Book 2 Chapter 315 - Hundred Million, Nine Tail Inferno Fox Heart

Chapter 315: Hundred Million, Nine Tail Inferno Fox Heart

“Transaction amount was only two times the donation amount. This way, isn’t it much better to just transact?” Chu Mu looked at the information and quickly found some abnormality with transactions and donation amount.

Transaction amount meant the amount of purchasing or selling of items within the soul pet palace trading system. Chu Mu felt that anyone with a brain would choose to go the transaction path so they don’t lose money.

“Young master, above the third level, the transaction amount can’t be used to trade for titles. More transactions will only gain you title points. This is an exception, a way for the soul palace to control such trading techniques. It almost forcefully makes inner members of soul pet palace trade within Soul Pet Palace. Of course, with the benefits and rewards from the title, this somewhat forced approach isn’t too bad. Because of this, they were still willing to make trades on items because transaction points can trade for title points.” Old Li said.

“This is truly complicated.” Chu Mu shook his head bitterly.

“If it isn’t, how would it support such a massive inside trading? You have to know that countless cities mean countless soul palaces and massive trade amounts. Since young master will walk the soul palace way in the future, you may have small loses at first, but in the future you will naturally gain more. Especially when you need some specific soul item, someone could maliciously skew the prices and then you would have to play a hefty price.” Old Li said.

Chu Mu usually needed to take 10% out of the money as fees for the seller. At soul palace, he won’t need this. Most importantly, he can use his thirty percent discount on soul items. This will definitely make it cheaper than in trading centers.

“Seventh level title also has seventh rank soul techniques. This is a very good welfare. A seventh rank soul technique must be at least 10 million.” Chu Mu sighed.

“Of course. Soul palace, no matter what, is still a very reputable organisation. Without any good rewards, those filthy rich soul palace old codgers won’t have to face to recruit the experts of soul pet trainers. Naturally, no one would be willing to serve soul palace. In reality, I’ve compared them, and Soul Palace has one of the best rewards of all the great organizations.” Old Li said.

Chu Mu’s impression of soul palace immediately became much better. Chu Mu needed ice type soul items very frequently to keep his soul’s temperature down. It was a massive expense.

In soul palace, there were many ice type soul items. If he could buy them at a 30% discount, it was indeed very valuable. Chu Mu decisively put his sights on the seventh level title.

“Young master has a low class monarch rank young soul pet. If it were traded within Soul Palace, the transaction amount is definitely over the 40 million mark. If you took 20 million out to give to soul palace and then finished a seventh level title mission, you will be able to get the seventh rank title!”

20 million gold of donations was quite a large sum for Chu Mu. If Chu Mu had to pay it directly, he would indeed feel pain.

“Eighth rank Thousand Ice Frost is around 4 million. With a 30% discount, it’s 2.8 million. En, which means I’ll only lose about 8 million, and I’ll have these discounts every month in the future, so it's still very worth it.” Chu Mu made a decision to get this title that will give him great benefit for future trading.

The transaction staff stared at Chu Mu for the next instruction. After lots of time of silence, he finally broke the silence with a question, “This boss, would you like to put your Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail into the list and get it priced by a professional seller of Soul Palace? If you are unsatisfied with the price, you can cancel the deal.”

“En, let an appraiser figure it out.” Chu Mu said.

Chu Mu himself as a soul pet trainer naturally had already simply appraised the Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail himself before coming to trade. With Chu Mu’s rough estimates, the Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail is worth around 60 million.

The appraiser’s appraisal was very detailed. Chu Mu had to wait for a while. Thinking of the problem of titles, Chu Mu asked the 

The transaction staff quickly pulled out a thick book and flipped through. Soon, he answered, “In the south of the plains, there was a group of seventh phase commander rank soul pets. Many soul

“Are there any faster ones?” Chu Mu didn’t want to waste too much time on other matters.

Taking up a position is definitely impossible. Though they earn salaries, it’ll waste too much time. It doesn’t fit Chu Mu’s habit of wandering around. The power growth will be slower too. If he had to get rid of obstacles for Soul Palace, he was also not willing. He had just crawled out of the deserted forests and mountains. He had killed his fair share of soul pets and was getting tired of it.

“Guo City yearly competition is today. If boss can get top ten, then you can get a seventh level title.” 

“Top ten?” Shouldn’t be too hard?” Chu Mu said to himself.

“This…… This is pretty hard……” The transaction member thought for a while and still felt the need to remind this young master level character of Soul Palace.

“Then that is it, put my name in.” Chu Mu hadn’t fought with soul pet trainers in a long time. Taking this opportunity, he can train himself.

“Alright…...your name and your title……” Transaction staff can’t talk anymore, only able to follow Chu Mu’s instruction.

“Chu Chen, title should be zero……” Chu Mu said. Since the decree can’t be counted as a title, Chu Mu indeed was a zeroth level small nobody.

“Zeroth?” The transaction staff said confused, as if he heard the wrong thing.

“En.” Chu Mu nodded and didn’t clarify. Giving all the miscellaneous tasks to the transaction staff, he himself continued to look through the list and see if he could find anything he needed.

Chu Mu’s current mission was to raise all his soul pets’ stages. After half a year of fighting, Chu Mu felt the need to buy some soul items to make his soul pets’ stages raise slightly.

With the rising of strength, Chu Mu discovered that soul items that raised his soul pets stages and ranks slowly became differentiated. Many soul items now pure increased soul pet stages or purely increased soul pet types.

To put it in context, soul items that raised a soul pet’s type became incredibly rare and expensive. At monarch rank, almost no one had the ability to purchase them.

Chu Mu looked at the list quickly. With a huge amount of items and different types of soul items, different effects of soul items, and soul items of different uses entirely, he would be dazzled once in a while…...

“Nine tail inferno fox heart!!”

Suddenly, a few bright letters imprinted themselves into Chu Mu’s eyes, causing Chu Mu’s heart to jump!

Nine tail inferno fox heart, isn’t this exactly what Mo Xie needed?!

Mo Xie’s rank could raise through mutating, and was always ahead of other soul pets in ranks, so Chu Mu couldn’t find any soul item that Mo Xie needed. Suddenly finding such a good thing, his eyes brightened.

“Help me see the situation of the Nine Tail Inferno Fox.” Chu Mu said to the transaction staff.

“Oh, wait a bit.” The Soul Palace transaction staff again opened up the thick book. After quite some time did he finally pull a page out.

“Nine tail inferno fox heart, tenth phase nine tail inferno fox energy core. It is very useful for the phases of demon type soul pets. Its price is 100 million and is a ninth level soul item……”

“100 million!!” Chu Mu sucked in a breath.

What kind of joke was this? 100 million? Chu Mu didn’t know how long it would take for him to get that! And ninth phase soul items were only discounted at eighth level titles. That title would grant him a discount of 30 million.

A discount of 30 million made Chu Mu realize the important of titles!

“This treasure has been in soul palace for quite some time, yet no one has had the ability to buy it. If someone needed it, however, they would still buy this without hesitation.” The soul palace staff said.

There were many soul items, so many times a soul item was only approximately the same type. It was very rare for one to find a soul item from the exact same species, yet such soul item would often have additional effects.

For example, if the Nine Tail Inferno Fox heart were given to another demon type soul pet, it could raise their stage from seventh phase fifth stage to seventh phase eighth stage. If it were used on a member of the Inferno Fox species, it could possibly raise it to seventh phase ninth stage. More importantly, it may even increase Mo Xie’s demon type abilities!

Such opportunities weren’t often to come by. If they bought other soul items, Chu Mu would have to pay even more than 100 million in total.

Chu Mu didn’t want to give up the opportunity. Even if it were 100 million, he had to rack his brains and take this Inferno Fox heart!

“I’ll have this, but I don’t have enough money right now. How long can you give me to gather money?” Chu Mu bit down, determined not to let anyone else take it!

“This item’s owner is within Guo City. He had said that the item could be pre-ordered, but the max duration is one week. After ordering it, one must pay within a week.” The staff said.

“This……” Chu Mu revealed a difficult expression, but after thinking about it carefully, he made the decision, “If all I get is one week, I’ll take it!”

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