Book 2 Chapter 312 - The First to Arrive, Glamorous Smokescreen

Chapter 312: The First to Arrive, Glamorous Smokescreen

Female soul pet trainer Yu Sui stood in the middle of the cocoon species, watching slightly dazed, as Chu Mu rode his Zhan Ye into the inner lake of the valley.

One man! He went in to the inner lake from another tunnel by himself!

They definitely left at the same time, but they had gone through countless struggles to get to the end of their tunnel. They never would’ve thought that a young man even younger than them would be able to pass through an even more dangerous tunnel. How would such power not leave them shocked?!

Five people with a total of fifteen soul pets, almost all of which have been switched. Adding on the fact that their cooperation was impeccable, was that still worse than the young man’s mere three soul pets?

How big of a power difference was that? Such a difference made the five Hunter’s Alliance members stare in disbelief. One had to know that they were all considered experts in the young generation and was relatively famous in Guo City already. In their eyes, not many teams could reach their level.

From what they saw, finding a team that could pass through the tunnel faster than them was already awe worthy, but they would never have thought that there would be a young man who picked a more dangerous route yet entered the inner lake faster. This young man was even younger than them!

“This isn’t possible, there has to be a shortcut, he must have used a shortcut!” Zhang Ying said angrily.

They have spent too much effort getting here. How could they let a kid be the first to arrive? Additionally, Zhang Ying felt that there couldn’t possibly be such a powerful young man.

Though they were shocked and in disbelief, they still had to face the flood-like cocoon species soul pets. They could only watch as Chu Mu’s figure freely entered the valley and walk closer to the massive treasure.

“We can’t keep our strength anymore, we have to get rid of these things as fast as we can, or else the young soul pet will be taken by the kid for sure.” Qin He said.

“Heng, I don’t believe that he still has the power to fight the two ninth phase Star Phoenix Battle Insects after going through that tunnel!” Zhang Qing laughed coldly.

“No matter what, we have to get rid of these things fast!” Leader Da Kun said.

The five no longer dared to get distracted, immediately putting all their attention on the soul pet species in front of them.

To save time, they no longer cared about wasting stamina, summoning their more well rested soul pets.

None of these five had soul pets like Zhan Ye and Devil Tree Battle Soldier that could quickly recover battle strength. The cocoon species were very well defended and with such numbers, it wasted a lot of stamina. Almost every once in a while, they had to switch soul pets to put up more rested soul pets.

Feeling the threat of Chu Mu, the five became increasingly worried. Yet, the more worried they got, the more plentiful the cocoon species were, making them very annoyed.

“Don’t worry, he can’t possibly defeat the two ninth phase Star Phoenix Battle Insects. These Insects have very high defense. If he doesn’t utilize type advantage and soul pet cooperation, he can’t possibly do it by himself.” Da Kun intentionally pacified everyone so they could keep a calm heart in fighting.

“Heng, unless he’s Luo Peng, and can take the Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail, his early arrival will just help us waste the two ninth phase commander ranks’ fighting strengths.” Zhang Ying said.

Speaking of Luo Peng, the woman named Yu Sui’s face changed, clearly showing adoration.

Luo Peng was a very outstanding young member of Hunter’s Alliance. He was only around twenty, yet his power was almost unmatched in similar ages, being a top tier expert of this region.

To reach such realm was already very impressive, yet this young man also has outstanding hunter talent. He was once able to go into a monarch rank territory and capture a monarch rank young soul pet himself. He had also caught countless commander ranks. He was definitely a rare genius of Hunter’s Alliance.

Such an outstanding teen was famous amongst Hunter’s Alliance members. Many times, they would also use this name to represent very high achieving young members

Yu Sui had once conversed with Luo Peng. Though they were somewhat separated by age, this female soul pet trainer had still fallen deeply in love with this expert that emanated a wild feeling. So when Zhang Ying mentioned this person, she couldn’t help but reveal some emotions.


After much effort in killing, the five finally got rid of most of the cocoon species soul pets and killed the leader of the cocoon species.

“It’s okay, no need to hurry, let him tire out the two ninth phase soul pets first, so we can get a good opportunity.” Zhang Ying said.

“Why don’t I hear any sounds of fighting?” The more aware Yu Sui said.

“Can it be that he has already killed the two ninth phase Star Phoenix Battle Insects?” Qin He jumped onto his soul pet’s back and walked in front of the team, slowly nearing the center of the lake.

For safety’s sake, the five people neared the inner river very carefully, but they very quickly found that the small lake was already in shambles!

Grass and puddles littered the banks. A powerful technique blew up a huge chunk of trees. A massive pit was on the banks of the water, and some cold white flames had just been extinguished…...

Not many soul pets habitated the center region. The hardest to defeat were the defenders Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail and the two ninth phase Star Phoenix Battle Insects. The marks near the lake were clear evidence that Chu Mu had already fought with the two ninth phase commander ranks in a huge fight!

“Look all around!” As the leader, Da Kun had already realized something, saying solemnly to everyone.

The other four spread out, and quickly searched through the relatively small inner lake. However, after going around, they were still unable to find a solution.

“Can it be that it really had been captured by him already?” Qin He said in a peculiar small voice.

“How is this kid so powerful!” Da Kun himself had tidal waves thrown up in his heart.

Walking through the entire inner lake, they didn’t find signs of the ninth phase commander ranks and the Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail. The only possibility was that the ninth phase commander ranks were dealt with by the young man, while the Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail had been taken.

But, how could the five believe that the young man was stronger than the combined whole of the five people, able to walk around freely in a monarch rank soul pet territory and even steal away the monarch rank young soul pet!

“Leader, what should we do, it seems he truly has gotten to it first. We’ve met a real expert this time!” Qin He said in a very gloomy voice.

The others have yet to come back to their senses. Especially that female soul pet trainer Yu Sui. From what she saw, the only young man who could do this was the man named Luo Peng.

Yet, the truth was right in front of them. Indeed, another young man of similar age to Luo Peng had stolen the monarch rank young soul pet in front of them, showing off his powerful strength capable of matching Luo Peng’s!

“This is monarch rank territory. If the monarch rank notices the situation here, none of us will run away alive. We must leave now.” Leader Da Kun said steadily.

“Leave, but we haven’t gotten anything……” Zhang Ying said unwillingly.

“Then what? That teen’s power is stronger than the combined total of us five. Such character should be very rare in our kingdom. If we met them, it’s just our unlucky day!” Qin He said.

Other than being shocked, the five could only accept their bad luck. By reason, the should rarely ever meet teams that can compete against them. After all, not any team could enter monarch rank soul pet territory.

Of the known experts, only Luo Peng could do this, but now another expert emerged. Other than being helpless, they couldn’t do much else.

Though everyone was unwilling, they could only leave the area quickly. With experience, they knew they couldn’t possibly stay for long in such a dangerous monarch rank territory.

The five rode their soul pets and, to save time, or to make sure the young man actually used his own strength, they chose the Sword Beetle route.

When passing through this tunnel, the five peoples’ faces changed again. The insect corpses almost covered the entire tunnel. Fluids made streams and the entire tunnel smelt of corpses and rotten fumes!

“He killed this many sword beetles and Hidden Blades by himself…… This young man is too scary!” Qin He looked dumbstruck. There were way more Hidden Blades in this tunnel than he had thought, yet they were all corpses now!

Zhang Ying, who always thought Chu Mu had just gotten lucky, had an ugly expression and couldn’t say a thing.

Yu Sui, who has a feverish attitude towards Luo Peng, was also shocked. Was there truly someone that could match Luo Peng?

“We can only accept fate now. Let’s leave. We may meet him in Dun City.” Leader Da Kun said in a long sigh.


The five left in shock and regret.

Yet, what none of them noticed was, when they left the inner lake, the very edge of the mountain, in the darkness, there appeared a strangle ripple in space. This ripple was like a disturbance in water, and in this twisted space, the light of a few techniques shined, clearly hinting at a chaos under the concealment of peace!


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