Book 2 Chapter 304 - Nightmare Palace God, Half Devil

Chapter 304: Nightmare Palace God, Half Devil

Chu Mu’s continuous high temperature came from his soul, so his body was affected as well. When the ice type soul items entered Chu Mu’s body, Chu Mu’s body was slowly changed towards the ice type as well.

Because of the soul’s high temperature, Chu Mu’s long term use of ice type soul items caused his body to have a certain ice type resistance. Any ice type technique under the eighth rank could hardly cause any harm to Chu Mu.

Yet Chu Mu’s soul was connected with the Ice Air Fairy, who became the biggest benefactor after Chu Mu crazily used medicines. It actually reached seventh phase fifth stage and became Chu Mu’s highest stage soul pet.

“Shashashasha~~~~~~~~” The Cyan Hidden Dragon let out a cyan bug like sound as it started to communicate with Chu Mu.

“You want the Jade Spring?” Chu Mu opened his mouth to ask.

Cyan Hidden Dragon fought from the dragon Region all the way through thousands of miles to the human world just to regain the rightful blood of the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon. Supposedly, this Jade Spring Sacred Blood is abnormally important to the Cyan Hidden Dragon. The reason the Cyan Hidden Dragon made Chu Mu swallow it was only to give Chu Mu the power of the Jade Spring’s energy release temporarily.

Chu Mu had originally planned on giving this Jade Spring back to the Cyan Hidden Dragon anyways, since the Hidden Dragon species must regard this treasure very importantly.

But, at this moment, the Cyan Hidden Dragon shook its head and pointed its long claws at Chu Mu, and then at Chu Mu’s ring.

“Young master, the Jade Spring Sacred Blood had been merged into your body already. If the Cyan Hidden Dragon wants to take it back, it would have to kill you, so I don’t think it’s planning to take it back, but it is trying to tell you something.” Old Li said.

“My ring?” Chu Mu said, confused.

Suddenly, Chu Mu realized that he still had a dragon egg of Cyan Hidden Dragon. This dragon egg came straight from the body of the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon. If he raised it to tenth phase and strengthened it, it would definitely be able to reach the state this Cyan Hidden Dragon was currently at!


“You mean that Hidden Dragon Egg? What about it?” Chu Mu still couldn’t completely understand the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s meaning.

“Shashashasha~~~~~~~~~~” The Cyan Hidden Dragon let out another string.

“Old Li, translate for me, I still haven’t understood what it’s trying to say.” Chu Mu said.

If the Cyan Hidden Dragon said some rather simple phrase, then Chu Mu, who had the language of demons and beasts, may be able to understand some of. Yet, the Cyan Hidden Dragon seemed to want to portray a very complicated idea, so Chu Mu had no clue what was being conveyed, only able to know the subject was the Hidden Dragon egg within his ring.

The Hidden Dragon Egg laid in Chu Mu’s spatial ring for a very long time, but other than the soft membrane that it shed every month, the Hidden Dragon egg didn’t show any changes. Chu Mu himself had no clue how long it would take before it would be born.

“I’m not a damn bug, how would I know what it’s saying?” Old Li said indignantly. Old Li understood the language of humans as well as demons, but the complicated system of bugs and dragons was something he found as difficult as Chu Mu found it.

Seeing that Chu Mu couldn’t understand it, the Cyan Hidden Dragon knew that there was a huge gap in communication between human and dragon. He no longer said any more, only simply conveying that Chu Mu had to protect the Hidden Dragon egg well until it grew up to become a soul pet more powerful than it was and inherit the Cyan Hidden Dragon species to become the next Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon.

The Cyan Hidden Dragon in front of him, as well as the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon that shattered an entire island were both targets that Chu Mu found immeasurably out of reach. Thinking that he had an infant soul pet that could reach such a level right in his spatial ring, Chu Mu’s heart was overwhelmed with emotions.

“Shashashasha~~~~~~” Cyan Hidden Dragon saw that Chu Mu understood the gist of things and nodded its massive head.

“You still have business and need to return to Dragon Region?” Chu Mu very quickly understood what the Cyan Hidden Dragon meant this time.

The Cyan Hidden Dragon nodded again and extended its wings. The Cyan meat wings almost covered up Chu Mu’s entire vision.

“Shashashasha~~~~~~” The Cyan Hidden Dragon gave off its parting words. After finishing, it flapped its wings and flying into the star-strewn skies, its body slowly disappeared into the starlights, leaving only a gust of cyan wind.

The violent gust of wind battered Chu Mu’s face and messed up Chu Mu’s hair. Chu Mu lifted his head up, and watched as the Cyan Hidden dragon left. His eyes slowly glimmered with a tint of veneration.

The Cyan Hidden Dragon slowly disappeared. Watching the powerful image leave, Chu Mu’s heart was left with lots of emotions. Maybe, there weren’t many people in the world that could stand on the head of a tenth phase emperor rank Cyan Hidden Dragon, yet he had luckily become one of them.

Chu Mu knew that it was only because of a moment of luck. If he wanted to truly make this step, he still had a very long way to go and needed lots of time before he could stand on the same height as the Cyan Hidden Dragon!

But, no matter how long this road was, no matter how high the skies were ahead of him, Chu Mu will continue to walk his path. He believed that there will be a day that he will stand between the horns of a Cyan Hidden Dragon to soar through the bluest of skies!!


“Young master, you truly are the person that got the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon’s egg. Presumably, the large incident in the Eternal Ocean is tightly connected to you too.” Old Li’s voice slowly floated over.

Before, Old Li had already guessed that, coming out of the Prison Island, Chu Mu may have had some association with the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon, yet, through the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s trust in Chu Mu, Old Li confirmed this.

Chu Mu laughed bitterly. He knew he couldn’t hide it from Old Li.

“No wonder you would ask about the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon the other day…… Speaking of which, this Hidden Dragon seemed to have inherited the blood of some Cyan Hidden Dragon ancestor. It is probably the most powerful Hidden Dragon currently. If you can make good relations with it, it will have great benefits for your future growth. In reality, many experts of the human realm have diplomatic relations with soul pet ancestors. Such soul pet trainers were all very powerful.” Old Li said.

Chu Mu nodded and said, “Soul Alliance members are all looking for the Cyan Hidden Dragon egg. Before I am powerful enough, I still have to be very careful.”

“The fact that young master can think this way is very rare already. You wouldn’t know, but many young people who obtain soul pets with insane potentials will just start acting as if they’re invincible. The result? They get brutally erased. Such examples are too plenty to mention…… Speaking of which, young master, don’t you feel something different about your body? The Jade Spring Sacred Blood most show itself in some way…..” Old Li said with praise.

Chu Mu had already felt abnormalities when he woke up. It was as if his body quality had become better. Even without soul armor, he may be able to ignore some soul pet techniques.

“My body quality is more powerful, but I think the greatest benefactor is still my half-devil rank.” Chu Mu said.

Chu Mu’s half devil beast type was the one that was baptised, so when Chu Mu wasn’t in half devil state, the effects of the Jade Spring Sacred Blood wouldn’t be obvious. After all, no matter how one changed the quality of a human’s body, it rarely could gain power. At most, its defense and resistances will increase by a great amount.

“That’s for sure. Your half devil rank itself is already a high class monarch. If the effects completely finish, reaching the emperor rank isn’t a problem. You may even reach middle class emperor rank……” Old Li said.

“Middle class emperor rank……” Chu Mu murmured.

Emperor rank was always a dream of Chu Mu’s. He had also always hoped he could ride an emperor rank soul pet to traverse this wide world.

Emperor rank!

This was the idea of a peak in the soul pet realm. Even people like Li Sheng and Xiao Ren never had such a soul pet.

Those who owned an emperor rank soul pet meant that they had stepped into the top tiers of soul pet realm. Countless factions would fight just to have an expert with an emperor rank soul pet!

Even Chu Mu himself had never thought he would reach such a realm this quickly. What made him conflicted between laughter and tears was, it wasn’t his soul pet that gained emperor rank, but it was himself, and he needed to become a half devil to reach that power.

Even more tragic was, even without Old Li’s reminder, Chu Mu knew that, if his mother couldn't find the Worldly Immortal Ice, then he would never be able to use half devil ever again. Simultaneously, Chu Mu would have to spend the rest of his life using up large amounts of ice type soul items.

“Young master, you truly played with fire this time. One mishap and you may have become a white nightmare without any sentience……” Old Li said.

“I know. How much longer until do I have before I lose all my thoughts?” Chu Mu himself felt as if he didn’t have much longer to live.

“About half a year. And haven’t you felt that your devil is beginning to get restless?” Old Li said.

The devil that Old Li mentioned was naturally the White Nightmare. After this devil form, Chu Mu had caused great damage to his soul, but he also gave huge benefits to the White Nightmare. The White Nightmare was now seventh phase fourth stage, needing even more soul power than before!

“En, Old Li, tell me about my situation……” Chu Mu said.

“Nightmare Palace’s Nightmares are evil soul pets. Evil soul pets are very powerful, but those who feed it must pay bigger prices than any other soul pet. Of course, not all Nightmares that devour their masters’ souls become half devils. Half devils usually appear only on very powerful Nightmares and humans. The probability of appearance was very low. The most recent example is probably the Nightmare Palace Bai Yu around ten to twenty years ago.

“A half devil’s appearance had many reasons. I’m unsure if it is lucky or unlucky that young master had met a White Nightmare that could become a half devil.

“Of course, not everything is absolute. To most, the White Nightmare is a true nightmare that is the terminator of all things. If young master could stand your ground, defeat this devil, and utilize it, then it is a luck, pushing you above all others.”

“Most importantly, young master is very different from the previous Nightmare Palace ancestors that have been devoured by their powerful Nightmares……”

“Those half devil Nightmare Palace ancestors all died after the half devil. Their half devil state were absolutely coincidental and dangerous. Young master’s greatest advantage is that young master is in control of the devouring. You can pick when to enter half devil state and when to remove it. As long as young master can withstand the high temperatures of the soul, then it is as if you constantly have the strongest power of the Nightmare!”


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