Book 2 Chapter 311 - Break Through the Tunnel Alone

Chapter 311: Break Through the Tunnel Alone

“After monarch rank, the power differences will become very large, and type advantages will therefore be shown even more obviously, as seen in young master’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier that is fighting right now. The Devil Tree Battle Soldier is wood type, so when fighting a large group of bug type, it had a direct advantage. It is much quicker in fighting them than the Ice Air Fairy was with the Crafty Rock Guards before!” Old Li said.

Chu Mu’s soul pets hadn’t entered the monarch rank for a long time. Normally, Chu Mu felt that servant rank, warrior rank, and commander ranks, as long as soul pets weren’t apart by a whole rank, then it won’t show greatly in fighting strength. In fact, many times, a powerful technique could determine the entire battle.

Yet now, with the Devil Tree Battle Soldier only moving from pseudo-monarch to low class monarch, its crowd killing abilities had multiplied instantly.

Chu Mu originally wanted to change his Ghost King for Mo Xie and make Mo Xie clear out the obstacles along the tunnel. Yet now, this tunnel didn’t need Mo Xie to fight at all. The seventh phase seventh stage Blood Natural Wood Devil Tree Battle Soldier, with Zhan Ye and Ghost King, could still sweep through quickly!

After the Devil Tree Battle Soldier jumped from pseudo-monarch to low class monarch with the learning of Blood Natural Wood, it increased in strength, but didn’t increase four or fivefold.

These eighth phase Hidden Blades were barely had some defense in front of Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s attacks. They could sometimes resist the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s attacks. But once the devil tree battle soldier raised its wood energy crystal to Natural Wood, the eighth phase Hidden Blades’ defenses were negligible, so the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s killing speeds increased greatly. After all, these eighth phase Hidden Blades could no longer pose a threat to the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, becoming very weak in comparison.

Originally, Chu Mu faced a hundred and sixty Crafty Rock Guards. A half year later, Chu Mu was relying only on his Devil Tree Battle Soldier, Zhan Ye, and Ghost King and finished off two hundred eighth phase Hidden Blades, which were similar in strength to the Crafty Rock Guards, in a fifth of the time. His strength increase was very obvious!

After killing all the Hidden Blades, Chu Mu immediately brought his three soul pets into the tunnel of the Sword Beetle.

There weren’t that many Sword Beetles in the tunnel. After all, Sword Beetles were commander rank soul pets, so they couldn’t be as widespread as warrior ranks.

The Sword Beetle valley was still mainly filled with eighth phase Hidden Blades, but these Hidden Blades were like ants in front of the Devil Tree Battle Solder, easily clearing out a large patch. Even when these insects came like a flood, they still couldn’t stop Chu Mu and his soul pets’ steps.

Very quickly, Chu Mu found the largest Sword Beetle within all the vicious insects of this tunnel.

Chu Mu had seen Sword Beetles, as it was one of Ye Wansheng’s favorite soul pets. In comparison, the Sword Beetle in front of Chu Mu was clearly stronger than Ye Wansheng’s seventh phase fifth stage Sword Beetle.

“Zhan Ye, Heavenly Splitting Claw!”


Zhan Ye’s claw blades were even sharper than the Sword Beetle’s arm blade. Under the effects of the sixth level full offensive soul equipment, its ink claws directly ripped through the arms of a few nearby seventh phase sword beetles.

Getting stronger as it fought, Zhan Ye was already at the seventh phase second stage, and Zhan Ye’s fighting strength was around pseudo-monarch rank at this point. However, with its robust life force and still ramping strength, it could fight against low class monarch ranks!

A seventh phase low class monarch rank soul pet definitely had hope against eighth phase low class commander ranks. To more completely train Zhan Ye’s instincts and provoke its potential, Chu Mu let the Zhan Ye fight an eighth phase high class commander rank Sword Beetle. This was to let Zhan Ye break its limits, and reach higher levels when against a soul pet more powerful than itself.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier was still in charge of most of the killing. The Ghost King stood aside the Devil Tree Battle Soldier. Whenever too many soul pets neared them, Ghost King would lift up its powerful Curved Blade and slam it towards the heads of these Hidden Blades and Sword Beetles.

The Hidden Blade armors, broken limbs, splattered innards, broken skulls, pierced bodies… the battle continued, the entire passage was masked with a thick scent of blood. This scent was also intermixed with the gagging scent of a bug type soul pet’s inner fluids…...

The entire valley was slowly covered in the bodies of Hidden Blades and Sword Beetles. With an average skill of eighth phase warrior rank and seventh phase commander rank, these Hidden Blades and Sword Beetle couldn’t possibly stop Chu Mu and his soul pets’ bloody steps. For the distance of two kilometers, only a small segment remained.


After experiencing a fourth Broken Limb Rebirth, Zhan Ye’s stage reached seventh phase fifth stage!

Zhan Ye had already fought for a long time against this eighth phase high stage Sword Beetle. Every time Zhan Ye finished a Broken Limb Rebirth, its stamina and life force was immediately recovered, and its fighting strength would recover to max. Even if it was repeatedly heavily wounded by the eighth phase high stage sword beetle in the beginning, after four times of such harm, it slowly gained an advantage in this war of attrition.

Its long ink armor spike extended and finally, the eighth phase high stage sword beetle couldn’t block the stronger and stronger attacks of the Zhan Ye. Its thick bug type armor was heavily pierced by the poisonous ink armor spikes!

The corroding effects of darkness were quickly injected into the sword beetle’s body, forcefully corroding the Sword Beetle’s armor and reducing its defense to zero.

After the defense was lowered, Zhan Ye’s attack became more and more threatening. With full energy, it started a crazy melee assault, forcing the eighth phase high stage Sword Beetle to step back again and again.

Zhan Ye’s fighting style had similarities with Mo Xie; after all, they were both mainly beast type. However, Chu Mu’s two soul pets fought differently in attitude: Mo Xie focussed on speed, severity, and strangeness. Her battles always had the nimbleness of a demon, while not losing the wild and open nature of a beast type soul pet.

Zhan Ye’s fighting style was purely unyielding. In exchanges, Zhan Ye often didn’t even dodge, choosing to take a hit and give a hit back instead. Such battle didn’t seem technical, but was full of power, instincts, and blood, making the battle a competition of battle intent.

The eighth phase high stage Sword Beetle clearly couldn’t stop the Zhan Ye’s later burst of terrifying power. When its body’s defense was ignored, it slowly started to shrink back. Finally, Zhan Ye caught a lethal opportunity and swung its heavy tail towards the beetle’s skull, causing its head to burst open, killing it immediately!

The eighth phase high stage Sword Beetle was the commander of this tunnel. Once it was killed, the Sword Beetles and Hidden Blades lost their fighting intent, stepping on their comrades’ bodies as they ran away, either into the ground, into cracks, or up the slopes. After not too long, the tunnel became rather quiet…...

“Good job, let’s rest before we continue to fight our way to the inner lake.” After the battle ended, Chu Mu immediately split up the soul crystals he spent his fortune on to replenish his soul pets’ stamina.

Soul Crystals had much more energy than soul cores. Chu Mu specially bought many sixth rank soul crystals so his soul pets could eat them after battles to replenish stamina.

Of course, if Ye Qingzi were here, Chu Mu would be able to save this spending. Ye Qingzi’s recovery medicine were all seventh rank, able to quickly replenish soul pet stamina and fighting strength.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s life force was still full, but it wasted a lot of stamina. After all, it had never stopped casting techniques through the entire killing process. There were at least three to four hundred bug type soul pets that died on its hands.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s stamina was around twenty percent now. After this twenty percent was used up, its fighting strength will decrease considerably.

Zhan Ye’s stamina was the greatest of Chu Mu’s soul pets. Even so, it only had about twenty percent stamina left. In the following battles, Zhan Ye could probably only tire the ninth phase soul pets a bit.

The Ghost King didn’t waste much stamina, but it wouldn’t be of much use in the following battles. To let it recover quicker, Chu Mu just retracted it into his soul pet space.

After eating a soul crystal and resting, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s stamina increased by about 10 percent, reaching thirty percent.

Zhan Ye recovered quickly too. After eating the soul crystal, it recovered from twenty percent to fifty percent. Its advantage in recovery showed that, it could, in such situations, save Chu Mu the most amount of fighting strength possible.

“Mo Xie, get warmed up and ready to fight.” Chu Mu cast an incantation and summoned Mo Xie by his side.

Mo Xie remained in her Pitiful Appearance state but very lazily jumped onto Chu Mu’s shoulder, looking as if she’ll only start if she sees the enemies.


Walking into the mountain valley, Chu Mu specially looked over to another tunnel.

That tunnel was the longer one that the five people had picked from before. Looking at it, it was clear the five haven’t passed through yet.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s strength increase had let Chu Mu pass through the obstacle ahead of time. Seems like the chances he’ll capture the Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail was still very high.


At the end of the Pupa Species, Da Kun and four others were huddled in a circle, all fifteen soul pets out for battle. The support type soul pets were heavily guarded in the center, behind defensive soul pets, while the fighting soul pets all charged outwards, wanting to carve a path of blood through the mountain.

Yet, there were still around two hundred of the pupa species, including the most powerful leader, that they haven’t dealt with. Passing through the heavy surroundings would still take some time.

“Leader, look into the inner valley!!!” Suddenly, the female soul pet trainer Yu Sui let out a surprised gasp!

Da Kun thought that another powerful organism appeared so he quickly jumped to a high vantage point. Looking past the pupa pecies and at the inner mountain valley a hundred meters away, he suddenly noticed the teen that they had seen not long ago!!

“How is this possible, him, by himself… did he do it?!”


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