Book 2 Chapter 313 - A Woman’s Favorite, Butterfly Species Monarch

Chapter 313: A Woman’s Favorite, Butterfly Species Monarch

“Chi chi chi!!!!!!!!!”

A metallic shout was ear-piercingly heard by Chu Mu. The sound was evidently the ninth phase Star Phoenix Battle Insect’s Sound Wave technique, and it dealt extremely serious damage to a person’s mind.

As the space faintly changed, and a picture slowly appeared. On the edge of the valley, a ninth phase Star Phoenix Battle Insect brandished its sharp arms, slashing them a few consecutive times. A dozen trees were chopped down causing leaves to fly...

The ninth phase Star Phoenix Battle Insect hadn’t been killed by Chu Mu; rather, because he knew that those few people would enter the inner lake not long after him, and the fruits of his hard fought half a day fight might be snatched by them, he played an ingenious trick. Using the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s ability, he created a special illusory space on the edge of the valley to trick those people into believing he had already been through, killed the two ninth phase commanders and left with the child soul pet already.

Chu Mu’s plan… was extremely successful. Under a lack of time, he had tricked the five people, and now he could calmly deal with the remaining ninth phase Star Phoenix Battle Insect.

Chu Mu knew that the Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail would very likely flee when the fight started, but fortunately, the Night Thunder Dream Beast had reached the ninth phase seventh stage and its control abilities were exceptionally powerful. It was able to keep the Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail in place very effectively, causing it to descend into a dream real. In the meantime, he was able to divert his concentration to dealing with the ninth phase Star Phoenix Battle Insects.

Before the five people had come, Chu Mu had already concentrated his fighting strength and killed one of the ninth phase Star Phoenix Battle Insects. Thus, with the White Nightmare, the Night Thunder Dream Beast and the Ice Air Fairy, the remaining Star Phoenix Battle Insect would be hard pressed to pose a threat to him.

The White Nightmare was the main source of fighting strength, the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s perfect Dream Fragmentation continuously disrupted the Star Phoenix Battle Insect’s techniques and the Ice Air Fairy launched towering ice rapidly from far away. The final Star Phoenix Battle Insect was ultimately disposed of!

Soul crystals didn’t appear from either Star Phoenix Battle Insect. In truth, Chu Mu’s luck beforehand was rather good as he came across two eighth rank soul crystals; however, his rate of coming across soul crystals had clearly dropped, having not come across even one soul crystal in the past year. Soul crystals normally only appeared more easily in wild soul pets if they had underwent self strengthening, but these soul pets were not amongst the majority. Thus, obtaining high ranking soul crystals was a common occurrence.  

After killing the Star Phoenix Butterly Tail, Chu Mu began to capture the Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail. With the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s powerful Dream compulsion, he could trick the Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail into entering the soul capture ring; therefore, his plan this time to cut off his retreat was greatly successful.

Aside from the Ghost King which had conserved its fighting strength, during this fight, the rest of his soul pets had exhausted an extremely large amount of physical energy. Thus, after obtaining the Star Phoenix Butterly Tail, Chu Mu quickly left the valley, and he searched for a safe place to sit down and rest.

In the wild, one would often be faced with the situation of one’s soul pets nearly exhausting all of their fighting strength. This moment was the most dangerous one, so Chu Mu didn’t make any rash moves. He properly hid in a mountain cave, knowing that after his own soul power and his soul pet’s physical strength recovered, he would ride on his Night Thunder Dream Beast to the nearest city, Dun City. 

Dun City wasn’t a Kingdom City, and instead was an exceptionally famous city located in between two kingdoms. The most prominent thing about this city was that surrounding it were many kingdoms that needed to pass through this city in order to trade. This caused the city to become a special economic hub.

Perhaps the surrounding kingdoms didn’t even need to have their own Kingdom Cities, but they definitely couldn’t lose Dun City, because it was already transforming into a significant city for all of these several small kingdoms.

Dun city was situated on an expansive plain. This plain was bordered on four kingdoms and was an extremely vast piece of land. Living on the plain were countless wing and beast type soul pets, making it an extremely suitable training field for soul pet trainers.

Since it had historically always been a hub for all parties coming and going from the four kingdoms, caravans were omnipresent, and in order to not provoke the unnecessary attacks of soul pet groups, the caravans from various kingdoms and regions would take the mainland route, advancing through the boundless green colored earth.

On the flat expansive path, the long caravans would have a smooth journey with various soul pets with ample endurance that lugged their goods at the front.

Occasionally, there would even be the fleet of some dignified noble or child of a noble that galloped by. Their soul pets that lead the way were commanders for the most part. Commander ranks soul pets normally were used to fight, so by using them to lead the way, it was a symbol of their status and identity.

“Make way, make way!” The path was filled with caravans coming and going, but the commander fleet of the nobles were several times more overbearing. Therefore, the caravans that could only employ servant and general rank soul pets would specially make way to let these nobles proceed.

“Star Wilderness Devil Colt. There are ten of these Star Wilderness Devil Colts leading the way. This fleet is truly ostentatious. I wonder which big figure from Dun City is coming back from an outing.” amidst the rolling dust, the workers of these caravans stood on the side of the path letting out sighs.

These workers normally only saw servant rank soul pets. To them, being able to use a general rank soul pet as a steed was extremely exceptional. Yet, now suddenly seeing a commander fleet appear, they were naturally both jealous and in awe.

The Star Wilderness Devil Colts were low class commander soul pets, and the speed at which the noble’s fleet was moving down the path was extremely quick. Due to the commander rank’s aura, they displayed an eminently overbearing and coarse show that made the surrounding people incessantly sigh...

Inside the luxurious carriage, a young man that looked about 15 or 16 pried open the curtains and stared at the caravans that were left behind in the dust. A smile of pride appeared on his face.

He enjoyed this sort of speed, especially when his soul pet’s surpassed other peoples’! 

The young man instantly turned around and looked behind, wanting to know which soul pet was faster than his Star Wilderness Devil Colts.

Only, he wasn’t even able to look behind him in time when suddenly, a black tornado freely flitted past him. The moment that young man was stunned, he saw a man wearing black clothing, and underneath him was a black colored demonic soul pet!

Free, graceful, agile and demonic. This was a soul pet that could move the hearts of every soul pet trainer yearning for a fast soul pet!

“Dream Beast, a Night Thunder Dream Beast!” the young man finally recognized it, but by the time he wanted to closely look at the other party, the Night Thunder Dream Beast had already sped off somewhere far in the distance!

Compared to the Night Thunder Dream Beast flying along the path that overtook all of the soul pets galloping on the path, the young man’s Star Wilderness Devil Colts were practically stationary. 

The person that had so flashily sped through the path naturally was Chu Mu.

As the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s phase and stage had risen, its nomadic demon speed had more directly manifested. In the eyes of other people, the Night Thunder Dream Beast was like a black tornado and each time someone saw it, it was only for an instant. By the time they fixated their eyes, it would have already rushed off far into the distance!

After half a year of training in hiding, Chu Mu finally entered a rather decent city.

The first thing he had to do was properly rest and wash away the savage aura on his body. Then, he would consider how to deal with the Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail.

In truth, Chu Mu still had a soul pet space right now. The fourth soul pact that he had broken back then with Mo Xie had already recovered, and Chu Mu could hold another soul pet. Moreover, Chu Mu planned on searching for a wing type for his next soul pet.

However, the Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail wasn’t Chu Mu’s ideal wing type soul pet. He felt that he couldn’t just take whatever was convenient, so he didn’t randomly sign a soul pact with a low class monarch.

After a period of rest, Chu Mu went directly to Soul Pet Palace.

En route to Soul Pet Palace, Chu Mu happened to see Soul Palace and suddenly remembered that within Soul Palace was a method of transaction. If he went to the market or Soul Pet Palace, there was a chance someone could give him a bad price in hopes of obtaining this monarch rank soul pet.

After hesitating a while, Chu Mu ultimately went into Soul Palace and upon flashing his identity, he got in touch with Soul Palace’s transaction members without informing the higher ups in Dun City’s Soul Palace.

When the transaction staff realized that Chu Mu had a young monarch rank, his face wore an expression of slight disbelief. It wasn’t until Chu Mu passed his soul capture ring over to let him pour his soul remembrance in to check the Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail trapped inside did this Soul Alliance transaction staff open his eyes wide!

A monarch rank soul pet and a commander rank soul pet had the most intrinsic difference between them. A creature like the Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail, even if it was in its child years, had a beautiful appearance and virtually radiated in an exceptionally evident monarch aura.

The Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail’s body was a dazzling yellow color with star-like blue spots decorated on top. These spots were not simple adornment; instead, they formed an extremely strange ancient pattern of its species that contained its powerful ability. There were many times when its potentially could be determined just by looking at the pattern.

The lower half of its body was a butterfly tail that was the same color as its body. The butterfly tail was exceptionally overglorified and it practically took up two thirds of its 2 meter body length. It displayed its monarch grandeur and glamour without reserve. Elegant, noble and beautiful. The Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail absolutely received the unreserved and widespread highclass love of female soul pet trainers. Furthermore, its fighting strength wasn’t inferior to other low class monarch rank soul pets.

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