man vs Middle Aged Man

“Sister, he's the one that captured the child Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail?” A young man walked over and sat next to the elegant and mature woman.

“Yes.” The woman faintly laughed and nodded her head. Her clothes were luxurious and beside her were a few servant girl like young women. Compared to the young women beside her, this mature woman was more noble and elegant.

It was probably the case that when many men saw this woman, they wouldn't focus on her face. Instead they would be attracted by her warm and calm demeanor. 

“Let me see his data.” This young man seemed to have authority, and he gave an order to the family servant next to him.

This family servant quickly ran over and said: “Young master, this person is called Chu Chen. He has a zero rank title and isn't occupying any position…”

“Zero rank title?” The young man revealed a rather puzzled expression.

Zero rank in Soul Palace normally referred to the lowest ranked members or members who did unimportant things. These members ostensibly didn't have any authority, and could only be considered part of Soul Palace in name and only served Soul Palace.

Generally speaking, every soul pet trainer that entered Soul Palace would try his or her hardest to obtain a first rank title. After all, the first rank didn’t require too many years to prepare for for a spirit soldier.

“He could be a new member that just entered Soul Palace. He could also be the some of someone. Don’t pay too much attention to the rank.” said the woman.

“It could also be that someone sent him to come here.” the young man’s train of thought was rather rebellious, and he didn’t really believe that a twenty or so year old Chu Mu could obtain a monarch rank soul pet.

The woman had perhaps considered this question before, but she clearly didn’t like to casually assuming other people’s strength.

In truth, she would quickly be able to determine if the man in front of had captured the low class monarch soul pet himself because his fight was just about to begin.


The preliminary rounds were held on extremely conventional battlefields. It was merely an extremely large empty space that was surrounded by protective nets around it.

Chu Mu’s opponent stood twenty meters away from him. There were no special privileges in this competition and no matter how strong the person was, he or she had to participate in every round. If the one’s luck was bad, even if one had strength within the top thirty, it was still possible to lose and be eliminated in the first round.

Of course, the competition officiators had taken note of this and naturally had split up those experts which they knew had potential to go far in order to prevent two experts fighting each other in the early rounds.

Chu Mu didn’t belong to the group of experts known to the officiators and he was randomly assigned a group. It was presumable that he would encounter some expert in this first round, or perhaps it would be in the fourth round...

Chu Mu’s opponent was a thirty year old or so man. His face was large and he was wearing clothing that corresponded with most soul pet trainers.

When this soul pet trainer saw Chu Mu, the corners of his mouth rose up into a smirk. Even without saying anything, people were able to guess that his face had ‘not bad luck’ written over it.

Since this was a competition that didn’t divide age, a young man participating in the fight would definitely be at a disadvantage. Therefore, young people normally didn’t attend such competitions. Even if the young person did attend, it was only to train him or herself, and he or she wouldn’t have intentions of obtaining a ranking.

Young generation members were amongst the minority of people and being able to encounter a young person who was about twenty really was extremely fortuitous. 

“Summon your soul pet.” the main ref used soul remembrance to yell.

“Summon your soul pet.” the assistant refs standing on either end of the battlefield repeated the command.

In a conventional competition, either side would simultaneously summon one soul pet each so the problem of attribute countering would be left to chance...

Chu Mu chanted an incantation at the same time as his opponent. The coiling halo of soul pacts gradually formed two soul pet patterns, summoning the soul pets connected to either soul pet trainer’s soul.

Before the main ref indicated that the competition had begun, neither side could attack. Therefore, the first soul pet summoning didn’t need to be a competition of speed and both sides could take their time summoning.

Chu Mu was presently fighting under the identity of Chu Chen, so the White Nightmare and Mo Xie definitely couldn’t participate.

Now as the phases and stages of Chu Mu’s soul pets rose, he didn’t have to have Mo Xie or the White Nightmare fight every battle. As long as he stayed in control of the fight, his other soul pets could exhibit fighting strength even powerful than these two soul pets.

The first soul pet Chu Mu summoned was the Night Thunder Dream Beast that had extreme speed!

A dark aura slowly permeated the battlefield. A constructed shadow full of symbolic representation enveloped half the battlefield. The Night Thunder Dream Beast was silently standing in the shadows and the only thing that made its presence known were the white feathers that flowed from its back down to its tail.

“Sister, what soul pet is that?” the young man used a soft soul remembrance. He was simply unable to see through the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s concealment, and was a bit surprised as he asked a question.

“A Dream Beast. It’s a darkness attribute Dream Beast.” the woman’s expression didn’t change as she spoke.

Many demons possessed the ability to hide and feign. With Chu Mu’s demon currently standing in the shadows, people without strong perception abilities could only approximately judge its phase and stage. Trying to determine its fighting strength rank from its reserved aura was a bit hard for these people.

Of course, the Night Thunder Dream Beast was a high class commander and, as long as one knew its name, he or she would be able to guess that its fighting strength would not be low.

“Oh, I remember. A few days ago when I was returning to the city, there was a fellow riding on a black Dream Beast that unbridledly overtook my group of Star Wilderness Devil Colts. So it’s him!” said the young man.

“Was it very fast?” asked the woman.

“It was very fast. Only, it didn’t seem to be at the eighth phase. The opposing fellow summoned an eighth phase Evil Flame Demon which has both the attribute and phase advantage.” the young man quickly saw through the Evil Flame Demon which hadn’t hidden its strength.

“Eighth phase fifth stage. It should have undergone a bit of strengthening.” the woman’s deduction was even more accurate.

“There’s no need to fight out something like this… I already said that he’s only a few years older than me so participating in a competition like this is practically seeking self embarrassment…” sighed the young man.

“Training oneself isn’t a bad thing. Compared to other young people, his Night Thunder Dream Beast is already very strong.” the woman spoke still very conservatively. Of course, within this conservativism, another meaning was expressed.


An eighth phase fifth stage, low class commander, Evil Flame Demon. The moment the fight started, Chu Mu couldn’t help but crease his eyebrows. The dark attribute was countered by the fire attribute to a certain extend so if the Night Thunder Dream Beast was hit by the opponent’s fire type technique, it would suffer a serious wound.


The main ref saw that neither side had intentions of summoning their second soul pet and after making sure that they were ready, he announced the start of the fight!

“He clearly knows that he’s being countered attribute wise but he still isn’t summoning a second soul pet to compensate. Young people really are stubborn!” laughed Jia Yingcheng. He immediately gave his Evil Flame Demon an order.

Two graceful flames fluttered through the air like long pieces of captivating red silk. They interweaved with each other to form a helix, carrying raging flames as they swept towards Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast.

All of the techniques the eighth phase fifth stage Evil Flame Demon could use had pretty much all reached the eighth stage. The beautiful flames didn’t seem to be strong, but they had a special attribute that allowed them to continue chasing the enemy. Without an effective technique to dispel the flames, the two long silk-like flames would fly to the opponent and burn it with fire.

“Double Satin Flames…” the moment the fight started, Chu Mu encountered a technique that he found extremely hard to deal with. Indeed, middle aged soul pet trainers weren’t easy to deal with. From the moment the fight started, this could be seen.

The Double Satin Flames had already drifted over and the shadows the Night Thunder Dream Beast was standing in were illuminated by the firelight. It was hard for it to continue to keep up its hidden existence and facing this Double Satin Flame that perpetually danced around it, it could only agiley move its body in attempts to dodge.

The Double Satin Flames were like two fiery snakes swimming in the air. They didn’t move quickly but they perpetually followed behind the Night Thunder Dream Beast. With the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s doding abilities and speed, the two satin flames couldn’t hit it; however, the flames would last for a period of time and in the fight, the Night Thunder Dream Beast would be restricted to a certain extent.

“It seems like I can preserve a lot of fighting strength.” Jia Yingcheng cracked a smile and continued to give orders to his soul pet.

The Evil Flame Demon’s pupils gradually ignited with demon fire evil flames. The evil flame aura began to proliferate and the air even became scorching hot.

As an elemental world soul pet, the Evil Flame Demon’s demon fire evil flames were much stronger than Mo Xie’s. If this high temperature technique struck the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s body, due to its low defense, it would easily be heavily injured.

Presently, Chu Mu could only have the Night Thunder Dream Beast continuously dodge the Evil Flame Demon’s techniques whilst searching for an opportunity to defeat the opponent’s soul pet.


“Although it’s passively dodging, his Night Thunder Dream Beast’s dodging abilities are truly very strong. If it were my soul pets, three of them added together perhaps may not even be able to touch a single hair on this Night Thunder Dream Beast…” said the young man.

“Mhm.” the woman didn’t add any commentary. Her two taciturn and bright eyes were continuously focused on Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast. She looked extremely serious, and from time to time would reveal expressions of contemplation.

“However, it is still extremely hard for him to win.” the young man ultimately still gave his own judgement.

The woman still didn’t speak. In truth, she previously had the same opinion as the young man and felt that it would be exceptionally hard for the man called Chu Chen to win.

However, when she gradually began to focus on the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s dodging she felt that it was giving off an feeling of perpetual readiness. She indistinctly felt that it wasn’t merely doing something as simple as just passively dodging...

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