Book 2 Chapter 303 - Deep Pond Removing Devil

Chapter 303: Ice Cold, Deep Pond Removing Devil

The Cyan Hidden Dragon opened up its wings. At this point, no one dared to stop the leaving of this dominant dragon species. All the dispirited experts could only watch as the Cyan Hidden Dragon.

This battle continued from noon all the way until evening. The sunset brought a few rays of tragic red down upon Li City, lighting people’s face up.

After the fight, the sunset was especially gorgeous. The entire Li City was also very quiet, silent in the presence of sun rays.

Mister Xue’s time-marked face watched as the cyan silhouette flew away opposite from the sun. After a long moment, his eyes glanced at Li old city master, who seemed to have lost his soul, and slowly asked, “Li Sheng, this time you’ve truly lost more than you’ve gained……”

After speaking, Mister Xue’s eyes looked down again at the almost completely ruined western street area and continued to say, “To finish this reconstruction, it’ll take a lot more than a few years. The rest of these years, just reorder Li City, or else Li City’s city master may switch next term.”

Li City’s city master meant the capital master of the entirety of Zhanli Kingdom. This title definitely wasn’t self-titled by Li Sheng. It was a decision made by many people of virtue and prestige to appoint the most worthy person as capital master.

After this event, Li Sheng’s strength fell greatly and also caused huge losses for Li City. If he can’t make amending measures quickly, he’ll definitely lose his status as Capital Master.

Soul Palace Yu Shang sat on his tenth phase Light Rhinoceros far away. In this fight, Soul Palace and Nightmare Palace almost didn’t participate. Nightmare Palace didn’t participate because of their master, who was zealous for this half devil, and no one wanted to oppose him.

Yu Shang from start to finish was simply very inactive. His eyes never left the devil monarch. His face was always etched with the deepest thinking, because this thinking caused him to lose all interest in this battle, meaning none of the Soul Palace’s members were hurt either.

Soul Palace had always maintained their just and righteous reputation, so after the battle, people of Soul Palace quickly summoned their water type soul pets to heal the soul pet trainers and soul pets that were heavily wounded…...

“Yu palace master, your premonition truly is powerful. If we participated in the fight, our soul pets would definitely have been affected greatly.” Sub-palace master wiped off the cold sweat on his brows as he said this.

“Yes yes, Yu Palace Master truly is wise.” Li City’s soul palace members immediately added. All of them still had lingering fears of what would have happened if they joined.

Yu Shang’s eyes glanced far away at the Mu Mountain. At this time, the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s figure had already disappeared behind the far mountains. Only, Yu Shang’s solemn face never faded. This point, his inner heart was full of surprise and confusion. He was surprised about the half devil’s power, but confused about why the half devil constantly reminded him of young master Chu, who had gone missing.

Of course, Yu Shang had already learned that Yu He had been killed underground in the old site. He also knew that Chu Mu killed Yu He, so Yu Shang would clearly remember this. No matter if this half devil was  young master Chu or not, Yu Shang would keep his promise.


“What a pity, why didn’t it kill everyone from Soul Alliance along with Xiao Ren? It left him alive!” Hiding far away, Ye Wansheng let out a large yell.

Before, when Ye Wansheng had met Soul Alliance Xiao Ren, he had shouted in despair in his heart. He had just started thinking of how to get free of the fellow when such a huge event happened right after. Countless experts of Soul Palace died under the devil mark. Even the most powerful Xiao Ren could barely walk on his own. If not for the expert right beside Xiao Ren, Ye Wansheng had the urge to run up and kill this potential threat right there and then.

The Cyan Hidden Dragon had already flown far, yet Ye Qingzi still stared in its direction, dazed. No amount of words could explain the shock in her heart, because only she knew that the devil that caused countless Li City experts to die was Chu Mu.

This half devil stood at a peak that she felt was too far away from her, but just the night before, she was still talking to him…...

“Speaking of which, where did Chu Mu go? Wasn’t he the one that helped you push Duan Xinhe off? Why did the kid run away without a trace the moment the half devil appeared? Good thing the half devil found you pretty enough to leave alive, or else I wouldn’t have a precious little sister anymore…...Qingzi…...Qingzi, why are you still staring blankly, speak up……”

Ye Qingzi’s heart couldn’t calm down. For some reason, when Chu Mu and the Cyan Hidden Dragon disappeared far in the distance, her heart suddenly became much emptier…...

“Hei, little fox, quickly go find your master, what are you staying here for?” Ye Wansheng saw that Ye Qingzi was ignoring him, and only thought Ye Qingzi was still reveling in the half devil’s power.


Royal flames slowly burned up on Mo Xie, covering up its silver body. Slowly, Mo Xie’s body started shrinking, and her nine majestic and massive tails slowly became nine cute little tails.


Mo Xie jumped lightly and landed on Ye Qingzi’s shoulder. Sticking its little tongue out, it licked Ye Qingzi’s face, as if thanking Ye Qingzi for what she did before.

Feeling the wetness on her cheek, Ye Qingzi finally reacted. But, before Ye Qingzi could look closely at little Mo Xie, Mo Xie had already waved its tails as it disappeared from Ye Qingzi, running quickly towards where Chu Mu disappeared.

Ye Qingzi blanked again. She wanted to chase Mo Xie, because chasing her meant finding Chu Mu.

However, her steps suddenly stopped. Thinking back to the cyan hidden dragon beside Chu Mu, Ye Qingzi realized that he must be quite far away already…...

“If we have a chance, we’ll meet again……” Finally, Ye Qingzi bit her pale lips but didn’t chase.

Ye Qingzi knew Chu Mu’s final destination was Tianxia City, which was the same place her brother and her had to go…...



The night sky was full of stars, dazzlingly lighting up a range of refreshing mountains.

The wind blew past, giving a feeling of comfort, as if a cold, soft hand lightly caressed one’s face, against one’s skin.

Flowers swayed along with leaves. Beside a clear pool, a massive figure stood, completely out of place, piercing the dark night with an invisible yet intimidating aura.

The Cyan Hidden Dragon was half curled up as it secreted a cyan saliva from its mouth. This saliva was then licked onto its wounds, causing the bleeding wounds to heal quickly.

The Cyan Hidden Dragon lost a huge patch of scales. It almost had no piece of intact skin, having many poisoned and dark wounds. To rely solely on self regeneration was hard, so the Cyan Hidden Dragon could only rely on the most primitive way, licking, to heal his wounds.

Cyan Hidden Dragon’s wounds weren’t all left from the Li City battle. In the past few days, the Cyan Hidden Dragon hadn’t fought any less. These wounds were mostly from these few days too.

Before the Cyan Hidden Dragon was an unmoving water pond. This pond wasn’t large. It was only twenty meters in diameter. When the moon fell upon it, it looked like a mirror embed into the mountain, reflecting a beautiful glow.

The water pond was rather low down, so it was cold.

At the bottom of this pond was a human that has hollow eyes. He was like a corpse, without any signs of life.

This person at the bottom of the pond was naturally Chu Mu outside of half devil state.

Chu Mu has already been passed out for seven days.

Cyan Hidden Dragon brought Chu Mu on a day long flight, but as Chu Mu’s soul’s temperature was hard to heal, the Cyan Hidden Dragon couldn’t continue to fly. Finally, it found a cold water pond near the edge of Zhanli Kingdom and threw Chu Mu in the water.

Though the pond is small, it was very deep. Inside it laid a Deep Pond Snake that reached ninth phase.

Yet, even if its territory was taken by someone, this Deep Pond Snake didn’t dare to move at all, only able to lay at the deepest part of the pond. Even if the half dead person was right around its mouth, it didn’t dare to bite, instead laying there well-behaved, even helping him expel the burn in his soul.

Six days and night, Chu Mu was always in the deepest part of this pond. The Cyan Hidden Dragon had ran everywhere in these days also to find ice soul items nearby to reduce Chu Mu’s temperature.

With the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s power, to gain normal soul items was nothing. Except, after a huge fight, it was also very tired, so its fighting strength is lowered and he gained more wounds.

Finally, in ten days, the Chu Mu deep inside opened his eyes.

Chu Mu opened his eyes to deep blue water. Inside this water was a half snake, half dragon head staring at it, not a meter away!

Chu Mu’s was scared by this suddenly appearing organism. He opened his mouth instinctively and immediately a gulp of freezing water entered his throat…...

The Deep Pond Snake was originally just observing the human out of curiosity. It hadn’t expected the human to suddenly open its eyes. This snake itself was scared, quickly swimming deeper into the pond. After curling up in the deepest rock cave of the pond, it then peeked out with its eyes.


The Cyan Hidden Dragon’s nose blew out hot air, clearly noticing Chu Mu waking up. It climbed to the side of the water pond and extended its tail into the water, pulling him out.

“Cyan Hidden Dragon?” Chu Mu quickly calmed down. When his body was pulled out  of the water, he started watching this cyan mountain.


Chu Mu could feel that his awakening caused the Cyan Hidden Dragon to be happy too. Its large dragon mouth opened up in a smile like expression.

“Young master, you’ve been out for ten days. These days, if not for this hidden dragon finding ice type soul items for you, you may never have woken up.” Old Li said.

“No wonder I feel cold all over, and Ning seems to be in an indescribable state.” Chu Mu said.


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