Book 2 Chapter 300 - Not a Single One Will Leave Alive

Chapter 300: Not a Single One Will Leave Alive

The Soul Alliance Luo Ling looked as if his soul had been siphoned away. He stiffened up in place, becoming an empty husk.

Suddenly, his body started shivering slightly. At the same time, his empty pupils started burning with devil flames…...

Soul devil flames had entered his body!

Soul Alliance Luo Ling’s thoughts had completely been imprisoned by Chu Mu’s terrifying gaze, completely losing himself.


White devil flames poured out of Soul Alliance Luo Ling’s orifices in a grisly scene. This frightening scene caused the nearby soul pet trainers to all suck in a breath.

“Don’t go over!” Xiao Ren saw that some other Soul Alliance members wanted to go and save Luo Ling, so he quickly shouted.

The three soul alliance members all paused and stared blankly in place as they watched Luo Ling slowly devoured by devil flames.

Devil flames burned from within outwards. Luo Ling’s organs were long gone. Now, he was truly an empty husk, and the outer skin layer was also quickly disintegrating with the devil flames!

Chu Mu’s eyes were distant. In front of him, Luo Ling had already become ashes, but his heart had been stirred with the largest of tides. A massive resentment started growing like frenzy within his heart!

Resentment Gathering!!

Once resentment reached a certain level, the White Nightmare’s Resentment Gathering no longer just slowly increased his strength. Under this resentment, his power would spike greatly. At the time Chu Mu’s White Nightmare faced Xia Guanghan was an example of his resentment reaching such a state.

At this time, Chu Mu’s resentment deep down had reached this barrier. This resentment came entirely from the scenes in the memories of Luo Ling.

In the scenes, the person who Chu Mu respected and worshipped the most, as well as being emotionally the most important person, had his heart torn into shreds by grief. He stood alone in this emotionless world. The feeling of final separation between his soul pets and him was transferred completely to Chu Mu…...

Chu Mu’s half devil emanated the most menacing evilness originally. After being stimulated by Luo Ling’s memories, the darkness within Chu Mu’s heart was completely revealed!!

The devil flames outside of its body still burned silently, sometimes tilting with the large winds in the skies…...

But, for some reason, everyone felt that this evil devil monarch’s aura was becoming stranger and stranger. They couldn’t detect him, but strangely felt the surrounding become colder!

“What…...what is happening…… it’s like this evil devil’s power is growing!” Frantic voices sounded as experts from all factions looked anxiously at the gloomy devil…...

“Not ‘just like’, it is actually growing!” Soul Alliance Xiao Ren said with his brows knit tightly.

The more powerful the devil flames, the colder the surroundings become.

The pale white flames floated silently in front of them. Everyone’s remembrances were already showing signs of freezing over, causing their perception to become very narrow.

“Li old city master, stop caring about the Cyan Hidden Dragon!!” Mister Xue’s perception was the most powerful. At this point, he realized that a true apocalypse was slowly starting to appear with the loss of this half devil’s reason, and the growth of its powers!

Li old city master’s attention was still on the Cyan Hidden Dragon. After all, the Cyan Hidden Dragon had his lifeline - the Jade Spring Sacred Blood. Li old city master had to steal it back no matter what.

“Mister Xue, you deal with it first……” Li Sheng was already impatient and angry.

“Li Sheng!!” Mister Xue yelled.

Only then did Li Sheng realize that things weren’t as simple as he thought. He quickly locked his soul remembrance on Chu Mu.

At first, Li Sheng didn’t notice anything off, only feeling the devil gathering energy for a technique. Yet, when he noticed that this devil monarch was full of a massive energy, his entire body fell into shock.

“Jade Spring…… The Jade Spring is on him!!” Li Sheng shouted loudly!!

The Jade Spring’s energy was something Li Sheng was very familiar with, but Li Sheng had no clue why the Jade Spring on the dragon’s hands had now been merged into the devil monarch’s body. What was even stranger was, he actually unlocked the dragon mark, releasing the powerful dragon’s power within the Jade Spring.

At this moment, Li Sheng finally understood why such a powerful devil had appeared within Li City. It was this powerful soul pet who had released the effects of the Jade Spring and created a powerful character like this.

“You still have time to care about the spring? Quickly think of a way to stop its gathering resentment, or else we’ll all fall prey to it!” Mister Xue said angrily!

With torrential resentment constantly becoming half devil Chu Mu’s power, the Jade Spring’s effects were previously sliding downwards, but had been offset by the resentment gathering, causing Chu Mu to raise another rank.

Chu Mu’s previous status was already unbeatable. Any technique could cause earth shaking effects. Now that his strength was released, he would have terrifying power!!

The resentment poured forth. Mister Xue could first fear the thick shadow of death that covered all organisms. This was no longer the aura of battle. It had become the terrifying aura of killing and destruction.

“No one will leave this territory alive! You’ll all die, hahahahah!!!” Nghtmare Palace Xi Hong said crazily as he laughed.

This White Nightmare Palace city master had long become the devil’s servant, cheering it on from afar. Every time he saw this devil explode with more power, he would laugh loudly!!

Not a single one would leave alive!

Chu Mu’s thinking had been overtaken by the angriest of resentful flames. His pupils saw everyone as the enemy that was in the scene. It could be said that, with the continuous high temperatures, Chu Mu was already delusional. He couldn’t differ the factions of the experts that wanted to take the Jade Spring within his body. All he knew was that everyone here was the reason of his father’s tragedy!!

“This fellow is about to completely devilize!!”

“Such massive resentment!”

“Run as far as you can!! If you don’t want to die, run!” Mister Xue said with a shaky voice towards everyone there.

Run? All the most powerful experts of Li City were here, all with their main soul pets out, along with experts sent from Tianxia City in Soul Alliance and other great factions. With such a formation, they’ve fallen to the point where they had to run?!

“Calm down, everyone calm down. He’s only absorbing the resentment. If everyone gathers their soul pets, we could still control it. Don’t panic, or else everyone’s work will be for nothing. Don’t you want your soul pets to raise another level? Don’t you want to salvage the Jade Spring, which can’t be seen in a thousand years, from this half devil?” Li old city master had the complete opposite attitude from Mister Xue.

Li old city master had his thoughts clouded completely by the Jade Spring. He didn’t even realize just how terrifying Chu Mu was now.

With soul pets constantly dying, plus the death of an expert like Luo Ling, everyone’ raging fighting intent was already gone with the half devil’s flames. Seeing the half devil’s strength grow frenzily and realizing an apocalypse was about to fall, how would they still have the intent to fight.

Run? Most experts listened to Mister Xue’s advice and ran as far as they could!

But, how many of these experts knew that the decision they made was already too late. If they had left before Chu Mu had completed his resentment gathering, they may have been on time.

Now, Chu Mu’s pupils scanned the faces of the soul pets and trainers and locked onto them as enemies. To the half devil, as long as they’re an enemy, he would wipe them from existence no matter where they ran!!

“Cloud Snake Ape Monarch, delay him, don’t let everyone lose their fighting confidence!!” Li old city master’s eyes were red already.

The unlocked Jade Spring meant it could truly raise an entire rank. If he used this Jade Spring to upgrade his Red Galactic Demon Emperor, he would own a high class emperor rank tenth phase soul pet!

High class emperor rank, this was a rank that Li old city master dreams for, but never reached. This time, no matter how high the price, Li Sheng would steal this Jade Spring back!!


Cloud Snake Ape Monarch dashed through the wind and, like a massive mountain of meat, stepped heavily in front of Chu Mu, who was surrounded in an aura of death.

Cloud Snake tail started turning, causing white clouds to become massive pythons in the air, twisting their bodies around and completely binding Chu Mu’s tiny body within!

Chu Mu’s face was like a fake silver mask. Before, its emotions had a bit of distance in them.

Now, Chu Mu had become a devil within this silver face. His eyes shot anger out. With an angular silver nose, he smiled with the cruelest grin…...

Chu Mu finally moved. This meant that a nightmare was about to befall the entire Li City, leaving an evil imprint that will never be erased!!


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