Chapter 309: Narrow Hidden Blade Path, Savage Bugs Everywhere (1)

Chapter 309: Narrow Hidden Blade Path, Savage Bugs Everywhere (1)

“What does captain think?” after Zhang Ying finished speaking, he asked for the captain, Da Kun’s, opinion.

“Since this young man was able to reach this point alone, he should be rather strong; however, he should be in the circumstances you just mentioned.” said Da Kun.

“Pay him no heed. We should discuss our soul pet formation for the next part. Since we chose the safest path, it should expend our soul pet’s physical strength the most. The five of us can coordinate between our 15 soul pets, and we’ll see if our 15 soul pets can suppress those big type iron skin soul pets.” said Yin He.

The other four nodded their heads, and they began discussing what soul pet formation they would use to deal with the plethora of high defensive and humongous soul pets.



At the southernmost part of the valley was the shortest narrow path. The length of this narrow path was only about 2000 meters, and if a demon were to quickly run through at full speed, it could be crossed in less than a few minutes.

However, this two thousand meter narrow path was the most dangerous of them, because the big species soul pets that resided here all had hidden, powerful, blade-like arms for attacks. These sharp weapons could burst forth with a cold light, and if one was inattentive, one would be riddled with holes.

The hunting group of five people didn't choose this path precisely because the danger was too high, and it was very easy to be injured. Therefore, they would rather spend a bit more time and physical strength to deal with those larva species soul pets.

Chu Mu had reasons for deciding to travel by himself. The first was that the path they chose was 4-5 kilometers, and although the safety there was higher, it wasted a large amount of time.

Chu Mu knew that if he couldn't beat the five of them, he would have firmly chosen to team up with them so that he would be able to obtain at least 1/6th of the profits; moreover, the success rate would be higher.

But right now, Chu Mi felt that if he picked this path, as long as he moved faster, even if they had five people, he would still be able to reach the inner valley first and obtain that monarch rank soul pet.

Chu Mu had chased the Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail for nearly half a month. He didn't expect to be noticed by others and if they were able to obtain it, he would be bitter in his heart. Therefore, this time he had to fight over it with those five people.

Since there was someone trying to steal it from him, Chu Mu was pressed for time. Thus, he didn't linger on the outside, and he resolutely entered the bug valley fraught with danger and began to compete speed with those five people.

According to his original plan, Chu Mu’s three un-recalled soul pets had rested their minds and were ready to fight at any moment.

As he passed through the weed and grass-filled land, the topography began to slowly sink. Following the mountain structure, a visibly narrow path quickly appeared in Chu Mu’s eyes.

The narrow path was extremely narrow, and a few large soul pets would find it hard to pass through. Fortunately, all of Chu Mu’s soul pets were not large, and they passed in between the walls on either side very easily. Chu Mu thus entered the narrow path heading into the valley’s inner lake.

Both sides of the narrow passage were extremely precipitous, and the walls were stuck with something sticky that either was the liquid the bug type soul pets secreted, or it was inherently sticky. It was very hard for soul pets without claws to climb up.

The beginning of the pathway was around 5 meters wide, but as Chu Mu walked further, the narrow pathway gradually began to narrow.

“Hu hu hu hu hu~~~~~”

The wind from within the valley slapped against Chu Mu’s face. The wind had become abnormally cold after passing through the mountain wall jags, and it made him feel as if his face was being brushed by ice cold blades.

The sunlight here was not ample, and the majority of bug type soul pets here enjoyed the darkness and not the light.

The further Chu Mu went in, the darker and narrower the passage got. Finally, it reached a point where even if there was sunlight, it only seeped in through the half cracks in the mountain wall while the places where sun visibly did not shine were pitch black.

“Chi chi chi chi~~~~~”

“Zhi shi zhi zhi~~~~~zhi zhi zhi zhi~~~~~”

Sounds of bug soul pets could be heard from in between rocks, under the muddy ground and from the plants and tree branches. While walking through this narrow passage, one could distinctly feel the movement of soul pets in the surroundings. From time to time a few bright eyes would sneakily stare at the intruding human through the darkness...

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier, Zhan Ye, and the Ghost King all had relatively high phase and stages. Their aura had a certain intimidation to them, so the weak bug type soul pets that numbered many wouldn't dare to make rash moves. Without a leader to organize them, they could only hide to the side and silently observe.

“Pu Pu Pu Pu~~~~~”

Finally, ten Hidden Blades could not stand the silence, and slowly emerged around Chu Mu. Their flickering yellow eyes stared at Chu Mu and their four blade-like hands faintly rubbed against each other, creating an ear piercing metallic sound. It was possible to see the sharpness of their weapons through this action too.

“An eighth phase warrior rank Hidden Blade is leading a group of seventh phase Hidden Blades…” Chu Mu swept his eyes over these enemies and quickly discerned the strength of these fifteen Hidden Blades.

Hidden Blade: Demon kingdom - bug type - Hidden Blade species - middle class warrior rank

“Ghost King, I'll leave these to you.” said Chu Mu

The Ghost King primarily used a weapon, and with its monarch rank temperament, it treated these soul pets that were for the most part a higher rank than it with disdain.

After Chu Mu gave the order, the curved sword’s ghost aura raised into the air and the Ghost King’s two ghost eyes haughtily stared at the eighth phase Hidden Blade.

“Nuo!!!!!” a stunning roar rang out!

The sixth phase third stage Ghost King brandished the curved sword and launched itself at the eighth phase warrior rank Hidden Blade.

These seventh phase Hidden Blades didn’t even have seventh rank attacks. The Ghost King’s target was very clear. As it moved, it completely ignored these seventh phase Hidden Blades and fiercely swung its arm at the eighth phase Hidden Blade.

The eighth phase Hidden Blade could feel the Ghost King’s monarch rank aura, and before the fight even truly happened, it let out an expression of panic as it hastily dodged behind a rolling stone!


The monarch ghost sword’s might extended as it powerfully smashed the enormous rolling stone and knocked the eighth phase Hidden Blade flying.

“Clang clang clang~~~~~~”

The seventh phase Hidden Blades simultaneously launched themselves at the Ghost King, but its late seventh stage attacks could afford these small bugs to strike its body. Abruptly, it stepped forward, and the curved sword in its hand powerfully struck the ground!!

“Long long long~~~~~”

The slightly damp ground was split apart, and from within the fissure flew out countless malevolent stone pythons. They swept away all of the seventh phase Hidden Blades and charged at the eighth phase Hidden Blade!

When the Ghost King launched an attack, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier moved as well. If the Ghost King had to deal with the eighth phase Hidden Blade, the two would be in a fight for a while, after all, an eighth phase warrior rank could barely fight to a draw with a sixth phase monarch rank.

The Wooden Finger Prison appeared out of the blue and the eighth phase Hidden Blade was rigidly locked within. At this moment, the Ghost King’s seventh rank rock type technique also arrived!

The eighth phase Hidden Blade wasn’t able to prepare itself for the seventh rank rock type technique, and as the enormous rock pythons attacked, the Hidden Blade’s awkward and thin body was riddled with wounds. It let out a painful cry and if it wasn’t because bug types had tenacious life forces, the seventh rank rock type technique probably could have directly taken its life.

The Ghost King swept its large sword, and after beheading a few obstructing seventh phase Hidden Blades, strode over to the eighth phase Hidden Blade and stabbed the sword into its head, ending the soul pet’s life.

The eighth phase Hidden Blade didn’t struggle for very long before completely losing any life left in it. The remaining Hidden Blades rapidly dispersed, not daring to obstruct the Ghost King at all.

Chu Mu knew that this was the weakest wave of soul pets that would try and stop his soul pets; as they continued forward, there probably would be even more creatures that appeared.

“Chi chi chi chi chi~~~~~~”

“Chi chi chi chi chi~~~~~~”

Indeed, not even two hundred meters later, nearly fifty seventh phase and above Hidden Blades astonishingly appeared in front of Chu Mu. There appeared to be four eighth phase Hidden Blades among them and it would be hard for just the Ghost King to deal with this large group of soul pets.

“Devil Tree, Demon Wood Roots!” as more and more Hidden Blades began to encircle them, Chu Mu decisively gave his soul pets a battle order.

The high rank demon wood roots were of extremely effective. Every ten roots would combine together and they could instakill one seventh phase Hidden Blade. The Devil Tree Battle Soldier had over eighty roots now so this this technique could instakill seven or eight Hidden Blades. Further adding on the fact that the Devil Tree Battle Soldier could simultaneously use techniques, one wave of attacks could kill at least ten Hidden Blades.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier was in charge of the majority of killing, while Zhan Ye only took on ten bugs. The Ghost King had just killed the third Hidden Blade when the battle had ended due to the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s mass killing abilities.

Over fifty carcasses lay scattered after having been pierced or strangled to death around the Devil Tree Battle Soldier..

The Hidden Blade corpses let out a strange stench, as if it was letting out a signal. Not long after the fight had ended, another large group of Hidden Blades rushed over!

The top of the precipitous mountain side was littered with numerous Hidden Blades squirming about. They numbered at least two hundred!

Chu Mnu knew that if they continued to stay here, they would be tied up by those things. He promptly jumped on Zhan Ye’s back, and directly changed in even deeper while having the Devil Tree Battle Soldier cut off the back.


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