Book 2 Chapter 301 - The Fall of Many Experts, Shattered Heaven Strange Mark

Chapter 301: The Fall of Many Experts, Shattered Heaven Strange Mark

The white clouds and white devil flames were the same color. Compared to the enormous body of the cloud snake, the devil flames burning silently inside were extremely small. The white clouds that transformed into mad snakes had malevolent expressions, and it had covered the space around Chu Mu with three layers.

Suddenly, an abnormally evil white pillar of light shot up into the heavens high above!!

The heavens were boundless, and even if it was an even more profound and powerful energy, it would not be able to pierce through the heavens. Yet, a strange thing occurred where the white colored pillar of light really did pierce the heavens. When it reached the highest height possible, the space seemed to shatter like a mirror...

Black fissures slowly spread out. The sky above the people’s heads was blue, but the black fissures ripped open the canopy that was the heavens, destroying the firmament!

“What is that?!!”

“The heavens shattered!!”

“It's a peak other type technique!!”

Terrified voices filled the air. The dozen old generation experts from various great factions were all pale faced. The cracks and fissures above their heads were conspicuous and shocking!

No one knew what sort of frightening destructive force these cracks would cause, nor did anyone know what terrifying thing would occur after the so-called firmament was completely shattered by this other type technique. Indeed, under the innumerable deep cracks that resembled the scratches of a heavenly devil claw, the people had already unconsciously begun to feel their blood run cold.

The experts from various large factions had summoned their fastest soul pets. No one had any intentions of fighting under this heavenly splitting and profound fear any longer. They all urged their soul pets to flee towards Li City.

However, something occurred that made everyone more scared!

No matter how much effort put into fleeing towards Li City or another direction, there would always be a devil ghost crack above their heads that was splitting the heavenly curtain!!

“What on earth is happening… Why can't I get out!!” yelled Soul Pet Palace’s lord in shock.

“Who understands how to break this technique? Quickly tell us otherwise everyone will meet a calamity!!” yelled the Merchants Alliance elder with a pale face.

These devil ghost cracks didn't rip apart the entire firmament. Instead, it covered overtop of the soul pets and soul pet trainers like a devil ghost mark. No matter which direction they moved. The devil ghost mark that seemed to rip open the sky would always follow them!

It was like the sun in the sky that always hung over their heads. No matter how fast or which direction they moved, it would always be overtop them. Yet, the terror of the devil ghost mark resided in its bit by bit nearing towards these soul pets and soul pet trainers!!

“Old Kingdom Lord Li, stop his technique!!!” Senior Xue knew that Li Sheng wanted to fight to the bitter end, so he yelled towards him.

There had appeared multiple frightening black devil ghost claw marks on top of Li Sheng’s head, but he had already decided to obtain the Jade Spring, so he was still ordering his Cloud Snake Ape Monarch to attack Chu Mu!


Suddenly, a small and weak white devil flame spring up. Amidst the enormous circling cloud snakes, resentment flames seemed to create a bonfire that ostentatiously flickered in all four directions!

The enormous cloud snakes couldn't withstand a single blow, and as the resentment flames were released, they transformed into a pile of useless cloud air. Then, following the torrential resentment aura, they were blown into nothingness!

After the cloud snakes disappeared, the Cloud Snake Ape Monarch’s body was completely exposed. Li Sheng was unable to give it an order in time as he abruptly opened his eyes wide and watched inconceivably as the world shocking devil’s resentment aura.

Upon the disbursement of the clouds, Chu Mu silently stood in his original position. However, this time, his right hand was holding the end of the Cloud Snake Ape Monarch’s long snake tail!!

His arm full of dragon strength began to move and the body of the Cloud Snake Ape Monarch which was ten meters large, seemed to be weightless as it was instantly hoisted up by the half devil Chu Mu!!

The Cloud Snake Ape Monarch became a small puny creature in front of the exceptionally angry Chu Mu and was tossed to the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s location!

Was there any soul pet that was even more tyrannical on this battlefield than the Cyan Hidden Dragon?

When the Cyan Hidden Dragon discovered that the Cloud Snake Ape Monarch which had wounded it was flying towards it, it immediately let out an eminently excited dragon cry!

Without any resistance, the Cyan Hidden Dragon was finally able to ferment a true dragon species technique!!

Seeing his Cloud Snake Ape Monarch being tossed to the Cyan Hidden Dragon which had incomparable strength, Li Sheng’s expression instantly changed!

At close combat, without the Red Galactic Demon Emperor restricting the Cyan Hidden Dragon’s techniques, this Cyan Hidden Dragon would definitely be able to rip the Cloud Snake Ape Monarch into shreds within half a minute!

“Save it!” Li Sheng ordered his Red Galactic Demon Emperor in panic to fly to the Cyan Hidden Dragon!!

The Red Galactic Demon Emperor was still a distance away from the Cyan Hidden Dragon and by the time it got there, the Cloud Snake Ape Monarch was letting out howls of extreme pain. Its entire arm was being bitten by the Cyan Hidden Dragon and blood was flying everywhere, creating bloody rain that fell on Li City...

“Ao!!!! Ao!!!!!!!!!”

The Cyan Hidden Dragon’s teeth were filled with blood. When it opened its mouth to roar, it was visibly possible to see the traces of blood stuck on its teeth.

The Cyan Hidden Dragon’s roar vented its most violent anger as it simultaneously told Chu mu to use his techniques to his heart’s content. It wouldn’t let any creature stop him at all!

The frightening devil ghost fissure had temporarily stopped because of the Cloud Snake Ape Monarch, but it once more pressed on.

Each time it neared, people’s hearts was draped by a dense shadow of death!

The silver face was raised upwards, and its two Other Pupils stared at the mass fissures in the air. Chu Mu slowly opened his mouth and spat out a white pillar that flew up once more, fiercely striking the vast sky!

The power of the light pillar continued and the sky’s fissures became even more deep and wide!!

Countless splitting devil claws began to stretch out towards the soul pets and their soul pet trainers. Just a little bit more and these people would be ripped apart like the sky!!


Suddenly, gruesome and miserable shriek broke the heaven’s deathly silence!!

Everyone turned around in astonishmen,t and their faces went white with terror because one of the black devil claws had reached a soul pet trainer. That soul pet trainer’s arm had unfathomably been split apart from his body because the fissure had streaked past!!

No blood spilled nor did any bone break. The only reason why the soul pet trainer’s arm split off was because it was in the way of the black fissure!

The fissure happened to split off limbs, then what if this unstoppable fissure streaked past one’s head or throat?

No one dared to continue thinking about this. All of their faces were extremely unsightly and they began to frantically order their soul pets to use various defensive techniques!

The other type was the hardest attribute to fathom. Unless one had truly studied other type resources thoroughly, it was impossible to know what type of attribute to use to defend against this horrifying force.

The dense aura of death that enveloped the various experts turned them into a group of ants that was struggling against death under a devil ghost’s claw. As people continually let out sharp miserable cries, these soul pet trainer didn’t spare any energy to summon different attribute soul pets and frantically had them use different attributed defences.

Different attributes and different colors. The sky turned multicolor and beautiful lights ceaselessly flashed; yet, they seemed disorderly and numerous.

Nonetheless, the sole black color - the black devil ghost claw mark - easily turned these assorted colors into nothingness...

These soul pet trainers could no longer care for their treasured soul pets with death’s arrival. In order to survive, they madly summoned in hopes that one of their soul pet’s defenses would be able to stop the devil ghost claw extending towards them.

However, the more soul pets they summoned, the more deaths there were. Since the ones marked by the devil ghost weren’t just the soul pet trainers, their soul pets were also targeted by the devil claw!!



The devil claw was bearing down and the miserable cries of weak soul pets were continuous!!

Li Sheng’s Sunset Roc had been enclosed by the dark splitting claw, and even if it was any faster, it would still be hard to escape the impending death. When the other type devil claws came ripping at it, the Sunset Roc’s flying body was cut into several pieces. Its single head couldn’t even let out a miserable cry before being turned into dead object!

Immediately after, the Phantom Sable, Wood Tray Spirit and Sun Flame Demon Bird were all targeted by the devil mark and were unable to escape from this terrifying black claw mark.

The Sunset Flame Demon Bird’s strength was the most powerful and this tenth phase pseudo emperor could perhaps escape, but the Phantom Sable and Wood Tray Spirit wouldn’t be able to escape this calamity. They were thus ripped into pieces by the Sunset Roc!

Those dozens of soul pets that had maintained a certain distance with the battlefield also couldn’t escape and perished!

On the top of every soul pet’s head, the black claw mark was like black lightning that swiftly and violently swept overtop of their body. Then, as long as the fissure touched a hair on the body, that part of the body would disappear no matter how high its defense was!

The firmament was blue while a white cloud layer drifted in the sky. This caused the black fissures filling the sky to appear even more ghastly.

To the millions of people in Li City, their mighty firmament was presently being covered by countless devil claw marks and each mark seemed grab at their hearts!!

This was a terrifying and grim scene of shocking levels. The devil claw marks filled with a destruction and death aura had thoroughly ripped apart this patch of blue colored sky filled with clouds

People could see that countless soul pets they revered were being split into pieces by the devil claw and they could even see a few of the soul pet trainers who they saw as reputable and outstanding severed into different parts...

This was a catastrophe, the most terrifying catastrophe in Li City’s history. Powerful soul pets had fallen, and powerful soul pet trainers had been suffused with fear!!


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