Book 2 Chapter 306 - Startled and Frightened, Xia Guanghan

Chapter 306: Startled and Frightened Xia Guanghan

In the Li City fight a Cyan Hidden Dragon had appeared. This was already capable of causing an uproar through the entire Zhanli Kingdom nonetheless the further appearance of a half devil was news like a storm. With Li City as the heart of the storm it swept in all directions spreading to kingdoms even further away.

It could essentially be said that within the short span of a month the news of the Cyan Hidden Dragon and the world shocking devil spread around the entire soul pet domain. People began to guess what kind of creature this worldly shocking devil that could cause such terrifying destruction was and whether it was actually a soul pet. If it was a soul pet then wouldn’t it be a variant White Nightmare?

The disturbance caused was immense especially to the various factions that had suffered. Once the higher levels of these factions obtained the news they began to have qualified soul pet scholars analyze the half nightmare.

In reality a majority of old scholars were sure that the creature was most likely only a White Nightmare that had reached the pinnacle. As for why it had associated with the Cyan Hidden dragon they had no idea.

On the other hand there was another group of soul pet scholars who had another theory that the world shocking devil was a product of the Jade Spring holy blood.

The Jade Spring holy blood contained an enormous amount of energy and as long as the dragon mark was undone this energy would give the creature bestowed with it a temporary tremendous amount of energy. Therefore these scholars felt that when a creature normally used the Jade Spring holy blood strength they merely possessed that strength during that time and weren’t really of the emperor rank.

Both theories spread for a period of time with the former being more prominent because it was propagated better by well spoken people. Moreover these people enjoyed fabricating stories of powerful soul pet thus adding a bit of excitement to their dull and monotonous life.

Mediocre soul pet trainers were of the majority and the world shocking devil’s appearance became the hottest topic for them. Therefore in their eyes this kind of creature was definitely a hegemon of some area that had entered a human city before unleashing a wanton massacre. Within this general assumption arose many self-fabricated vivid stories.

As for the latter theory this was the answer most of the higher ups of the various factions arrived at. The higher ups from Soul Pet Palace Nightmare Palace Soul Alliance Merchant Alliance Soul Alliance and the others after receiving feedback from Li City felt that the Jade Spring holy flood was the largest factor behind it.

Further this caused them to have no choice but to search for the half devil’s original body. Nightmare Palace’s half devil was a secret that only people of the higher levels knew so Nightmare Palace knew that there definitely was some soul pet trainer that possessed the White Nightmare and had directly had it use the Jade Spring holy blood thus leading to an explosion of enormous strength.

Alternatively the White Nightmare could have devoured its master and transformed into a half devil before using the Jade Spring to increase its strength.

Regardless of the actual answer Nightmare Palace could be 100 percent sure that back then the soul pet trainer that used the White Nightmare had obtained the Jade Spring holy blood!

Nightmare Palace could not let anyone who could be of benefit to them go. Especially since it was a shocking half devil which had only appeared over ten years ago. As such Nightmare Palace organized a group of experts to begin to thoroughly understand and find the soul pet trainer that controlled that White Nightmare. Of course there was a chance that this soul pet trainer had already completely degenerated into a White Nightmare...

Tianxia City Nightmare Palace’s inner hall

With an ice cold face and sharp gaze Xia Guanghan was wearing a elegant silver robe as he sat up in a high position. His entire being seemed be extremely gloomy.

”Senior Xia you disappeared for a very long time. Why did you suddenly come back?” asked a man standing in the hall wearing white clothing. This man didn’t seem very gloomy as his eyes flashed with self-confidence and calmness.

”Hmph if I were still to remain silent the business that I worked so laboriously on would have all been stolen from me.” sneered Xia Guanghan.

”Then why did you call me this time? I remember the last time you looked for me was five years ago right? Back then Senior Xia was still in the process of meteoric rise.” laughed the man.

”Zuo Xiao let’s cut the bullshit. You should be very clear as to why I’m wounded. You should also have heard the most recent news from Zhanli Kingdom” said Xia Guanghan.

”I only heard of it. The soul pet world is very expansive and there are many White Nightmare soul pet trainers not under our jurisdiction. There’s nothing strange about this.” objected the man.

”If things really are as simple as you profess then I do find you quite lamentable. That half devil transformed person is called Chu Mu. You should know that fellow. He’s the young expert who I slowly nurtured back from Nightmare Island. Right now his strength is slowly growing and I’m sure that will be a certain difficulty to killing him.” said Xia Guanghan.

”There are countless young generation experts and I’ve never once believed I could kill anyone I wanted. Chu Mu eh? I remember that the old fellow in Blue Nightmare Palace spent a large sum of money to have me kill him. However that old fellow didn’t know the relationship between me and you” said the man called Zuo Xiao.

”That old fellow must be taken down sooner or later.” sneered Xia Guanghan.

”Let’s talk about Chu Mu first. Honorable Senior Xia don’t deliberately hide anything. Although we’ve lost touch for so many years in any case we’re of the same bloodline and hiding things is of most despicable conduct.” said Zuo Xiao.

”Have you heard of Nightmare Palace’s half devil legend?” asked Xia Guanghan.

Zuo Xiao nodded his head but didn’t say anything. He continued to wait for Xia Guanghan to keep going.

”The half devil is a ray of light and a shooting star full of strength. It only has an extremely short amount of time or in other words can only appear once. Afterwards that expert will die.” specially explained Xia Guanghan.

”It’s also this rarity that makes the half devil so uncommon. However a special case of the half devil occurred on that brat called Chu Mu.”

”Oh? What special case? Could it be that he didn’t die after transforming into a half devil?” said Zuo Xiao.

”Exactly that!” Xia Guanghan nodded his head and continued to speak His half devil is different from the traditional half devil. It manifested out of him devouring the White Nightmare’s soul where he occupied the dominated the mind while the White Nightmare became a slave that bestowed its strength to him. If I’ve guessed correctly he can enter the half devil state at any time he wishes and can also remove the half devil state at any time!”

When Xia Guanghan got to the last sentence his tone became extremely excited.

To any Nightmare Palace member the half devil really was a godlike existence. It was an honour to be able to see and appreciate this nefarious strength even once.

However it would be over ten years since a half devil last appeared. The half devil required several factors combining together as well as the price of one’s life before appearing this time it had appeared on a young man’s body. What was even more shocking was that this young man could transform as he wished into a half devil and also possessed the most evil and most powerful half devil!!

Xia Guanghan’s words caused Zuo Xiao to open his mouth in shock as his face was riddled with disbelief.

”Are you sure he can do this? If his White Nightmare reaches even higher phases and stages then wouldn’t that mean that he can unceasingly use the half devil state to fight? Then that’s simply the same as summoning a devil god to fight!” the appearingly calm Zuo Xiao was having great emotions billow in his heart.

”I was injured by his half devil transformation and back then I thought he could only be a half devil once. I also thought him not dying was a fluke. However this Li City matter made me realize that this brat truly possesses this terrifying ability.” how could Xia Guanghan remain calm? When he heard of the news he had nearly fallen out of his chair.

”Doesn’t he already have animosity with you? If you let him continue to grow for a few years you’ll definitely die!” Zuo Xiao was worried for Xia Guanghan as he spoke.

”Of course I know!” Xia Guanghan’s face was full of frigid air now because he felt a threat from Chu Mu!

Chu Mu being able to transform into a half devil was really the equivalent of summoning an extremely powerful devil god. The moment Chu Mu raised the strength of his White Nightmare Xia Guanghan’s soul pets wouldn’t be the half devil Chu Mu’s opponent. Therefore after obtaining the news Xia Guanghan couldn’t sit still.

”You made a chess piece but ultimately ended up being forced into an impasse by this chess piece. You truly are lamentable.” said Zuo Xiao.

Zuo Xiao’s words made Xia Guanghan seethe with anger. He knew that he should have decisively gotten rid of Chu Mu earlier that way why would he need to bother about him now?

”You can tell this to the higher ups in Nightmare Palace. If they know that this brat can unlimitedly become a half devil they will definitely adopt measures.” said Zuo Xiao.

”Xia Guanghan shook his head and said No absolutely not. If I let those old geezers know of this that brat’s value is much higher than mine and those geezers will do everything they can to support him. At the same time they’ll firmly restrict me and have him walk to the highest god platform of Nightmare palace. When that time comes if he wants me to die it’ll only take a sentence.”

Xia Guanghan had already thought about this. Nightmare Palace was presently at a bottleneck state. The ambitious seniors had continuously been trying to expand but weren’t able to do anything about the strength of the highest echelons of Nightmare Palace being limited.

Yet with the appearance of the abnormal Chu Mu Nightmare Palace’s elders would definitely do all they could to control Chu Mu- then support him cultivating him into a true devil god of Nightmare Palace. When that time came Xia Guanghan would have to flee.

”Zuo Xiao this matter is very serious so no matter what you must help me!” Xia Guanghan couldn’t calm the uneasiness in his heart and he earnestly spoke to Zuo Xiao.

”I can’t help. That brat will be uncontrollable in a few years.” Zuo Xiao shook his head.

”Don’t worry the half devil state’s side effects are extremely strong. His soul is definitely heavily injured right now. I dare say that he’s in a normal state right now and won’t dare transform into a half devil again. And the non half devil him is just livestock that can be arbitrarily killed” said Xia Guanghan.


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