Chapter 310: Narrow Hidden Blade Path, Savage Bugs Everywhere (2)

Chapter 310: Narrow Hidden Blade Path, Savage Bugs Everywhere (2)

The speed of the Hidden Blades were not very fast, and the three soul pets Chu Mu was leading barged through the pathway. They got 500 meters before they realized that surprisingly, those two hundred seventh phase Hidden Blades weren’t chasing anymore.

These bug type soul pets seemed to pay attention to territories, and when they reached the end of their territory, they would come to an abrupt halt. Afterwards, they would line up row by row on the edge of the territory and watch the enemy head off in the distance before letting out angry roars. They would display ostentatious might by brandishing their four incomparably sharp blade arms.

Shaking off the two hundred Hidden Blades didn’t mean that Chu Mu had entered a safe location. The reason why they didn’t chase him wasn’t because he was too fast, but rather because in this region resided a large group of even stronger Hidden Blades!

The two hundred seventh phase Hidden Blade weren’t actually that threatening to Chu Mu, because there were very few among them with seventh rank attack levels. Of Chu Mu’s soul pets, the Ghost King had the weakest defense at the mid seventh phase, so as long as their physical strength was enough, it wasn’t a problem for his soul pets to kill 200 seventh phase Hidden Blades.

However, Chu Mu was extremely surprised that when he stepped onto the latter half of the narrow path, all of the warrior rank Hidden Blades were of the eighth phase and above!

The eighth phase Hidden Blades had fighting strength equivalent to the Crafty Rock Guards back when Chu Mu was on Colored Sky Mountain. That time, Chu Mu had faced 160 Crafty Rock Guards, while this time, Chu Mu was against nearly 200 eighth phase Hidden Blades. Thus, there were even more that he had to deal with than back then on Heavenly Crystal Peak.

“Devil Tree Battle Soldier, engage in a slaughter!” Chu Mu’s expression turned serious as he spoke to the Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

“Ao!!!!!!!!” seeing more and more eighth phase Hidden Blades climb up towards it, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier let out a bloodcurdling roar, as if it was waiting for this moment for a long time.

“Chi chi chi chi~~~~Chi chi chi chi~~~~~~~”

“Chi chi chi chi~~~~Chi chi chi~~~~~~~~”

Noises bussed in his ear as the cyan-grey colored carpaces of the Hidden Blades seemed to cover the entire narrow passage. Their movements weren’t as slow as the Crafty Rock Guards. They actually moved extremely quick; with so many in the small and narrow area, it was extremely crowded and they resembled a trained group of creatures that grinded their sharp blades and charged at Chu Mu and his soul pets in groups!

“High rank demon roots!”

Every ten high rank demon wood roots would become a sharp wooden weapon that carried a  Chan color as they pierced through the eighth phase Hidden Blades. The seventh phase sixth stage Devil Tree Battle Soldier could instakill two to three eighth phase early stage Hidden Bldrs everytime it used the Demon Wood Roots technique, and if it was an eighth phase high stage Hidden Blade, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier had to use a full strength close combat attack to instakill it.

Fortunately, it's techniques didn't require a chanting of an incantation so it's frequency of attacks was extremely high. It thus got rid of these Hidden Blades at an even faster speed than the Ice Air Fairy got rid of the Crafty Rock Guards back then.

The Ice Air Fairy had only faced fifty or so Crafty Rock Guards then, and Chu Mu had to further stand beside it to protect it from directly suffering the simultaneous attacks of fifty Crafty Rock Guards. By doing so, the Ice Air Fairy was freely able to use its massacring techniques.

Yet, in reality, wood time soul pets actually had the huge advantage when it came to group fights. A wood type soul pet’s life force was double a normal soul pets, and its defense was higher than normal soul pets. Its attacks were more frequent and although its destructive power was inferior to the Ice Air Fairy, it injured and killed the enemy at a faster rate. Most importantly, when thrown into a large group of terrifying soul pets, Chu Mu didn't have to worry that it would be easily killed.

Indeed, Chu Mu had absolute confidence in the Devil Tree Battle Soldier. With the existence of the life force absorb technique, as long as the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s physical energy was enough when standing amidst the encirclement of those soul pets, they would eventually lose to it.

Zhan Ye’s style of fighting was pretty much the same as before, and at the start of the fight it was certain he would be beaten. After all, the speed and attacks of tens of eighth phase Hidden Blades were not weak and could easily rip apart its defenses that hadn’t reached the eighth rank yet. Specifically, the simultaneous use of techniques was definitely threatening to Zhan Ye.

Zhan Ye took parts in fights a lot and Chu Mu was rather relaxed when it came to Zhan Ye; or in other words, when he threw Zhan Ye into the middle of a group of soul pets, Chu Mu was extremely at ease. After all, Zhan Ye’s largest counter were high ranking soul pets that could instakill his life force that was six times that of normal soul pets.

The Ghost King’s fight visibly required Chu Mu’s protection. The Ghost King was only at the sixth phase third stage and its defense was only at the mid seventh stage. If the Hidden Blades attacked it at the same time or an eighth phase high stage Hidden Blade attacked it, they would be able to severely wound the Ghost King. Thus, Chu Mu was presently standing next to the Ghost King and added on a high rank wood armor onto it, raising its defense by one level. Furthermore, he was also commanding its fight.


The Devil Tree Battle Soldier seemed to have reached a state of madness through its killing. It wildly roared amidst the clamor of Hidden Blade screams, and instantaneously shot out demon wood spikes form its body!!

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s close combat destruction was eminently frightening and it precisely was this technique that was able to instantaneously kill a dozen Gluttonous Insect Monsters!

This time, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier displayed its tyrannical wood type group-killing techniques. Ten eighth phase early stage Hidden Blades miserably died dripping with blood under this terrifying attack!!

Life Force Absorb!!!

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s wooden armor was riddled with wounds and even its head had sustained a visible blade wound. These weren’t small wounds to most soul pets and would affect the way they fought to a certain extent.

However, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s tyrannical life force absorb caused the wounds to recover as the dozen or so Hidden Blades died. Its fighting strength instantaneously reached the peak again!

“Ao!!!!!! Ao!!!!!!!”

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body was already slightly emitting a red color, which precisely was the special effect of the Blood Amber that had been used to strengthen it, and seemed to make it more insane and bloodthirsty!

When the Devil Tree Battle Soldier let out its roar, Chu Mu distinctly felt a slight change in his soul- the feeling of his soul ascending!

“It’s evolved!” the multiple evolutions already had made Chu Mu gradually accustomed to this feeling. Each time one of his soul pets evolved, he would get this ascending feeling.

Indeed, the cyan green color on the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body gradually began casting off from inside its body. Its body unexpectedly began circulating a green-jade lustre and as this lustre surfaced, the blood red halo began to amplify, displaying the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s wood type courageousness!

“It’s not as simple as an evolution…” Old Li was very learned and instantly recognized the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s change.

Old Li’s point made Chu Mu abruptly discover that the high rank demon wood on the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s body was transforming!!

The high stage demon woods had accompanied the Devil Tree Battle Soldier for nearly half a year. Right now, these cyan color high stage demon woods carrying a slight tinge of red were slowly being shed from its outer skin and in its place grew a new type of fresh wood!

This new substance of wood appeared to be a cyan color and after inheriting the Blood Amber’s effects, was dyed in a slight red color. It lacked the demonic and strange nature of the demon wood roots and instead carried more of a pure nature aura.

However, from Chu Mu’s experience, what he saw wasn’t that the change from demonic and strange to naturally pure made its attacks weaker, but rather the contrary. This pure form of nature added more absolute wood attributes, making it tough, crafty and giving it a stronger penetration strength!

“Bloody natural wood crystallization! It’s finally learned it! It’s finally learned bloody natural wood crystallization!!!”

Witnessing the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s transformation, Chu Mu was excited. One must know that he had spent several tens of millions of gold just to allow the Devil Tree Battle Soldier to evolve like this. He had hoped that the Devil Tree Battle Soldier would someday understand the natural wood crystallization and become a true monarch rank soul pet.

This day had finally arrived. The Devil Tree Battle Soldier could be regarded as having painstakingly comprehended the natural wood crystallization and become a true monarch in one go!!

The strengthening done to it before had only made its fighting strength rank barely that of a pseudo monarch, but it could only be considered so really because of the Life Force Absorb ability. Without this technique, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s fighting strength rank would only be comparable to a peak commander.

Yet, now that the Devil Tree Battle Soldier had comprehended natural wood, not only did it strengthen its attacks, its defense was also amplified due to its wood type armor species technique!

“Ao!!!!!! Ao!!!!!!!!!!!”

The halo of evolution made the Devil Tree Battle Soldier incomparably excited, and it couldn’t wait to use its new natural wood crystallization in battle!

Natural wood root spikes!


Over eighty roots shot out of the ground, and every ten of the natural roots combined together to form one mighty and even more tough wood spike. They unobstructedly pierced through these eighth phase early stage Hidden Blades!!

Group instakill!!

Eight of the Hidden Blades simply didn’t even have dodging abilities and were all pierced by the Devil Tree Battle Soldier. Bodily fluids effused out of their enormous bloody holes and blended in with the bloody creek inside the narrow passage!

“The attacking characteristic of high rank demon wood was only situated on the edge of insta killing these eighth phase Hidden Blades. After rising to the natural wood realm, those eight phase early stage Hidden Blades become undoubtedly dead. The speed of killing has multiplied!” when Chu Mu saw the difference in the Root Spike before and after the transformation, he let out a sigh in surprise.

Rising from the pseudo monarch rank to a low class monarch rank was only supposed to be an exceptionally small class increase, but when facing these enemies, the difference between a pseudo monarch and a low class monarch had manifested oh so visibly!


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