Book 2 Chapter 307 - Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail

Chapter 307: Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail

“Don’t worry, the side effects of of half devil are very powerful. His soul is definitely heavily wounded. I can say with certainty that, even if he is in a normal state, he wouldn’t dare to become half devil again. And without the half devil transformation, he is but a sheep- easily slain……” Xia Guanghan said.

“If it is like this, then why don’t you send someone to get rid of him yourself?” Zuo Xiao said.

“I’m not adept at tracking, and this kid clearly will change his name and appearance. My influence is limited, so I still need a killer like you. And, isn’t tracking others a talent of Underground Palace?” Xia Guanghan said.

“This isn’t wrong. I will send someone to look for his situation. As for if I can help you get rid of this person, it’ll depend on your sincerity.” Zuo Xiao said.

Xia Guanghan’s mouth quivered. Zuo Xiao’s so called sincerity was naturally pointing to the reward that Xia Guanghan was willing to pay. To kill someone like Chu Mu, the reward must not be too low, especially when they didn’t know where he was.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let you do things for nothing.” Xia Guanghan said.

“Hehe, no other way, its the rules of Underground Palace. Even if we’re brothers, there’s nothing I can do. If there’s nothing else, i’ll be leaving to see another old friend of mine.” Zuo Xiao said.

“En, go, as long as you help me finish this as soon as possible.” Xia Guanghan nodded.

Zuo Xiao didn’t say much more as he turned around to walk out of the palace.

Zuo Xiao’s steps weren’t quick. As he slowly disappeared from the inner palace, Xiao Guanghan’s face became darker again.

Even Xia Guanghan himself hadn’t thought that Chu Mu would improve this quickly. From this, in another year or two, even Xiao Guanghan wouldn’t be able to fight him head on.

In reality, Xiao Guanghan wasn’t the most worried about the issue of half devil. Chu Mu was a low remembrance soul master currently. Such high soul temperatures wasn’t something he could stand. Unless there was some unique treasure to sustain him, he wouldn’t be able to become a half devil again.

What worried him most was that soul pet that could continuously mutate. It was something that Xia Guanghan dreamed of even in his sleep. If that soul pet improved too quickly and mutated to an even more powerful soul pet, then even if he killed Chu Mu, getting the soul pet would be harder. After all, the more powerful the soul pet, the lower the probability of signing a contract with it.

“If underground palace can’t deal with this, then I can only take a step back and share this with him.” Xia Guanghan said.

Xia Guanghan hadn’t truly walked into the top tier of Nightmare Palace. With his identity, he couldn’t really find out the greater secrets behind the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon. Originally, Xia Guanghan thought he could take this entire cake alone, but from the speed of Chu Mu’s development, he felt that he may have to give up some ground and communicate with that person in Soul Alliance, while he hid behind him to get smaller benefits.

Xia Guanghan was very unwilling. Plainly, it was a young man that he could deal with, and with his strength, he could definitely take down Chu Mu, yet things were getting more and more out of control…...



Time passed by quickly. It has been near half a year since the events in Li City, and the immense ripples of influence started to die out.

Half a year was very long, especially after Chu Mu slowly got used to the world of humans. And since Chu Mu specially spent half a year to follow paths less taken to kill constantly, Chu Mu felt like the six months was forever.

In this half year, other than going to cities to buy soul crystals and soul cores that he needed, he almost never stayed in a city, nor did he buy any more soul items to help strengthen his soul pets’ types.

Speaking of which, Chu Mu had noticed that, after reaching monarch rank, there was a huge difference between monarch and previous ranks. This distance made even Chu Mu astonished. Pseudo-monarchs and low class monarchs needed at least tens of millions of gold, sometimes even more. Most importantly, such soul item won’t be as plenty as before, meaning he couldn’t just buy it even if he had the money.

Soul pet trainer was a very wealthy business, but it could also cause one to go bankrupt in an instant. Chu Mu found that he could at most improve all his pseudo-monarch soul pets to low class monarchs. Any further would be nonsense. As for giving all his soul pets soul equipment, that was even more unfeasible. The price of a seventh rank soul equipment was frightening!!

After that, Chu Mu put in hard work to stages and phases. The rest of his gold was used on soul items that could raise soul pet stages quickly. In this half year of bitter training and exercise, Chu Mu had seen some increases in stages and phases.

The white nightmare’s strength was already out of Chu Mu’s control, so Chu Mu didn’t put too much effort into the stages of the White Nightmare. Because the white nightmare was an evil soul pet, as long as one gave it enough soul power and let it participate occasionally, its strength would still be very powerful.

Of course, this half year, even with Chu Mu’s pressure towards the White Nightmare, it still increased two stages, reaching seventh phase seventh stage.

The other soul pets became Chu Mu’s main target.

Mo Xie had already morphed to seventh phase first stage. With the strength of soul items and constant battle, she was raised to seventh phase fifth stage.

Mo Xie and Chu Mu was connected mentally. As long as one wasn’t sealed by soul, they could find each other no matter how far they were from each other. Chu Mu had been taken away by the Cyan Hidden Dragon and was therefore separated from Mo Xie for nearly half a month, yet Mo Xie still found Chu Mu and accompanied him on their journey east.

Zhan Ye’s stage was always very low. In this half year, Chu Mu was still very strict to the Zhan Ye. With a low phase soul pet like Zhan Ye, relying on its powerful life force and greater power, Chu Mu always made it fight against opponents of higher ranks.

Fighting soul pets more powerful than oneself was very good for raising the soul pet’s strength. This was why the Zhan Ye was the fastest improving soul pet of Chu Mu. It was already sixth phase ninth stage. With some soul items and another challenge surpassing their limits, Zhan Ye could reach seventh phase first stage!

Not counting in type, based just off its special powers, Zhan Ye could definitely match a low class monarch like Mo Xie. If it could reach seventh phase first stage, Chu Mu would have another sharp weapon at his disposal.

Fifth phase ninth stage Ghost King’s strength didn’t increase very quickly. It only increased by four stages, reaching sixth phase third stage. Normally, when Chu Mu meets a seventh phase soul pet, Chu Mu would let Ghost King participate. The Ghost King’s fighting strength was very high also able to fight above its rank.

Because of long term training outside, Chu Mu more or less met some normal demon homes. Every demon home meant that the Night Thunder Dream Beast got better. Also with the change to the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s techniques, Ye started participating in more and more fights, slowly showing its advantage as a high mental controlling demon. Yet on stages, the Night Thunder Dream Beast raised from seventh phase fourth stage to seventh phase ninth stage, becoming the highest medium rank soul pet Chu Mu had.

The Ice Air Fairy was probably the most destructive soul pet of Chu Mu’s. And because of ice type’s freezing and slowing abilities, the Ice Air Fairy’s appearance was very frequent. Especially when the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s roots controlled while Mo Xie ripped apart defenses, the Ice Air Fairy could enter long range mode. This was the perfect strategy for Chu Mu currently.

Chu Mu’s second soul soul pets were very delicately selected. The three soul pets’ types are very mainstream and difficult to break through. Adding on the fact that these three soul pets have stayed with Chu Mu the longest, their synergy naturally didn’t need mentioning. It was the most unsolvable combo currently.

Fighting this often, with ice type soul items giving the Ice Air Fairy many benefits, the Ice Air Fairy was also at seventh phase seventh stage, seeing a large strength increase.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier didn’t need much. In the wild, almost every fight couldn’t be possible without this soul pet that could control the entire battle.

Other than Zhan Ye, the most robust fighter of Chu Mu’s soul pets was the Devil Tree Battle Soldier and its Life Force Absorb. The Devil Tree Battle Soldier reached seventh phase sixth stage from seventh phase first stage, improving relatively fast as well.

In reality, as opposed to the soul pets with rather high species ranks, the low species rank soul pets will increase phase faster than higher species rank soul pets.

After all, the stages are somewhat connected to a soul pet’s life. A high species rank meant a higher life span in general. Their growth was therefore hindered by their rate of maturing. Servant rank, warrior rank, and commander rank soul pets didn’t live as long, so they grew relatively faster and would reach higher phases faster in general.


Late night came. After Chu Mu fed his White Nightmare, he let his remembrance go into the soul pet space and sat down to start a meeting with everyone.

“Though it’s difficult, we have to catch a young soul pet, or else everyone will truly go hungry.”

“Wuwuwu~~~~~~” The most gluttonous Mo Xie firmly didn’t want to allow such things to happen, immediately letting out sounds of protest.

“Nienienie~~~~~~” White Nightmare showed no pressure, since it didn’t eat soul crystals or soul cores anyways…...

Once a soul pet’s stage increased the price of soul crystals and cores flipped as well. Chu Mu had recently used up his money on a soul item that upgrades Night Thunder Dream Beast. This time entering the wild, he was very unlucky, rarely gaining anything worth money.

He had almost used up all his stored up soul cores. Buying a month’s worth of money already needs three to four million gold. Buying three months of food would need ten million gold. This money truly made Chu Mu worried.

What was rather worth rejoicing was, after tracking for nearly half a month, Chu Mu found the tracks of a young soul pet. This young soul pet may be a monarch rank Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail!

Chu Mu really needed money. A pseudo monarch could sell at fifty to hundred million.

For the funds, Chu Mu also decided resolutely that he must capture this Star Phoenix Butterfly Tail!

This conference was to decide how to break through all the difficulties to take down this monarch rank soul pet.


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