Book 2 Chapter 305 - Battle of the Realm, Emperor Soul Pet

Chapter 305: Battle of the Realm, Emperor Soul Pet

“Young master is able to endure the torment that normal people cannot and is able to tread down the path towards more strength with absolute conviction. These things that are misfortunes of unquestionable death to other people are the heaven’s greatest gift to you!”

Old Li’s words indicated deep acknowledgement of Chu Mu. Before Chu Mu had encountered Chu Mu, his cultivation path was full of holes because his soul pet’s defection made him incapable of becoming a soul pet trainer.

Under these circumstances, he would be kidnapped and thrown onto Nightmare island where he was tortured.

If Chu Mu had thrown his life away back on Nightmare Island, slacked off of his cultivation of soul remembrance or didn’t bravely make his way out of the jaws of predicaments and death, then Chu Mu would be just like those other Nightmare sacrifices. The only freedom he would receive would be in the river of death, and neither could he have become a soul pet trainer that controlled a monarch rank White Nightmare.

A soul pet trainer’s path of growth was definitely inseparable with the heaven’s wishes. This was because if one fortunately obtained a soul pet, it could change his or her life; however, the soul pet trainer had to be able to persist through the serious difficulties of the cultivation path.

People always complained that they didn’t encounter a good soul pet, and complained about other people being part of a large family that allowed them to effortlessly obtain a good soul pet or were envious of others that possessed a soul pet that could make them go crazy. However, how could these people understand that behind every powerful soul pet trainer was bitterness.  

A soul pet trainer didn’t have absolute fortune, nor did they have absolute misfortune. The only thing a soul pet trainer did have was if he or she was hardworking, if he or she truly grasped every opportunity, then took one step at a time on the path of an expert!

“Ninety percent of my soul power…” Chu Mu bitterly laughed and shook his head. As the White Nightmare’s strength increased, Chu Mu found that he had to feed at least ninety percent of his soul power to it in order to have it behave.

After undergoing the half devil transformation, not only did the White Nightmare reach the seventh phase fourth stage, its fighting strength increased by a level and both Mo Xie and Chu Mu now found it hard to suppress this greedy devil.

“Young master, don’t fret. After being baptised by the Jade Spring, young master will be able to reach the third remembrance spirit master shortly. When that time arrives, you won’t be so pressed.” said Old Li.

Chu Mu nodded his head and bitterly laughed: “My current state is that of sitting on a gold mountain. I still have to slowly operate…”

“Young master, the half devil is definitely not a gold mountain, but rather an evil creature that may consign you to eternal damnation at any moment. If you discover that you have to rely on the half devil to fight and defeat enemies, then you really aren’t far from completely becoming a devil. When that time comes, young master, you won’t be young master anymore. Thus, what young master has to do isn’t to claw out that gold mountain or how to make your half devil state possess boundless strength, but rather to raise your own strength through harder work. This way, you won’t degenerate into a devil creature without a mind.” said Old Li extremely seriously.

“Yes, I know what to do.” said Chu Mu earnestly as he nodded his head.

He could no longer half devil transform, so in the future, Chu Mu had to rely on himself to take one step at a time down his path.

“Young master, with your current state, you should still be able to last until Tianxia City. I hope that my lady has already found the Worldly Immortal Ice. Otherwise, you’ll need a continuous supply of incomparably expensive ice attribute things to maintain a clear mind.” said Old Li.

“The route to Tianxia City is really very far. That being said, why are so many people pressed to compete in the Battle of the Realm?” Chu Mu knew that there was still a very far distance to Tianxia City and it happened to give Chu Mu enough time to cultivate his soul pets.

Chu Mu was very surprised that a Battle of the Realm was able to make all of the young generation members go crazy. There were countless numbers of competitions in the soul pet realm so why was the Battle of the Realm something numerous young generation experts flocked towards? It seemed that every person with strength made that their final target.

“The time a soul pet trainer spends training in the wild is endless and his experiences are harsh. But when they obtain a ranking at the Battle of the Realm, they feel that everything will be worth it. Young Master isn’t truly embroiled in the conflicts within a faction and probably doesn’t understand the implication of the Battle of the Realm too well. However, once young master’s strength reaches a certain level, specifically when your soul pets reach the tenth phase or more, you will understand the true meaning of the Battle of the Realm. When that time comes, even if your life will be in danger, you will still use all your strength to fight….” said Old Li.

“Tenth phase… it seems that I still have quite a ways to go… there are probably few soul pets of young generation soul pet trainers which have reached the tenth phase, right?” asked Chu Mu.

“Few, but there definitely are. Young master must realize this. In truth, I still feel like young master must come into contact with the large factions because only by doing so will you understand the vast nature of domain and understand that you’re inferior from the various fights with experts. In such a way will young master have the most direct target to struggle for and the desire to become stronger will be stimulated.” said Old Li.

“Tenth phase. Are there really young people who have reached this domain? How did they do so?” Chu Mu let out a shocked expression.

“There should be Soul Palace young masters of the same level as you who have tenth phase soul pets. There are normally two ways to increase the strength of soul pets. The first is to unceasingly have your soul pet fight and then increase the speed of your soul pet further through certain spirit items. Young master doesn’t need to be surprised by this; the soul pet world is full of vast and bizarre things and there are definitely crazy people who have raised their soul pet to the tenth phase in a short period of time. The other method is to increase the fighting strength rank of your soul pet. This method relies on the soul pet’s inherent effort and talent while also using spirit items to help.”

“Right now of all of young master’s soul pets, without considering attribute factors, the White Nightmare’s fighting strength rank is the strongest. It inherently is a middle class monarch and without any spirit item strengthening, its strength is at the middle class monarch rank. Right now, it should be indistinctly trending towards the fighting strength of a high class monarch.

“The second ranked fighting strength rank should be that small fox. It has low class monarch rightning strength, but of course, its low phase and stage are one of the factors inhibiting its strength.”

“The third ranked fighting strength rank should be the Ghost King. It innately is a low class monarch rank and its fighting strength is also of a low class monarch… it’s already very hard to increase the fighting strength of the Ghost King so young master should focus your efforts on its phase and stage.”

“The fourth ranked fighting strength rank is Zhan Ye. It innately is a middle classed commander and right now has a pseudo monarch’s fighting strength. Moreover, its powerful life force and Brave Stinging Heart technique make its fighting strength probably not inferior to a low class monarch. Yet, again, its phase and stage prevent it from exhibiting its true strength. Young master’s Zhan Ye truly is a marvel in the soul pet world, as there are few soul pets that can step over fighting strength ranks through techniques.”

“The fifth ranked fighting strength rank is the Ice Air Fairy. It innately is a high class warrior and its current fighting strength is between a pseudo monarch and low class monarch. Young master was extremely smart when you chose an ice type elemental world soul pet back then, as you really did lack an elemental soul pet with exceptionally high destructive power.”

“The Night Thunder Dream Beast and Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s ranks are all at the pseudo monarch rank. In specific battle circumstances, these two soul pets may exhibit effectiveness that is even more instantaneous and direct that young master’s strongest, the fox and the White Nightmare.”

“Ultimately, the fighting strength rank of all of young master’s soul pets is very balanced, and practically all of your soul pets have entered the monarch realm. This can be considered extremely rare amongst young generation soul pets; however, young master’s start was a bit too low, causing the phase and stage of your soul pets to fall behind many people of the same age.”

Old Li’s explanation was extremely precise and specialized. As for the problem of phase and stage that he mentioned at the end, this was the largest problem that had perplexed Chu Mu.

“The fighting strength rank of young master’s soul pets is very adequate, or saying it another way, if young master wants to strengthen them, the difficulty is extremely high, and the expenditures is something young master cannot presently bear. Once a soul pet’s fighting strength reaches that of a monarch, the difficulty of strengthening it will be more than ten times harder than the previous ranks. Therefore, I feel that young master should focus on phase and stage in the future. Raising your soul pet’s phase and stage will be the fastest method to raise your strength. As for fighting strength rank, you can leave it for later.”

In truth, Chu Mu had always been curious as to why the experts from the large factions had soul pets that were primarily at the monarch rank. In Chu Mu’s opinion, these people had been a soul pet trainer for a long time and accumulated a large sum of wealth. If they were to only use it on one soul pet, it probably wouldn’t be a problem for them to raise its fighting strength to the emperor rank.

However, aside from Li Sheng and Senior Xue who possessed pseudo emperor soul pets, the majority of the experts in Li City had soul pets that were clearly only at the monarch rank.

“It’s harder to raise the fighting strength rank after the monarch rank, eh?” Chu Mu muttered to himself.

“It’s pretty much impossible to rise from a pseudo monarch to a low class monarch without 50 million gold coins. Rising from a low class monarch to a middle class monarch can easily cost 100 million. From a middle class monarch to a high class monarch… huh, this step is still far away from young master right now…”

“As for the emperor rank, that’s even further away. If going from the monarch to emperor rank was as easy as going from the servant to warrior to commander rank, then no one would care for the Battle of the Realm’s principle child emperor rank pet.”

A child emperor rank creature!!

As long as its phase was raised to the tenth phase, then wouldn’t its strength be on the same level as the Cyan Hidden Dragon?!!

This was an attraction of immense scale!!

If it was before, Chu Mu wouldn’t have any true intentions towards the so-called emperor rank. However, after experiencing the Li City fight and hearing Old Li mention the difficulty of strengthening a soul pet after the monarch rank, Chu Mu genuinely understood what an emperor rank soul pet meant!!


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