Chapter 31: The Soul Pet With Exceptional Healing Ability(2)

Chapter 31: The Soul Pet With Exceptional Healing Ability(2)

When nighttime arrived, Chu Mu intentionally didn’t silently cultivate. Instead, he released the Mo Ye and fed it a few soul cores. He then used beast tongue to tell it not to attempt to escape.

The black colored Mo Ye guilelessly laid to the side. It wasn’t afraid of humans at all and extremely perturbedly ate the soul core that Chu Mu provided. Its gaze would occasionally fall on Mo Xie, and then it would resume its calm appearance.

Chu Mu stared at the wounds on the small Mo Ye’s body and discovered that from when he confined it in the Soul Capture Ring to now, the wounds on the small Mo Ye caused by Mo Xie had already miraculously healed. At most, he could only see a few scars that were about to fall off.

Chu Mu was truly shocked. He had never seen a Mo Ye with a healing ability that was so unreasonably strong. Such a heavy wound had unexpectedly been fully recovered within half a day.

“Its self-healing effect is: if it doesn’t use any recovery medicine, its wounds will recover at twice the original speed.”

“This small Mo Ye’s injury recovery rate is much quicker than a normal Mo Yes’. Its recovery rate should be faster than normal soul pets by six times. It’s essentially equivalent to perpetually using six healing medicines.”

After discovering this, Chu Mu decisively decided to test this small Mo Ye, and made Mo Xie use her claws to lightly rip open the Mo Ye’s ink armor.

The small Mo Ye remained completely calm and allowed Mo Xie to open a small wound on its body. However, after the wound was opened, Chu Mu shockingly discovered that the light injury on the ink armor recovered with a speed that he could see!!

“How mysterious?!” the adjacent Qin Menger astonishingly remarked.

“It seems that the reason why it looks weaker than normal Mo Yes is also because of this. The bug type recovery ability in its blood lineage is much more intense, while its beast type lineage is comparatively much weaker,” deduced Chu Mu.

“It’s bug type talent is extremely abnormal, while its beast type talent is inferior. That’s rather unfortunate.” said Qin Menger.

Each species of soul pets had its own unique blood lineage. When one element or attribute ability surpassed the normal equilibrium of the soul pet, while its other important attributes didn’t excessively decrease, the soul pet was defined as exceptionally talented with incredible aptitude.

This small Mo Ye had an extreme talent in the bug type, especially when it came to its recovery ability. Surprisingly, its healing speed was faster than a normal soul pet by six times.

However, its body quality, such as strength, speed, and growth were all slightly lower. Soul pets like the Mo Ye still required a powerful beast type lineage to guarantee their fighting strength.

“Small Mo Ye, you can leave. You don’t need to be brave anymore. You aren’t her opponent even if you had reached the sixth phase…” Qin Menger, who took pity on the small fellow, gently spoke to it.

“Hou Hou” the small Mo Ye shook its head. Its gaze fell on Mo Xie, and it used an unknown language in a muffled voice, expressing that it wouldn’t give up on defeating Mo Xie.

“Let it continue following then.” Chu Mu didn’t drive the small Mo Ye away. He instead wanted to examine this small Mo Ye.

Gangluo City’s Yang Family

“Yang Jie and Li Nan were killed by a mysterious young man? Do you know that young man’s identity?” said the Yang Family’s family head’s eldest son, Yang Mancan, with a face full of shock.

Li Nan was still fine, as he wasn’t considered a first tier expert in the Yang Family. However, Yang Mancan understood Yang Jie’s strength extremely well. How could he be killed by a young man?!

“This subordinate does not know. The family servants that escaped said that he controlled a Night Thunder Dream Beast.” said the cyan clothed family servant, half-kneeling on the floor.

“Father, there aren’t many young men in the Luo Region who can defeat Yang Jie. Moreover, they are all extremely well known. Those people shouldn’t have any reason to help the Chu Family. Could it be the Great Chu Family interfering?” said Yang Luobin, who was standing next to Yang Mancan.

Yang Luobin was the family head’s eldest son’s eldest son. He possessed exceptional talent, and he was the strongest young expert in Gangluo City. Within the Luo Region, he had a bit of a reputation.

Yang Mancan creased his eyebrows. If the Great Chu Family in Wogu Region had interfered with the Luo Region’s Chu Family, then their Yang Family would definitely have a hard time defeating the Chu Family. After all, the Great Chu Family’s power was extremely great.

“Send a few people to closely watch the Chu Family. See if the Chu Family has had any unusual actions recently.” said Yang Mancan to the half-kneeling family servant.

“Yes!” The family servant nodded his head and slowly retreated outside.

After the family servant left, Yang Mancan looked at Yang Luobin and said: “Another powerful young man appearing without cause or reason. I don’t know if it was because of the recommendation.”

“It probably isn’t.” said Yang Luobin. After speaking to this point, he suddenly thought of something and said, “Oh, father, I heard Yang Luosen mention that a Nightmare Palace Eternal Ocean Nightmare Prince has appeared in our Luo Region. Apparently, he’s carrying out a mission given by Nightmare Palace in the vicinity. Perhaps Yang Jie accidentally offended that Eternal Ocean Nightmare Prince…”

“Eternal Ocean Nightmare Prince? The most honored young man of Nightmare Palace?” Yang Mancan was stunned, and asked in a slightly flabbergasted voice.

Yang Luobin nodded his head and his expression was solemn as he said: “Most recently, a few regions have been spreading this Eternal Ocean Nightmare Prince’s reputation. He is a peak expert of Nightmare Palace and has never appeared before. However, after a few battles, he quickly rose in prominence and finally, one of the opponents he defeated was the rather famous “Blue Nightmare Hunter” Tian Ji.”

Yang Mancan instantly let out a shocked expression. He didn’t expect for such an expert to appear here. If this was the case, Yang Jie really could have been killed by that Eternal Ocean Nightmare Prince.

“Moreover, that Eternal Ocean Nightmare Prince is the Prison Island King. A few of the people we sent could have been killed by him. If I’m not incorrect, our “Violent Blood Pupil” should be in his hands.” Yang Luosen continued to say.

Once he heard Violent Blood Pupil, Yang Mancan’s expression instantly changed and he said: “He was the Prison Island King! That’s perfect. Since it’s in his hands, we only have to expend a certain cost to retrieve it!”

“Father, that won’t do. This Prison Island King is currently a peak expert in Nightmare Palace. Even the Luo Region Nightmare Prince, Yang Luosen, only dares to teach him a lesson. He absolutely will not kill him. If something were to happen to that person here, we would not be able to endure the consequences.”

Yang Mancan’s eyebrows creased again. He didn’t understand the affairs of other regions very well. He had always confined himself within the vicinity of Gangluo City. He never expected a young man’s ability to be so great.

“In a few days, Yang Luosen will come to Gangluo City and invite this Eternal Ocean Nightmare Prince. We should properly wait upon Yang Luosen and get him to help us retrieve the Violent Blood Pupil.” said Yang Luobin.

“Yes, that works.” said Yang Mancan, “Oh, Luobin, has your third soul recovered yet?”

“It’s almost fully recovered.” responded Yang Luosen.

“I told you before that you shouldn’t rashly sign soul pacts with young soul pets. Especially the Chu Family’s armored rhinoceros. We don’t understand it very well. You undoing your soul pact like this truly wastes a lot of your time.” said Yang Mancan.

“I also never expected that Mo Ye to be so weak.” a repulsive expression appeared on Yang Luobin’s face.

“Thankfully, you undid it sooner rather than later, otherwise it would have delayed you for even longer. After a few days, when you fully recover, I’ll buy you a somewhat young high class commander rank soul pet. You need to quickly raise its strength.” said Yang Mancan.

Mentioning a high class commander rank soul pet, Yang Luobin’s eyes immediately lit up. He hastily said: “Thank you father.”

A young high class commander rank soul pet, even if its aptitude was average, cost at least 200,000 gold coins. If its aptitude was good, its value could even reach 500,000 gold coins. Yang Luobin had already become a spirit teacher, but had never obtained a high class commander rank soul pet. Hearing his father’s words now, how could he not be excited?

Chu Family, the Chu Family head’s courtyard

Two grizzled haired old men sat on stone chairs in the courtyard. Their expressions were clearly somewhat stupefied. After a while, the somewhat skinnier old man said:

"Brother, aren't you too inconsiderate of the bigger picture when you send out the Chu Clan guardians to search for Chu Mu? You used to always teach me to be able to be heartless and to understand when to give up on things......"

Naturally, the person speaking was the second head of the Chu Family, Chu Nan. He was already aware of the Chu Family Guard’s departure.

“The descendents of the Chu Family should receive the protection of our Chu Family. If we don’t protect this generation well, it will be hard for our Chu Family to change our fortunes.” slowly said the family head Chu Ming.

“If you were moving these people for Chu Xing and Chu He, these teachers, I could understand. But it’s for Chu Mu… Your second brother really cannot change his impulsive nature. He really went to Broken Forest… aiyahh, whatever, you sent the Chu Family Guard without telling anyone anything. Me saying anything more is of no use. I hope that Chu Si and the others can gain something.” The second family master Chu Nan sighed. He slowly stood up and left the courtyard.

Deep inside Broken Forest

The party of twenty people were split into two groups. Each group wore matching green and black clothing and dark brown colored clothing, respectively. These soul pet trainers rode their soul pets as they each travelled through the forest.

“Tianlin, this place is relatively close to Mo Ye Forest, right?” The Chu Family Guard leader, Chu Si, looked at the man beside him and spoke.

The Chu Family Guard leader, Chu Si, was approximately thirty five years old. He rode a Light Rhinoceros that had already reached the sixth phase fifth stage.

“We should be. Everyone should be a bit careful. If we are to encounter a powerful Mo Ye, we will be in a lot of trouble.” said Chu Tianlin.

After he spoke, Chu Tianlin intentionally swept his gaze over the other group of people. That group of people was dressed in brown clothing. The leader was a bearded middle aged man.

“Old Qin Jia, you guys should also be a bit careful. Don’t be too reckless.” Chu Tianjian also specially gave them a few words.

“You don’t need to worry. If it wasn’t because our young lady fell into the forest, there wouldn’t be a need to accompany you old geezers,” said the middle aged Qin Family man.

Chu Tianlin ignored Qin Jia’s bad temper. He ostensibly already understood him, and continued to ride his Light Rhinoceros deeper into the forest.

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