Book 2 Chapter 302 - Human and Devil, Devil and Human

Chapter 302: Human and Devil, Devil and Human

Who would have expected the sky to shatter!

Who could also have expected those ninth and tenth phase commander rank and up soul pets wouldn’t even be able to take one strike and would all perish under the abnormal shattering sky mark?!

The miserable cries never ended. The secondary soul pets of these experts didn’t escape, and once they were marked by the devil mark, they died a miserable death underneath the terrifying claw traces. Amongst them were many tenth phase commanders, and if these commanders were placed in certain territories and cities, they would practically be on an undefeatable level...

This was a unbelievable scene. The dozen or so experts from various factions had all practically summoned four or more soul pets; yet, ostensibly more than half of their summoned soul pets had been obliterated!

Tens of dead bodies had been torn to shreds by the abnormal mark. This even included a few powerful tenth phase monarchs, and these soul pet,s which their soul pet trainers had been intensely proud of, had lost their lives under this technique as well!

Soul Pet Palace, Merchants Alliance, Elemental Sect, Li City’s great families, Soul Palace, and a few lone sect experts turned extremely pale faced after the catastrophe's purge. A few of their limbs even disappeared, and they laid painfully on the bodies of their soul pets that survived as they fled from this terrifying sky in a daze.

These experts from the large factions had lost approximately two to three soul pets. The most miserable was Soul Alliance’s people since Soul Alliance had dispatched a large portion of their experts.

Amongst them, Luo Ling had already been killed by Chu Mu, while none of the three soul pets Xiao Ren summoned had escaped afterwards. They had all died under this terrifying abnormal mark, and Xiao Ren himself had only preserved his life because of that soul armor’s protection.

As for the other Soul Alliance members, all of their soul pets had been killed and two of the soul pet trainers were unable to escape from the nightmare, wretchedly dying under the abnormal mark.

It could be said that Soul Alliance’s members had lost the most out of the group. All of their soul pet trainers at least had three souls injured. Their bodies were weak and they stood there without any energy. The middle aged Xiao Ren who was previously one of the five summits had suffered even more and couldn’t even summon a soul pet right now.

If it wasn’t because Xiao Ren had recalled his favorite but previously wounded Three Headed Feathered Beast back into his soul pet space, it definitely wouldn’t have survived.

Senior Xue’s situation was comparatively optimistic. As a spirit emperor, his soul was much stronger than the other experts and of his soul pets- only the Wood Tray Spirit perished while the others survived.

As for his strongest soul pet, the Sun Flame Demon Bird, it had also suffered from Chu Mu’s focused killing and this tenth phase pseudo emperor was pretty much struggling on the brink of death for a way out now!

Hovering not far away from Senior Xue was Li City Kingdom Lord, Li Sheng, who had been blinded by profit.

Li Sheng’s technique defense was extremely strong. Although he was the closest to the strongest part of the technique, the only thing on his body were slight black claw marks...

However, Li Sheng’s eyes had become incomparably vacuous at this moment, and his face was incomparably pale. His entire person seemed to have instantaneously aged considerably.

A head of white hair messily danced in the air. Li Sheng’s expression was frozen, and his vacuous eyes stared at the devil monarch which resentment aura was gradually dissipating.

The Red Galactic Demon Emperor had absolute speed, and it would be able to dodge the fatal technique when it arrived.

However, the Cloud Snake Ape Monarch didn’t have that extreme demon speed, and its defense had been broken down by the Cyan Hidden Dragon. Further having completely lost its fighting strength, the Cloud Snake Ape Monarch simply was unable to bear the purge of the final abnormal mark.

Ultimately, the Cloud Snake Ape Monarch shattered into pieces under the black fissure!!

The crystal in its innards was additionally ruthlessly swallowed by the Cyan Hidden Dragon in one bite, becoming its meal after the large battle!

The inner crystal of a tenth phase pseudo emperor could be considered the largest energy bestowment to the Cyan Hidden Dragon, and the wounds on its body began to heal much quicker afterwards. Perhaps it wouldn’t take much longer for the undying Hidden Dragon to return to its peak state!

“Hou hou hou hou!!!!!!!”

The Cyan Hidden Dragon arrogantly soared in the air. Right now, it was ignoring the Red Galactic Demon Emperor which had a lot of difficulty actually dealing damage to it and its two pupils stared at old Kingdom Lord Li. It let out an intimidating roar as it evidently was telling Li Sheng that he had invited this trouble upon himself!

The mind of the perpetually scheming old Kingdom Lord Li had finally collapsed at this moment, and even his impatient and guileless self never would have expected he would invite such a terrifying catastrophe to Li City. He had even lost a tenth phase pseudo emperor soul pet!!

Back then, old Kingdom Lord Li had relied on these two soul pets to become the hegemon of this area, becoming an extremely prestigious Kingdom Lord. Now that the Cloud Snake Ape monarch had died, it was the equivalent of old Kingdom Lord Li losing a weapon of attack. His position would definitely drop a level because of this soul pet’s death!


The fissures in the firmament didn’t last very long, yet over a million people in Li City had personally witnessed this shocking and absurd technique that completely surpassed the imagination of these soul pet trainers. Perhaps, to these soul pet trainers with average strength of seventh phase commanders, this heavenly destructing strength could be called that of a god- that of a nefarious devil god!

The more terrifying the devil god was, the more evil filled the sky and the more wild the devil god’s incomparably zealous nightmare believer became. Nightmare Palace Xi Hong had already known of the half devil’s fearfulness. When he saw the other faction’s experts suffer the torment of death under the devil claw mark, this fellow let out a wild laugh. A half devil - it was the Nightmare Palace’s supreme half devil!

A torrential resentment anger covered the heavens and even the scorching sun lost color.

The half devil state Chu Mu was presently standing high up in the air. With eyes cold like a ruler, he looked down on the soul pets and soul pet trainer that suffered from his abnormal mark destruction and he looked down on the millions of stunned Li City civilians.

In the eyes of these millions of people, the half devil Chu Mu was an aloof ruler of everything. To Chu Mu, however, the pain in his heart and soul had essentially forced him into a land of eternal damnation!!

The half devil state had reached the pinnacle, meaning that Chu Mu’s soul was suffering from the most intense high temperature burning. This also meant that Chu Mu’s consciousness was being burned to nothingness.

As for the resentment anger that allowed his strength to suddenly increase, it was the most intense form of torture to his lonely heart. It was precisely this emotion that allowed his devil state body to gather even more energy; enough energy so that he could destroy everything!


At the moment, Chu Mu’s consciousness had barely recovered a little bit. When he saw the mass of dead and injured soul pets, Chu Mu felt fearful of his own strength.

These soul pets he had killed normally could not be killed by him even after gathering all his strength. Moreover, not even that long ago, he was grinding his teeth and using all his strength to fight with a ninth phase commander rank Gluttonous Insect Monster.

However, right now, of this mass death of soul pets, none of them were weaker than the lowly Gluttonous Insect Monster. Moreover, every expert present were several higher levels than him and at levels he was incapable of reaching at his age...

These people and soul pets had all been killed by the devil state him!

When Chu Mu had used techniques, his consciousness had been destroyed with fire. However, these scenes to the recovered conscious Chu Mu were absolutely stunning.

Moreover, just a few moments ago, he could feel that inside the depths of his heart, each time he killed, something sinister was growing wild..

His heart was scorching hot, however, what was really scorching hot was the nefarious devil flames. This nefarious defil flame bestowed upon him endless strength while also making Chu Mu feel that he was losing himself bit by bit!

Yet, this wasn’t a portrayal of his heart. Chu Mu’s scorching hot heart was to stand on the holy altar of humans as the strongest soul pet and search for the most wonderful and powerful soul pet legends….

Living on Prison Island allowed Chu Mu to understand the inevitableness of killing in order to become an expert. However, it was this evil seed that made him kill. There was no reason to kill, and the only reason to obtain higher strength was to kill.

Chu Mu didn’t want to become numb from killing, but he could feel the devil in his heart eating away at his true soul and heart!


“No matter if it’s you who devours the Nightmare’s soul, or the Nightmare swallows yours, your soul has already become a Nightmare soul. The so-called half devil doesn’t refer to an equilibrium between a human and a devil; rather, it’s the process in which one transforms into a devil. If you haven’t grasped things properly, then the thing that ultimately gets devoured will be your soul. Then, you will become the same as those Nightmare Palace experts from the previous generation, and you will transform into a nefarious soul pet without consciousness and full of evil!” at this moment, Old Li’s voice slowly drifted into his mind.

At the moment, Old Li had changed his usual nasty attitude, and was using a very serious tone to talk to Chu Mu.

Old Li’s words touched Chu Mu’s heart, because he knew that he had just completely transformed into a devil and been completely reduced to the vile creature that was the White Nightmare. He was unable to discern who he had to actually kill and which innocent soul pets and soul pet trainers had merely brought into the fight by other people...

Old Li’s words were very profound. So profound that Chu Mu’s mind instantly cooled off.

However, when Chu Mu began gradually recovering consciousness, a storm-like mental force struck his consciousness, and he felt the torture of his soul and his incomparably weak mind was about to collapse at any moment.

The resentment flames on his body quickly dimmed and his vision became more and more blurry…

Finally, Chu Mu who had been stripped of power no longer even had the energy to hover in the air and his body became extremely heavy. He dropped straight down from the firmament!

In this moment, the only piece of consciousness was telling Chu Mu: This time, you ostensibly are going to truly shatter your body and break your bones...


“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~”

The Cyan Hidden Dragon beat its wings and timely appeared at the location Chu Mu was falling down.

“Ao ao ao ao!!!!!!!”

The Cyan Hidden Dragon shook the heaven and earth with its angry roar. Its voice seemed to be warning the all humans of Li City:

“Don’t try anything deluded towards the Hidden Dragon species anymore. The moment a the Hidden Dragon species’ anger truly erupts, that will be the day of your human’s apocalypse!!”


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